Chapter 01: Discovery

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**** 01 ****

It happened about four months ago and during this time of being gone from Tokyo had been very rough on Usagi. It all started when Naru and Usagi spent the afternoon together after
school. Naru and Usagi spent time together listening to music and chatting about what was happening lately. Then after an hour or so, Usagi saw she had to go home and left Naru’s room and left OSA-P when suddenly a black sedan pulled up out of nowhere and the door opened a guy got out of the car quickly and grabbed Usagi and put some sort of rag over her mouth and nose to keep her from screaming. The man wore a dark colored suit and wore black shoes and sunglasses. Naru came downstairs to give Usagi something when Naru witnessed Usagi’s kidnapping. The man that took Usagi got Usagi in the car and he got in and the car drove off and in a flash the car, the shady man and Usagi
were all gone. Naru ran back inside and ran to her mom and explained what she had saw and Naru’s mom contacted the police.

Since then, the Tokyo police had hardly any leads of Usagi’s kidnapping. Naru had stated the guy that got out looked like an American by the color of his hair. Naru worried what the man would do to her. The Tokyo police contacted the F.B.I. and explained the case to them and that they had hardly
no leads and that an American may be involved in the kidnapping of a Japanese teenage girl.

Since that time, Tokyo police and the F.B.I. had no clues what happened at first. However, the abductors, took Usagi about 150 miles north of Tokyo to this cabin out in the countryside which they had rented sometime back. There was two men and another young woman which they had with them at the time of Usagi’s abduction. The young woman was given the task of undoing Usagi’s Odangos and
washing her hair. Afterwards, she was given instructions to dye Usagi’s hair black. However, Usagi’s hair was not cut and at least Usagi got to keep her long hair which she loved. They stayed the night there at that old cabin and the next day, the four returned to Tokyo to board a plane to the United States to
Dallas, Texas. One of the men produced a fake passport for Usagi and she was given a fake name and the photo in the passport matched her current look of having dark hair. The party of four got through the airport security without any trouble and soon they were all on the jet plan and headed for the United States. The flight took several hours and then the jet plane set down at the airport in Dallas, Texas and they went through customs and was cleared and then got their luggage and a vehicle was waiting for them outside at the front of the airport. Then the party drove to northwestern Texas to the panhandle to a large cabin out in the wilderness. Usagi and the other young woman were
held captives by these men.

The men were very evil and cruel. The men were part of a ring where the young women were to please customers in the worst of possible ways. Usagi was strictly warned that if she tried to run away there would be consequences. Usagi did not like her situation and obeyed her captors but looked for an opportunity to flee her captors to get help. However, doing that without a plan.

At one time, she glanced at a map of the United States and saw many ways she could travel escape her captors. South was the best way. The biggest city south of her was Amarillo. it was not a large town, but she knew if she walked there, she could seek help.

Over time since her abduction, she looked for the right time to flee. She thought it best to leave at night in the darkness. She did not like the dark, but it was better than being held captive by a bunch of crazed men. Then the night came that she darted out of the house when none of her captors were not looking. She ran at first for a while trying to create a distance between her and the house she ran from and later she started walking to conserve her energy. Usagi was no dummy. She was smart enough to know it was best to travel at night. Usagi was dressed in clothes that looked a bit too big for her. However, the reality of the situation was that Usagi had not ate much since she was taken captive. Usagi knew she had to eat to keep her strength up during her flight from captivity. Night after night she traveled trying to find the town she seen on the map. However, she went north instead of south. She continued this for a long time, and she did not know how far she traveled. She ate a couple of times by eating fruit from some trees she seen but it was not much. Her strength was running out and soon she would faint due to exhaustion.

The worst problem of it all was she spoke no English and how would people understand her? She continued by avoiding any small towns she saw. The next thing that was apparent was, she was in north eastern Colorado. Out of strength and her focus being gone, she fainted and falling headfirst on a small rock in a flower bed in a small city park in a small town of a north eastern Colorado town. Usagi fainted due to extreme hunger and exhaustion. By the next morning while it was still dark, a young couple jogging found Usagi unconscious and her forehead bleeding slightly were she fell and hit herself. The young woman called and reported a teenage girl had been found and reported that the girl was in bad shape as what she had seen. Usagi was still breathing, but it was very labored. The paramedics and a police car came where the girl was. The police car arrived first. Two police got out of the car and approached the couple that found the girl. The female policeman looked at the fallen unconscious
girl while her male partner spoke to the couple. The female policeman noticed that Usagi had not bathed or ate in days and that she may had been a victim of a sexual assault as what she saw about the loose blouse and skirt that Usagi had worn and Usagi would have always worn clothes that fit her perfectly. The female policeman reported to her partner and reported her findings and she
recommended that the F.B.I. should be called in to help with the investigation about this mysterious girl.

The male policeman took statements from the couple and the paramedics arrived to help Usagi. Usagi had no identification on her and they did not know that she had been kidnapped from Tokyo, Japan months earlier. The F.B.I. had no idea that they were dealing with a teenage girl that had been kidnapped from her home. They also did not know what Usagi’s condition would be once she woke up. The police called for a helicopter to air flight Usagi to Denver to a children’s hospital where she could get help and they called the F.B.I. and told them that Usagi was going to Denver and they would continue the investigation there. And now they had a mystery on their hands to find out who the girl was and how she got in terrible shape in the first place.

Lots of questions were asked and no one had the answers to who or where the girl came from. What they knew, she needed medical attention to save her young life. The biggest problem now was to solve the mystery of who she was and what happened to her.


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Chapter 6: Buddugoliaeth a’r Gwirionedd (Victory and the Truth)

Authors Note: The chapter title means Victory and the Truth in Welsh.

Kikyo was very afraid. She has the most pressure put on top of her. She would rather kill Naraku ten times over then do this, but her home was a stake as well. She fired her first eighteen arrows and hit all eighteen arrows in the bulls-eye. Hojo said,

“Eighteen of twenty arrows shot. All eighteen of the arrows hit the bulls-eye. Higurashi needs one more to tie the duel. She has two tries to do it in. Will she hit arrow number nineteen in the bulls-eye?”

Kikyo release the bow and her nineteenth arrow had just missed the bulls-eye. Kikyo said,

“Oh no.”

“Yes!” said Fearless Leader Apple, “You make one more miss on your arrow and Higurashi Shrine will be mine at last.”

“Higurashi,” said Hojo, “you must hit this one to stay in the duel.”

Kikyo drew her twentieth and final arrow. She took her time aiming the bow so that she could hit the target. She released the bow and her arrow went to the target and hit the bulls-eye. Hojo counted,

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Nineteen Bulls-eyes. We have a tie. We must continue. Higurashi, you went second in the duel so you go first in this tiebreak.”

“Okay,” said Kikyo as Kagome.

Kikyo took her twenty arrows. Hojo counted again,

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty Bulls-eyes. Orange Zest, you need to hit all twenty of them to tie the duel back up again. Are you ready?”

“Hell, I’m ready,” said Orange Zest, “and when the next round is done, Higurashi Shrine will be Fearless Leader Apple’s property.

Orange Zest fired his thirteen arrows and hit all of them in the bulls-eye. Hojo said,

“This is very intense. Thirteen of twenty arrows shot. All thirteen of the arrows hit the bulls-eye. Orange Zest needs all the remaining seven to tie the duel. He has only one try to do it in. Will he hit arrow number fourteen in the bulls-eye?”

Orange Zest fired his fourteenth arrow and it hit the bulls-eye. Hojo said,

“It went in. Fourteen of twenty arrows shot. All the arrows so far hit the bulls-eye. Orange Zest needs all the remaining six to tie the duel. He cannot make a mistake or Higurashi will win the duel. Will he hit arrow number fifteen in the bulls-eye?”

Orange Zest fired his fifteenth arrow and it hit the bulls-eye.

“That was close,” said Hojo, “Fifteen of twenty arrows shot. All the arrows so far hit the bulls-eye. Orange Zest needs all the remaining five to tie the duel. One mistake Higurashi will win the duel. Will he hit arrow number sixteen in the bulls-eye?”

Orange Zest fired his sixteenth arrow and hit it. Then, he fired his seventeenth arrow and hit it. Then, he did the same to the eighteenth and nineteenth arrows and both hit.

“It all comes down to this,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I hope that Orange Zest makes a mistake,” said Kagome as Kikyo.

“One arrow. One Change. One winner,” said InuYasha.

“Nineteen of twenty arrows have been shot,” said Hojo, “This is Orange Zest’s twentieth and final arrow.”

Orange Zest fired his twentieth and final arrow. Hojo said,

“Now, Orange Zest needs to hit all twenty to stay in this duel. I will count the bulls-eyes now.”

“One,” said InuYasha, Kagome, Sesshōmaru, Ayumi, Yuka, Eri, Hitomi, Sota, Mrs. Higurashi, and Hojo. “Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen.”

Kikyo gasped.

“Nineteen Bulls-eyes,” said Hojo. “That is not enough for the duel. Higurashi wins the duel.”

Everyone cheered for a while until Sesshōmaru brought Lime Zest in and said,

“Hojo, you need to know something. Fearless Leader Apple had order The Zest Gang to kidnap Kikyo and Kagome.”

Everyone gasped. Hojo said,

“Shame on you, Fearless Leader Apple, trying to kidnap to fix the outcome.”

“Not only that,” said Hitomi, “The Turnpike project is a rip-off. It is not a turnpike. It’s a brand new 300-mile office building that will have high rates.”

“I have to arrest you, Fearless Leader Apple for fraud,” said Hojo.

So that’s how Kikyo and Sesshōmaru with some help from Kagome, InuYasha, and Kagome’s friends and family saved Higurashi Shrine. Fearless Leader Apple and The Zest Gang spent the next twenty years thinking about their actions.

Back at Higurashi Shrine, Kagome, Kikyo, InuYasha, and Sesshōmaru were getting ready to go off. Before they went in the Bone Eater’s Well. Mrs. Higurashi said in Japanese,

“Watashi no basho ni ite kurete arigatō.”

Authors Note: The sentence means in Japanese of I like to thank you for staying at my place.

“Dōitashimashite. Ie o mamotte itadakereba saiwaidesu,” said Kikyo in Japanese.

Authors Note: Dōitashimashite. Ie o mamotte itadakereba saiwaidesu, means You’re very welcome and I hope that you keep your home, in Japanese.

The End

Chapter 5: The Rescue and the Start of the Duel

InuYasha and Sesshōmaru were heading over to Fearless Leader Apple’s hideout. On the way there, InuYasha said,

“So, I like to know how you are helping Mrs. Higurashi.”

“I’m doing it because a lot of people are caring about you two here,” said Sesshōmaru. “Anyways, we’re here.”

“So,” said Lime Zest, “you two are here to save Kikyo and Kagome. Too bad, you will not pass here.”

“We’ll see,” said InuYasha.

InuYasha and Sesshōmaru fight against the Zest Gang. While they were doing it, Kagome and Kikyo located inside them decides to fight their way out of their spot.

“Oh no, you don’t,” said Lemon Zest. “You are staying here.”

“Oh Brother,” said Kikyo.

The fight continued for two hours. The Zest Gang was pretty beat up. Kagome and Kikyo got rescued. Kagome asked,

“When’s the Duel?”

“The duel is happening in about ten minutes,” said Sesshōmaru.

“Who is going to do the duel?” asked InuYasha.

“I will,” said Kikyo. “I accepted the challenge, and I have to follow through.”

“Okay,” said Kagome, “I have faith in you. Now win this.”

All four of them went to Kagome’s Junior High School. When they got there, Kikyo and Kagome went to the girl’s room to change clothes so that they think Kikyo is Kagome and Kagome is Kikyo. When they got to the archery range, Hojo said,

“You are just in time, Higurashi.”

“NO!” said Orange Zest, “She did not make it.”

“Not by my watch,” said Hojo. “Now the rules, you get 20 arrows. Your goal is to hit as many bulls-eyes as you can. The one who hits most bulls-eyes wins. You were here first, Orange Zest so you go first.”

“Okay,” said Orange Zest.

Orange Zest took his twenty arrows. Hojo counting,

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Nineteen Bulls-eyes. Higurashi, you need to hit all twenty to win. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” said Kikyo as Kagome.

“Then let’s get to it,” said Hojo.

Chapter 4: Kagome Returns to Visit, InuYasha and Sesshōmaru Decide to Work Together, and Kikyo tells Kagome the Truth

Back at the Higurashi Shrine on a Saturday afternoon, Kagome decided without telling InuYasha that she was going back. When Kagome got out of the well, Sesshōmaru yelled,


“Sesshōmaru,” said Kagome scared, “what are you doing here?”

“Please don’t argue,” said Sesshōmaru. “I just already got a lecture by one Higurashi in the past 24 hours.”

“What?” asked Kagome. “You think I going to buy that do you Sesshōmaru.”

“I think that ye should,” said Kikyo. “We just got caught in the Bone Eaters Well and most people here think that we are you and InuYasha.”

Kagome laughs.

“Kagome,” said Yuka, “got any boyfriend troubles?”

“No,” said Kagome, “I do not. I’m just here for a break. By the way, why hasn’t Kikyo and Sesshōmaru return to their Japan?”

“There here to help Mrs. Higurashi to save her home,” said Ayumi. “Mrs. Higurashi got sued by Fearless Leader Apple.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kagome. “InuYasha and I can handle it.”

“Don’t count on it,” said Kikyo. “We got into…”

Kagome left before Kikyo finishes speaking.

Kagome went into the town of Tokyo. The Zest Gang, without Orange Zest, saw Kagome. Lime Zest asked,

“Isn’t that Kikyo that cause trouble at the burger place yesterday?”

“Yes,” said Lemon Zest, “should we follow Fearless Leader’s order to kidnap her?”

“Yes,” said Lime Zest.

Kagome was walking towards the market until Lemon and Lime Zest came up from behind. Lime Zest said,

“Kikyo, you are coming with us.”

“You got the wrong person,” said Kagome. “I’m …”

Kagome was gagged to keep her mouth quiet and was taken away to keep her quiet.

Mrs. Higurashi coming back from the courthouse to paid the damages from last night fight said,

“Hello, I hope that nothing happens while I was … Oh, no.”

“Yes,” said Kikyo, “this is a note saying that they want Kagome for Kikyo.

“Don’t tell me that you are going?” asked Eri.

“I have to,” said Kikyo.

“Kikyo,” started Mrs. Higurashi but she was too late, “I didn’t even finish.”

“We found out about the Turnpike project,” said Sesshōmaru. “It seems that Sota was right after all. It is not a turnpike. It’s a brand new 300-mile office building that will have high rates.”

“We need to win the duel fair and square,” said Mrs. Higurashi.

“By the way,” said Yuka, “does anyone know where Ayumi is?”

Ayumi went to the Bone Eaters Well to get some help. She was thinking that she was not going to make it, but she made it to the War and States Era. When she got out of the well, InuYasha was there waiting for Kagome. Ayumi asked,

“Is InuYasha here?”

“I am,” said InuYasha.

“Let’s said Kikyo, Kagome, and Mrs. Higurashi need some help,” said Ayumi.

Ayumi and InuYasha went through the well back to Higurashi Shrine. When they got out of the well, Eri yelled,


“Relax!” said InuYasha. “She went to get me for help.”

“Normally,” said Sesshōmaru, “I would not be happy to see you, but this time it’s the opposite.”

“Why are you so happy?” asked InuYasha.

“Mrs. Higurashi got sued me for access for the Turnpike,” said Sesshōmaru, “and Kikyo and I are helping her in saving her home. Don’t worry your brother in law got on Kikyo and me.”

“Sota got on you,” said InuYasha.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “he did and he was not very happy.”

“Don’t worry,” said InuYasha. “All I need to do is to give some good punches here and there.”

“NO!” yelled Sesshōmaru, “because one, you and I need to behave really well because if we don’t Sota will tell my sister in law, your wife, Kagome. Two, Kikyo was challenge by Fearless Leader Apple that if she can hit more targets than Orange Zest, the number one archer that graduated from Kagome’s middle school then she will drop the lawsuit. Three, anyways the Turnpike will not be built because this turnpike project is a brand new 300-mile office building that will have high rates.”

“Where’s Kikyo?” asked InuYasha.

“Kikyo is rescuing Kagome,” said Yuka.

“Let’s said that we worked together on this one,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I think that is a good idea,” said InuYasha. “Does anyone know where Fearless Leader Apple’s hideout is?”

Meanwhile at Fearless Leader Apple’s Hideout, Kagome was tied down to a chair. Fearless Leader Apple said,

“Well Kikyo, we have finally met.”

“My name’s not Kikyo,” said Kagome, “it’s Kagome. Ka-go-me.

“Anyways soon we will have both you and Kikyo,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

“Why do you want Higurashi Shrine?” asked Kagome.

“I want that shrine so that I can destroy that well once and for all,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

“I afraid that I can’t let you do that,” said Kikyo.

“Kikyo,” said Kagome, “get out of here. It’s a trap.”

“Too late,” said Lime Zest.

“Good,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “I now have both Kikyo and Kagome here. I am going to keep you here until after the duel.”

“Duel,” said Kagome, “What Duel?”

“Doesn’t matter now,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “now that I have a strong chance of victory.”

Fearless Leader Apple left both Kikyo and Kagome alone. Kikyo said,

“I’m sorry that all of this happened. I was saving your mother’s home and I failed. I failed pretty badly.”

“No,” said Kagome, “you didn’t. Even though that your actions were not thought through, you heart was in the right place, but I like to know what was the duel that boy, Fearless Leader Apple, was talking about.”

“First things first,” said Kikyo, “that boy is a girl. Her name is Mary ‘Fearless Leader’ Apple. She had the idea for the turnpike but the turnpike route goes through your mother’s place.”

“What did she do to piss my mom off?” asked Kagome.

“Fearless Leader Apple,” said Kikyo, “sued your mother for access for the Turnpike. That’s the point where Sesshōmaru and I decided to help Mrs. Higurashi save her house. Then, I attended a meeting where she was saying that the Turnpike project was going to begin but without you mother’s property; it was going to be a three-year delay, so Fearless Leader Apple decided to challenge you. The challenge was that if you can hit more targets than the number one archer that graduated from your middle school, which was Orange Zest, then Fearless Leader Apple will drop the lawsuit, but if he wins, then you mother will have to let us have access to her land.”

“Let me guess,” said Kagome, “you said yes.”

“You’re correct,” said Kikyo, “but Sesshōmaru, your mother, and your friends found out about the challenge that I make. Yesterday, Sesshōmaru and I went out to eat for one night to see your time. That’s where we ran into the Zest Gang, who was hired by Fearless Leader Apple, and got into a fight. Sota found out from his girlfriend, Hitomi about it, and was upset about it. He also told Sesshōmaru and I that Hitomi also told Sota that this turnpike project is just a rip-off, and told us that if Sesshōmaru and I caused any trouble then he will tell you.”

“Okay,” said Kagome. “That was more than I asked, but I understand the whole story.”

Chapter 3: Mrs. Higurashi Finds Out and Kikyo and Sesshōmaru Get into Trouble

Kikyo return to Higurashi that evening. When Kikyo came into the house, Sesshōmaru said,

“Kikyo, why did you do it?”

“I know how to handle a bow and arrow,” said Kikyo, “so why is it a big deal?”

“If you want to know Kikyo,” said Yuka, “it just went over on the news.”

“Yes,” said Ayumi, “I know that Kagome does not go out with a shrine madden outfit on.”

“Dinner time!” yelled Mrs. Higurashi.

Everyone ate dinner and talk about the meeting for a little while. When Yuka and Ayumi left, Mrs. Higurashi said,

“Now, I think it is time for you two to tell me who you really are.”

“I am Inuyasha’s brother, Sesshōmaru,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I am Kagome’s ancestor,” said Kikyo, “The legendary priestess Kikyo.”

“We tripped over the well in our time and got transported into yours by mistake,” explain Sesshōmaru.

“I understand,” said Mrs. Higurashi. “I will let you stay but don’t talk about this to anyone until I talk to Kagome and InuYasha. Okay.”

“Okay,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I will do my best,” said Kikyo.

“Now let’s get some sleep,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “we need to train you tomorrow Kikyo.”

“Okay,” said Kikyo.

On Friday night at Higurashi Shrine, Kikyo and Sesshōmaru were getting ready to go out on the town for the night. Mrs. Higurashi said,

“I want both of you back here no later than midnight. Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” said Kikyo and Sesshōmaru.

Kikyo and Sesshōmaru went to the place where Kagome and her friends went when they were in Junior High, a burger place.

“Ayumi, Yuka, Eri,” said Kikyo, “boy we are glad to see you.”

“Kikyo, Sesshōmaru,” said Yuka, “we are glad to see you too.”

They were talking among themselves while they were eating their meals. They were ready to leave until Kikyo’s opponent, Orange Zest, and his friends come around. Ayumi said,

“That’s the Zest gang.”

“Who’s the Zest gang?” asked Sesshōmaru.

“They are the gang that is enforcing Fearless Leader Apple’s Turnpike Project,” said Eri.

“Hey,” said Lime Zest, Orange Zest’s Number Two man, “I thought I told you Higurashi that you are not welcome here.”

“I’m offended. How about you?” asked Kikyo.

“Yes,” said Sesshōmaru.

Kikyo and Sesshōmaru went to confront the Zest Gang.

“Do you want trouble coming on you?” asked Lime Zest and then punched Sesshōmaru.

“Ye will regret that action,” said Kikyo and punch Lime Zest back.

Fighting erupted until someone call police. The Zest Gang, Kikyo, Sesshōmaru, and Kagome’s Friends left the scene. But Sota’s girlfriend, Hitomi, was watching the whole event.

When the Zest Gang got back to their hangout, Fearless Leader Apple said,

“What are you? Possum Lodge of The Red Green Show, I hope not.”

“We aren’t,” said Orange Zest.

Authors Note: I watch The Red Green Show and it is good.

“Well stay out of trouble!” yelled Fearless Leader Apple.

At the same time, outside the Higurashi shrine, Mrs. Higurashi said,

“If you two do that stunt again, then I will throw you out of the house.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sesshōmaru. “Other than Kagome’s friends, no one was seeing it.”

“Kikyo and Sesshōmaru,” said Sota, “you need to be very careful about your actions. Hitomi just told me.”

“I need to worry,” said Kikyo, “if I lose then Mrs. Higurashi loses her house.”

“No,” said Sota, “There will not be a turnpike. Hitomi also tell me that this turnpike project is just a rip-off.”

“So,” said Sesshōmaru, “we just need to fight them again.”

“NO!” yell Sota, “you need to behave really well because if you don’t I will tell my sister.”

“Not Kagome?” asked Kikyo.

“Yes,” said Sota, “Kagome.”

“All right,” said Sesshōmaru, “we will stay out of trouble.”

“Good,” said Sota, “I need to go back home. I will see you tomorrow, mom.”

“You too, Sota,” said Mrs. Higurashi. “Now then, I think it’s time for bed.”

“Good Night,” said Kikyo.

“Good Night,” said Sesshōmaru.

“Good Night, you two,” said Mrs. Higurashi.

Chapter 2: The Problems and the Challenge

The next morning at Higurashi Shrine Kikyo was getting ready for shrine work. Sesshōmaru was going to help Mrs. Higurashi do some shopping for the time being.

“I’m doing some work now,” said Kikyo.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “just be careful.”

While Kikyo doing the shrine work, the mail for the day arrived. She saw a flyer announcing a meeting the construction of the Turnpike open to the public at three o’clock this afternoon.

“Mrs. Higurashi,” said Kikyo.

“Yes,” inquired Mrs. Higurashi.

“I saw this in the mail today,” said Kikyo. “It’s like a public meeting about the construction of the Turnpike. It will happen at three o’clock this afternoon. I like to go to it.”

“Just you?” asked Mrs. Higurashi.

“Yes,” said Kikyo.

Mrs. Higurashi let Kikyo go to the meeting.

At three o’clock that afternoon, she was at a public meeting where she saw the new police chief at Kagome’s time, Hojo, along with Fearless Leader Apple was at the table facing the audience.

“Okay,” said Hojo, “we are all here to welcome this new amazing project that will put money into our economy Miss ‘Fearless Leader’ Apple.”

Everyone clapped including Kikyo, who pretended to clap.

“People of Tokyo,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “we are proud to see that our project to bring in new jobs into the new area is going to be a reality.”

Everyone went into a big applause except Kikyo.

“But we don’t have the key land because Mrs. Higurashi has refused to let us access to her property,” continued Fearless Leader Apple. “Now we can build around her place, but it will be a three-year delay.”

Everyone booed.

“I got an idea to solve both the lawsuit and the three-year delay. If Kagome, Mrs. Higurashi daughter, can hit more targets than the number one archer that graduated from her middle school, then I will drop the lawsuit, but if he wins, then Mrs. Higurashi will have to let us have access to her land,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “so Kagome do you have the nerve?”

“Lady,” said Kikyo, “you got yourself a deal.”

“Are you Kagome?” asked Fearless Leader Apple.

“Yes,” Kikyo lied, “I am Kagome.”

“Then I accept,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

During the meeting Kagome’s, I mean Kikyo’s, Challenger entered. He was a nice man looking in his early 20’s. Fearless Leader Apple said,

“Meet your challenger, Kagome, the number one archer in your junior high school, Orange Zest, a two-time world archery champion.”

Kikyo saw her challenger and said to herself,

“This should be easy.”

Chapter 1: The Welcomes and the Problem

Higurashi Shrine, Tokyo, Japan, 2011.

It was ten years since Naraku was destroy. Now in Kagome’s Time, Mrs. Higurashi, Kagome’s mother oversaw the centennial celebration of Higurashi Shrine’s opening. She was expecting help and to have a little private reunion before the celebration.

“Mom,” said Sota Higurashi, Kagome’s brother.

“Sota,” said Mrs. Higurashi.

“I really glad that we got here,” said Hitomi, Sota’s girlfriend.

“Hey, Mrs. Higurashi,” said Eri, one of Kagome’s friends, coming with Ayumi and Yuka, Kagome’s other friends. “Will Kagome be here?”

“Oh, Eri,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “Kagome is planning on being here.”

In the well house, the well glow to signal someone was returning, but the people that came through the well were Kikyo and Sesshōmaru. When they got out of the well, Sesshōmaru said,

“Where are we?”

“I can tell you this,” said Kikyo, “that we are not in our Japan.”

“What we supposed to do?” asked Sesshōmaru.

“We act,” said Kikyo, “just like in Drama.”

“Oh! You’re not Kagome and InuYasha,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “but do you want some food.”

“Sure!” said Sesshōmaru.

They ate their supper. When supper was over, Mrs. Higurashi asked Sota to bring them the papers.

“Are these the papers that you were referring to?” asked Sota.

“Yes, they are,” said Mrs. Higurashi. “In the last four months, someone is trying to put a turnpike though Tokyo. The name is Fearless Leader Apple.”

“He is a good challenge in your level,” said Sesshōmaru.

“He is a she,” said Ayumi. “Her name is Mary ‘Fearless Leader’ Apple.”

“Ayumi,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “you are correct. She had the idea for the turnpike but the turnpike route goes through my place.”

“So, what has she done to you?” asked Kikyo.

“She sued me for access for the Turnpike,” said Mrs. Higurashi.

“They can’t tear the well down,” said Yuka. “It is one of the holiest places that we know.”

“I will help you,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I think I will too,” said Kikyo.

Act 3, Chapter 12 – The Major Battle for Area 11 and Freedom at Long Last

Back at the emperor’s palace, Emperor Charles saw the results that Rivalz deliver to him. When Emperor Charles saw that A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally were there, Charles said,

“Well done Rivalz. That’s how you show results when the others have failed.”

“Thank you,” said Rivalz. “Your Majesty.”

“You can go now,” said Charles.

“Why have you done what you did?” asked Euphemia.

“I just did not like your policies,” said Charles, “and I thought a show of force was the best example to give the Elevens and you what happens when you disobey me.”

“Why do you want my big brother?” asked Nunnally.

“Big Brother,” said Charles strangely. “Oh! Look what my enforcer has caught in as well. I thought that I got just Euphemia and A.A.; however, I did not realize that I caught Zero’s sister. Now, tell me dear, who is your big brother?”

“Lelouch,” said Nunnally.

“Wow!” said Charles, “I just got the biggest news of all time. I did not believe that my son oversaw the rebellion against me.”

“So, what is your big plan?” asked A.A. “You don’t just kidnap a geass user, a former princess, and a current princess for no reason.”

“Your right on that part,” said Charles. “My plan is to have two public executions so that I can bring out the Black Knights. After I bring out the Black Knights, I will have my solders kill them in front of one of the two executions. After all the Black Knights have been killed, I will still kill all three of you.”

Back at the Black Knights headquarters, Lelouch and Kallen were going over the plan to the Black Knights, when Nina came in and said,

“There something in the news. Euphemia and Nunnally have been found guilty of treason.”

“What!” said Cornelia.

“It is true,” said Milly as she was coming in, “Prince Schneizel said on television that Euphemia will be executed first three days from now. Then three days after the first execution, Nunnally will be executed.”

“It is all a plan to drive us out,” said Ohgi.

“Yes,” said Gilford, “it is.”

“We need to do something,” said Nina.

“I know that we need to do something;” said Kallen, “however, if we go in unprepared, then we may be ones that will be executed next.”

“Kallen is right,” said Lelouch. “We need to be careful in the operation of rescue our daughter and my sisters.”

(Authors Note: The Fuck Moment starts here.)

Three days later at the palace, Charles was in the throne room while three hours before the execution of Euphemia, Princess Marrybell mel Britannia came to Euphemia cell and said,

“Shhh! I’m come here to rescue you.”

“Thanks sis,” said Euphemia. “Can you also save my friends?”

“Sure,” said Marrybell. “Where are they?”

“All three of us were put in separate cells,” said Euphemia.

Marrybell and Euphemia went to Nunnally cell. When they got there, Nunnally said,

“Watch out!”

What Nunnally was warning Euphemia and Marrybell, that the emperor had set an alarm system in the cells, just in case if one of the cells were open. What the emperor didn’t know was that Euphemia’s cell had a malfunction that did not enable the alarm, but Nunnally’s cell did.

Back in the throne room, Charles said,

“Rivalz, go to the cell block and kill A.A., Euphemia, Nunnally, and anyone that is helping them to escape.”

“Yes, your majesty,” said Rivalz.

Back at Nunnally’s cell, Marrybell said,

“We need to get out of here.”

“A.A. is the cell on the other side of the castle,” said Nunnally.

“We will get to A.A.,” said Marrybell, “but we need to go so that we do not get caught.”

“Then,” said Euphemia, “let’s go.”

Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally went out of the cell area. Just before they got to the main exit of the palace, Rivalz spotted them and said,


The girls didn’t stop, and a huge chase was coming in. Marrybell pulled out a gun and put a bullet in Rivalz’s right arm. Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally went away.

When the Black Knights got to the palace, Kallen said,

“You know the plan guys. Lelouch, Suzaku, Cornelia, and I are going into the palace to rescue A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. You just make sure that we can get out.”

“You got it,” said Nina in the command center.

Lelouch, Suzaku, Cornelia, and Kallen got out of their Knightmares. When they got on the ground, Nonette Enneagram yelled,


“Oh no,” said Cornelia. “now, we have to face her.”

“Who’s her?” asked Suzaku.

“The Knight of Nine,” said Cornelia, “Nonette Enneagram.”

Back in the palace, Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally were still running. Euphemia said,

“It’s quiet. Too quiet.”

“Yep,” said Marrybell.

Just as Marrybell was saying that in the throne room, Charles said,

“Schneizel, go to A.A.’s cell and kill her.”

“Yes,” said Schneizel, “my emperor. Long live Britannia.”

Back outside the palace with the Black Knights, Nonette was taunting Cornelia into attacking, but Cornelia did not budge. Nonette said,

“Kiss Euphemia’s Knight goodbye.”

Before Nonette took her shot, Kallen found a gun on the ground and use it to shoot Nonette in the place. Kallen said,

“I hope that it was all right that I did the deed.”

“Since, she threated Euphemia’s Knight,” said Cornelia. “She deserves it.”

“Great,” said Lelouch, “now, let’s save our comrades.”


(Authors Note: This happens in between Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.)

Lelouch, Kallen, Cornelia, and Suzaku were taking about the plan with G.G. G.G. said,

“That is going to be risky.”

“Why is it risky?” ask Nina when she sneak in unnoticed.

“Because,” said G.G. “Charles has V.V. under the division charge for geasses in the empire. He may use A.A. for bait for C.C. I now figure out why Rivalz. The empire is going to use Euphemia and Nunnally as bait to get Zero.”

“Well,” said Kallen, “we still have the edge. Only we know about Zero.”

“I hope that those three can keep their month’s shut,” said Cornelia.

End Flashback

Back inside the palace in A.A.’s cell, Schneizel went into the cell and notice that A.A. was not in the cell. Schneizel said,

“Make sure that A.A. does not get to the Black Knights.”

“Surprise,” said A.A. “Now die.”

A.A. Geass got to Schneizel head and Schneizel put a bullet in his head.

A.A. went outside the palace. When she saw the Black Knights, A.A. said,

“Mom, Dad, Aunt Cornelia.”

“A.A.,” said Kallen. “Glad to see that you are all right.”

Back with Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally inside the palace, V.V. saw then and said,


“Euphemia,” said Marrybell, “get Nunnally out. I’ll stop V.V.”

“Yes,” said Euphemia. “Let’s go sister.”

Euphemia and Nunnally went to a door. When they open the door, they saw the Black Knights; however, Euphemia accidently trip a silent alarm letting the emperor know her escape from the palace.

“Euphie,” said Suzaku.

“Sister,” said Cornelia. “Watch out! It’s a trap.”

“Stop!” yell Charles, “Stay right there. Don’t move. Euphemia, stop moving to your sister or I’m going to put a bullet in Nunnally’s head.”

Euphemia stopped at that point.

“Now, that I have gotten all of you here,” said Charles. “I’ll start some shooting. First with A.A.”

At that point, a gunshot had been heard. Charles fell to the ground. When Charles saw who shot him, Charles said,

“Marrybell, why?”

“Let’s not stay here and find out,” said Lelouch. “Let’s retreat now.”

The Black Knights took Nunnally, Euphemia, and A.A. along with them and retreated. The rest of the Knights of the Round wanted to chase them; however,

“Let the go,” said Marrybell.

(Authors Note: The Fuck Moment ends here.)

When the Black Knights got back to Area 11, Milly asked,

“Did you rescue Nunnally, Euphemia, and A.A.?”

“Yes,” said Kallen, “we did.”

Two months later at the end of the war, Japan was free. For the trouble that The Britannia Empire cause, Empress Marrybell mel Britannia had release Kallen’s mom and Rivalz, without Geass, from their custody as one way of saying that the empire was sorry. Marrybell also said that she will not punishing anyone that were in the Black Knights for their actions against the empire because Marrybell said,

“The reason that I’m not punishing you is that you did what you thought that was right.”

“Okay,” said Lelouch, “I was not expecting this Empress.”

“I heard that our farther was trying to force our sister, Cornelia, to turn against you;” said Marrybell mel Britannia, “however, our sister, Euphemia, not only warned me about this but also told you about it.”

“How I love my sister,” said Lelouch.

“What happen to V.V.?” asked A.A.

“Simple my niece,” said Marrybell. “I killed him.”

“Your majesty,” said Kallen, “Thank you for releasing my mother.”

“You’re welcome,” said Marrybell. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure,” said Kallen, “What is it?”

“Enjoy your time with Lelouch,” said Marrybell, “and love him.”

“I will,” said Kallen.

End of Act 3

The End

Act 2, Chapter 11 – Big Surprises for Lelouch’s Group and the Britannia Empire: Third Times the Charm

(Authors Note: This is the All is Serious Part of the Story.)

When word got to the Emperor, Charles was NOT happy. Charles told his brother VV to get the prisoner from his special cell. VV got Rivalz and took him to Charles. When both VV and Rivalz got there, Charles said,

“I can’t believe that the Black Knights are still defecting me. So, you are one of the Black Knight’s Leaders friends. I’m going to have my brother, VV, give you geass and his order.”

“Rivalz,” said VV, “you will obey the emperor and every order that his gives out.”

The geass of VV was given to Rivalz. When that got done, Rivalz asked,

“What do you want me to do your majesty?”

“Go to the Black Knight’s Headquarters and get the following people: A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally,” said Charles.

“Right away,” said Rivalz.

Rivalz walked away from the emperor chamber and went back to Area 11.

Three days have passed and Villetta Nu, which discover the order that the Emperor Charles was leaked onto the Holy Britannia Empire’s Official YouTube Channel. When Villetta found out about this, she went to the Ghettos. When she got halfway there, Jeremiah saw her and said,

“Villetta, what are you doing here?”

“Jeremiah,” said Villetta, “I saw a Geass given to an Ashford student and was given the order to kidnap some people.”

“Follow me,” said Jeremiah.

Back at the empire, Charles figure out that his order was leaked onto YouTube. The solider that leak the video onto YouTube was found and shot. The video was deleted; however, the damage was done.

Back at Area 11, when Villetta and Jeremiah got to the Black Knight’s headquarters, Ohgi asked,

“Are you back for another attack?”

“No,” said Villetta, “I came to warn you.”

“Warn,” said Kallen, “about what?”

“A video was release on YouTube two days ago,” said Villetta. “The strange thing is that the video was on the Holy Britannia Empire’s Official YouTube Channel.”

“What was on that YouTube Video?” asked Cornelia in a not so nice voice.

“The video gave a boy an order to kidnap A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally,” said Villetta, “and for the record I do not know what the emperor wants with two of them. Euphemia, I can guess.”

(Authors Note: This is the starting point of the Page 80 Crash, which mean it is the All is Lost Moment in the Story.)

Just then Rivalz come in with the Britannia Knightmares. Rivalz says,

“Distract the others. I’ll get A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally.”

“Yes sir,” said the Britannia Solders.

When the battle started, Villetta said,

“It wasn’t me.”

“I forget to ask her to disable her GPS,” said Jeremiah.

“Well, we can’t play the finger pointing game right now,” said Kallen. “We need to keep the headquarters protected.”

The battle outside was getting out of control. While inside headquarters, Rivalz discover where A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally were hiding. Milly said,

“What are you doing here Rivalz?”

“Get out of my way,” demanded Rivalz pushing Shirley, Milly, and Nina to one side.

Rivalz blew off the door that was in between A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. Rivalz said,

“Get them.”

Britannia Solders came in and took A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. Rivalz gave the command to retreat. Before Rivalz retreated, Nina put a tracker that she created onto Rivalz so that the Black Knights can find him.

When Lelouch and Kallen came into Headquarters, Milly said,

“A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally are gone.”

“WHAT?!” asked Cornelia in a strong voice

“Just what I say,” said Milly. “A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally are gone.”

(Authors Note: End of the Page 80 Crash and Start of the Dark Night of the Soul Point of the Story.)

“It’s my fault,” said Villetta. “It’s my fault that those three are kidnapped.”

“It also our fault as well,” said Kallen.

“Why do you say that?” ask Villetta.

“It’s the parent’s job to protect their child,” said Kallen, “and we failed.”

“But Euphemia is going to get killed,” said Suzaku.

“Everyone,” said Sayako, “I think that we need to rescue A.A., Nunnally, and Euphemia. If we stay down and gloom, then the emperor will win.”

“All right,” said Lelouch. “Let’s figure out the way to rescue them.”

“I think that I can help with that,” said Nina. “Just before Rivalz retreated with A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally, I put on a tracker that would figure out where he is at.”

“That’s good,” said Lelouch, “Nina.”

“We’ll support you,” said Ohgi.

(Authors Note: End of the Dark Night of the Soul)

End of Act 2

Act 2, Chapter 10 – Big Surprises for Lelouch’s Group and the Britannia Empire: The Second Attack on the Black Knights Headquarters

(Authors Note: This Chapter Finishes the two-chapter midpoint event in the story.)

After all the planning and rescues, Kallen was ready to have Lelouch all to herself since ever since he showed who he really was and did whatever he could for the Black Knights, she thought he could use a break and spend time with her.

A.A. was hanging around her contractor and only friend G.G. while everyone else was doing their own thing. Lelouch was either working on plans for attacks or reading a book that caught his interest. Noticing that he wasn’t going to put the book down, Kallen decided to take it from him and glare into his purple eyes with her ocean blue ones.

“Kallen can I please have that book back?” Lelouch asked gently

“No, you haven’t spent any time with me, and you look almost completely dead to the world,” Kallen answered.

Lelouch sighed softly and stood up to walk closer to her to pull her close and kiss her deeply.

Kallen slowly returned the kiss as Lelouch pulled her body close to him. Their tongues battled with one another as the kiss heated up and became an act of dominance between the two lovers/parents.

After a while, they leaned back from one another, panting slightly from their kiss.

“Spend time with me…please?” Kallen whispered.

Lelouch sighed and nodded his head, knowing he can’t refuse his queen of this request.

A smile of happiness was the reason for his agreement.

“Let’s have a double date with Suzaku and Euphie,” said Kallen happily.

“Only if they want to my queen,” Lelouch stated with a smile.

They shared another loving kiss before separating from each other.

Kallen started to get things ready for their picnic while Lelouch went to ask Euphemia and Suzaku if they’d like to go on a double date with Kallen and him. Of course, when he got to their room, Suzaku was on top of Euphemia, kissing deeply.

“Please don’t give me nieces and nephews just yet. I like to preserve the remaining innocence of Euphie before Cornelia kills you,” Lelouch stated bluntly, causing Suzaku to pull away and get off Euphemia before he flipped him off.

“Now. Now Suzu, I love Kallen only. I have no interest in you in that way,” Lelouch teased and winked at Euphemia who just snickered while Suzaku glared.

“What is the meaning of your visit big brother?” Euphemia asked.

“Kallen wants to go out on a picnic date and asked me to see if you two would like to join us,” Lelouch stated.

“YES!” Euphemia cried out and jumps onto her brother, causing a “hoof” from Lelouch and Suzaku to burst out laughing at his friend’s predicament.

After a few minutes of struggling, Suzaku finally helped Euphemia off her brother.

(Authors Note: From this point on forward, the plot is written by flaxj with advise.)

Two hours later, Kallen, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Euphemia were out on the picnic date where they saw Milly Ashford, Nina Einstein, and Shirley Fenette. When Milly, Nina, and Shirley got to the picnic, Milly said,

“We need to hide.”

“Why?” asked Euphemia, wanting to know about the state.

“Rivalz got arrested by the Britannian Forces,” said Shirley. “They’re going after the friends and families of the Black Knights Members.”

“Shit,” said Kallen. “Sorry about my language.”

“I k-know t-that I d-don’t l-like y-you for y-your a-activities,” said Nina stuttering, “but t-there is no c-change t-that I am a-able to s-survive on m-my o-own.”

“Who came up with this idea?” asked Suzaku.

“Rivalz came up with the idea,” said Milly, “two days before that he was arrested.”

“Let them come,” said Lelouch.

“Said What?” everybody else said.

“I think that Nunnally would like to have some friends,” said Lelouch.

Kallen, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Euphemia brought the Ashford Academy students to the Black Knights Headquarters. When they got there, A.A. asked,

“What’s happening?”

“This is a surprise,” said Lelouch, “for Nunnally.”

“How was your day with Cornelia?” asked Kallen.

“It was well,” said A.A. “Cornelia and I read about the history of Britannia. We also watch some of the news. I’m sorry about your friend.”

“S-so, w-who is y-your p-parents?” asked Nina stuttering.

“Lelouch and I are her parents,” said Kallen.

Nunnally was rolled in by Rolo and Lelouch and Nunnally hugged in front of the crowd. When Nunnally saw the crowd, she asked,

“Big brother how was your date?”

“Oh no!” said Suzaku, realizing that the surprise is blown.

“Hey Milly,” said Nunnally.

“So, that’s where you are at,” said Milly.

“I’m glad that I can have some friends,” said Nunnally.

Back at the emperor’s palace, Emperor Charles found out that Lelouch’s Friends got away. When he got the news, Emperor Charles said,

“Where is Cornelia?”

“I don’t know where she is,” said Prince Schneizel.

“Find her,” said Emperor Charles.

“Yes, father,” said Prince Schneizel.

Back at the Black Knights hideout, Cornelia got a message that Schneizel is looking for her and tells her to hand over the Black Knights to Britannia. Cornelia said to Lelouch,

“Lelouch, Schneizel is trying to find the Black Knights.”

“Oh boy,” said Lelouch, “I’ll contact the other members.”

At the command center, the Black Knights gather alongside Lelouch’s friends. Lelouch explain the problem, and Milly asked,

“Are we the ones that caused it?”

“Don’t killed us,” said Nina.

“Relax,” said Cornelia, “you’re not at fault. I’m the foolish one for not destroying the communication that my brother gave me.”

All the Black Knights, Suzaku, and Cornelia and her knights went to their Knightmares and went towards the Britannia Army Knightmares. The battle was dramatic and long. After three hours of battle, Euphemia came out and ask,

“Did we win?”

“Yes,” said Kallen, “We have won for now.”

(Authors Note: End of the Midpoint Event of the Story.)