The broken memories returned to Usagi as predicted. As Rei predicted, Tuxedo Kamen’s red rose triggered Usagi’s broken heart to return to her. Usagi was in the arms of Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi was told that she had to let go of all her heart break that she had suppressed. Usagi kept crying as Tuxedo Kamen told her. Queen Serenity had appeared and told what Usagi did. After Queen Serenity left. Another surge of painful memories of being rejected surfaced and Usagi cried as she did before. Tuxedo Kamen comforted her and spoke to her.

“Let it out Usako! Please cry. You have to cry!”

He told her. She shielded herself in his embrace. As before she felt the emotional pain.

“It hurts, it hurts… the pain…”

Usagi spoke as the tears continued to flow from her eyes. Tuxedo Kamen touched Usagi’s hair gently and spoke again.

“It’s okay Usako. I know you are hurting right now, you are, healing. You’re letting it out.”

Tuxedo Kamen praised her.

“That girl, is she okay? Is she safe? Is she still in a slump?”

Usagi asked. Tuxedo Kamen was surprised. He thought for a moment and then he spoke.

“Don’t worry, okay? She is safe. She is going through a hard time. But, she will get better, I promise. Okay?”

Tuxedo Kamen tried to reassure her. Usagi looked up again with fear in her eyes. Tears continued to flow. She spoke again.

“Are you sure she is safe? She not injured, is she? How hard of a time is she going through?”

Usagi asked as she was not sure. He spoke again.

“She’s safe and not injured. She is having an exceedingly difficult time. The broken heart she is feeling will help her to feel better real soon. So please do not worry about her. She is in good hands. I promise you that.”

Tuxedo Kamen spoke in a gentle manner. Usagi looked up at him not being totally convinced that another girl Mamoru had told her about was okay.

“A broken heart? A difficult time? Are you helping her too?”

Usagi asked, she was concerned about that other girl. Usagi’s tears kept flowing as she continued experiencing the heartbreak that came flooding back to her. Mamoru knew Usagi did not understand what she was feeling and was asking questions that made her worry more. He stroked her hair again softly trying to comfort her.

“Yes, she has a broken heart. She is going through a tough time and is being loved and cared for and she is not alone. I am helping her too. So please do not worry, okay? I know you are worried about her. But please know that she is in good hands right now and safe right now.”

Tuxedo Kamen continued to try reassuring Usagi that other girl was okay. Sailor Mercury scanned Usagi secretly and found out that Usagi still had lots of suppressed memories of heartbreak still sealed and thought maybe that was why Usagi was asking those strange questions about herself. Usagi wanted to make sure that another girl was safe and would not get hurt. She spoke again.

“Is this girl happy you’re helping her? Does she know that you are there helping her? Is she concerned about me as I am concerned about her?”

Usagi asked. Usagi still felt afraid. Her broken heart felt like someone had pierced her heart. Usagi’s mind was racing. Her mind was that of an exceedingly small child and regressing and becoming worse as they spoke. Mercury saw this too in her scans. Usagi was confused and afraid and did not understand what was happening to her. Mamoru spoke again.

“Yes, I am sure that girl is grateful of the help I’ve given her. Yes, I believe she is also concerned for you. Now please do not worry, I am taking good care of her. She is safe. She’s just having a difficult time.”

Tuxedo Kamen tried to comfort Usagi. Usagi spoke again.

“I am glad you’re helping her too… I am so tired… I cannot stay awake… Are you sure… she is safe…?”

Usagi asked as fatigue from her crying jag became too much for her and she fainted. He stroked her hair again.

“Don’t worry Usako, yes you are safe, and you are in good hands. Now rest Usako. You wore yourself out. Take you rest. You need it.”

Tuxedo Kamen told her as he re-transformed back to Mamoru. Mercury came up to Mamoru.

“Mercury, anything you came up with during my conversation with Usagi? Do you understand what she was asking me?”

Mamoru asked. Mercury looked like she had an answer of some kind.

“I believe she is talking about her subconscious. And she has related it to what you first told her. She is referring it to what you called ‘the other girl.’ She still got deep suppressed memories that has not been freed yet. That is what she is experiencing. Her mind is steadily regressing backwards. Her mind has become that of a small child of maybe around the age of four or five and it is regressing. We need to apply that technique to save her life.”

Mercury explained.

“I see. Maybe we should return to the Hikawa Shrine and watch over Usagi until she wakes up.”

Mamoru suggested.

“Yeah, that would be wise.”

Mercury agreed. The Senshi left and Mamoru carried Usagi in his arms. They arrived at the Hikawa Shrine and Mamoru placed her in the bed in the guestroom. For about a couple of hours Usagi slept and then she started to awake slowly. She looked around the room. She saw Mamoru again.

“You’re that guy that was with me and said that you would keep the other girl safe. Is she safe? Is she okay?”

Usagi asked. Mamoru sat by the bedside and tried to comfort Usagi.

“Yes, Usako. It is me. The girl is safe. No harm has come to her. Be happy that she is safe. No harm has come to her. Do not worry. Okay?”

Mamoru consoled Usagi as he stroked her long hair.

“Where is she? Is she still in a slump? Is she still having a hard time?”

She asked.

“She’s in this room and safe. No harm has come to her. She is still in a slump. She is still having an exceedingly difficult time. Now, please don’t worry.”

He told her and trying his best to comfort a girl who did not understand that was happening to her. Her fears and tears continued like earlier. The more he tried to reassure her that the other girl was okay, the more she questioned him.

“Is she in this room? I would like to see her. I want to help save her. She’s going to burst if I don’t save her!”

Usagi asked. She knew that she was in worse off shape then she was earlier. More suppressed memories would come flooding out unless there was a way to prevent it from happening.

“Please don’t worry Usako. We will save her. She’s safe.”

Mamoru told her.

“I think it might be best if you show Usagi to a mirror to calm her fears. It might be what she has been asking.”

Ami explained.

“Usako, do you want to see that girl and save her?”

Mamoru asked.

“Yes, please. I got to save her! She is in danger! I know it! Help me to save her!”

She pleaded. Mamoru helped Usagi off the bed and took her to the mirror. He showed her own image to her.

“See, Usagi. There’s ‘the other girl,’ the other girl is you. Have no fear. You are in good hands.”

Mamoru showed her. She turned to him and spoke.

“I am so scared! I do not want to die! I got to save her! I got to save her!”

Usagi cried as her tears flowed again and her yellow crescent moon shone on her forehead and a bright yellow light began to cover her body and it got brighter and more intense and then the light powered down and faded and was gone. Usagi spoke again.

“I just wanted to save her…”

Usagi cried once more and then fainting and collapsing into Mamoru’s arms.

“What just happened?”

Mamoru asked.

“She used her soldier’s power to expel the rest of those suppressed memories of the break heart that she was experiencing. Also, her age regression as stopped as well.”

Ami explained.

“I see.”

Mamoru replied as he laid Usagi back in the bed. The poor girl used up her strength once again, but at the same time, what Usagi was experiencing had vanished in a flash. About an hour later, Usagi woke up once more. Mamoru sat near her.

“Usako, are you okay?”

He asked. Usagi thought of the other girl again. But she did not seem to be as worried as before. She spoke.

“Is the other girl, okay? Is she safe?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, she’s safe. No harm came to her. You saved her. Do not worry anymore. The girl is now safe, okay?”

Mamoru consoled Usagi. Usagi smiled and spoke.

“I am glad I could save her. I am extremely glad.”

Usagi replied as she smiled.

“How are we going to apply the counter technique to Usagi?”

Rei asked. Queen Serenity appeared again.

“The Princess must recite these words and speak to them. Once she has spoken to them, she will fall under the power of the Ginzuishou and the Ginzuishou will heal her. And once the Ginzuishou is done healing her, the brooch compact will close and that will be a sign to you that the counter technique has been completed. Now the princess must say, ‘Moon Crystal Power! Cause me to remember everything of Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion, and the Moonlight Knight. Please restore him to my memory!’ And the counter technique will begin once she recites that.”

Queen Serenity instructed.

“Usagi, you need to recite what Queen Serenity told us. Only you can recite it.”

Rei told her.

“I won’t hurt, will it?”

Usagi asked.

“No. Usako. It will heal you and restore you and it will bring you and that other girl out of that slump I told you about.”

Mamoru encouraged her.

“Okay I’ll do it. Wish me luck.”

Usagi replied. Then Queen Serenity spoke again.

“Mamoru, you must kiss the princess once the Ginzuishou has completed its task and the brooch is closed up. Then the princess will awaken again.”

Queen Serenity instructed and Usagi spoke up and spoke the following words:

“Moon Crystal Power! Cause me to remember everything of Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion, and the Moonlight Knight. Please restore him to my memory!”

Usagi spoke as she held her brooch open. The brooch powered up and a gentle white light covered Usagi. It flashed a bright white gentle light over Usagi. Then the white light vanished and Usagi fell into a trance on the bed with arms spread out with the brooch still open and right beside her. The brooch continued to work. Then after a bit, Usagi fainted and fell asleep, and the brooch worked throughout the night healing Usagi.