Tuxedo Kamen had rescued Sailor Moon. However, He never thought about the fact that when he transformed into Tuxedo Kamen and sent his rose to free Sailor Moon, he forgot that the Red Rose was the key item of freeing the memories of her broken heart. Sailor Moon saw the rose and her sad memories returned. Memories of being rejected. The feeling of no one caring for her and loving her. The memories were not clear, but they were sharp enough to cause emotional pain. Sailor Moon was still in Tuxedo Kamen’s arms. She wept bitterly. She could not understand why she was feeling so much emotional pain. She did not know what the emotional pain was. Her mind was like that of a child. The tears flowed like rivers. She did not speak at all. She just wept. Tuxedo Kamen spoke to her.

“Usako, please forgive me for causing you so much pain, please you need to cry. Cry like a fool you used to be! Crying is the way to release all that pain that has been suppressing for so long! Sailor Moon, you must cry! Release all your hurt!”

Tuxedo Kamen ordered her. She was shielded in his arms. She somehow responded to his embracing her, and she wrapped her arms around his body in response as she needed protection. Fear shone in her eyes. Pain filled her heart. She never felt so much pain in her life. The Senshi was fighting back the tears. Luna told them that it was bound to happen soon. They were not expecting it to be this soon. She spoke again.

“I am scared… I am afraid…”

She trailed off as the tears kept flowing from her eyes. He understood. He spoke to her in a soft comforting voice.

“I am know you’re afraid. I told you that you were in good hands and that I would take care of you. Don’t you remember?”

He asked her.

“Yes, I remember you telling me that. I am the one you love the most?”

Sailor Moon asked in a curious but sad tone.

“Yes, Usako. I love you above all others, but I am the cause of your emotional pain. If I had not broken up with you, you would not feel so bad like you are right now. But that is passed. Please Usako, you must find in your heart to forgive me for breaking up with you and causing you this heart break. Usako, forgiving me will help you heal faster. Please forgive me.”

Tuxedo Kamen asked her. It was almost like he was begging her to forgive him.

“I don’t know why, but I don’t have the heart to hate you for what you did. I forgive you. Something in my heart tells me to forgive. I forgive you, but I still feel this overwhelming fear.”

Sailor Moon replied. The tears flowed like the moonlight. She was able to speak despite all her crying.

“I know you are scared. Thank you for forgiving me. I do not think you truly hate anyone. Just release all your hurt and your anguish. Let those tears go. Right now, you need to do a lot of crying. You will feel better soon. I promise.”

Tuxedo Kamen told her.

“Then why do I feel like a part of me feels like it’s not being loved?”

Sailor Moon asked.

“That’s your broken heart. The memories you had suppressed for so long. You are no longer alone. You are loved by a lot of people who are worried about you. I love you most of all!”

Tuxedo Kamen told her.

“Am I important to everyone? Is that why you came and freed me?”

Sailor Moon asked. She was still crying, but it did ease a bit.

“You are extremely important to everyone here. I am sworn to protect you most of all. The Red Rose, I did not mean for you to be hurt by seeing that rose Usako, but it was the only way for me to free you. Please keep crying. You must release all that pain you kept inside. Let it out!”

Tuxedo Kamen explained to her.

“A red rose? Is it a symbol or something?”

Sailor Moon asked.

“Yes, an especially important symbol. It is the symbol that I love you and only you. You are my Odango Atama, an incredibly beautiful and special girl!”

Tuxedo Kamen told her. She looked at him expectantly. She spoke again.

“A beautiful girl? Odango Atama? Me special? I’ve heard that before… so I am loved by you most of all?”

Sailor Moon asked. She looked up at him. Her tears flowed silently but still in a rapid pace.

“That’s right. I have to be there when you need me most.”

Tuxedo Kamen answered her.

“Just like right now? What do you like best about me then?”

Sailor Moon asked again being inquisitive. Tuxedo Kamen thought for a moment and spoke.

“Your hair is extremely attractive to me. Ever since I first known you, there was something special about you that told me you were extremely special.”

Tuxedo Kamen explained again.

“That’s what I have been feeling when I was with you when you took me places. I felt the warmth of your love for me, that’s what I felt.”

Sailor Moon answered.

“I am glad Usako. Please keep crying, do not stop. You must let it all out.”

Tuxedo Kamen told her. Sailor Moon did not speak anymore. She continued to cry silently as she embraced him. Time passed and Sailor Moon was not crying like she once was. Then Queen Serenity appeared in the sky and came close to where Sailor Moon was.

“My daughter, please listen now to my words. You are in critical condition. You performed a technique on yourself that should not have been done. The technique you used was a technique meant for others and not for yourself. When you used the Silver Crystal to forget the man you loved, part of you was erased as well. Please princess, remember that day, remember what you did. Remember those who risked everything for you to keep you safe.”

Queen Serenity told Sailor Moon then Sailor Moon was transformed into Princess Serenity. Then Queen Serenity spoke again.

“Remember Serenity, what you did on that day. Your prince had a bad dream where you were struck by misfortune, in doing so, Endymion had to protect you. So, he broke up with you to save your life. in doing so, in your sorrow, you asked the Silver Crystal to cause you to forget all about your true love. In doing that, not only your memory of him was sealed but also your personality got sealed leaving you as an empty shell. But your willingness to learn about things important to you has recovered some of your memories, but the counter technique must be done on you soon before it is too late. Just like you asked the Silver Crystal to forget your true love, the same way the counter technique ‘Dance Around A Happy Heart’ can restore your memory and the memory of your love to you. You must be willing to go through it. The counter technique will place you in a trance and then you will fall unconscious once again while the Silver Crystal heals you. Then when the Silver Crystal is done, you must be awakened by the prince you love, and you will be healed. Time is running out Serenity! Everyone, help the princess restore her memory. Farewell.”

Queen Serenity spoke and vanished. Princess Serenity re-transformed back into Sailor Moon and then Sailor Moon re-transformed back into Usagi. Usagi looked up at Tuxedo Kamen. She felt bad for what she did to herself.

“You mustn’t feel bad for what you did Usako. Please continue to shed those tears. Your pain must escape!”

Tuxedo Kamen told her. Usagi wrapped her arms around Tuxedo Kamen. Silent tears flowed from her tear-soaked eyes. She thought about what she did. She still could not remember his name although she regained lots of memories, but the memory of Mamoru did not return. The only way now for her to remember his name now was ‘Dance Around A Happy Heart.’