Usagi had been asking lots of questions about a lot of things and her memory was returning to her. But what the Senshi wanted to know was how soon the broken memories of Usagi would return to her. The others were not sure. Mamoru had taken Usagi out to help her enjoy herself, so the others could talk freely.

“Usagi is recovering more of her memory. She seems to be interested when she talks about the girl that Mamoru keeps mentioning. Every time, Usagi becomes so remorseful like Usagi is mourning because Usagi feels the girl that Mamoru mentions somehow, is connected to her and Usagi knows somehow her memory has been tampered with, but what Usagi still doesn’t know is that she’s the one that did it.”

Ami explained.

“We can’t blame Usagi now. What she did is now past. We got to help her through the weeping process. It is coming girls. I do not how quickly Usagi-Chan will remember those broken memories, but we must be there to comfort her. Her broken memories has been suppressed for a while and we got to be there to help through it. She is not going to understand it. Let us help Usagi return to normal. Okay girls?”

Luna instructed. Ami and the other girls nodded. Elsewhere Mamoru took Usagi again out to help her recover more of her memory. Mamoru took Usagi to the Crown Game Arcade. Maybe going there will help Usagi remember again. Once there they sat in the cafe that connected to the arcade. Unazuki, Motoki’s younger sister came to the table and spoke.

“Hello Mamoru and hello Usagi! Glad to see you here!”

Unazuki greeted them. Mamoru got up and spoke to Usagi.

“Usagi, I’ll be right here. Stay here, okay?”

Mamoru told her. Usagi nodded her head. Mamoru walked with Unazuki to where Usagi could not hear him.

“Unazuki, has your brother told you about Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.

“Yes, she has amnesia, right?”

Unazuki asked.

“That’s correct. I just wanted you to be careful around Usagi. She is highly inquisitive and wants to know about things. I better go back before she runs off.”

Mamoru told her and Mamoru returned to where Usagi was sitting.

“Good girl, Usagi. You’re still here.”

Mamoru praised her.

“Umm… your name again?”

Usagi asked.


He told her.

“Mamoru, I am sorry I can’t seem to remember your name; I have a question for you.”

Usagi spoke to him.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“That girl you keep talking about… was this one of her favorite places?”

Usagi asked. She was extremely interested in the girl that Mamoru always talked about.

“Yes, she loved it here. But she is unable to enjoy it here.”

Mamoru replied.

“I see. So, she is still in a slump? Is she still suffering?”

Usagi asked. Mamoru thought carefully before answering.

“She’s okay, Usagi. Trust me, she is. She still has not fully recovered yet. I am taking good care of her too.”

Mamoru tried to reassure Usagi. But, like before, Usagi felt very remorseful about the girl. Tears flowed from her eyes again.

“I feel it, that girl you speak of, she’s hurting. I don’t know how I know, but she’s hurting, and she is ready to burst!”

Usagi replied as the tears flowed from her eyes. Mamoru brought out a handkerchief and dried her tears and spoke.

“Don’t worry Usagi, I told you she’s in good hands. Please do not cry anymore. I know you care about her, don’t you? She in good hands.”

Mamoru reassured her. He dried her tears. He wanted her to be happy. He knew Usagi was about to crack. He felt that Usagi was confused. Usagi did not understand why she felt so strongly about the girl that Mamoru had discussed, but every time he tried to reassure Usagi that the girl was in good hands, the more Usagi mourned for the girl knowing there was something dreadfully wrong with the girl. Mamoru took Usagi back to the Hikawa Shrine and secretly talked with Ami.

“She’s about to crack Ami.”

Mamoru reported.

“She knows something is wrong with her, but she doesn’t understand.”

Ami analyzed the situation about Usagi.

“She has a mind of a small child. Her important memories are still sealed away, she is only experiencing a fraction of them.

Mamoru told Ami.

“I agree, she does not understand. Maybe her mind is affected somehow.”

Ami thought.

“Anyway, Usagi will crack and soon and she is not going to understand the heartbreak she feels. I really worry for her.”

Mamoru spoke. He was concerned for Usagi’s well-being. There was another droid attack. The Sailor Senshi went where the monster was. They had Sailor Moon sit while they fought the monster, the monster was so quick for them and the droid sent vines and tied up Sailor Moon and the droid started to take her energy and then a Red Rose hit the vines that held Sailor Moon and freed her, and the Red Rose hit the ground. Sailor Moon fell to the ground. She saw the rose. The Red Rose. A flood of violent memories returned. Memories of terrible heartbreak. Sailor Moon broke down in tears.

“Why me? Why do I feel such remorse for the girl that is hurt and why do I feel her pain? I do not understand! Such terrible heartbreak! That girl was rejected and tossed aside… but why do I feel her pain!?”

Sailor Moon yelled as the memories returned. Tuxedo Kamen came to her and held her gently in his arms. He spoke.

“Don’t worry, she’s safe. She has always been safe. Do not hold back the hurt. Please let it escape. That girl is in good hands right now… that girl is you Usagi. I will comfort you. Please do not hold it back. Usako, please let go of the hurt. Let it out.”

Tuxedo Kamen told her. Sailor Moon collapsed in his arms and wept. She was confused and did not understand. She had to trust him. Her mind was in utter chaos.

“Burning Mandala!”

Sailor Mars yelled as she sent a huge fire ball at the youma.

“Sparkling Wide Pressure!”

Sailor Jupiter spoke as she hurled a ball of electricity at the youma destroying it. Tuxedo Kamen continued to hold Sailor Moon in his arms while comforted her. Her broken heart had returned as predicted. The Senshi knew that the next stage had arrived for Usagi.