Usagi’s memory had slowly been returning to her. Right now, Usagi was asking more questions than any of the other Senshi had the answers to. Usagi wanted to know about herself. Finally, Ami and Mamoru met separately at the Hikawa Shrine. Ami talked to Mamoru.

“Mamoru, please continue being with Usagi. Take her out. Let her have a good time. You need to help her remember things she loves and the things she hates. Please remember, there might be a chance her broken heart will return. If it does, you must comfort her.”

Ami instructed knowing that one day those broken memories would return and Usagi would be hurt.

“I understand. Usagi is important to me. I’ll do my best to comfort Usagi if it comes to it.”

Mamoru resolved.

“Remember, Usagi is very fragile right now. If you do something wrong towards her, she might remember. And if she does, you will have to try hard to comfort her. Remember, she is extremely fragile.”

Ami reminded Mamoru.

“Okay, I’ll remember all that you have said.”

Mamoru told her. Mamoru walked over to where Usagi was sitting. Usagi sat near Rei and Makoto. Rei was talking about Usagi and to see how Usagi’s memory progression was coming along. Usagi had become very inquisitive. Asking about almost everything from what the difference from all the Senshi and why Luna and Artemis being cats that can talk. Usagi wanted to learn. Usagi’s clumsy and klutzy lifestyle was still sealed leaving a very pretty girl willing to learn almost about everything. Mamoru came over and greeted Usagi.

“Hello Usagi.”

He greeted her.

“Hello. It is you again. What’s your name again?”

Usagi asked.


He replied.

“Oh, I see.”

Usagi answered.

“May I take you some where Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.

“Where are you going?”

Usagi asked being a bit curious.

“I don’t know yet. Something will come to mind.”

Mamoru answered. He was not sure where he was taking her. But he wanted to take her somewhere nice. He offered his hand for her to place hers on. She accepted very easily. There was something about him that made her want to trust him. He took her from the shrine. He walked her to his car, and he opened the passenger side of his car and she got in and he buckled her up. Then he closed her door and got to the driver’s side of the car and got in and buckled up. He put the key into the ignition and started the car. Then he drove across town. He decided to take her to a large aquarium where lots of aquatic fish were. He parked the car and got out and opened the passenger side and unbuckled Usagi and asked for her hand. She gave him her hand. He took her inside. She was amazed about all the aquatic life that she saw.

“So pretty.”

Usagi spoke as her eyes got great big at seeing all the fish and other wildlife that swam in the waters.

“Look here. This is an octopus.”

Mamoru showed her.

“Amazing. It looks happy. Do you think all life should be happy?”

Usagi asked being curious.


Mamoru replied.

“Am I happy?”

Usagi asked.

“You are the one who should know.”

Mamoru told her.

“I guess I am happy.”

Usagi replied in a way that she was not sure.

“You look happy to me.”

Mamoru told her. Usagi thought of the girl that was in a slump that Mamoru had told her about. She spoke.

“What about the girl that you said was in a slump and not doing very well. Is she happy?”

Usagi asked. Usagi had become curious about that girl.

Mamoru thought carefully before answering.

“She has been through a rough time. She’s trying to be happy, but she is learning some important things that will brighten her and will eventually make her happy.”

Mamoru told her.

“I see. So, she’s not feeling very well still?”

Usagi asked. Usagi was so interested in ‘this girl’ Usagi had no idea Mamoru was talking about her.

“Yes, the girl is still recovering. Soon, she’ll be back to normal very soon.”

Mamoru tried to reassure Usagi.

“Rei and Makoto talked to me about the difference between beautiful and handsome. They told me girls are to be beautiful and guys are to be handsome. Do you think I am beautiful?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, you are beautiful. Girls are beautiful. Beauty also is more than the girl’s appearance. A girl’s pure heart is what truly makes her beautiful. Her act of kindness is what others will see her as a beautiful person.”

Mamoru told her.

“I see. This girl, you love her a lot do not you. You think she is exceptionally beautiful, don’t you?”

Usagi asked being very curious. Usagi spoke again.

“Then if you think highly of this girl, shouldn’t you be helping her and being by her side?”

Usagi asked.

“I am and I have. You are important now. You see, she cares more about others than herself. She would have wanted me to help you.”

Mamoru told her and he smiled.

“She values other people more than herself, even if she is in a slump?”

Usagi questioned.

“She would rather sacrifice herself for the sake of others.”

Mamoru explained.

“She must be special to you?”

Usagi questioned again.

“Yes, she is. She’s a very bright girl.”

Mamoru told her.

“Am I special?”

Usagi asked with a tear in her eye. She felt bad for the girl that was in that slump. She would sacrifice everything for her. More tears fell as she thought about the girl that was in a slump and then she related the girl’s problems with her own. Mamoru saw this. He noticed how much Usagi was touched about the words that he described about Usagi, but Usagi had this feeling that it was her that was in the slump.

“It’s me, isn’t it? I have never seen this girl you speak of. But, every time you talk about that girl, I become so sad like it has something to do with me.”

Usagi spoke in a sad soft voice.

“Don’t cry. Do not worry. She is in good hands. I am taking good care of her. Have no fear. Okay?”

Mamoru told her as he wiped her tears. Her memory had not improved but she felt that she was connected to the girl that Mamoru spoke of. She did not know why she felt so strongly about that girl.

“Do you care about people?”

Usagi asked.

“I care a lot about people. Helping people feel better about themselves is important to me. I want to help you too.”

Mamoru explained.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Usagi asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

Mamoru replied.

“I would make me happy if you helped that girl you speak of. That would please me to know that she is being helped by a kind man like you.”

Usagi asked. Mamoru was surprised that she would ask him to look after herself although Usagi had not fully connected the dots that the girl Mamoru spoke of was Usagi herself. Every time he mentioned ‘that girl’, Usagi felt sorry for the girl. There was something broken about the girl that Mamoru spoke of. But would Usagi finally put two and two together and remember those broken memories. Mamoru was hoping that Usagi would remember good memories for a while. But he knew the silence of those broken memories would return flooding inside Usagi and Usagi would feel broken all over again.

“Are you hungry Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.


Usagi replied.

“I know of a good place. Do you like pizza?”

Mamoru asked.

“I think I have had it before.”

Usagi answered.

“I know of this good pizza parlor. They have good pizza. Come, I’ll take you.”

Mamoru told her. He escorted her to his car. And he drove her to the pizza parlor. They went inside and sat down.

A waiter came to help them.

“Would you like to have a menu?”

He asked them.

“Yes please.”

Mamoru replied. Mamoru received a menu. He thought that a Canadian bacon pineapple pizza would be good. It would be tasty.

“Have you had Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza before?”

Mamoru asked.

“I think so. Is it good?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, it is.”

Mamoru answered her. The waiter returned.

“What will you order?”

The waiter asked.

“A medium Canadian Bacon pineapple pizza.”

Mamoru answered the waiter.

“And to drink?”

He asked.

“Two sodas.”

Mamoru answered.


The waiter answered. And the waiter went into the kitchen. Mamoru looked at Usagi. He had the feeling like she wanted to remember about herself but did not know how to do it. Usagi spoke again.

“You like taking that girl you speak of you like making her feel special by taking her to places like this?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, she loved going out.”

Mamoru answered. Usagi smiled a bit and did not question anymore.

After about fifteen minutes, the waiter brought the sodas and then the pizza with a couple of plates. Mamoru gave a couple of slices to Usagi and then he took a couple of slices. Afterward, Mamoru drove Usagi back to the shrine. He took her inside to where Rei was, and Mamoru went to Ami and talked to her privately.


She asked.

“Usagi must feel somehow that her memory has been tampered with, but Usagi doesn’t realize that she was the one who did it. Every time I indirectly told Usagi about herself. She felt so remorseful like she knew that a part of her is gone.”

Mamoru answered.

“I see. It will not too long now until the ice breaks and Usagi will remember everything. Mamoru, be careful. You are now walking on eggshells Mamoru. Anything you do might cause her to remember her hidden memories. Make sure you never use a red rose in front of Usagi. Rei said that it could be the item that causes her to remember. She does not know why. Rei feels like it is a hunch.”

Ami explained.

“I understand. I’ll be careful.”

Mamoru told her. Usagi’s broken memories could not stay hidden forever. The day of those sad memories breaking through was drawing near.