Rei had called Mamoru and gave him an update of what happened to Usagi of what they found out when Usagi awoke. Rei invited Mamoru to come to the Hikawa Shrine and to see for himself what had happened to Usagi.

“So, she just sits there and not saying a word unless you ask her something?”

Mamoru asked. He was surprised that Usagi sat there and did absolutely nothing.

“She looks so serious in a dull sort of way.”

Mamoru observed.

“We asked if she remembered you and she didn’t know who you were.”

Ami explained.

“I see.”

Mamoru thought.

“There must have been some reason why she did it or she wouldn’t have done that terrible deed.”

Luna spoke in a sad tone. Then Mamoru remembered Usagi’s words from earlier.

“If that is what you wish. So be it. But know this Mamoru, you might regret it one day…very well, may our paths never cross again.”

Mamoru told everyone Usagi’s words.

“So, I wonder how long Usagi had this planned?”

Ami thought.

“Everyone, I may be the blame of the situation that Usagi is in. See, for quite some time I had these reoccurring nightmares in where Usagi dies when she is near me caused by misfortune. See, everyone Usagi must had enough of the heartbreak and to get rid of all the hurtful memories I had caused. So, I was erased from her memory and her bubbly personality has vanished like it was entwined with my personality. I am so sorry I had put her through all this. I really am. Forgive me Usako.”

Mamoru explained.

“That would explained what she did. But how do we restore her?”

Makoto thought.

“Mamoru, you might be the one that can bring Usagi out of it. Right now, she is nothing more than an empty shell. She seems to be a bit more serious about things it seems.”

Luna suggested that he might be the key to undo what was done to Usagi. Rei looked at Usagi more closely.

“She just stands there. She doesn’t interact with anyone unless we talk to her.”

Ami thought.

“I wonder if she can use ‘Moon Princess Halation’ after she is transformed.”

Minako asked.

“Let us find out. Usagi.”

Rei spoke to Usagi.


Usagi replied.

“Please come with me, I need you to help me with something.”

Rei asked. Makoto and Minako helped Usagi out where an old tree was standing which was dead.

“Usagi, you say you still remember the words to transform right?”

Luna asked.

“Yes, I believe so.”

Usagi replied.

“Then use your brooch and say, ‘Moon Crystal Power, Make Up’ please?”

Luna asked.

“Okay. Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”

Usagi spoke as she grabbed her brooch and she transformed into Sailor Moon.

“Do you still know how to use the ‘Moon Princess Halation’ attack?”

Luna asked.

“I believe so.”

Sailor Moon answered.

“Use your Cutie Moon Rod on that dead tree over there.”

Rei spoke and showed Sailor Moon to where she could destroy the old dead tree.

“What tree? I only see an outline of something standing.”

Sailor Moon asked. Since she could not see the tree at all except an outline.

“You can’t see the tree?”

Makoto asked.


Sailor Moon spoke in a serious tone.

“Sailor Moon, let me look at your eyes.”

Ami asked and she walked over to where Sailor Moon stood. Ami looked at her eyes.

“Sailor Moon’s eyes are a solid blue! That is why she cannot see right. Sailor Moon point your Cutie Moon Rod at the tree and Rei and Makoto will help you hold your rod so you can destroy that dead tree.”

Ami told her. Sailor Moon pointed her rod and Rei, and Makoto held the Cutie Moon Rod still so Sailor Moon could blast the old dead tree.

“Now Sailor Moon, say ‘Moon Princess Halation!'”

Luna told her.

“Moon Princess Halation!”

Sailor Moon yelled as the power came out of her rod and yellow crescent moons struck the dead tree and turned it to dust.

“Not bad Sailor Moon. Now re-transform by touching your brooch.”

Luna instructed. Sailor Moon touched her brooch and re-transformed back into Usagi.

“So, she can still fight?”

Mamoru thought.

“It looks like it, but her vision is very impaired. We may have to help her for a while.”

Ami told everyone.

The next day, Ami and Makoto helped Usagi get to school. Miss Haruna-Sensei was surprised that Usagi made it on time.

“Usagi, I am glad you made it on time.”

Miss Haruna told her.

“Being late would not be good for me.”

Usagi replied in a dull monotone. Haruna looked shocked.

Haruna realized that Usagi looked different than normal.

“She’s been through a personal ordeal.”

Makoto explained.

“I see.”

Haruna thought. Ami and Makoto knew there must be a way to get Usagi’s memory back to normal. How long would her eyes be a solid blue. Find out next time!