Usagi was unconscious on her bed. She used the Ginzuishou to cause her to forget all about Mamoru.

However, each of her friends noticed that images of Mamoru Chiba were vanishing and that Usagi could not be reached at all on her communicator. The others had gathered at the Hikawa Shrine to discuss the matter about the images of Mamoru disappearing. Then finally Rei received a call on the phone.

“Hello, Hino Residence, Rei speaking.”

Rei spoke into the phone.

“Rei, this is Mamoru. May I ask you a question?”

Mamoru asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

Rei asked.

“Do have any images of me that vanished before your eyes?”

Mamoru asked.

“Yes, each of us experienced the same thing. We tried to reach Usagi on the communicator, but we got no answer. Luna suspects that the Silver Crystal might be involved. But we can’t prove it yet.”

Rei replied.

“I see. So, the answer might be at Usagi’s house?”

Mamoru asked.

“We are about to go there.”

Rei announced.

“Please keep me informed of what you find out.”

Mamoru told her.

“I will. Goodbye.”

Rei told him and hung up the phone.


Ami asked.

“Mamoru said an image of him had disappeared too.”

Rei announced.

“I see. We must go to Usagi’s house to unravel this mystery.”

Luna spoke in urgent tone. Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Luna, and Artemis headed over to Usagi’s house.

Once there, it looked like no one was home. However, the door was unlocked, and Ami and the others went inside. They went to Usagi’s room and it was unlocked. They went into Usagi’s room. They noticed Usagi was on her bed with her arms sprawled out and her brooch was open right beside her, and she appeared to have fainted.

“Please don’t touch Usagi or her brooch.”

Ami urged. Then she continued.

“We don’t know what Usagi did or what’s going on.”

Ami told them.

“I think that’s best Ami-Chan.”

Luna suggested. Rei looked around and saw that a picture frame was in the trash can. Rei took the picture out of the trash can and looked at it. She was shocked.

“The image of Mamoru is gone!”

Rei exclaimed.

“I’ll have to transform into Sailor Mercury to perform scans on the brooch and Usagi. Mercury Star Power! Make Up!”

Ami announced her plan and she transformed into Sailor Mercury. Mercury activated her visor and started scanning Usagi’s brooch.

“It looks like Usagi’s brooch was used recently like in the last two to three hours.”

Mercury reported.

“And Usagi?”

Rei asked. Mercury scanned her next using both the visor and her minicomputer.

“The same energy from the Silver Crystal was used on Usagi’s body. I would say a massive amount of energy. There’s still silver, white energy all over her body, but it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Whatever Usagi did is still active and at work.”

Mercury announced.

“Whatever she did, it’s still working on her?”

Makoto asked.


Mercury replied.

“What else did you find?”

Minako asked.

“I am going to do a brain scan. The scan might reveal other data too.”

Mercury told them. She performed a scan on Usagi’s brain and spoke again.

“Her Cerebrum has been affected by the Silver Crystal’s power. As for the damage caused, I am uncertain of what Usagi might experience once she wakes up. We should take her to the Hikawa Shrine, and keep that brooch open just in case it’s still working on her.”

Mercury explained as she re-transformed back into Ami. Makoto carefully picked up Usagi’s comatose body and Minako carried Usagi’s brooch and kept it at a close distance to Usagi’s body and they went to the Hikawa Shrine. Once there, they placed Usagi in the guestroom and waited for her to recover from her fainting spell. Finally, after another hour had passed, Usagi slowly began to awaken. They waited for a moment for her to be fully awaken. Then Usagi spoke.

“Where am I?”

Usagi questioned them.

“Usagi, you’re at the Hikawa Shrine. Tell me Usagi, what is the last thing you remember before passing out?”

Ami asked. Usagi thought for a moment. The memories were fuzzy to her. The last thing she remembered from leaving school and after that she remembered nothing.

“I left school and was on my way home and that’s it I am afraid.”

Usagi explained of what she remembered.

“So, Usagi-Chan, you don’t remember using the Silver Crystal on yourself?”

Ami asked.

“Silver Crystal, what’s that?”

Usagi questioned them.

“You’re telling me, you don’t know what the Silver Crystal is? It’s the gemstone that gives you the ability to become Sailor Moon.”

Ami explained again.

“Sailor Moon? What’s that?”

Usagi questioned. Everyone looked shocked.

“Sailor Moon is the Soldier Form you fight under. You have the ability to vanquish monsters.”

Ami explained.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember any of those things.”

Usagi explained to them.

“This is worse than I thought. Usagi is experiencing more than the lost memories of Mamoru, but also she has lost everything that is related to him.”

Ami spoke in a worried tone.

“Who is Mamoru? I don’t know him.”

Usagi told them.

“He’s your boyfriend Odango Atama.”

Rei explained.

“Odango Atama?”

Usagi questioned.

“The Odango’s are the balls of hair on your head. You have a ponytail coming down from each one.”

Makoto explained. Usagi brought one of her ponytails in front where she can see them.

“How long have I had this hair style?”

Usagi asked.

“Most of your life I think.”

Rei replied.

“Do you like your hairstyle Usagi?”

Minako asked.

“Yeah, I guess.”

Usagi answered in a non-enthusiastic voice.

“Luna, what technique did Usagi use on herself?”

Ami asked. Luna and Artemis started thinking on various Silver Crystal techniques. Artemis recalled one and he spoke.

“There’s one remarkably close to what Usagi did to herself. It is called ‘Dance Around A Broken Heart.’ It was meant for the user to use the Silver Crystal to cause the person who has a broken heart to remove the heart break from the affected person and a counter technique was applied so the affected person, so they still have the memories, just not be affected by the heartbreak. But Usagi did not apply the counter technique. And her using that technique has made her forget everything that revolves around Mamoru I suspect. Everyone, be prepared for changes in Usagi-Chan.”

Artemis explained.

“Usagi, do you still know how to transform?”

Luna asked.

“Let’s see… Moon Crystal Power, Make Up, right?”

Usagi replied.

“Oh, good, you know the words to transform, you just don’t know what Sailor Moon is. Interesting.”

Luna thought.

“We’ll have to keep monitoring Usagi to see what other things she has forgotten. And we need to talk to Mamoru. He might be able to explain what Usagi did to herself.”

Ami suggested.


Makoto agreed.

“Is there any other technique that can be used to counter the technique that Usagi used on herself?”

Ami asked.

“I don’t know yet. There may be a slim chance that all Usagi’s memories are just sealed away. It might take all of us to help her remember the memories she has lost.”

Luna told everyone.

“We will help her try to recover her memories. Usagi, I would like you to stay here for your safety, who knows what other side effects the Silver Crystal caused.”

Ami told her.

“Okay, it looks like I have nothing major to do.”

Usagi spoke in a serious tone. Could it be that Usagi lost her klutziness and her clumsy lifestyle? Find out next time.