Chapter 9: “Reunion”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Recorder Note: This is from Chapter 10 form the website of The Girl Without a Past. Hope that you can enjoy it.

**** 10 ****

It was a beautiful day. Usagi woke up and Andrea Williamson greeted her. It was a beautiful day. The head of the FBI had given Andrea Williamson the go ahead to fly to Tokyo, Japan and their other Federal agents would meet with her and Usagi would be assigned a safe place until after the trial took place. The FBI also reported that all the defendants had been taken into custody. The next phase of the FBI’s plan was reintroducing Usagi back to her home.

Andrea helped Usagi get dressed and then help her pack her belongings. Then they had a little breakfast and then they were off to the Denver International Airport to a private terminal where they would board a U.S. Government Jet. Andrea and Usagi boarded the jet. Andrea explained how the jet worked and she helped Usagi buckle in her seat belt. The moments later, the jet was cleared for takeoff. The jet would fly from Denver, Colorado to Honolulu, Hawaii, and there it would have a three-hour layover. The flight went exceptionally smooth and without little trouble. Then the jet landed at Honolulu and Andrea got off the jet plane to explore the airport.

Andrea explained all about Hawaii and how it was a kingdom at one time and that it was annexed by the United States in 1898 and in 1959 it became the 50th state. Usagi was amazed by the history of the state.

Andrea and Usagi walked around the airport and saw lots of wonderful things like a huge aquarium filled with all sorts of freshwater fish. A huge Plecostomus was on the side of the aquarium. Usagi was amazed by the size of the pleco and how tame it was. The pleco seemed to like Usagi a lot. Usagi did not know what to say about the huge algae eater. A man walked up to Andrea and Usagi and he spoke to them.

“I have taken care of Hoover for twelve years since he came here and he has always been shy around other humans, but you my lass he seems to like you very much.”

The man revealed to Andrea and to Usagi. Usagi was amazed by the size of the critter on the size of the glass of the aquarium.

“Hoover is a funny name for a fish like him.”

Usagi commented about Hoover.

“He’s named after the vacuum called Hoover.”

The man revealed to them about how the fish was named.

“What a nice name but it’s funny at the same time.”

Usagi spoke once again about a fish named Hoover. Andrea continued walking around and did a little shopping and had something to eat and then after three hours, they boarded the plane and waited to take off once again.

The jet plane was cleared to take off and within moments it was in the air and hours the jet landed at the Tokyo International Airport. Usagi, Andrea, and all the FBI agents went through customs and were cleared as the customs agent spoke to Usagi.

“Usagi Tsukino, welcome back to Tokyo. Please proceed.”

The customs agent told her. They got their luggage and went to the location where Usagi would be staying. And the next day, Usagi would meet with her family.

The next day, Andrea, Usagi, a couple of FBI agents and a couple of Japanese agents knocked on the Tsukino’s house. Shingo opened the door and let them all in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino, may I present your daughter Usagi.”

One of the FBI agents spoke to them and Andrea encouraged Usagi to go forward and explore and maybe something would jog her memory. Usagi walked around in the living room and she was amazed by all the furniture and all the objects that were on them. Usagi saw a picture of her family and her family. Usagi recognized the blond girl as her. Usagi felt a bit more confident about her surroundings despite her not remembering nothing. Luna sat next to Shingo at the table. Luna did not speak since Usagi would not understand why a cat would talk. Usagi saw Luna and the crescent moon and tried to think of the cat’s name.

“Moon? No, it does not sound right? Tsuki? Um… Luna?!”

Usagi thought of names that would fit Luna and Usagi guessed correctly and Luna meowed that Usagi had it right. Usagi went upstairs and explored and Andrea went with her.

“This is your room.”

Andrea explained to Usagi.

“There’s lots of bunnies in here! I must love bunnies.”

Usagi spoke about all the bunnies in the room. Usagi saw a picture of her and Mamoru.

“Who is he?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone.

“That is Mamoru Chiba, your boyfriend.”

Andrea explained and Usagi answered her.

“Oh, I see. He must miss me too?”

Usagi questioned Andrea.

“Indeed, he does as all your friends. We will go there and see them there soon at the Hikawa Shrine.”

Andrea explained to Usagi. The two went back downstairs and Usagi saw her family and she remembers seeing Ikuko on the TV in the hospital.

“You are the pretty lady on the TV I saw some time ago.”

Usagi commented to Ikuko that she had seen her on the TV. Ikuko confirmed that. Usagi would later

go and spend time with her dearest friends but like the Tsukino’s, Usagi did not remember them. And soon a trial would take place and Usagi would have to explain to the court all she knew which was truly little at this point. For now, Usagi was back home in Tokyo and everyone was happy for her return.