Chapter 4: Kagome Returns to Visit, InuYasha and Sesshōmaru Decide to Work Together, and Kikyo tells Kagome the Truth

Back at the Higurashi Shrine on a Saturday afternoon, Kagome decided without telling InuYasha that she was going back. When Kagome got out of the well, Sesshōmaru yelled,


“Sesshōmaru,” said Kagome scared, “what are you doing here?”

“Please don’t argue,” said Sesshōmaru. “I just already got a lecture by one Higurashi in the past 24 hours.”

“What?” asked Kagome. “You think I going to buy that do you Sesshōmaru.”

“I think that ye should,” said Kikyo. “We just got caught in the Bone Eaters Well and most people here think that we are you and InuYasha.”

Kagome laughs.

“Kagome,” said Yuka, “got any boyfriend troubles?”

“No,” said Kagome, “I do not. I’m just here for a break. By the way, why hasn’t Kikyo and Sesshōmaru return to their Japan?”

“There here to help Mrs. Higurashi to save her home,” said Ayumi. “Mrs. Higurashi got sued by Fearless Leader Apple.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kagome. “InuYasha and I can handle it.”

“Don’t count on it,” said Kikyo. “We got into…”

Kagome left before Kikyo finishes speaking.

Kagome went into the town of Tokyo. The Zest Gang, without Orange Zest, saw Kagome. Lime Zest asked,

“Isn’t that Kikyo that cause trouble at the burger place yesterday?”

“Yes,” said Lemon Zest, “should we follow Fearless Leader’s order to kidnap her?”

“Yes,” said Lime Zest.

Kagome was walking towards the market until Lemon and Lime Zest came up from behind. Lime Zest said,

“Kikyo, you are coming with us.”

“You got the wrong person,” said Kagome. “I’m …”

Kagome was gagged to keep her mouth quiet and was taken away to keep her quiet.

Mrs. Higurashi coming back from the courthouse to paid the damages from last night fight said,

“Hello, I hope that nothing happens while I was … Oh, no.”

“Yes,” said Kikyo, “this is a note saying that they want Kagome for Kikyo.

“Don’t tell me that you are going?” asked Eri.

“I have to,” said Kikyo.

“Kikyo,” started Mrs. Higurashi but she was too late, “I didn’t even finish.”

“We found out about the Turnpike project,” said Sesshōmaru. “It seems that Sota was right after all. It is not a turnpike. It’s a brand new 300-mile office building that will have high rates.”

“We need to win the duel fair and square,” said Mrs. Higurashi.

“By the way,” said Yuka, “does anyone know where Ayumi is?”

Ayumi went to the Bone Eaters Well to get some help. She was thinking that she was not going to make it, but she made it to the War and States Era. When she got out of the well, InuYasha was there waiting for Kagome. Ayumi asked,

“Is InuYasha here?”

“I am,” said InuYasha.

“Let’s said Kikyo, Kagome, and Mrs. Higurashi need some help,” said Ayumi.

Ayumi and InuYasha went through the well back to Higurashi Shrine. When they got out of the well, Eri yelled,


“Relax!” said InuYasha. “She went to get me for help.”

“Normally,” said Sesshōmaru, “I would not be happy to see you, but this time it’s the opposite.”

“Why are you so happy?” asked InuYasha.

“Mrs. Higurashi got sued me for access for the Turnpike,” said Sesshōmaru, “and Kikyo and I are helping her in saving her home. Don’t worry your brother in law got on Kikyo and me.”

“Sota got on you,” said InuYasha.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “he did and he was not very happy.”

“Don’t worry,” said InuYasha. “All I need to do is to give some good punches here and there.”

“NO!” yelled Sesshōmaru, “because one, you and I need to behave really well because if we don’t Sota will tell my sister in law, your wife, Kagome. Two, Kikyo was challenge by Fearless Leader Apple that if she can hit more targets than Orange Zest, the number one archer that graduated from Kagome’s middle school then she will drop the lawsuit. Three, anyways the Turnpike will not be built because this turnpike project is a brand new 300-mile office building that will have high rates.”

“Where’s Kikyo?” asked InuYasha.

“Kikyo is rescuing Kagome,” said Yuka.

“Let’s said that we worked together on this one,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I think that is a good idea,” said InuYasha. “Does anyone know where Fearless Leader Apple’s hideout is?”

Meanwhile at Fearless Leader Apple’s Hideout, Kagome was tied down to a chair. Fearless Leader Apple said,

“Well Kikyo, we have finally met.”

“My name’s not Kikyo,” said Kagome, “it’s Kagome. Ka-go-me.

“Anyways soon we will have both you and Kikyo,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

“Why do you want Higurashi Shrine?” asked Kagome.

“I want that shrine so that I can destroy that well once and for all,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

“I afraid that I can’t let you do that,” said Kikyo.

“Kikyo,” said Kagome, “get out of here. It’s a trap.”

“Too late,” said Lime Zest.

“Good,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “I now have both Kikyo and Kagome here. I am going to keep you here until after the duel.”

“Duel,” said Kagome, “What Duel?”

“Doesn’t matter now,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “now that I have a strong chance of victory.”

Fearless Leader Apple left both Kikyo and Kagome alone. Kikyo said,

“I’m sorry that all of this happened. I was saving your mother’s home and I failed. I failed pretty badly.”

“No,” said Kagome, “you didn’t. Even though that your actions were not thought through, you heart was in the right place, but I like to know what was the duel that boy, Fearless Leader Apple, was talking about.”

“First things first,” said Kikyo, “that boy is a girl. Her name is Mary ‘Fearless Leader’ Apple. She had the idea for the turnpike but the turnpike route goes through your mother’s place.”

“What did she do to piss my mom off?” asked Kagome.

“Fearless Leader Apple,” said Kikyo, “sued your mother for access for the Turnpike. That’s the point where Sesshōmaru and I decided to help Mrs. Higurashi save her house. Then, I attended a meeting where she was saying that the Turnpike project was going to begin but without you mother’s property; it was going to be a three-year delay, so Fearless Leader Apple decided to challenge you. The challenge was that if you can hit more targets than the number one archer that graduated from your middle school, which was Orange Zest, then Fearless Leader Apple will drop the lawsuit, but if he wins, then you mother will have to let us have access to her land.”

“Let me guess,” said Kagome, “you said yes.”

“You’re correct,” said Kikyo, “but Sesshōmaru, your mother, and your friends found out about the challenge that I make. Yesterday, Sesshōmaru and I went out to eat for one night to see your time. That’s where we ran into the Zest Gang, who was hired by Fearless Leader Apple, and got into a fight. Sota found out from his girlfriend, Hitomi about it, and was upset about it. He also told Sesshōmaru and I that Hitomi also told Sota that this turnpike project is just a rip-off, and told us that if Sesshōmaru and I caused any trouble then he will tell you.”

“Okay,” said Kagome. “That was more than I asked, but I understand the whole story.”