Chapter 4: Chapters 11-13

Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda were on their way back to the place where Margaret saved the world. They were in a jeep with Margaret in the back, Madlax in the front seat, and Limelda driving the jeep. Margaret asked,

“Are we there yet?”

“Almost, Margaret,” said Limelda “We are almost the…”

“Look!” yelled Madlax.

“WHAT?” said Limelda.

Madlax, Limelda, and Margaret were looking at the aftermath of a big event. Nakhl was heading towards them. Margaret said,

“Nakhl, where is Laetitia?”

“That is the problem, Margaret,” said Nakhl. “Ami Jorg came here and took her.”

“Why would she do that?” asked Margaret.

“I think that they are using her,” said Madlax, “as bait.”

“Bait,” said Limelda, “for what?”

“Bait for us,” said Madlax. “I think that Enfant is going after those that will support us in order to capture us.”

“So,” said Margaret, “what should we do now?”

“We have three choices,” said Madlax. “The first is to rescue Laetitia which is good, but it involves going back to town. The second is to surrender which will make Ami Jorg and Tuesday Thursday winners. The third thing is to do nothing and that will make Ami Jorg and Tuesday Thursday winners as well.”

“So,” said Limelda, “you are thinking about rescuing Laetitia.”

“Yes,” said Madlax, “but I want Margaret’s support on this as well.”

“I think that I will support you, Madlax on this,” said Margaret. “The result of Enfant messing with me is that I lost Vanessa and I also lost Elenore. I do not want to lose Laetitia on this as well.”

“Okay,” said Limelda, “I’ll help as well.”

“Should we charge in guns bashing?” asked Margaret.

“NO!” said Limelda, “Let us assume that they know that plan. We should try thinking of a new plan.”

“What is it?” asked Margaret and Madlax.

“I think that we should seek in as shoulders in the Gath Sonica army,” said Limelda.

“How do we do that without being caught?” asked Margaret.

“We do it,” said Limelda, “in a new recruitment area.”

“Oh!” said Madlax, “I see.”

Meanwhile at the sixth headquarters that Enfant set up, Laetitia was in a jail cell with Ami Jorg watching her. Laetitia said,

“I will not tell you where Madlax or my big sister, Margaret is.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” laugh Ami Jorg, “we are not asking you for them.”

“Don’t you tell me,” said Laetitia, “that you are …?”

“Yes,” said Ami Jorg, “I’m using you as bait. Bait for Madlax, your big sister Margaret, and my older sister Limelda.”

Back at the village where Margaret saved the world, Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda were getting ready to rescue Laetitia. Margaret and Madlax were getting their pairs of SIG P-210-2 firearms and Limelda was getting Margaret’s old Colt M1911 firearm. Madlax asked,

‘Are you sure that you want to do this?”

“Yes,” said Margaret.

“Okay,” said Madlax. “Let’s go.”

“Yea!” said Limelda and Margaret.

Back at the place where Laetitia was at, Tuesday Thursday was coming by there and she asked,

“When will we have Madlax, Margaret, and Limelda?”

“I just got a phone call from my spy,” said Ami Jorg. “They told me that Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda was coming on their way here to save Laetitia.”

“Oh really,” said Tuesday Thursday. “That is surprisingly good. I know of a plan.”

“Oh,” said Ami Jorg, “and what it might be?”

“It will be detouring Madlax, Margaret, and Limelda,” said Tuesday Thursday, “to another recruitment area. Then we will arrest them.”

“What will we do if Madlax, Margaret, and Limelda do not cooperate?” asked Ami Jorg.

“We will,” said Tuesday Thursday, “shoot them to kill.”

At the recruitment office where Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda are going to, the two Ganth Sonica Solders were looking at the three people that they were looking for. Ganth Sonica solder #1 asked,

“What should we do when we find them?”

“Orders are,” said Ganth Sonica solder #2, “to capture them.”

In Limelda’s jeep, Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda were almost to the recruitment center until Margaret realizes that they are falling for Enfant’s trap. Madlax reacted,

“I cannot believe that we were trick.”

“What’s the new plan?” asked Limelda.

“We will ask them,” said Margaret, “where Laetitia is.”

The two Ganth Sonica solders spotted Madlax, Margaret, and Limelda. Margaret said,

“Shit. Our cover’s been blown.”

“Now what?” asked Madlax.

“Let us go,” said Margaret, “after them.”

“I think now is the enjoyable time,” said Limelda, “to do it.”

Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda then pulled out their firearms and started shooting at the Ganth Sonica solders. One soldier was killed. The second one got his legs broken. Madlax then asked,

“Where is Laetitia?”

“We do not know,” said Ganth Sonica solder #2, “where Laetitia is. If I knew about her, then I won’t tell you.”

“Well,” said Margaret, “that’s too bad.”

Margaret then pulls her trigger on her gun to kill the Ganth Sonica solder.

Back where Laetitia is located, Tuesday Thursday was mad about the report that she got. Tuesday Thursday yelled,


“Yes,” said Ami Jorg.

“I want you to take charge of killing all three of them,” said Tuesday Thursday. “I do not care how you do it, just get the job done. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” said Ami Jorg, “I got it loud and clear.”

Back at Limelda’s jeep, Margaret asked,

“What should we do now?”

Then a cell phone call came in. Madlax answer the cell phone and said,


“Madlax,” said SSS on the phone, “it’s me.”

“SSS,” said Madlax, “what are you calling me for?”

“I got some info about where Laetitia is located,” said SSS. “Laetitia is located at the sixth headquarters that Enfant has set up.”

“Thank you for the information,” said Madlax, who then hang up the phone.

“So,” said Margaret, “what did SSS have to say?”

“SSS said,” said Madlax, “that Laetitia is located at the sixth headquarters that Enfant has set up.”

“I bet that we are going to rescue her,” said Limelda.

“Yes,” said Madlax, “I am thinking of that as well.”

“How will we get there without getting captured?” asked Margaret.

“We will have to be on our guard,” said Madlax cocking her guns, “to save her.”

Meanwhile at the sixth headquarters, Ami Jorg said,

“You guys ready for this.”

“Yes,” said the Ganth Sonica.

“Now the plan is,” said Ami Jorg, “to kill off Margaret, Madlax, and my sister, Limelda. We will ambush them right here.”

“Okay,” said Ganth Sonica Solider #1.

“Now,” said Ami Jorg, “let us get a move on.”

Back at Limelda’s Jeep on the way to the Sixth Headquarters that Enfant has set up, Margaret said,

“Look over there.”

“Is that Ganth Sonica soldiers?” asked Madlax.

“You are right Madlax,” said Ami Jorg.

“Ami,” said Margaret, “Jorg what is your plan?”

“My plan is,” said Ami Jorg, “to kill you three here and now.”

“Not today,” said Limelda, who started shooting. “Keep your guard up girls.”

“Right,” said Margaret and Madlax, who then started shooting.

“Why does this…,” started to ask Ganth Sonica Solider #2 as he was shot down by Margaret.

After about ten minutes of shooting, Ami Jorg said,

“Let us retreat! We will see you later.”

“I’ll be glad to have the time come,” said Margaret, who put her guns back.

Back at the Sixth Enfant Headquarters, Tuesday Thursday said,

“So, Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda got better?”

“Yes,” said Ami Jorg, “I’m sorry that I let you down.”

“That you have,” said Tuesday Thursday, “but you gave me this information.”

“So, what’s you next plan?” asked Ami Jorg.

“I think it’s time to used Laetitia here as bait,” said Tuesday Thursday.

At Laetitia’s cell, Tuesday Thursday and Ami Jorg were coming in. Tuesday Thursday said,

“Laetitia, you are coming with us.”

“No,” said Laetitia while Ami Jorg was grabbing her.

“Now,” said Tuesday Thursday, “Let us see if Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda can stop us.”

Back at Limelda’s jeep, Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda were heading towards the Enfant Headquarters. Margaret and Madlax had their guns ready to go in case of any surprise attack. Madlax’s cell phone rang. Madlax answer the phone and said,


“Madlax, it’s me,” said SSS.

“SSS,” said Madlax, “what news do we have?”

“Bad,” said SSS, “do you have Margaret with you?”

“Yes,” said Madlax.

“I would like to speak to her,” said SSS.

“Okay,” said Madlax. “Margaret, SSS wants to talk to you.”

“All Right,” said Margaret, “Hello SSS.”

“Listen,” said SSS, “Tuesday Thursday and Ami Jorg had taken Laetitia out of her cell, and they are on their way towards you.”

“Wow!” gasped Margaret.

“How long until they will get to us?” asked Madlax.

“They will be at your location in about ten minutes,” said SSS.

“Okay,” said Madlax, “we will be ready by that time.”

Nine minutes later, where Tuesday Thursday and Ami Jorg are located with Laetitia. Ganth Sonica Solider #1 came towards them and said,

“Tuesday Thursday and Ami Jorg, we spotted them.”

“What are our orders?” asked Ami Jorg.

“Orders are that” said Tuesday Thursday, “to draw them into our little trap.”

“Yes, Tuesday Thursday,” said Ganth Sonica Solider #1 and Ami Jorg.

Back at Limelda’s Jeep, Margaret said,

“I ready. Should we start Madlax?”

“Sure,” said Madlax.

“Be careful you two,” said Limelda.

“We will,” said Margaret and Madlax getting their guns ready.

“Halt,” said Ganth Sonica Solider #2, “stay where you …”

Before Ganth Sonica Solider #2 said are, Margaret killed the solider.

“We better get a move on while we have the element of…,” said Madlax.

“…surprise?” asked Tuesday Thursday. “Now drop your weapons or Margaret Burton will have a dead litter sister.”

Ami Jorg came out with her gun pointing at Laetitia. Madlax and Margaret drop their weapons.

“Now, Ami Jorg,” said Tuesday Thursday, “killed Madlax and Margaret Burton.”

“Gladly,” said Ami Jorg, “I would love to.”

“Not today,” said Limelda as she fired her gun.

During the time where Limelda fire her gun, Laetitia got out of Ami Jorg’s grasp and went to Margaret. Tuesday Thursday yelled,


Madlax and Margaret had picked up their guns and begin shooting at the Ganth Sonica Solders around them. When Tuesday Thursday got wind of this, she got out her gun and try to fire at Margaret and Madlax. Tuesday Thursday almost got Margaret and Madlax expect someone fired a gun at her first. Tuesday Thursday asked in a loud voice,


When the smoke clear, Laetitia was holding a gun that she got form a fallen Ganth Sonica Solder. Tuesday Thursday said,

“Kill them All!”

“Gladly,” said Ganth Sonica Solder #1. “I start with the little girl first.”

Both Laetitia and Ganth Sonica Solder #1 pull their triggers on their guns; however, Laetitia got hers off first and dodge the bulled that was meant for her. Laetitia then cry as she found out that she has just killed a person. Ami Jorg said,

“Now it’s time to get her.”

“I’m not going to let you,” said Margaret as she fires her gun killing Ami Jorg.

“Oh no,” said Ami Jorg, “Sister, why did you join them?”

Ami Jorg then felled. Tuesday Thursday was getting pissed and she asked,

“Who are you?”

“We are,” said Margaret and Madlax, “both Margaret Burton and Madlax.”

“What,” said Tuesday Thursday, “you mean that those two names belong to two people at the same time. This is just nuts.”

“No, it’s not,” said Margaret.

“It’s just reality,” said Madlax as Margaret and Madlax fired their guns at Tuesday Thursday.

“So, this is what you saw when you had met your end, Friday Monday,” said Tuesday Thursday as she stopped breathing.

“We done it,” said Margaret.

“Yes,” said Limelda, “but I think that you might need to talk to Laetitia right now.”

Margaret went to where Laetitia was, and Laetitia asked,

“Was this how you felt when you shot your farther?”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “I did. I ran away from it, but it led me nowhere.”

Margaret then went back to where Madlax was with Laetitia.

“Thank you,” said Madlax as she kissed Margaret on the lips.

“You are welcome Madlax,” said Margaret.

“I’m hungry,” said Laetitia and Limelda. “Let’s eat.”

“What should we have?” asked Limelda.

“How about some pasta?” asked Margaret and Madlax. “Yea, Pasta.”

“All right, Pasta it is,” said Limelda.

And all returned to normal in Ganth Sonica.

The End.