Chapter 3: Mrs. Higurashi Finds Out and Kikyo and Sesshōmaru Get into Trouble

Kikyo return to Higurashi that evening. When Kikyo came into the house, Sesshōmaru said,

“Kikyo, why did you do it?”

“I know how to handle a bow and arrow,” said Kikyo, “so why is it a big deal?”

“If you want to know Kikyo,” said Yuka, “it just went over on the news.”

“Yes,” said Ayumi, “I know that Kagome does not go out with a shrine madden outfit on.”

“Dinner time!” yelled Mrs. Higurashi.

Everyone ate dinner and talk about the meeting for a little while. When Yuka and Ayumi left, Mrs. Higurashi said,

“Now, I think it is time for you two to tell me who you really are.”

“I am Inuyasha’s brother, Sesshōmaru,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I am Kagome’s ancestor,” said Kikyo, “The legendary priestess Kikyo.”

“We tripped over the well in our time and got transported into yours by mistake,” explain Sesshōmaru.

“I understand,” said Mrs. Higurashi. “I will let you stay but don’t talk about this to anyone until I talk to Kagome and InuYasha. Okay.”

“Okay,” said Sesshōmaru.

“I will do my best,” said Kikyo.

“Now let’s get some sleep,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “we need to train you tomorrow Kikyo.”

“Okay,” said Kikyo.

On Friday night at Higurashi Shrine, Kikyo and Sesshōmaru were getting ready to go out on the town for the night. Mrs. Higurashi said,

“I want both of you back here no later than midnight. Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” said Kikyo and Sesshōmaru.

Kikyo and Sesshōmaru went to the place where Kagome and her friends went when they were in Junior High, a burger place.

“Ayumi, Yuka, Eri,” said Kikyo, “boy we are glad to see you.”

“Kikyo, Sesshōmaru,” said Yuka, “we are glad to see you too.”

They were talking among themselves while they were eating their meals. They were ready to leave until Kikyo’s opponent, Orange Zest, and his friends come around. Ayumi said,

“That’s the Zest gang.”

“Who’s the Zest gang?” asked Sesshōmaru.

“They are the gang that is enforcing Fearless Leader Apple’s Turnpike Project,” said Eri.

“Hey,” said Lime Zest, Orange Zest’s Number Two man, “I thought I told you Higurashi that you are not welcome here.”

“I’m offended. How about you?” asked Kikyo.

“Yes,” said Sesshōmaru.

Kikyo and Sesshōmaru went to confront the Zest Gang.

“Do you want trouble coming on you?” asked Lime Zest and then punched Sesshōmaru.

“Ye will regret that action,” said Kikyo and punch Lime Zest back.

Fighting erupted until someone call police. The Zest Gang, Kikyo, Sesshōmaru, and Kagome’s Friends left the scene. But Sota’s girlfriend, Hitomi, was watching the whole event.

When the Zest Gang got back to their hangout, Fearless Leader Apple said,

“What are you? Possum Lodge of The Red Green Show, I hope not.”

“We aren’t,” said Orange Zest.

Authors Note: I watch The Red Green Show and it is good.

“Well stay out of trouble!” yelled Fearless Leader Apple.

At the same time, outside the Higurashi shrine, Mrs. Higurashi said,

“If you two do that stunt again, then I will throw you out of the house.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sesshōmaru. “Other than Kagome’s friends, no one was seeing it.”

“Kikyo and Sesshōmaru,” said Sota, “you need to be very careful about your actions. Hitomi just told me.”

“I need to worry,” said Kikyo, “if I lose then Mrs. Higurashi loses her house.”

“No,” said Sota, “There will not be a turnpike. Hitomi also tell me that this turnpike project is just a rip-off.”

“So,” said Sesshōmaru, “we just need to fight them again.”

“NO!” yell Sota, “you need to behave really well because if you don’t I will tell my sister.”

“Not Kagome?” asked Kikyo.

“Yes,” said Sota, “Kagome.”

“All right,” said Sesshōmaru, “we will stay out of trouble.”

“Good,” said Sota, “I need to go back home. I will see you tomorrow, mom.”

“You too, Sota,” said Mrs. Higurashi. “Now then, I think it’s time for bed.”

“Good Night,” said Kikyo.

“Good Night,” said Sesshōmaru.

“Good Night, you two,” said Mrs. Higurashi.