Chapter 3: Chapters 8-10

That evening, Margaret told Limelda about the news that Margaret saw on her way out of town. Limelda said,

“You mean Madlax’s been captured.”

“Yes,” said Margaret.

“What is your plan?” asked Limelda.

“I was thinking about training,” said Margaret, “and after the training going to rescued Madlax.”

“Don’t tell me!” said Limelda, “That you want to be train in Madlax and my profession.”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “Now before you start, I want to tell you that Madlax help me save the world and she means something to me in a big sister sort of a role.”

“All right,” said Limelda. “I’ll train you. We better get started.”

At the same time, Madlax was not in the best area of Gazth-Sonika. She was tied to a chair. On the other end of the table, it was Ami Jorg questioning her. Ami Jorg asked,

“So, where is your partner in crime?”

“I did not start the war,” said Madlax.

“I am not joking,” said Ami Jorg pounding Madlax’s head towards the table. “Now, you will answer my questions or suffer the wrath of Ami Jorg.”

“I am wishing that Margaret is all right,” said Madlax.

While Madlax was getting her first round of interrogation, Limelda was getting Margaret a SIG P-210-2, Madlax’s favorite firearm. Limelda asked Margaret one final time,

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” said Margaret.

Both Limelda and Margaret went out to the makeshift fire range that Limelda built. When they got there, Limelda said,

“Now, hit the can that is in front of you.”

Margaret pulled the trigger and she hit the rock below the can. Then she tried again and again and again and again until Limelda intervened by saying,

“Try shooting two at a time.”

Margaret pulled the trigger and shot two at a time. She pulled again and again and again until the very last bullet when she hit the can. Limelda said to Margaret,

“Wow! You did that with a clip of bullets. Now, I’m going to teach you a different weapon.”

“Okay!” said Margaret, “Teacher.”

At the same time, Madlax was wishing that she was on a mission right now. She was rudely awakened by Ami Jorg for another round of interrogation. Ami Jorg said,

“Boy, you are a tough one to break.”

“You will,” said Madlax, “never break me.”

“Shut your mouth!” commanded Ami Jorg. “Now tell me where is Margaret Burton?”

“I will not,” said Madlax.

“Find, let’s do it your way,” said Ami Jorg twisting Madlax’s left arm.

The interrogation was going on for forty-five minutes and got nowhere. Tuesday Thursday came into the interrogation room and asked,

“Has she been broken?”

“No,” said Ami Jorg, “She is a tough one to break. I have been doing this to her in the past forty-five minutes.”

“Take a break,” said Tuesday Thursday. “Please, have some food.”

“Okay,” said Ami Jorg as she left.

While Madlax was getting her bearings from her second round of interrogation, Limelda was teaching Margaret how to operate an H&K PSG1, Limelda’s favorite sniper rifle. When Margaret was trying to get used to the sniper rifle, Limelda asked her,

“How does it feel?”

“It feels like I can relax with it,” said Margaret.

“Good,” said Limelda, “We will practice it tomorrow with that rifle.”

While Margaret was getting the grip of the sniper rifle, Madlax was having a tough time of getting a grip herself until she got a rude awakening from Ami Jorg. Ami Jorg took Madlax outside into the humid heat for her third round of interrogation. When they got there, Ami Jorg asked,

“Where is your partner in crime?”

“What partner?” asked Madlax.

“Margaret Burton,” yelled Ami Jorg, “that’s who.”

“I will not tell you,” said Madlax.

“Look, I am getting close to the breaking point with you right now,” said Ami Jorg. “Now, you will tell me where Margaret Burton is or you will be out here for the rest of the night.”

“I will not,” said Madlax, “tell you.”

“Fine, you make your grave,” said Ami Jorg as she left.

Madlax was hoping that Margaret is going to recuse her soon.

The next morning, Margaret woke up and got ready for her second day of training. Limelda said,

“Wow, you are really ready.”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “I am.”

“Well,” said Limelda, “Let’s get to the range.”

Back at the makeshift shooting range, Limelda told Margaret to shoot down the three can that are a thousand yards in front of her. Margaret nodded and said,

“I better get it a try.”

Margaret pulled the trigger and all three bullets hit all three cans. Limelda then said,

“Wow, I never have seen anyone where I used to work be able to do that on their first time.”

“So,” said Margaret, “are we ready to get Madlax out of there?”

“I think we are ready,” said Limelda, “but I think that we should come up with a plan.”

“Why should we come up with a plan?” asked Margaret.

“I think that we should come up with a plan,” said Limelda, “because it will make sure that we do not make mistakes.”

“Okay,” said Margaret. “So, what’s our plan?”

“Our plan is,” said Limelda, “that you will break in to the jail cell and …”

Meanwhile at the prison, Ami Jorg was getting pissed that Madlax was not telling Ami Jorg where Margaret is located. Ami Jorg asked,

“Where is your partner in crime?”

“What partner?” asked Madlax.

“Margaret Burton,” yelled Ami Jorg, “that’s who.”

“I will not tell you,” said Madlax.

“Look, I am getting close to the breaking point with you right now,” said Ami Jorg. “Now, for the last time you will tell me where Margaret Burton is or that will be your last wor…”

“Number 2,” yelled Enfant Agent #1.

“What!” yelled Ami Jorg.

“We just got word from the outside the town,” said Enfant Agent #1, “that Margaret Burton is shooting our agents down from left and right kind of like another Madlax.”

“I’m going out,” said Ami Jorg. “Take Madlax to her cell.”

“Yes!” said Enfant Agent #1.

Ami Jorg left the integration room and ran into Tuesday Thursday. Tuesday Thursday said,

“What’s the report?”

“We have now that Margaret Burton coming in and attacking us from out of nowhere,” said Ami Jorg. “I had order an Enfant agent to take Madlax back to her cell.”

“Do you want to go out there?” asked Tuesday Thursday.

“Yes,” said Ami Jorg, “I need to capture Margaret Burton and take her in.”

“I think that is an innovative idea,” said Tuesday Thursday.

Margaret and Limelda passed through some of the Enfant agents to rescue Madlax. When they were halfway towards the prison, a squad of Gazth-Sonika Army soldiers came up. Gazth-Sonika solder #1 said,

“Don’t move.”

“Do you think we will listen to you?” asked Margaret as she killed the Gazth-Sonika solder.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. Ami Jorg walks out of the Gazth-Sonika soldiers. Ami Jorg said,

“Well now. This has got remarkably interesting.”

“Ami,” said Margaret, “Jorg is that your name.”

“Yes,” said Ami Jorg, “but that will be the last thing that you will get out of me.”

“I don’t think so,” said Margaret.

Both Margaret and Ami have the nicest of firefights so far.

While Margaret and Ami were fighting outside, Limelda move into the prison to get Madlax. When Madlax saw Limelda, Madlax said,

“Limelda, what are you doing here.”

“Margaret and I are trying to recuse you,” said Limelda.

“Where is Margaret?” asked Madlax.

“Last time I checked,” said Limelda. “Margaret is facing my sister, Ami Jorg.”

“She will be killed,” said Madlax. “I have to go and help her.”

“All right,” said Limelda. “You might need these.”

Limelda gave Madlax her pair of SIG P-210-2 firearms. Madlax then said,


“Listen,” said Limelda, “Margaret is train to our level right now.”

“Okay,” said Madlax.

Madlax then did storm out of the prison. While on the way to Margaret, Madlax was spotted by Enfant agents. Enfant agent #1 said,

“Madlax is breaking out.”

Madlax then killed the Enfant agent.

Meanwhile outside of the prison, Tuesday Thursday said to Ami Jorg in an earpiece,

“Ami Jorg, get out of there at once.”

“Why?” asked Ami Jorg.

“I just got news,” said Tuesday Thursday, “that Madlax has broken out and is on her way to help Margaret.”

“All right,” said Ami Jorg. “You are lucky this time, Margaret.”

Margaret looked in shocked as Ami Jorg retreated. Madlax came out and said,

“Margaret, are you okay?”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “I am fine and safe. I will help save this country again.”

Limelda rejoined up with Margaret and Madlax, and she asked,

“Are you two all, right?”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “we are alight.”

“So, what did my sister want?” asked Limelda.

“She wanted me to tell her where Margaret is,” said Madlax, “and I was not going to give her that information.”

“What is the plan right now?” ask Margaret.

“The plan is to watch and see what Enfant will do next,” said Limelda.

Meanwhile as Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda were talking, Tuesday Thursday and Ami Jorg are coming up with a plan to not only catching Madlax and Margaret but also catching Limelda as well. Ami Jorg said,

“I think that we should use Margaret’s younger sister and kidnapped her to get Margaret, Madlax, and Limelda.”

“I think that is a clever idea,” said Tuesday Thursday. “When will you do it?”

“I am thinking of doing it tonight,” said Ami Jorg.

Back at the place where Margaret saved the word, Nakhl said to Laetitia,

“I got some news for you. Margaret and Madlax got out of town safely.”

“That’s good,” said Laetitia. “I just hope that I can meet both Margaret and Madlax again.”

“I sure you will,” said Nakhl. “Now, let’s go inside and…”

“And what?” asked Ami Jorg, who sneak in unnoticed.

“What do you want, Ami Jorg?” asked Nakhl.

“I want Laetitia,” said Ami Jorg.

“Well,” said Nakhl, “you are not going to get her.”

“We will see about that,” said Ami Jorg. “Now Enfant agents attack.”

“Yes, Ami,” said the Enfant agents.

“You will have to get through me first,” said Nakhl.

“It’s your choice,” said Enfant agent #7.

While Nakhl was fighting off the Enfant agents, Laetitia was trying to get to safely until Ami Jorg caught up with her. Ami Jorg said,

“Caught you.”

“Nakhl,” said Laetitia, “help me.”

“Laetitia,” said Nakhl. “Let her go now, Ami Jorg.”

“Well,” said Ami Jorg, “No can do. Enfant agents retreat.”

“Yes, Ami,” said the Enfant agents.

The Enfant agents retreated and Nakhl was regaining her bearings and said.

“Margaret is not going to like this.”