Chapter 2: The Problems and the Challenge

The next morning at Higurashi Shrine Kikyo was getting ready for shrine work. Sesshōmaru was going to help Mrs. Higurashi do some shopping for the time being.

“I’m doing some work now,” said Kikyo.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Higurashi, “just be careful.”

While Kikyo doing the shrine work, the mail for the day arrived. She saw a flyer announcing a meeting the construction of the Turnpike open to the public at three o’clock this afternoon.

“Mrs. Higurashi,” said Kikyo.

“Yes,” inquired Mrs. Higurashi.

“I saw this in the mail today,” said Kikyo. “It’s like a public meeting about the construction of the Turnpike. It will happen at three o’clock this afternoon. I like to go to it.”

“Just you?” asked Mrs. Higurashi.

“Yes,” said Kikyo.

Mrs. Higurashi let Kikyo go to the meeting.

At three o’clock that afternoon, she was at a public meeting where she saw the new police chief at Kagome’s time, Hojo, along with Fearless Leader Apple was at the table facing the audience.

“Okay,” said Hojo, “we are all here to welcome this new amazing project that will put money into our economy Miss ‘Fearless Leader’ Apple.”

Everyone clapped including Kikyo, who pretended to clap.

“People of Tokyo,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “we are proud to see that our project to bring in new jobs into the new area is going to be a reality.”

Everyone went into a big applause except Kikyo.

“But we don’t have the key land because Mrs. Higurashi has refused to let us access to her property,” continued Fearless Leader Apple. “Now we can build around her place, but it will be a three-year delay.”

Everyone booed.

“I got an idea to solve both the lawsuit and the three-year delay. If Kagome, Mrs. Higurashi daughter, can hit more targets than the number one archer that graduated from her middle school, then I will drop the lawsuit, but if he wins, then Mrs. Higurashi will have to let us have access to her land,” said Fearless Leader Apple, “so Kagome do you have the nerve?”

“Lady,” said Kikyo, “you got yourself a deal.”

“Are you Kagome?” asked Fearless Leader Apple.

“Yes,” Kikyo lied, “I am Kagome.”

“Then I accept,” said Fearless Leader Apple.

During the meeting Kagome’s, I mean Kikyo’s, Challenger entered. He was a nice man looking in his early 20’s. Fearless Leader Apple said,

“Meet your challenger, Kagome, the number one archer in your junior high school, Orange Zest, a two-time world archery champion.”

Kikyo saw her challenger and said to herself,

“This should be easy.”