Chapter 2: Chapters 5-7

It was a hot afternoon in Gazth Sonica. Tuesday Thursday was getting the reports in from her Enfant Agents, and it was not good. The squad that she sent to Nafrece did not report in for over five hours. Tuesday Thursday said,

“This is not good. Thanks to them, we have lost our Nafrece squad.”

Tuesday Thursday presses a button.

“Ami Jorg at your service,” said Ami Jorg.

“Ami,” said Tuesday, “you job is to catch Margret Burton and Madlax by any means necessary. You had heard of the reports, did you?”

“Yes,” said Ami, “I had heard that our Nafrece Branch was destroyed by them, and the last I heard from other agents that they are heading here with my traitorous sister.”

“Okay,” said Tuesday, “you are dismissed.”

Now, Ami Jorg was not an Enfant agent for exceedingly long. Before she joined Enfant, she along with her sister Limelda was in the Elite Guard of Gazth Sonica. When Limelda left the Elite Guard, she became the number one women of the Elite Guard. After Friday Monday was killed by Madlax, she joined Enfant as Tuesday Thursday’s number two woman.

Right at the airport, Limelda, Laetitia, Margaret, and Madlax landed when they left the airplane. The television at the airport said,

“This just in. Ami Jorg is put in charge of the task force that is set up to capture both Margaret Burton and Madlax, two of the most wanted criminals in all of Gazth Sonica.”

Limelda gasped. Laetitia asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“She’s my sister,” said Limelda. “When we were in the Elite Guard of Gazth Sonica, we were put in charge of different units. When I left the Elite Guard to hunt down Madlax, she became the number one woman of the Elite Guard and the number two solider of all Gazth Sonica. I like to know why she joined Enfant.”

“I think that we might get our answer,” said Margaret.

“Let’s get going,” said Madlax.

Margaret and Madlax ran as far as they could they did not stop for anything. When Margaret and Madlax were gone, Limelda said,

“I think I know a good hiding place for you Laetitia.”

“Okay,” said Laetitia.

Margaret and Madlax head to Madlax’s informant. They had to take the long way there because of the military in Gazth Sonica was looking for them. When they got there, Madlax’s informant said,

“Madlax, so glad to see you.”

“Yes,” said Madlax, “I brought someone with me.”

“Hello, I’m Margaret Burton,” said Margaret.

“Nice to meet you,” said Madlax’s informant. “I had that information about what Enfant has been doing in the past two months.”

While Margaret and Madlax were talking with Madlax’s informant, Limelda and Laetitia were going to the place where Margaret saved the world. When Limelda and Laetitia got there, Nakhl asked,

“What brings you here Limelda?”

“I brought someone here for you to keep an eye on,” said Limelda, “Madlax and Margaret are on the most wanted list. I think that you also know the news that is happening here in Gazth Sonica.”

“Yes,” said Nakhl, “I have, so what do we do for here.”

“I think that Margaret wants you to babysit me,” said Laetitia. “She wants me to stay out of the danger.”

“I think that is a clever idea,” said Nakhl, “but I also want Limelda to go back there and do some recon.”

“That is a good plan,” said Limelda.

While Limelda was saying goodbye to Laetitia, back in the Demilitarized Zone, Madlax’s informant said,

“Tuesday Thursday took over the government because she wants the war to resume and not let the peace talks continue.”

“Why did she put us on the most wanted list?” asked Margret.

“She put you on to bring you out,” said Madlax’s informant.

“Wow,” said Madlax, “All that to make sure that the war continued.”

“Yes,” said Madlax’s informant, “but she needed some scapegoats to blame the resume of the war on.”

“And that where we come in,” said Margaret.

“That all I have,” said Madlax’s informant. “What would you do now?”

“We must end this and let the public know about Enfant’s new trick as soon as possible,” said Margaret.

“I think that’s a promising idea,” said Madlax, “but we need to …”

Before Madlax finished her sentence, Ami Jorg found Margaret and Madlax. Margaret said,

“We had been found.”

“Oh shit,” said Madlax. “Can we use your back door?”

“Sure,” said Madlax’s informant.

“We need to go now,” said Madlax.

“Yes,” said Margaret, “but I think we should spit up.”

“That is a great idea,” said Madlax. “That way in case one of us gets caught the other one can stay alive and fight.”

Madlax and Margaret left Madlax’s informant’s place and spit up. Their thought was going to not get caught, but when Ami Jorg saw Madlax, Ami Jorg said,


“Oh shit,” said Madlax.

Madlax started running. She had attracted fifteen Enfant agents including Ami Jorg. When Madlax shot three of the Enfant agents down, Ami Jorg said to the other eleven,

“HOLD IT. Let us set a trap for Madlax and Margaret.”

“I get it,” said Enfant agent #1. “That way we can be sure that we can use one as bait.”

“At least,” said Ami Jorg, “someone’s speaking my language.”

Ami Jorg head to the edge of the city in the demilitarized zone hoping that either Margaret or Madlax would spring her trap.

Madlax and Margaret’s plan paid off so far so Margaret using a pay phone called Madlax on her cell phone. Margaret said,

“So, what is our plan now?”

“We should meet outside of city,” said Madlax, “but still in the demilitarized zone.”

When Madlax finished her sentence, she was caught by the trap that Ami Jorg set up. Madlax said to Margaret on the cell phone,

“Good luck and I hope that you can make it.”

“Come on out with your hands up,” said Enfant agent #2.

Madlax then surrender to the Enfant agents because of the number of agents to her. Ami Jorg said,

“Well. Well, what we have got here. I see that we have caught ourselves one Madlax.”

“What do you want with me?” said Madlax.

“I have order to take you to Tuesday Thursday, herself,” said Ami Jorg, “and she will ask you some questions and we will make you answer them.”

“You will not…,” said Madlax.

Madlax was hit from behind with a tranquilizer dart and went to sleep.

While Margaret was getting out of the city, she saw a news report. The news anchor said,

“This just in. One of the two women that was the major cause of starting the war was caught less than two hours ago. She was leaving the city. The government is preparing to give a speech right now. Let us listen in.”

“People of Gazth Sonica,” said Tuesday Thursday, “I have great news. We have just caught Madlax. We are now looking for her partner in crime, Margaret Burton. She must be found right away, or the war will continue. That is all.”

“You heard it from the head of government,” said the news anchor. “Madlax has been captured, but Margaret Burton is still on the loose.”

Margaret Burton went to the sight where Madlax had been captured. Margaret found Madlax’s cell phone and called someone on speed dial. Margaret said,

“Is this SSS?”

“How did you receive this number?” asked SSS.

“I’m Margaret Burton,” said Margaret, “and I’m a friend of Madlax telling you that she has been captured.”

“Wow,” said SSS, “that’s a shocking surprise, are they still looking for you?”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “they are, but I want to save Madlax.”

“She really helped you two months ago,” said SSS.

“Yes,” said Margaret, “she did.”

“Try contacting Limelda,” said SSS “Bring her up to speed and ask her for your training, Margaret.”

“Okay,” said Margaret, “I better leave the town before I got caught.”

“That is a great idea,” said SSS. “I wish for your success.”