Chapter 11: “Hostage”

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**** 13 ****

The madman whose name was Doug Sandstone had taken Usagi hostage and he started to walk down the center of the walkway and continued to walk towards the door. Usagi tried to stiffen her legs so he would have a more difficult time of carrying her out of the courthouse. However, Usagi was not strong enough to stop him and he drug her out anyway.

He made his way to the entrance and went outside. He tried to figure what he would do next. he thought that he could Usagi as a human shield in robbing a bank to help him escape the area easier. He eventually ruled out robbing a bank and he would make demands for his escape from the area.

The FBI and the local police surrounded the area. One of the FBI agents got a megaphone and spoke through it to try and negotiate a release of Usagi. However, negotiating a release made Doug angry. He did not like that. He was determined to take her with him wherever he decided to go. Usagi also decided to plead her way out of his arms.

“Please let me go… please.”

Usagi begged to be freed and this too made him angry and he used the end of his gun and hit her ribs as hard as he could. Usagi a cry of pain as Andrea Williamson watched in horror and she could do nothing to save her friend that was more like a sister to her.

“Please let the girl go.”

The agent with the megaphone tried to convince Doug to let the girl go, but he simply refused and would not do it. The FBI and the police weighed their actions of what they could do. They decided to see what Doug wanted and call in a S.W.A.T. sniper team to fire a dart that would make Doug Sandstone sleep. That was the only way they could rescue Usagi and prevent her from being killed by this madman if worse came to worse.

“What do you want Doug Sandstone?”

The agent with the megaphone asked him. The sniper team was still several minutes away, and they had to buy some time until they arrived.

“I want a car and $500,000 cash in unmarked bills and in twenties.”

Doug Sandstone answered the agent. he made his demands simple.

“In order for us to grant your request, you must let the girl go. Agreed?”

The agent asked him to free the girl once Doug’s request was granted. However, Doug would not fulfill his part of the bargain and he really intended on keeping Usagi. Usagi weighed her options in this matter, she knew she could not do anything but beg. But begging was not a good thing to do, but she realized she had no choice.

“Please let me go!”

Usagi begged again and he hurt her ribs hard once again and she cried in pain.

“You be quiet! You have no say in this matter!”

Doug told Usagi. The FBI continued to negotiate for Usagi’s release but, it fell on deaf ears. Andrea watched in horror as her friend was being hurt by this mad man and there was no way out of this terrible situation. Usagi did not understand why Doug had captured her, but she did not want to be there to be the target of his anger. Usagi knew she was powerless. She remained silent and would not cry out again for her life knowing that she had no hope.

Doug continued to walk away to the parking lot. There were some empty spaces. Usagi tried not to give him a chance for him to flee by stiffening up her legs. She thought maybe using all her strength to make it difficult could buy the agents some time for them to mount a rescue. However, Doug did not like this and hit her in the ribs for her to release her legs. Usagi was stubborn and refused to do what he requested. Usagi would not give in to what he wanted. Her life depended on her risky actions.

Usagi and Doug was in a battle against wills. Usagi did not know it, but she realized that she was Sailor Moon. Andrea had told Usagi about the Sailor Senshi and their battle against evil. Andrea explained that Sailor Moon was her favorite of all the Senshi. However, Andrea liked all the Senshi. Andrea even had a picture of all the Senshi, and she showed the picture of the Senshi and Usagi was amazed by the picture. Usagi felt something about Sailor Moon. Usagi had asked the other day about Sailor Moon and Andrea explained that Sailor Moon had not appeared in Tokyo for quite some time and Andrea just explained there was no monster attack, and she was not needed now. What Andrea did not know that the girl who could transform into Sailor Moon was in her care. She would find out later that Usagi and Sailor Moon was one and the same girl. Usagi loved all the Senshi when Andrea showed the picture. Usagi took a liking to Sailor Mars and Sailor Uranus. Usagi could not explain why. Usagi knew deep inside there was some hidden significance about these two young Senshi.

The FBI continued to negotiate the release of Usagi, but this was a stalemate, and this was not working. Time was running out on trying to free Usagi from this madman’s clutches.

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**** 14 ****

Doug Sandstone had taken Usagi hostage and they were both in the parking lot. The FBI could not get a deal with Doug for Usagi’s release so, they gave the S.W.A.T. team to dart to cause Doug Sandstone to fall asleep as soon as he was hit with the dart. The S.W.A.T. team member was given the go ahead and shoot and he waited until he had a clear shot of Doug Sandstone and he fired the dart and it hit Doug in the side and he went down and Usagi was released and she made a sudden cry and she hit her head on a parking bumper and fell unconscious. The FBI called the paramedics and the paramedics looked over Usagi and they could not determine there if Usagi had any broken ribs, so they took her to the local hospital (where she had stayed before) and they performed x-rays and found her ribs were just fractured and so they bound her up and afterwards, she was put in a bed. Andrea and the Judge were worried about Usagi and they both hoped Usagi was fine.

A couple of hours later, Usagi woke up again and a nurse greeted her.

“Welcome back Usagi, Andrea and the judge are worried for you.”

The nurse revealed to Usagi. Usagi’s forehead was bound where she hit her head. Her head did not even fracture, but it did not feel good either. Usagi would make a full recovery. Usagi then realized, that her memory had returned. All of it. From her kidnapping in Tokyo to her fleeing from North Texas. All her memory returned to her. Andrea and Crystal Cynthia Smythe walked in Usagi’s hospital room. The judge sat at the edge of the bed as Andrea watched.

“Are you okay, Usagi?”

The judge asked her and Usagi tried to sit up, but the judge stopped her.

“Not so fast! You have been injured. Rest my dear, there will be a time when you can leave here. Just rest and recover, alright?”

The judge asked her and Usagi nodded her head in agreement. Usagi then spoke up.

“My memory came back! All of it, from my kidnapping to my flight from North Texas… everything has returned!”

Usagi spoke up suddenly revealing that her memory had returned once again, and her happiness was sure. Her life seemed a lot better than before.

“That’s good. I am sure Andrea wants to speak to you. So, I will be outside.”

The judge told Usagi and she left to leave Andrea with Usagi. Andrea walked up to Usagi.

“Little Sis, I am glad your memory had returned. I am happy for you. I am one step closer in succeeding in my mission. Now, there’s only one thing left to do now.”

Andrea congratulated Usagi on her memory and revealed that Andrea’s mission was nearly complete.

“Oh, your mission is nearly over?”

Usagi asked suddenly and Andrea nodded her head and she spoke.

“Yes, I have been given the go ahead, once the trial has completed after your recovery for me to take you home personally.”

Andrea revealed and Usagi was both happy and sad. Usagi had gotten so used to Andrea and did not

want to part ways. Andrea explained to her that they were forever bonded, and nothing could break them apart no matter the distance.

Two months later, Usagi and the defendant had fully recovered their wounds and the trial continued and Usagi gave a full testimony of what she had endured and how Andrea helped her recover. After the trial, Doug Sandstone was found guilty and Usagi was given a chance to speak to the defendant and she did, and this is what she said.

“You thought to make my life a living hell. You thought by enslaving me that you could defeat my resolve and my spirit. You made me one of your victims, but I am no victim! I am a victor! I do not die very easily! I have endured many hardships in my young life and this experience has only sharpened my resolve further! As Andrea Williamson has helped me, so I decided to follow in her footsteps and help those who are helpless. I am not a victim; I am a victor! I hope you realize that it is people like you that make me stronger. What I have learned here will help me in the future as I aim for my new dream, to be an agent that helps those who are in danger! I hope time in prison will help you realize that your life could have been different if you had not kidnapped all those girls and me included. Remember, I am not a victim, I am a victor. Thank you!”

Usagi gave her speech. Andrea had helped her write the speech to make it bolder and more fearless. The judge gave Doug Sandstone life in prison in a federal prison where he would have no chance at parole.

Days after that, Andrea and Usagi finally boarded a jet bound for Tokyo, Japan. This would be Usagi’s final trip. Usagi was finally going home. After many hours, the jet landed in Tokyo, Japan and Usagi was back home in Japan and soon a reunion would take place. It would be the best of all reunions, the like that Usagi had ever seen!

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