Chapter 10: “Trial”

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**** 11 ****

Usagi had seen her family just the other day and she did not know what to think of the meeting. Andrea Williamson and Usagi discussed what Usagi felt while she was there. Usagi stated they were kind, and she could not quite explain it, but she felt safe there. Usagi remembered seeing a picture of herself and seeing her hair having the strange balls of hair and Usagi asked if her could put in that hairstyle like she had seen in the picture of herself.

“I don’t know how, but I can take you to your mother’s house. I am sure she knows how to give you that hairstyle you desire. Sounds good Usagi?”

Andrea answered Usagi and Usagi trusted what Andrea had said.

“Okay Big Sis, I trust what you had said to me. Could you please take me over there? There’s something about that hairstyle that intrigues me.”

Usagi answered Andrea and Andrea smiled sweetly. Usagi had started calling Andrea ‘Big Sis’ quite some time ago and there was a special bond between the two. One was American and one was Japanese. And as far as Usagi seen it, Usagi did not care if Andrea was American or Japanese. She simply had great respect for the older woman and loved her like Andrea was a bigger sister. Usagi received lots of encouragement.

Before going over to the Tsukino’s, Usagi wore a beautiful sparkling snow-white sun dress that was purchased by Andrea for Usagi to wear and to Usagi, there was something of great importance about wearing a white dress, but Usagi did not know why. Andrea put a white bracelet on Usagi’s right arm to help compliment her sparkling snow-white sun dress. Andrea thought that Usagi had never looked so beautiful and Usagi looked mature despite what Usagi had been through lately. Usagi and Andrea went to the Tsukino’s and Usagi asked her mother to help her put the Odangos in her hair and Ikuko was more than happy to do that for her own daughter. Usagi was nervous at first, but that fled as Ikuko gently brushed Usagi’s hair smooth and Usagi loved every moment of it. Usagi had never felt so relaxed in ages. Ikuko put Usagi’s hair in Odangos and showed Andrea how to do it easily.

Andrea then took Usagi to the Hikawa Shrine where her friends were waiting for her. Andrea and Usagi got out of the car and walked up the shrine and when the Senshi had seen Usagi, they were in quite a shock! Not only Usagi wore a sparkling snow-white sun dress, but her hair was in Odangos once again and they noticed the white bracelet on Usagi’s right arm. They noticed that Usagi was quiet, shy, mature, and beautiful. Her rough experience had reshaped her into an incredibly quiet and mature girl for her age. Andrea urged Usagi to go and see her friends more closely. Luna and Artemis were there as well. Usagi walked up to Hotaru. Each girl introduced themselves again and Usagi spoke a quiet ‘Hello’ to them all. However, it was Rei Hino that impressed Usagi the most in her appearance and Usagi hugged Rei for no reason at all.

The next day, Andrea and Usagi had a pre-trial meeting with the local Tokyo Judge and the prosecuting

attorney. The judge and Andrea both explained to Usagi that she was not on trial, but the accused would

be tried for kidnapping her. The man who had instigated her kidnapping was Doug Sandstone. He was a

‘dirtbag’ as Andrea had stated and was wanted the FBI for years and now the man was brought to Tokyo for trial. Due to Usagi not remembering her kidnapping, the judge suggested that Usagi should not give a testimony, but her friends and her family who knew Usagi and who had witnessed Usagi’s kidnapping would speak for Usagi. Usagi did not know what to make of this nor did she fully understood about this trial. Usagi just trusted what Andrea and the judge had told her. She had trust them and she had no choice.

The trial in Japan about the kidnapping was swift and quick and the judge after hearing all the testimonies and seeing all the evidence pronounced judgement to the defendant and gave him life in prison and told the court, that the second part of the trial, the main crime, Usagi’s false imprisonment and her ill treatment what she experiences in the United States, the trial would move there. There, the final trial would take place within a month or so.

Usagi and Andrea packed all their belongings that they had in the secret location and prepared to travel back to the United States. The trial location was set at Denver, Colorado. The courthouse was the one belonging to Denver County, by the time Andrea and Usagi would arrive, a special location was selected to keep Usagi during the trial and security for her safety and for the other plaintiffs was one of most importance. The end of this phase was almost over, and all were relieved for that.

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**** 12 ****

Security was tight in Denver, Colorado for the trial that would be remembered in the years to come. Doug Sandstone was the first of the co-defendants to be tried. The judge who was assigned to the case was Crystal Cynthia Smythe. She was a no-nonsense type of judge that did not allow any outbursts or the attorneys causing others to outbursts in her courtroom. She was selected because she understood all the female victims and she would give these young ladies the justice they deserve. Andrea Williamson and Usagi met the prosecuting attorney and the judge.

“Greetings Andrea Williamson and hello Miss Usagi Tsukino. I hope you both are well.”

The judge greeted them. Usagi instinctively, hid herself in Andrea’s arms. She still had not recovered from her amnesia. Andrea spoke to Usagi.

“Lil Sis, they aren’t here to hurt you. They want to help you.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and Usagi looked at the judge and the prosecuting attorney and both nodded that wanted to help her.


Usagi asked Andrea not sure that they wanted to help her.

“Yes, I promise that they won’t hurt you.”

Andrea spoke calmly to Usagi and Usagi turned to the judge and looked at her.

“Miss Tsukino, I have read your case file and I am aware of your amnesia. Don’t worry, you are in the best of hands.”

The judge explained to Usagi that she was in the best hands. Usagi seen the prosecuting attorney and Usagi noticed that the female attorney had dark hair and Usagi spoke again.


Usagi stated and Usagi pictured in her mind of beautiful older girl with dark hair and a large staff. Andrea had no idea what Usagi meant. Usagi meant to say Setsuna who was Sailor Pluto.

Two days later, the trial began. Usagi was the last of the female victims to be interviewed. The prosecuting attorney interviewed Usagi first. Usagi sworn on the Bible which was a common practice in every American courtroom and the bailiff gave the oath to Usagi and Usagi was able to answer in English to the bailiff and the prosecuting attorney began to ask questions to Usagi.

“Your name is Usagi Tsukino, correct?”

The woman asked Usagi.

“Yes, it is as others have told me.”

Usagi answered in a very calm voice because Usagi was nervous.

“Good. What was the first thing you remember?”

The woman asked Usagi again.

“I woke up in the hospital and the nurses spoke to me, but I didn’t understand them.”

Usagi answered again to the woman.

“Why couldn’t you understand them?”

The woman asked Usagi.

“I spoke only Japanese.”

Usagi answered once again saying she only spoke Japanese when she woke up.

“How did you learn to speak English?”

The woman asked Usagi again.

“Big Sister taught me English. Big Sis was very patient with me. I never met anyone like Big Sis who understood how I felt.”

Usagi answered again and answered that Andrea was the one who taught her English.

“Is the woman who helped you… FBI Special Agent Andrea Williamson?”

The woman asked again.


Usagi answered in a cheerful tone about Andrea.

“And Andrea has been helping you with your amnesia?”

The woman asked once again.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Usagi answered again and the woman had no further questions and the judge offered the defense to ask questions to Usagi and the defense agreed, and the male defense attorney asked his first question.

“Is it true that you are pretending to have amnesia?”

The man asked Usagi. Usagi did not like the question and answered.

“How can I make it up when I remember not my past?”

Usagi answered his question with a question. The man pressed on further.

“It must be true that you are pretending. Come on admit it!”

The man argued with Usagi and burst into anger and she spoke.


Usagi burst into anger and into tears and she refused to look at the man and curled into a ball in the chair being traumatized by the man.

“Bailiff, please take Miss Tsukino to my chambers and I will join her momentarily.”

The judge announced and the Bailiff offered Usagi his hand and Usagi willingly agreed to go with him

and he took her to the judge’s chambers and set her in a chair as she continued to weep silently.

The judge called both attorneys to her bench and asked the prosecuting attorney to join Usagi

in her chambers. The judge scolded the defense attorney for badgering the witness and fined him

5,000 dollars for the incident. The judge entered her chambers and calmed down Usagi and after several

minutes, Usagi returned to the stand and the defense attorney asked his remaining questions to Usagi

and Usagi answered but would not look at the man. Then the judge excused Usagi from the bench and

Doug Sandstone got up from his seat and grabbed his gun and held Usagi hostage by putting his left arm

tightly around her neck and his right arm around her chest threatening to pull the trigger if anyone made a move towards them. Usagi was terrified of the man as Doug slowly made his way towards the entrance. Now the FBI and the police were in a very tight spot to try and rescue Usagi without her being hurt. It was a race against time to save Usagi from this madman.

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