Chapter 1 – Chapters 1-4

It was Labor Day in Nafrece. It was a nice sunny day as well. Madlax and Limelda Jorg were heading to their awkward job assigned by SSS. Madlax asked,

“Why did SSS assigned us to Nafrece?”

“I don’t know,” said Limelda, “but I know that the location is almost here.”

“Also, he did not give me who the client is for this assignment,” said Madlax.

“I think that we will find out now,” said Limelda, “because we are here.”

“Wow,” proclaimed Madlax, “15467 N. 43rd Street East. Well let’s meet the …”

Before Madlax finished that sentence, her cell phone ring and she answer it.

“So Madlax,” said SSS, “you found the client’s house.”

“Very funny SSS,” said Madlax. “Can you tell me what the assignment is?”

“The person that wants you,” said SSS, “will tell you the assignment and details.”

Madlax hang up her mobile, and Limelda and she went to the door. Madlax ring the doorbell.

“I get it,” said Laetitia as she went to the door and open it. “Hello! It’s been a while, Madlax.”

“Don’t tell me,” said Limelda and Madlax, “that Margaret is our client.”

“You guess correctly,” said Margret, “but it is not pasta this time.”

Margaret let both Limelda and Madlax into the house. While they went to the living room, Margaret asked,

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Water,” said Laetitia, Limelda, and Madlax.

When Margaret got back with three glasses of water, Margaret sat down and explained,

“I heard something on the Nafrece’s News Channel that Enfant is back with a brand-new leader.”

“Wow!” said Limelda and Madlax with complete shock.

“The new leader of Enfant is called Tuesday Thursday,” said Margaret.

“So,” said Limelda, “you want us to shoot him down for us.”

“Tuesday Thursday is a girl,” said Margaret.

“To make matters worse,” said Laetitia, “she is not only after the person that killed the former leader, Friday Monday, but also the person that open the door of the era.”

“So,” said Madlax, “you are telling us that Tuesday Thursday is after Margaret and me.”

“Yes,” said Laetitia.

At Margret’s house in Nafrece, Limelda asked Margaret if she can turn on the television. Margret went to the television but before she turned it on, she asked,

“What do you want to watch?”

“How about the Nafrece’s News Channel?” asked Limelda.

“I think that I want to know the information as well,” said Madlax.

“Okay,” said Margret, “the Nafrece’s News Channel it is.”

Margret turned on the television to the Nafrece News Channel. When she turned on the television, the news anchor said,

“We have some news just coming in. Gazth-Sonika has a new leader. We are going to go live to the capital right now for the speech.”

“Hello world,” said Tuesday Thursday. “I hope that we can maintain the peace in Gazth-Sonika for years to come. First, we will work on the infrastructure. Second, we will go after those responsible for the war and will ask all governments in the world to comply.”

The people at the speech all cheered.

“Now for my first act,” said Tuesday Thursday, “I order the arrests of Margret Burton and Madlax. Second, I order the arrest of anyone that tries to assist in hiding either Margret Burton or Madlax. Third, I authorize the use of lethal force if they cannot be taken in. That is all.”

Margaret turned off the television. Madlax’s cell phone ring and she answer it.

“What is it, SSS?” asked Madlax.

“I just heard the news,” said SSS. “Madlax, Margret and you are endangered. You two need to defend yourself for the events to come. I just hope that you can work with me again so don’t die.”

“Don’t worry,” said Madlax, “I am not planning to do that anytime soon.”

Madlax hanged up her cellphone. Margaret asked,

“What are we going to do?”

“You and I will hide together,” said Madlax, “while Limelda takes Laetitia to our friend to protect her.”

“I don’t want to be separated from my big sister,” said Laetitia.

“Don’t worry,” said Margaret. “They are doing this because they want you to survive.”

“All right,” said Laetitia.

“Do you have your weapon near you?” asked Limelda.

“Yes, I do,” said Margaret, “but I don’t use it unless it’s needed; however, I do keep it maintain.”

“Okay,” said Limelda, “Madlax and you need to get out of here right away.”

“Why?” asked Margret and Madlax.

“Because what Limelda is saying,” said Laetitia, “is that we are having some guest here and I bet they are not here for a social.”

The guests were carrying guns with them. Margaret said,

“Well Madlax, should we go right now?”

“Yes,” said Madlax, “we will take the back way out.”

“Meet us at the airport in about forty minutes,” said Limelda.

Margaret and Madlax prepared their guns in case the back way was blocked, and they went off.

“Should we make our way out, Limelda?” asked Laetitia.

“Sure,” said Limelda.

Laetitia and Limelda went out the front to Madlax and Limelda’s rental car.

At the same time, the uninviting guests figure out that the two people that they were looking for went out the back door and start to chase them. Madlax shot down two of the uninviting guests that were behind them. Margaret asked Madlax,

“How many are there?”

“There was nine total,” reply Madlax, “now there is seven remaining.”

When Madlax was finish talking, she saw one more uninviting guests. She shoots that uninviting guest. Margret said,

“Six more remaining.”

Margaret and Madlax were just ten blocks from the airport until an ambush caught them. The first uninviting guest said,

“Stay where you are.”

Both girls stayed still and waited for the perfect moment.

At the same time, Limelda and Laetitia were four blocks from where Margaret and Madlax were caught. Laetitia asked,

“What will we do?”

“We will wait,” said Limelda, “and have faith in Madlax and Margaret.”

At Madlax and Margaret’s location, Margaret saw Laetitia.

“STAY DOWN,” yelled the uninviting guest. “Just a few more minutes and we will ship both of you to your trails. I hope that you two are found guilty so they can kill you.”

“What?” said Madlax and Margaret.

“Are they joking?” asked Laetitia to Limelda four blocks from Madlax and Margaret.

“Looks like they are in a no laughing matter, Laetitia,” said Limelda.

Back at Madlax and Margaret’s location, Margaret asked whispery to Madlax,

“How many bullets do you have?”

“I have eight,” whispered Madlax. “Four in each gun. I think you have a whole clip, Margaret, so what’s your plan?”

“I saw five people here,” whispered Margret. “You go after the two above us and the two closest and I will go with the two most far.”

“Do you think it would work?” asked Madlax in a whisper.

“Yes,” said Margret, “it would.”

“Hey!” yelled the uninvited guest, “Stay down and shut up!”

“You will regret saying those words,” said Madlax as she pushes the two people above her from both Margaret and Madlax.

Madlax then shot the two-uninviting guest above Margaret and her. Margaret then got her gun ready and shot the far one. Madlax realized that she didn’t killed the two-uninviting guest that pin both her and Margaret down so she killed those two, now having four bullets remaining overall. Margaret and Madlax then killed the remaining three uninviting guests.

Laetitia and Limelda came to Madlax and Margaret’s location. Laetitia said,

“Glad to see you two alive, Madlax and Margaret.”

“You too, Laetitia,” said Madlax.

“We have just thirty minutes to get to the airport,” said Limelda. “Let’s get going.”

Madlax, Margaret, Limelda, and Laetitia went to the airport and got there in time for check in to fly to Gazth-Sonika to stop Tuesday Thursday’s plan to take over the country. Madlax’s cellphone rings and she answers it.

“Hello Madlax,” said SSS. “Glad that you are heading back to Gazth-Sonika so take you time when you get there.”

“Got it,” said Madlax and then hang up the cellphone. “That was SSS. He said to take our time to get to Gazth-Sonika.”

“So, we will go our separate ways when we get there,” said Margaret.

“I think that will be an innovative idea,” said Madlax.