Chapter 08: “News”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Recorders Note: This is from Chapter 9 of the Fan Fiction called The Girl Without a Past. I hope that you can enjoy it.

**** 09 ****

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru sat at a booth at the cafe that connected to the Game Crown Arcade. The conversation focused on Usagi. Usagi was a girl that lit up everyone’s life. Haruka did not care for Usagi’s ideals, maybe just this once, Haruka could try to understand Usagi better by trying one of the things that Usagi always loved… a chocolate milkshake. Unazuki walked up to Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru and greeted them.

“Hello Haruka-San, Michiru-san, Setsuna-San and Hotaru-Chan! I hope you are all well today?”

Unazuki greeted them as she held a menu in her hand.

“May I ask you something Unazuki?”

Haruka asked Unazuki and Unazuki smiled as always.

“Sure! What do you want to know?”

Unazuki replied in a cheerful tone. Unazuki was an incredibly happy and cheerful red headed girl that loved everyone. She was also very smart too.

“Why did Usagi-San always order a chocolate milkshake?”

Haruka asked Unazuki in a very curious tone.

“Oh, that’s easy! If I remember correctly, Usagi told me ‘I got to keep my energy up’ that’s what she always told me.”

Unazuki explained why Usagi always ordered a chocolate milkshake.

“Could you please make me a chocolate milkshake like you always make for Usagi?”

Haruka asked Unazuki and Unazuki’s eyes grew great big when she heard that Haruka wanted one of Usagi’s milkshakes.

“Alright, I must warn you it’s very sweet.”

Unazuki answered Haruka and warned Haruka that the milkshake that Usagi always ordered was extremely sweet.

“How sweet can it be?”

Haruka scoffed at the thought of a milkshake being too sweet. Unazuki went and made a chocolate milkshake and brought it to Haruka. She spoke as she gave the milkshake to Haruka.

“Here, it’s on the house. The first one is on me!”

Unazuki told Haruka that the first one was free. Haruka took a sip of the Milkshake and her eyes grew great big and spoke.

“Wow, that’s extremely sweet. How much sugar is in this?”

Haruka commented on how sweet the milkshake tasted.

“The milkshake has about four cups of sugar for that big glass.”

Unazuki explained on how much sugar was in the milkshake. Haruka could not believe that Usagi wanted it so sweet.

“Most people couldn’t handle that much sugar.”

Haruka stated that most people could not handle all that sugar.

“However, Usagi isn’t your average girl.”

Unazuki knew Usagi was one of a kind.

“Yes, that I know for a fact Usagi was unique.”

Haruka understood that Usagi was one of a kind. Haruka also knew that Usagi was her princess and she had vowed to keep her safe, but now Haruka knew that Usagi was absent from her life. Haruka managed to finish the milkshake and Haruka felt like running around the world after drinking that milkshake. Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru left the Game Crown Arcade and headed for the Hikawa Shrine.

At the Tsukino Household, life was dull without Usagi. Kenji sat in his chair and watched TV and could not take pleasure in it. Ikuko sat at the kitchen table and did not feel like baking any chocolate chip cookies. Shingo sat on Usagi’s bed in Usagi’s room and trying to remember the good times he had with her. Her room was left the way she last had it. On the bed towards the head of the bed was Usagi’s school uniform. Her blouse and skirt of her school uniform lay sprawled on the bed. Shingo did not touch it, but he remembered that last time that Usagi wore her school uniform. Shingo admitted to himself that Usagi looked good in her school uniform, other than that he did not really care about Usagi’s clothes. Shingo looked around in the room and saw rabbits in the room. Usagi loved rabbits. Usagi had held real rabbits before and she loved every minute of it.

About an hour later, a knock came at the door and Ikuko opened the door and two F.B.I. agents and two Japanese agents walked in.


Ikuko welcomed the agents.

“We got some good news for you.”

One of the F.B.I. agents announced to Ikuko. Kenji stood up and Shingo also took notice of the agents.

“You do?”

Ikuko asked in a quiet tone with hope in her eyes that it was incredibly good.

“Yes, it is. Let us all sit down, and I will begin.”

One of the F.B.I. agents started to speak, and they all sat down and then he continued.

“The good news is that your daughter Usagi has been found…”

The agent stopped and paused for a moment and Ikuko’s heart sunk as the agent paused. Then the agent continued, “… has been found alive!”

The agent continued and there was a sigh of relief in the room when he announced that Usagi has been found alive. The agent showed a picture of Usagi after she was found in Colorado and that her hair had been dyed black and a more recent picture where her hair was blond again and her hair was in braids.

“Your daughter is in the care of fellow agent Andrea Williamson and Usagi treats her like a big sister and has bonded with the female agent.”

Ikuko knew that Usagi had the ability to make friends easily with anyone that was good.

“Usagi could always make friends with anyone so easily. I am happy for Usagi.”

Ikuko explained to the agent and the agent smiled at the sound of that.

“There is one problem though…”

The agent started as he continued his report.

“What could it be?”

Kenji asked suddenly. He wondered what could be wrong with Usagi.

“Usagi has amnesia. There’s not much that Usagi remembers now of her time here. However, Usagi loves learning and Andrea has taught her many things.”

The agent continued briefing the family about Usagi’s amnesia.

“When will Usagi return home? It’s been too quiet without her.”

Shingo asked the agent.

“To be honest, I don’t know yet. I think the agents back in the states are waiting for clearance to fly Usagi here until all those involved in her kidnapping are caught. I don’t think you realize, but the kidnappers had caused Usagi to do many things while she was held captive by the kidnappers.”

The agent continued briefing the family about Usagi. Usagi’s family was shocked about what Usagi had gone through, however Usagi remembered nothing about her captivity. The agent continued again.

“The kidnappers ran a sex ring and Usagi as the other young women were to do certain acts and if not, they were punished. However, Usagi vowed within herself as we had recently found out… escaped her captors and traveled north until she was found in Colorado. I am glad Usagi does not remember anything while she was held captive. Her life is happy and Usagi is coping very well.”

The agent continued. The family was horrified of what Usagi had gone through and they felt bad for Usagi.

“I know Usagi has always been a happy girl and Andrea is good for her now. I await the day that I get to hold my daughter once again.”

Ikuko spoke. She loved Usagi dearly. Ikuko wished she had taken Usagi’s place so that Usagi did not have to go through that terrible situation.

“When Usagi is returned back to Tokyo, she will return in secrecy at the dead of night so that the media knows nothing, and she will stay somewhere safe in Tokyo with Andrea and we will bring Usagi back home to see her family.”

The agent spoke again to the family.

“That will be good to see Usagi again. I know deep down, Usagi is still the same loving girl as she always has been.”

Ikuko told the agent. Usagi would return soon and a happy reunion would take place. The family would be briefed about that day and what to do to make Usagi feel welcome.