Chapter 07: “Identified”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Recorders Note: This comes from Chapter 8 in the Fan Fiction that was written by The Crystal Knight. I really like enjoying reading this story to you guys.

**** 08 ****

Time had passed and Usagi or ‘Goldie’ as she was known was doing much better now that she was in the care of Andrea Williamson. She was a special agent with the F.B.I. that helped others when in time of need. Usagi clung to her like Andrea was her mother. The two females became close. Usagi still could not remember much, but she relied on Andrea to cope with things that she was not familiar with other things or people.

The F.B.I. had been busy on trying to find out ‘Goldie’s’ identity. Then came a day when the results of ‘Goldie’s’ DNA samples came back. They had matched her DNA with a victim taken captive from Tokyo. The head F.B.I. agent went to speak with agent Andrea Williamson at the hospital. Usagi was asleep so there was no chance that Usagi would overhear anything. Fred was one of those in charge in solving this case regarding this case. He spoke with Andrea.

“I know the girl’s identity.”

Fred announced to Andrea. Andrea raised an eyebrow and spoke.


Andrea asked in disbelief and Fred spoke again.

“You were right to begin with, the girl is from Asia. She is from Japan. Her name is Usagi Tsukino. She was taken captive sometime by kidnappers that has been involved in many Asian countries in taking young females under the age of eighteen. Usagi is one of the lucky ones to be found alive. Many of the girls have been found dead or just no heard from again. Our agents are closing in on the hideout just north of Amarillo, Texas. We have acquired a warrant for the arrest of those involved in kidnapping and falsely imprisoning these Asian girls. Soon we can deliver Usagi back to her folks in Japan.”

Fred announced to Andrea and Andrea was surprised what her fellow agent had discovered.

“How shall explain to Goldie of who she is without making her ask too many questions and I don’t want her to doubt or fear.”

Andrea explained her concerns to Fred.

“Just tell her the truth I believe you’re the best to tell her since she clings to you like you are a big sister or a mother to her.”

Fred explained to her the best way to tell Usagi the truth. Fred handed to Andrea a picture of Usagi before she was kidnapped. Andrea loved the picture of Usagi. It showed her with her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba. Usagi looked incredibly happy in the picture. Fred spoke again.

“Our sources in Japan tells us the gentleman’s name with Usagi is Mamoru Chiba. We are told that he is very protective of Usagi and he like Usagi’s parents just want Usagi returned safely to Japan.”

Fred explained again about the gentleman in the picture and something that Usagi said the other day finally made sense to her.

“That’s it!” Andrea spoke in an excited expression and continued, “the other day I took Usagi out to get her hair washed and I bought Usagi some clothes and Usagi pointed to a dress with red roses and said ‘mamo’ I didn’t know what she had said at the time, but she may have been referring to Mamoru Chiba. Maybe her memory is slowly returning. I may be of further help to her.”

Andrea explained to Fred and he smiled, and he spoke again.

“Here take the pictures. You can show Usagi the picture of her with her boyfriend. It may help her remember more about what happened and help her remember her family and friends.”

Fred explained and he handed Andrea the picture and Fred left. Andrea entered Usagi’s room and gently nudged her to wake up. Andrea spoke to her.

“Goldie,” Andrea spoke softly as she nudged Usagi to cause her to wake up. Usagi opened her eyes to see Andrea. Andrea smiled sweetly at the sleepy girl. Andrea spoke to Usagi. “It seems you slept well Goldie.”

Andrea spoke to Usagi and Usagi answered her.

“I did. I had a pleasant dream. A guy in a tuxedo wearing a mask over his face saved me from an evil monster. I was carried in his arms ever so gently!”

Usagi explained to Andrea. Usagi did not know at the time that she was experiencing a memory from the past. Andrea spoke again.

“That’s good Goldie. I have something important I must tell you.”

Andrea started. She was glad that Usagi had a sweet dream. Then Andrea decided to tell Goldie her real name.

“What is it Andrea-San?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone. Andrea brought out the picture of Usagi and Mamoru. Usagi looked at the picture and thought the girl was exceptionally beautiful.

“She’s very beautiful.”

Goldie stated about herself in the picture.

“Goldie, that girl in the picture is you. I know your real name.”

Andrea revealed the truth about the girl in the picture to Usagi. Usagi’s eyes grew great big. She wanted to know more.

“Oh? What’s my real name?”

Usagi was more than willing to know of her real name.

“Your name is Usagi Tsukino. Do you like your name?”

Andrea asked Usagi if she loved her name. Usagi thought for a moment and answered Andrea.

“Why would anyone name me after a fuzzy bunny rabbit?”

Usagi asked Andrea. Usagi did not understand why anyone would name her after a rabbit.

“What I have been told is that everyone back in Japan that knows you, love your name and you are a sweet loving caring girl like I myself have discovered.”

Andrea explained that everyone in Japan loved the way Usagi was. Andrea explained to Usagi the gentleman with her in the picture that his name is Mamoru Chiba.

“His name means ‘Earth Protector,’ right?”

Usagi questioned Andrea and Andrea smiled again.

“You are very smart Usagi, good job. Yes, all of your friends miss you and await the day when you are returned to them.”

Andrea explained further without going to great details to Usagi.

“When will I go back home? Will you go with me?”

Usagi suddenly asked when she would return home to Japan and if Andrea would go with her.

“I will try to go back with you to Japan. For now, just enjoy time with me. Alright?”

Andrea explained to Usagi that she would try to go back to Japan with Usagi if it was allowed. Andrea just wanted Usagi to enjoy time with her. Soon her family would discover that Usagi has been found.