Chapter 06: “Goldie”

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**** 06 ****

Usagi was slowly on the mend. Her life as she knew it was a mystery to her. Usagi still was not known to the hospital staff. They had given her a nickname ‘Goldie’ because they thought her natural hair color was blond.

As time passed, Usagi healed more and more. Usagi was watching TV and she found the NHK channel which was in Japanese. She found it interesting since she could understand what they were saying. Usagi was a woman with the prettiest hair that she had ever seen. The woman’s hair was lavender, and her hair went past her shoulders. And this woman’s name was Ikuko Tsukino. Ikuko had been interviewed about Usagi’s kidnapping. Ikuko pleaded with the viewers of NHK and gave the following statement.

“My husband and myself would like to ask the viewers if they have any info on the whereabouts of my daughter Usagi Tsukino, to please contact the local police department. Usagi if you hear this, please understand we miss you and would like you to come back home.”

Ikuko spoke in a very emotional state. She loved her daughter and Usagi meant the world to her. Usagi sat on the bed and did not understand exactly what the woman had said. However, Usagi felt sadness somehow for the girl that the woman mentioned on the TV. There were those who loved her and wished she would return.

A couple of hours later, Andrea Williamson, the special agent in charge of helping Usagi or Goldie as the nurses called her, came to visit. Usagi smiled. She loved it when Andrea came to visit.

“Hello Andrea-San, you came to visit me again?”

Usagi asked in a cheerful tone.

“Hello there. I hear the nurses started calling you ‘Goldie’ that is a nice nickname. Do you remember your real name?”

Andrea Williamson asked her in a warm tone of her own. Usagi knew nothing of her name.

“I don’t know what my name is. I would really like to know what my name is.”

Usagi stated as she looked up at Andrea and noticed that Andrea had two boxes and she wondered what they were.

“I bought something for you. I would like to take you somewhere tomorrow and you have nothing decent to wear so, I have taken liberty to buy something nice for you. Here.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and she placed the two boxes on the bed. Usagi looked puzzled for she did not know what to do.

“What do I do with those boxes?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone.

“You open them up. There are things inside them.”

Andrea calmly answered Usagi and Usagi opened the larger box first and got the box open and inside was a light pink dress made of cotton and matching socks. And in the smaller box where pink shoes that matched the dress. Usagi was surprised and spoke again.

“What are these?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone. Andrea smiled and she answered.

“In the big box is a light pink dress and matching socks. And in the other box is a pair of shoes.”

Andrea explained to Usagi. Usagi had never seen anything so pretty.

“They’re pretty. What do I do with them?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone. Andrea smiled again and answered her.

“You wear the dress, the socks and the shoes. If you like I can help you.”

Andrea explained that Usagi had to wear them and that she could help her. Such simple things she did not understand. Andrea showed Usagi how to wear the dress and how to make the dress look nice while wearing it. Then Andrea showed Usagi how to wear the socks. Usagi was amazed about wearing the clothes and she seemed delighted about it. Then Andrea took the shoes and slipped them on Usagi’s feet. Andrea stood Usagi up and spoke.

“You look wonderful. The reason I got you these items is my fellow agents wish to place you in a special protection program where your real identity is protected. Since your real name is not known yet, we will use the nickname the nurses gave you… Goldie. Do you like that?”

Andrea asked Usagi if she liked her nickname.

“Yes, it sounds nice. What is an identity?”

Usagi agreed and asked what an identity was.

“An identity is what and who you are. Like me for example, my name is Andrea Williamson, and I am a special agent with the F.B.I. my job is to help people in need like you and bust the bad guys and lock them away.”

Andrea explained more about herself and what she did in her life.

“Am I a bad guy?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone. Andrea smiled a bit and replied.

“No, you are not a bad guy. You are a victim of some crime that happened somewhere some time ago, but when and where we do not know. Don’t worry, you are safe with me.”

Andrea explained to Usagi that she was the victim and not a bad guy. Usagi gave a sigh of relief. Andrea knew more but did not want to upset Usagi. Usagi was extremely sensitive since she did not know who she was or where she lived and with her memory being gone, she had to learn everything all over again.

“How about I take you to a hair salon and we give you a new hair style and we can have something to eat and buy you some more clothes. Does that sound like fun?”

Andrea asked Usagi about what she wanted to do with her. Usagi smiled a bit and answered.

“Yes, that sounds like fun.”

Usagi did not fully understand what Andrea wanted to do but Usagi had to trust her. This would be something Usagi would not forget.

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**** 07 ****

Andrea had checked out Usagi from the hospital for a little while and took Usagi to her car. Andrea opened the passenger door and Usagi wondered what Andrea wanted her to do. Andrea then spoke up.

“This is a car. it will take us where we would like to go. Please sit there on the seat and I will buckle you in so you’re safe.”

Andrea explained about the car and the seat so Usagi would understand. Usagi got in the car and Andrea buckled Usagi in. Usagi was very amazed by the seat belt and that it was just snug enough to keep her safe from harm. Andrea then got to the driver’s side and got in and buckled her seat belt and put the key into the ignition and started up the car. Usagi again was amazed by the car like it started like magic. Andrea backed out of the parking space and drove out of the parking lot on to the street. The street led to the interstate which would take them to the salon where Andrea wanted to take Usagi to get her hair washed and to give Usagi a new style.

In no time they arrived at their destination and Andrea parked the car and unbuckled her seat belt and got out and went to Usagi’s side and opened the door and unbuckled Usagi and Usagi got out and Andrea spoke again.

“This is a salon. The people here can wash and cut hair and give you an awesome style.”

Andrea explained what a hair salon was and Usagi was interested. The two went into the hair salon and a lady greeted them.

“welcome! Which one of you want to have their hair done?”

The woman asked Andrea and Usagi. Usagi was very curious on what the woman was going to do with her. Andrea spoke.

“I would like my friend’s hair to be washed and her given a new style.”

Andrea explained on what she would done to Usagi’s hair. The woman took Usagi and washed her hair. Afterwards, Usagi’s hair was dried and Andrea was asked what style hair Usagi would like. However, Andrea did not know what style Usagi would like. So, the woman showed Usagi many styles. Usagi was impressed with the braid style and the woman carefully braided Usagi’s hair. Afterwards, the woman brought Usagi back to Andrea and Andrea was incredibly pleased. Andrea paid for the hair washing and they left the hair salon.

They went next to a department store to shop for some clothes. They looked at some dresses. Andrea showed Usagi a pink dress with white bunnies on it. However, Usagi was drawn to a white dress with red roses all over it. Usagi loved the red roses for some reason but could understand why. Usagi spoke.

“Red roses… mamo…”

Usagi stated. Usagi did not know what ‘mamo’ was and she kept repeating it. In Usagi’s mind, she saw a young man wearing a black tuxedo with a top hat and holding a red rose. However, Usagi knew not his identity. Andrea turned to Usagi and saw the dress.

“Do you like that dress? Do you like red roses?”

Andrea asked in a curious tone.

“Yes, but I don’t know why. When I see a red rose, I think of mamo.”

Usagi explained why she loved about red roses.

“What or who is ‘mamo?'”

Andrea asked in a wondering tone.

“I don’t know. It may be a person or maybe an object dealing with red rose. I don’t remember why.”

Usagi explained to Andrea what she thought about mamo. However, Usagi was referring to Mamoru Chiba, her love interest, and her suitor. He was sworn to protect her always. However, Mamoru felt bad that Usagi was absent in his life. Queen Serenity told him that Usagi would eventually return but would be a different girl than he had seen her before. The other Senshi missed Usagi greatly. To them, it was something very precious was gone from their lives. Andrea bought Usagi many dresses including the pink dress with bunnies and the white dress with red roses. Andrea bought Usagi a couple of pairs of blue jeans and other clothes. They went to lunch and afterwards, they went and saw a Japanese Anime movie that was dubbed into English.

Soon, the FBI would discover Usagi’s identity. That would help the FBI take care of Usagi a lot better. Her reunion with her family and friends would come soon but, the kidnappers were still out there and at large. Keeping Usagi safe was important currently. Andrea was going to do all she could to keep Usagi safe and be her friend at the same time.


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