Chapter 05: “Friends”

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**** 05 ****

Just like Usagi’s family, Usagi’s friends had a hard time with Usagi not being there with them. Ami and Makoto often spent time together at the Game Crown Arcade to spend time talking out their feelings about Usagi and how she lights up their lives. They would go to the cafe and order sodas and just talk it out. Makoto and Ami would share memories about Usagi to try and cope with the loss of her not being in Tokyo.

“She’s been gone for a while, hasn’t she?”

Makoto asked Ami knowing that Usagi had been gone.

“Yes, she has. She has been gone too long.”

Ami gave her answer while reading a book.

“Do you think Usagi is dead?”

Makoto asked again being curious if Usagi was alive or dead.

“Usagi isn’t dead… not yet.”

Ami answered while read a difficult section in her book.


“Because, ChibiUsa hasn’t vanished yet. That’s why.”

Ami explained as she lowered her book to look at Makoto while answering.

“Ah, you’re right Ami-Chan. I guess it wouldn’t to hope that she will return safe and sound.”

Makoto spoke as she stared at her soda. They all knew that once Usagi did return that she would have to readjust to life and for Usagi to enter society again.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei Hino had her own troubles dealing with Usagi’s absence. Rei often stared at the sacred fire and wonder where Usagi was and how she was doing now, but Rei got no answer from the fire. Minako often visited but usually Rei was not interested in chatting with others. Usagi was like a sister to her and with Usagi being gone, it was not the same. Rei had not argued with Usagi in months and Rei wished she had.

“Please sacred fire, is Usagi safe and is she alive?”

Rei often asked the sacred fire if Usagi was alive, but the sacred fire didn’t answer the way that Rei hoped it would. However, it did show that Usagi was in a terrible situation and now there was blackness like Usagi was not there at all. She would later understand that this would relate to Usagi’s amnesia. Rei hoped Usagi was alive. ChibiUsa often visited Rei with Mamoru and explained that Usagi was alive because she had not vanished.

Minako often went to one of the parks where Usagi always loved to visit. She would take some left-over bread and feed the ducks that came up to her. Minako reflected on how selfless Usagi was. Usagi was always there to help others even it meant hurting herself in the process. Being at the park and with the birds often helped Minako cope with Usagi being gone, but nothing would be better than Usagi being back where she belonged… her friends.

Haruka and Michiru spent a lot of time together wondering about Usagi and her safety. It was their duty as Sailor Guardians to protect her from anyone that would have harmed her, and they felt like they failed.

“Usagi is alive. I know it.”

Haruka spoke calmly while drinking some tea.

“Yes, ChibiUsa hasn’t vanished yet and that’s a good sign.”

Michiru confirmed with Haruka about Usagi. Michiru also had some tea. She stirred her cup of tea with her spoon while thinking about the girl who was the light of their lives and now, she was gone.

There was a deep emptiness that Haruka and Michiru had felt. Usagi loved them dearly. Usagi often came to Haruka and Michiru for advice whenever she needed it.

“Usagi will return. She will be alright.”

Haruka spoke as she took another sip of her tea. Hotaru was still a baby and would not return to normal for quite a while. Hotaru was asleep and enjoying a peaceful nap. Chibiusa often came and visited Haruka and Michiru to see how they were doing. As far as any of the Sailor Guardians, ChibiUsa was the one who took Usagi’s disappearance quite well. Mamoru got strength from ChibiUsa’s resolve. ChibiUsa

had strong faith that Usagi would be back.

Setsuna knew something was not right with Usagi. She did not know what it was, but she knew that Usagi was alive, but something was different about Usagi and Setsuna hoped it was not serious.

Mamoru and ChibiUsa spent a lot of time together and often talked about Usagi and looked at pictures and videos of Usagi to keep their hope up that Usagi would be found alive.


ChibiUsa asked as she looked up to tall dark-haired man.

“Yes, ChibiUsa?”

He answered as he looked at the small girl.

“Do you think Usagi is still alive after all this time?”

ChibiUsa asked him in an incredibly sad tone and Mamoru smiled and answered.

“Rest assured Small Lady, Usagi is alive. I know it.”

Mamoru answered her with a smile. ChibiUsa looked up at Mamoru with a puzzled look.


ChibiUsa asked him curiously.

“You are still, here right? And that’s a sign to smile and to know that Usagi will be back on day.”

Mamoru explained to ChibiUsa that with her still existing that Usagi was alive somewhere.

“That’s good to know. I know I am her future daughter, but I consider her more like a sister.”

ChibiUsa spoke in a soft tone and ChibiUsa continued,

“I like it when Usagi thinks of me and tries to help me even if Usagi fails all the time.”

ChibiUsa answered Mamoru again and remembering about all the times that Usagi helped ChibiUsa. Mamoru and ChibiUsa remained at Mamoru’s apartment and spoke about their memories of Usagi and try to cope with her being gone.

Luna and Artemis often spent time together trying to figure out on their own where Usagi was and if she was safe. Luna often felt guilty because Luna often nitpicked at Usagi for being lazy and Luna now

felt bad for Usagi.

“Usagi, where are you?”

Luna asked as she stared at Ami’s minicomputer. Ami lent it to Luna to help look for Usagi, but the search was fruitless.

“Luna, you are not a failure. if it were not for you, Usagi would not be Sailor Moon nor the Moon Princess, princess Serenity. You have a great help in her life and Usagi would want you to be happy. Please Luna, cheer up. Usagi will return. I know it.”

Artemis tried cheering up Luna and it usually worked. Diana was asleep nearby curled up in a ball. She knew Usagi was gone and like Artemis, she knew Usagi would return and soon there would be news that would brighten them all… the news that Usagi was alive.