Chapter 04: “Family”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Author’s Notes: A story that focuses on Ikuko Tsukino, Usagi’s mother. I already know the ending of this series! It will be great!

**** 04 ****

Usagi had been gone for a few months and there was no idea when she would be returning home to her family. The Tokyo Police and with the F.B.I. was following all leads that they had and all the leads they had that the kidnappers had fled to Dallas, Texas of the United States and the F.B.I. in Texas was also following leads of a ring of kidnappers in Texas who was involved in taking Asian girls from the countries of China, South Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Ikuko missed her daughter a lot and wanted her back as soon as possible. Ikuko tried dealing with Usagi’s absence by visiting some of the places that Usagi always visited. Maybe if she went to these places maybe she could understand Usagi more. So, that is what Ikuko decided to do. Ikuko decided to walk since it was a beautiful day and no need to drive. She walked to the Game Crown Arcade. She never been there before. Usagi loved going to seeing Motoki and playing the Sailor V video game. Usagi was not good at the game, but she did enjoy that game anyway. Motoki saw Ikuko and knew she was Usagi’s mother. He greeted her.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino, how are you doing this day?”

He asked her in a friendly manner and wanted to know her wellbeing.

“I am doing fine. Just trying to hang in there after Usagi been abducted. It hasn’t been the same without her.”

Ikuko replied. Usagi’s absence had affected everyone and not just the Tsukino’s.

“Would you like something to eat and relax a bit?”

Motoki offered her something to eat.

“Could you get for me what Usagi always ordered please?”

Ikuko asked him and he was surprised that she would want what Usagi always ordered.

“Sure. I will let my sister know and she will serve you.”

Motoki told Ikuko and led her to a table in the cafe and Ikuko sat down and she thanked him. Unazuki came by and took Ikuko’s order.

“Hello, I am Unazuki. You are Usagi’s mother, right? I am here to take your order.”

Unazuki introduced herself and was ready to take Ikuko’s order.

“Yes, could I please order what Usagi always order?”

Ikuko asked Unazuki.

“Sure! You would like a chocolate milkshake, an apple and a muffin?”

Unazuki asked Ikuko.

“Yes, is that what Usagi always asked for?”

Ikuko asked Unazuki.

“Yes, Usagi always replied that ‘she had to keep her energy up.’ She was a very energetic girl as I have seen.”

Unazuki explained that Usagi was very energetic and loved eating and staying on the move.

“I have seen Usagi being worn out and fall asleep on her bed.”

Ikuko added to the conversation. Usagi’s day was regularly active each day. School, detention (if she was late), meetings with friends, monster fights (sometimes), going to the arcade, and then going home. Ikuko may not fully understood Usagi but visiting the places Usagi always visited would help dealing with the loneliness of not having Usagi around. Unazuki went and got Ikuko’s order and brought it to her. Ikuko ate the muffin and the apple and drank the milkshake. next, Ikuko walked to Usagi’s school and visited one of Usagi’s teachers. Ikuko visited Miss Haruna. Miss Haruna was an English teacher. Miss Haruna greeted Ikuko Tsukino.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino, how are you on this fine day?”

Miss Haruna asked her in a very friendly manner.

“I am well. I am just trying cope with Usagi being gone.”

Ikuko explained about Usagi being gone and trying to cope with her being gone.

“Any new leads to Usagi being found?”

Miss Haruna asked in a curious tone.

“No. Not yet. There are no new leads as far I know. There are possible unconfirmed leads, but it could be a dead end.”

Ikuko explained to Miss Haruna.

“Usagi will be found I know it. She is a strong girl. She’ll be back before you know it.”

Miss Haruna tried to speak positively to Ikuko. Even Miss Haruna did not want to get her hopes up because most teenagers that are kidnapped are rarely found alive, but Usagi was strong for a girl

her age. Ikuko nodded and left and headed to the Hikawa Shrine. of all the places that Usagi visited, this was the place that Usagi always went to. Rei, Ami, and Chibiusa sat on the steps of the Hikawa Shrine and they saw Ikuko Tsukino, they stood up to greet her properly. Chibiusa had been taking turns staying with the other girls and with Mamoru as well. Each of them had missed Usagi greatly and trying to deal with Usagi being gone. Rei rarely spoke of Usagi’s kidnapping. She loved Usagi like a sister and not having Usagi there was like not having a good argument.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino.”

Ami greeted her. Rei and Chibiusa did the same. Luna, Diana, and Artemis were with Makoto and Minako. They were trying to find any new information on Usagi’s kidnapping but came up with nothing.

“Hello girls.”

Ikuko greeted them.

“How are you?”

Rei asked Ikuko in a concerned tone.

“I am fine, I wanted to get out of the house and visit all the places that Usagi liked to visit. I know she has spent lots of time here.”

Ikuko replied to Rei. Rei and the others covered for Usagi if something was wrong with her. (Like if she was under some sort of spell.) Rei would simply saw that Usagi was sick and in a way, she was.

“That’s nice. Usagi is a great girl. I am sure Usagi will be back before you know it and you’ll be hugging her and not wanting to let go.”

Ami replied knowing that Usagi would return.

“Thank you, Ami-San. You try to stay positive, don’t you?”

Ikuko asked Ami.

“Yes, hoping for someone important as Usagi… there’s nothing greater than that.”

Ami explained. After speaking to them for a while, Ikuko returned home and waited for Shingo and Kenji to return. Kenji often tried to keep his normal routine while Shingo usually stayed in his room and dealt

with Usagi being gone in his own way. However, soon they would receive the news they had been waiting to hear… that Usagi was alive and their reunion with her would come in two to three months from now.