Chapter 03: “Awakening”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

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is going.

**** 03 ****

Usagi was still in the hospital in Denver, Colorado being treated for her injuries. She had been there for a while now and was improving. The doctors would check on the mystery girl daily on her progress and note it in their charts about her. The F.B.I. had confirmed through a DNA test that Usagi was Asian in origin and now had to figure out where Usagi came from and when Usagi was well enough for travel to send her back home to her family. However, they feared that Usagi could be kidnapped again or taken hostage and they could not afford to lose her now and decided to keep Usagi in the hospital at Denver until they could confirm that all the kidnappers were in custody.

The F.B.I. had decided to search for the point of origin where Usagi escaped from and decided to search a radius of 1,500 miles in all directions and maybe that would lead them to where the kidnappers had

held Usagi prisoner. However, now, they had no conclusive proof that Usagi was kidnapped except that Usagi was a victim of sexual assault and that was a crime.

However, in Japan, Ikuko Tsukino wondered if Usagi would ever be found and if she would come back home. Ikuko would sit on Usagi’s bed and spend hours lost in thought of what Usagi had gone through. Kenji, Usagi’s father would come in Usagi’s room and join Ikuko on Usagi’s bed and sit next to her and gently rubbing her back and reassuring her that Usagi would return and that he had full trust in the American F.B.I. that they would bring Usagi home. Shingo dealt with loss by himself in his own way. He spent many hours in his room writing in journals about his feeling of Usagi being gone and that life was not the same without her. He had wished that he had never teased her. He hoped that Usagi would return safely and not die in a foreign land. Chibiusa spent her time with Ami and Rei. Chibiusa was the most mature girl for her age. Usagi was like a sister to Chibiusa and Usagi’s absent took its toll on the little girl. Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and the others took turns watching over Chibiusa and keeping her

safe from harm. They also noticed that Chibiusa had not vanished from existence since Usagi was still alive and to them that was good news. They could not tell anyone that Chibiusa from the future or that Usagi was the future Neo Queen Serenity or that Usagi was Sailor Moon. Shingo also noticed that Sailor Moon had not appeared in a while, but he brushed it off that there were no monsters in the area and quickly brushed the idea that Usagi was Sailor Moon. He could not see his big sister as Sailor Moon.

Back in Denver, Usagi showed signs of awakening. The nurses always kept watch checking on her. One nurse saw Usagi starting to wake and she called for more staff and to alert the two F.B.I. agents assigned to investigate Usagi’s case that the mystery girl was waking up and they were needed. Within several minutes, Usagi opened her eyes and wondered where she was. She did not recognize it. She saw the nurses and Usagi did not recognize them either. She saw words in the room she could not read. She did not know what that meant. One of the nurses spoke to Usagi.

“Miss, are you alright?”

The nurse asked Usagi and Usagi did not understand her and remained silent. The nurse did not understand why the mystery girl was not speaking. She wondered if the girl was mute, but she quickly ruled that out. Not too long after that, the F.B.I. agents John Ross and Andrea Williamson had

arrived at the hospital and saw that Usagi was alert but looking a bit confused and cautious about her situation. She was in a room where strangers were standing staring at her. John Ross spoke to her but again Usagi did not understand him and did not respond. Then Andrea Williamson had an idea and spoke to her counterpart.

“I have an idea.”

Andrea announced. John Ross turned his head towards his partner and answered her.

“Oh? How?”

John Ross asked Andrea.

“This girl here is from Asia and maybe she might speak Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Maybe that is why she has not been responding. It’s worth a shot.”

Andrea announced and John Ross gave his approval. Andrea first spoke to the mystery girl in Chinese. It was a simple greeting, but Andrea got no response from the girl. Then Andrea spoke the same greeting in Korean and got silence again from the girl. Then Andrea spoke the greeting in Japanese to the girl this greeting:

“Hello, I am special agent Andrea Williamson. Do you know where you are and what happened to you?”

Andrea asked the mystery girl and Andrea struck a chord with the girl and Usagi answered in a soft tone of voice.

“Hello, I don’t know where I am. I don’t remember who I am or where I came from.”

Usagi answered Andrea. Andrea knew this was serious. The girl was claiming she did not remember anything at all and spoke again.

“You don’t remember your name?”

Andrea asked the girl again and Usagi saw the stuffed rabbit next to her. Usagi wondered how she got this stuffed animal.

“I don’t know what my name is to be honest. How did I get this little stuffed thing and what is it?”

Usagi questioned Andrea. Andrea sat next to the edge of the bed and answered.

“That is a stuffed bunny rabbit. It is a toy. One of the nurses wanted you to have it to help you out. Do you like the stuffed bunny?”

Andrea asked the mystery girl and the girl looked at the stuffed bunny rabbit and answered.

“Yes, I love it. it is pretty. I do not understand of how I know, but I feel that I have always loved bunny rabbits. It is more feelings I have inside. I do not know more than that. Where do rabbits live anyway?”

Usagi explained about knowing that her feelings inside tells her that she always liked bunny rabbits but cannot explain why she liked them, and she asked where rabbits live.

“Rabbits live in the forest and also in the plains too, but that depends on the different type of rabbit, also people have rabbits as pets.”

Andrea explained a bit about rabbits and Usagi was amazed.


Usagi was amazed that people would keep rabbits as pets. Over the next few days, Andrea Williamson visited Usagi often and taught her many things of how to care for herself. The nurses also determined that Usagi could eat food and breathe on her own and Andrea taught Usagi how to eat food with utensils and with chopsticks too since Usagi was Japanese. Andrea tried to find out what Usagi liked by asking questions of what she felt and that would help figure out who she really was, and it would not be too long that they would have a name for the mystery girl.