Chapter 01: Discovery

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**** 01 ****

It happened about four months ago and during this time of being gone from Tokyo had been very rough on Usagi. It all started when Naru and Usagi spent the afternoon together after
school. Naru and Usagi spent time together listening to music and chatting about what was happening lately. Then after an hour or so, Usagi saw she had to go home and left Naru’s room and left OSA-P when suddenly a black sedan pulled up out of nowhere and the door opened a guy got out of the car quickly and grabbed Usagi and put some sort of rag over her mouth and nose to keep her from screaming. The man wore a dark colored suit and wore black shoes and sunglasses. Naru came downstairs to give Usagi something when Naru witnessed Usagi’s kidnapping. The man that took Usagi got Usagi in the car and he got in and the car drove off and in a flash the car, the shady man and Usagi
were all gone. Naru ran back inside and ran to her mom and explained what she had saw and Naru’s mom contacted the police.

Since then, the Tokyo police had hardly any leads of Usagi’s kidnapping. Naru had stated the guy that got out looked like an American by the color of his hair. Naru worried what the man would do to her. The Tokyo police contacted the F.B.I. and explained the case to them and that they had hardly
no leads and that an American may be involved in the kidnapping of a Japanese teenage girl.

Since that time, Tokyo police and the F.B.I. had no clues what happened at first. However, the abductors, took Usagi about 150 miles north of Tokyo to this cabin out in the countryside which they had rented sometime back. There was two men and another young woman which they had with them at the time of Usagi’s abduction. The young woman was given the task of undoing Usagi’s Odangos and
washing her hair. Afterwards, she was given instructions to dye Usagi’s hair black. However, Usagi’s hair was not cut and at least Usagi got to keep her long hair which she loved. They stayed the night there at that old cabin and the next day, the four returned to Tokyo to board a plane to the United States to
Dallas, Texas. One of the men produced a fake passport for Usagi and she was given a fake name and the photo in the passport matched her current look of having dark hair. The party of four got through the airport security without any trouble and soon they were all on the jet plan and headed for the United States. The flight took several hours and then the jet plane set down at the airport in Dallas, Texas and they went through customs and was cleared and then got their luggage and a vehicle was waiting for them outside at the front of the airport. Then the party drove to northwestern Texas to the panhandle to a large cabin out in the wilderness. Usagi and the other young woman were
held captives by these men.

The men were very evil and cruel. The men were part of a ring where the young women were to please customers in the worst of possible ways. Usagi was strictly warned that if she tried to run away there would be consequences. Usagi did not like her situation and obeyed her captors but looked for an opportunity to flee her captors to get help. However, doing that without a plan.

At one time, she glanced at a map of the United States and saw many ways she could travel escape her captors. South was the best way. The biggest city south of her was Amarillo. it was not a large town, but she knew if she walked there, she could seek help.

Over time since her abduction, she looked for the right time to flee. She thought it best to leave at night in the darkness. She did not like the dark, but it was better than being held captive by a bunch of crazed men. Then the night came that she darted out of the house when none of her captors were not looking. She ran at first for a while trying to create a distance between her and the house she ran from and later she started walking to conserve her energy. Usagi was no dummy. She was smart enough to know it was best to travel at night. Usagi was dressed in clothes that looked a bit too big for her. However, the reality of the situation was that Usagi had not ate much since she was taken captive. Usagi knew she had to eat to keep her strength up during her flight from captivity. Night after night she traveled trying to find the town she seen on the map. However, she went north instead of south. She continued this for a long time, and she did not know how far she traveled. She ate a couple of times by eating fruit from some trees she seen but it was not much. Her strength was running out and soon she would faint due to exhaustion.

The worst problem of it all was she spoke no English and how would people understand her? She continued by avoiding any small towns she saw. The next thing that was apparent was, she was in north eastern Colorado. Out of strength and her focus being gone, she fainted and falling headfirst on a small rock in a flower bed in a small city park in a small town of a north eastern Colorado town. Usagi fainted due to extreme hunger and exhaustion. By the next morning while it was still dark, a young couple jogging found Usagi unconscious and her forehead bleeding slightly were she fell and hit herself. The young woman called and reported a teenage girl had been found and reported that the girl was in bad shape as what she had seen. Usagi was still breathing, but it was very labored. The paramedics and a police car came where the girl was. The police car arrived first. Two police got out of the car and approached the couple that found the girl. The female policeman looked at the fallen unconscious
girl while her male partner spoke to the couple. The female policeman noticed that Usagi had not bathed or ate in days and that she may had been a victim of a sexual assault as what she saw about the loose blouse and skirt that Usagi had worn and Usagi would have always worn clothes that fit her perfectly. The female policeman reported to her partner and reported her findings and she
recommended that the F.B.I. should be called in to help with the investigation about this mysterious girl.

The male policeman took statements from the couple and the paramedics arrived to help Usagi. Usagi had no identification on her and they did not know that she had been kidnapped from Tokyo, Japan months earlier. The F.B.I. had no idea that they were dealing with a teenage girl that had been kidnapped from her home. They also did not know what Usagi’s condition would be once she woke up. The police called for a helicopter to air flight Usagi to Denver to a children’s hospital where she could get help and they called the F.B.I. and told them that Usagi was going to Denver and they would continue the investigation there. And now they had a mystery on their hands to find out who the girl was and how she got in terrible shape in the first place.

Lots of questions were asked and no one had the answers to who or where the girl came from. What they knew, she needed medical attention to save her young life. The biggest problem now was to solve the mystery of who she was and what happened to her.


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