Act 3, Chapter 12 – The Major Battle for Area 11 and Freedom at Long Last

Back at the emperor’s palace, Emperor Charles saw the results that Rivalz deliver to him. When Emperor Charles saw that A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally were there, Charles said,

“Well done Rivalz. That’s how you show results when the others have failed.”

“Thank you,” said Rivalz. “Your Majesty.”

“You can go now,” said Charles.

“Why have you done what you did?” asked Euphemia.

“I just did not like your policies,” said Charles, “and I thought a show of force was the best example to give the Elevens and you what happens when you disobey me.”

“Why do you want my big brother?” asked Nunnally.

“Big Brother,” said Charles strangely. “Oh! Look what my enforcer has caught in as well. I thought that I got just Euphemia and A.A.; however, I did not realize that I caught Zero’s sister. Now, tell me dear, who is your big brother?”

“Lelouch,” said Nunnally.

“Wow!” said Charles, “I just got the biggest news of all time. I did not believe that my son oversaw the rebellion against me.”

“So, what is your big plan?” asked A.A. “You don’t just kidnap a geass user, a former princess, and a current princess for no reason.”

“Your right on that part,” said Charles. “My plan is to have two public executions so that I can bring out the Black Knights. After I bring out the Black Knights, I will have my solders kill them in front of one of the two executions. After all the Black Knights have been killed, I will still kill all three of you.”

Back at the Black Knights headquarters, Lelouch and Kallen were going over the plan to the Black Knights, when Nina came in and said,

“There something in the news. Euphemia and Nunnally have been found guilty of treason.”

“What!” said Cornelia.

“It is true,” said Milly as she was coming in, “Prince Schneizel said on television that Euphemia will be executed first three days from now. Then three days after the first execution, Nunnally will be executed.”

“It is all a plan to drive us out,” said Ohgi.

“Yes,” said Gilford, “it is.”

“We need to do something,” said Nina.

“I know that we need to do something;” said Kallen, “however, if we go in unprepared, then we may be ones that will be executed next.”

“Kallen is right,” said Lelouch. “We need to be careful in the operation of rescue our daughter and my sisters.”

(Authors Note: The Fuck Moment starts here.)

Three days later at the palace, Charles was in the throne room while three hours before the execution of Euphemia, Princess Marrybell mel Britannia came to Euphemia cell and said,

“Shhh! I’m come here to rescue you.”

“Thanks sis,” said Euphemia. “Can you also save my friends?”

“Sure,” said Marrybell. “Where are they?”

“All three of us were put in separate cells,” said Euphemia.

Marrybell and Euphemia went to Nunnally cell. When they got there, Nunnally said,

“Watch out!”

What Nunnally was warning Euphemia and Marrybell, that the emperor had set an alarm system in the cells, just in case if one of the cells were open. What the emperor didn’t know was that Euphemia’s cell had a malfunction that did not enable the alarm, but Nunnally’s cell did.

Back in the throne room, Charles said,

“Rivalz, go to the cell block and kill A.A., Euphemia, Nunnally, and anyone that is helping them to escape.”

“Yes, your majesty,” said Rivalz.

Back at Nunnally’s cell, Marrybell said,

“We need to get out of here.”

“A.A. is the cell on the other side of the castle,” said Nunnally.

“We will get to A.A.,” said Marrybell, “but we need to go so that we do not get caught.”

“Then,” said Euphemia, “let’s go.”

Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally went out of the cell area. Just before they got to the main exit of the palace, Rivalz spotted them and said,


The girls didn’t stop, and a huge chase was coming in. Marrybell pulled out a gun and put a bullet in Rivalz’s right arm. Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally went away.

When the Black Knights got to the palace, Kallen said,

“You know the plan guys. Lelouch, Suzaku, Cornelia, and I are going into the palace to rescue A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. You just make sure that we can get out.”

“You got it,” said Nina in the command center.

Lelouch, Suzaku, Cornelia, and Kallen got out of their Knightmares. When they got on the ground, Nonette Enneagram yelled,


“Oh no,” said Cornelia. “now, we have to face her.”

“Who’s her?” asked Suzaku.

“The Knight of Nine,” said Cornelia, “Nonette Enneagram.”

Back in the palace, Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally were still running. Euphemia said,

“It’s quiet. Too quiet.”

“Yep,” said Marrybell.

Just as Marrybell was saying that in the throne room, Charles said,

“Schneizel, go to A.A.’s cell and kill her.”

“Yes,” said Schneizel, “my emperor. Long live Britannia.”

Back outside the palace with the Black Knights, Nonette was taunting Cornelia into attacking, but Cornelia did not budge. Nonette said,

“Kiss Euphemia’s Knight goodbye.”

Before Nonette took her shot, Kallen found a gun on the ground and use it to shoot Nonette in the place. Kallen said,

“I hope that it was all right that I did the deed.”

“Since, she threated Euphemia’s Knight,” said Cornelia. “She deserves it.”

“Great,” said Lelouch, “now, let’s save our comrades.”


(Authors Note: This happens in between Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.)

Lelouch, Kallen, Cornelia, and Suzaku were taking about the plan with G.G. G.G. said,

“That is going to be risky.”

“Why is it risky?” ask Nina when she sneak in unnoticed.

“Because,” said G.G. “Charles has V.V. under the division charge for geasses in the empire. He may use A.A. for bait for C.C. I now figure out why Rivalz. The empire is going to use Euphemia and Nunnally as bait to get Zero.”

“Well,” said Kallen, “we still have the edge. Only we know about Zero.”

“I hope that those three can keep their month’s shut,” said Cornelia.

End Flashback

Back inside the palace in A.A.’s cell, Schneizel went into the cell and notice that A.A. was not in the cell. Schneizel said,

“Make sure that A.A. does not get to the Black Knights.”

“Surprise,” said A.A. “Now die.”

A.A. Geass got to Schneizel head and Schneizel put a bullet in his head.

A.A. went outside the palace. When she saw the Black Knights, A.A. said,

“Mom, Dad, Aunt Cornelia.”

“A.A.,” said Kallen. “Glad to see that you are all right.”

Back with Marrybell, Euphemia, and Nunnally inside the palace, V.V. saw then and said,


“Euphemia,” said Marrybell, “get Nunnally out. I’ll stop V.V.”

“Yes,” said Euphemia. “Let’s go sister.”

Euphemia and Nunnally went to a door. When they open the door, they saw the Black Knights; however, Euphemia accidently trip a silent alarm letting the emperor know her escape from the palace.

“Euphie,” said Suzaku.

“Sister,” said Cornelia. “Watch out! It’s a trap.”

“Stop!” yell Charles, “Stay right there. Don’t move. Euphemia, stop moving to your sister or I’m going to put a bullet in Nunnally’s head.”

Euphemia stopped at that point.

“Now, that I have gotten all of you here,” said Charles. “I’ll start some shooting. First with A.A.”

At that point, a gunshot had been heard. Charles fell to the ground. When Charles saw who shot him, Charles said,

“Marrybell, why?”

“Let’s not stay here and find out,” said Lelouch. “Let’s retreat now.”

The Black Knights took Nunnally, Euphemia, and A.A. along with them and retreated. The rest of the Knights of the Round wanted to chase them; however,

“Let the go,” said Marrybell.

(Authors Note: The Fuck Moment ends here.)

When the Black Knights got back to Area 11, Milly asked,

“Did you rescue Nunnally, Euphemia, and A.A.?”

“Yes,” said Kallen, “we did.”

Two months later at the end of the war, Japan was free. For the trouble that The Britannia Empire cause, Empress Marrybell mel Britannia had release Kallen’s mom and Rivalz, without Geass, from their custody as one way of saying that the empire was sorry. Marrybell also said that she will not punishing anyone that were in the Black Knights for their actions against the empire because Marrybell said,

“The reason that I’m not punishing you is that you did what you thought that was right.”

“Okay,” said Lelouch, “I was not expecting this Empress.”

“I heard that our farther was trying to force our sister, Cornelia, to turn against you;” said Marrybell mel Britannia, “however, our sister, Euphemia, not only warned me about this but also told you about it.”

“How I love my sister,” said Lelouch.

“What happen to V.V.?” asked A.A.

“Simple my niece,” said Marrybell. “I killed him.”

“Your majesty,” said Kallen, “Thank you for releasing my mother.”

“You’re welcome,” said Marrybell. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure,” said Kallen, “What is it?”

“Enjoy your time with Lelouch,” said Marrybell, “and love him.”

“I will,” said Kallen.

End of Act 3

The End