Act 2, Chapter 9 – Family Times, G.G.’s Escape Plan, and G.G. joins the Black Knights

(Authors Note: This chapter starts the midpoint event in the story.)

As the Sutherlands returned to the Black Knights base, Kallen and Lelouch were having a quiet discussion about what to do now that Jeremiah is on their team. Since they know they have some time to kill before striking the Britannian empire, Kallen’s eyes widen at an idea she came up with.

“We should have family time with A.A.,” Kallen suddenly suggested.

Lelouch frowned and sighed with his head on his left hand, propped up by his elbow.

“That would set time away from the next attack strategy against Britannia,” he mumbled as his mind began to wander on the next possible moves against Britannia.

“She needs this Lelouch. She was created by the geass order with our blood and hasn’t been with a family since then,” Kallen pleaded softly, which is rare since she doesn’t like to beg for things.

Lelouch looked at A.A., who was piloting the Gawain for them and not paying attention to their conversation and bit his bottom lip in thought.

“Alright,” he finally stated after a few minutes have passed.

To show her gratitude and happiness, Kallen crushed her lips against him in a bruising but passionate kiss that sent shivers down their spines and a heat of pleasure inside their bodies.

Since she wasn’t paying attention to her parents and their plans, A.A. drove the Gawain into the hanger with Rolo, Guilford, Cornelia, Dolton, Suzaku and Jeremiah driving their Sutherlands into the hanger behind her.

Once they had parked and turned off their Sutherlands, they all began to exit the cockpit and walked around the base.

Rolo went with Jeremiah, Nunnally and Sayako to catch up on what has been going on and what has happened in the past.

Suzaku and Euphemia went to their room to have a passionate lovers’ moment and to make out again, hopefully with no interruptions.

Guilford, Cornelia and Dolton went to the engineers and talked about plans for the Sutherlands, leaving Lelouch, A.A. and Kallen in the now silent hanger.

A.A. looked at her parents who were smiling at her with caring and loving eyes.

“What is it mom, dad?” A.A. asked.

They each took A.A.’s hand into their own and walked back to Lelouch’s room where they will have their first family moment.

“Family time sweetheart,” Kallen stated as they went into Lelouch’s room.

A.A. smiled happily and enjoyed watching movies, playing games and learning how to play chess with her parents.

For the first time since she was made, A.A. was relaxed and happy to be in her own family and loved by those who just recently knew about her.

Geass Order

G.G. felt A. A’s happiness through their link and smiled as V.V. was planning on getting his experiment back in his hands.

“G.G., where is that girl?” V.V. demanded.

“Happy and safe with love in her eyes,” G.G. responded with a bored tone then walked away from the small immortal.

“Where’s Rolo?” V.V. asked suddenly, causing G.G. to smirk and walk towards her room.

‘Somewhere you can no longer touch him or A.A. again dear boy,’ G.G. thought to herself.

Ever since A.A. and Rolo’s escape and joining the Black Knights, the Geass Order has been making sure there were no more escapes for any member or Geass user.

G.G stood outside looking up at the sky with a small frown, wondering how A.A. was doing with her parents. As she was deep in thought, one of the young children Geass users walked over to her.

“G.G., Lord V.V. is wondering what you keep doing out here when you are supposed to be making more Geass Users like the rest of them,” the young female geass user (Amaya).

G.G. looked at the young girl who resembled Gino and a random Britannian woman.

“I don’t make pointless contracts with you killers. A.A. will forever be my only Geass user,” G.G. stated calmly.

Amaya frowned and shook her head as she goes to report what G.G. said to V.V.

‘Puppets all of them,’ G.G. thought sadly as she looked back up at the sky.

G.G. sighed and went to her room to close her eyes. Even though of most Geass order does not dream, G.G. just uses visions and images of what her dreams once were when she was human.

G.G.’s Vision:

A.A. walked towards G.G. with a smile and G.G. returned the smile.

“How is my favorite contractor?” G.G. asked.

“I’m doing well with the Black Knights and my parents,” A.A. said happily then slowly frowned.

G.G. blinked when she saw the frown.

“What’s wrong dear?” G.G. asked.

“Even though Rolo has come here and I’ve started to take over his contract so no other Geass order member can look through his eyes. I wish you were here…you’ve been there for me since I was made…” A.A. said sadly.

G.G. went into deep thought then slowly had an idea.

“I’ll be with you, but I need you guys to attack this base. Only attack to distract them from seeing me escape,” G.G. said with a smile.

A.A. nodded and smiled happily as the vision disappeared.

Black Knights (Lelouch’s room that he shares with Kallen and A.A.)

A.A opened her eyes and smiled as she was snuggled in between her parents. She slowly shook her father to wake him up.

“What is it A.A.?” Lelouch mumbled in his sleep as he opened his tired purple eyes to investigate her blue ones.

“Can you attack the base of the Geass order and distract them long enough for G.G. to escape?” A.A. asked sweetly.

Lelouch rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at Kallen to see she was still asleep.

“I could, why?” Lelouch asked.

“I really miss G.G. and she doesn’t want to be there, so we thought you can take her away from there,” A.A. explained with a small frown.

Lelouch smiled and kissed his daughter on her head gently.

“Just tell me where the base is, and I will think of a plan from there,” Lelouch stated calmly.

A.A. nodded her head and told him about the base and its’ location. Lelouch slowly got out of bed and grabbed a map, pens and started playing a chess game as he thought of his plan.

Feeling that her boyfriend wasn’t in bed with her and their daughter who had gone back to sleep, Kallen opened her eyes and saw him at his desk.

Kallen slowly got out of bed and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“What are you doing…come back to bed,” Kallen mumbled tiredly.

“I’m working on a plan to rescue A.A.’s friend, go back to bed Kallen…” Lelouch said gently as he rubbed his right hand on her arms.

“You’ll come back to bed once you’re done right?” Kallen asked gently.

“Yes, once it’s done, I’ll come back to you and A.A.,” Lelouch promised.

Kallen nodded her head and went back to bed with A.A. in her arms as Lelouch continued planning G.G.’s escape.