Act 2, Chapter 8 – Jeremiah Joins the Team

Lelouch stood with the core members of the Black Knights along with C.C., A.A., his siblings, his sister’s guards, Rolo, Sayako and his best friend Suzaku. After his break, down with his family and telling the truth, he looked at his army with a calm face.

“So…do we call you Zero or Prince Lelouch,” Tamaki asked after an awkward silence.

Lelouch looked at him with a calm expression, his hands at his sides while Kallen and A.A. stood on both sides of him. Kallen had wrapped her right arm around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder to give off the bodyguard and girlfriend approach while A.A. stood beside him, clinging slightly to his legs as she watched everyone with curious eyes.

“Zero is merely a symbol to show Britannia that the Black Knights aren’t terrorist nor are we Britannians,” Lelouch explained.

“But…there are Britannians in this group…” Tamaki mumbled.

“If we show that Japanese and Britannians can work together as equals then we are more powerful against Britannia itself,” Lelouch stated.

“You really never used your geass on any of us, right?” Ohgi asked for the first time since he learned the truth.

“I have only used it on Kallen to see if she was the pilot from Shinjuku that is all,” Lelouch replied as Kallen slowly glared at Ohgi.

Ohgi looked at Lelouch, his expression masked to hide his anger and his disapproval. A.A. looked at him with her blue eyes then walked over to him. Ohgi looked down at her and noticed her frowning and narrowing her eyes, that are so like Kallen’s, at him.

“What?” Ohgi asked.

“Don’t ever look at my father as if he’s done this enslavement on the people of Japan. They need him and the Black Knights,” A.A. stated.

“He wants to get Britannians on this team to help take the Emperor down. I may have turned my back on my people a lot but this time I can see that it was not to change them from within but to get the Emperor and give the nation a new beginning,” Suzaku said as he looked at Ohgi, his green eyes staring at Ohgi with anger causing his eyes to look darker green.

“Since when are you on the side of us Japanese?!” Tamaki asked angrily, pointing his finger at Suzaku with anger flashing in his eyes.

“I have always tried to do what I thought was right for the Japanese people…knowing that what I was doing was wrong…Lelouch showed me that Britannia, no matter what a Knight can do…won’t change a difference,” Suzaku said as he looked at his best friend, an apologetic look showing in his eyes.

Lelouch gently smiled at his friend and nodded his head to show he forgave him for his wrongdoings.

“We could try to get Lord Jeremiah to an abandoned warehouse and show him that Prince Lelouch vi Britannia and Princess Nunnally vi Britannia are still alive. He was very committed to protect Lady Marianne,” Cornelia said, her hand under her chin in a thoughtful manner.

Lelouch thought about what his elder sister suggested.

‘She’s right. Lord Jeremiah has always been obedient to the Vi Britannia line, but would he fight alongside me as I bring justice to those who wronged not only the Japanese but continued on once my mother had been killed.’

“Cornelia, call Jeremiah immediately and ask him to meet at abandon warehouse 11,” Lelouch ordered.

“Right away brother,” Cornelia said as she took out her phone and began calling Jeremiah.

“Kallen, A.A., Euphemia and Suzaku, you’re going with me to convince Lord Jeremiah to join me,” Lelouch ordered as he turned to look at the ones he called out.

“You got it dad,” A.A. said as her blue eyes gleamed in happiness.

“I’m with you on this,” Kallen said as she saluted to him.

“I’ll help you out big brother,” Euphemia said with a smile.

“I’m on your side Lelouch,” Suzaku said with a small smile.

Lelouch looked at his little sister and adopted brother with a thoughtful expression.

“I need the two of you to stay in the conference room so once we have Lord Jeremiah, he’ll be able to see the both of you, Sayako be with them as well,” Lelouch said in a soft tone.

“I understand big brother,” Nunnally said as she reached for his hand and held it with a smile.

“Of course, Master Lelouch,” Sayako said as she bowed to the man who treated her as a friend than a number.

“Yes, big brother,” Rolo said as he smiled at him.

Lelouch turned to look at everyone else.

“Until further orders, you all go about what you usually would do and please don’t mess anything up,” Lelouch ordered.

“What gives you the right to order us around?!” Tamaki yelled out in anger.

“Because I am still Lord Zero, Creator of the Black Knights, whether I have a mask on or not,” Lelouch said coldly.

There was an uncomfortable silence before the members of the Black Knights raised their hands to their foreheads in a salute.

“Roger Master Zero!” some of the members replied.

“Roger that Zero,” the core member replied.

‘Soon Jeremiah, you will join my ranks as well,’ Lelouch thought to himself as he looked at a black Bishop on a chess board and smirked lightly.

He walked over to the chessboard and placed the Black King, Black Queen, Two Black Knights, Both Roots and The Bishops in a line on the table.

“Are we nothing but pawns to you?” Ohgi suddenly asked.

“In war, everyone is a pawn but you, the Black Knights are my army. The answer to the question is no, you are not the pawns to me, but you are pawns in the way of the people,” Lelouch stated.

Ohgi looked at him as he silently thought of his answer.

“I understand Zero,” Ohgi finally said as he left the room quietly.

After the meeting with the core members of the Black Knights, Lelouch went to his room and stared outside the window in deep thought. A.A. was being babysat by Rolo and Nunnally since they were in a sense her auntie and uncle due to their family relationship with Lelouch. As Lelouch continued looking out the window, Kallen’s reflection showed from behind him.

“Kallen,” Lelouch said as a greeting while Kallen walked towards his side to wrap her arms around his neck, which led Lelouch to wrap an arm around her waist.

“Lelouch are you ready to do this?” Kallen asked him gently as he ran his thumb against her side.

“Yes…if Jeremiah was more loyal to the vi Britannian’s then that means he would be not only a great asset but also a good way of protection for A.A. and Nunnally,” Lelouch stated as he turned his head slightly to kiss her head.

Kallen looked up at him slightly and frowned at the mentioning of A.A. getting protection from someone who wasn’t them.

“She’s our daughter Lelouch,” Kallen said sadly.

“And because she is, I want her to be protected by the best when we’re on missions,” Lelouch stated gently.

Kallen frowned as her blue eyes looked as if she lost a family member. Slowly her eye turned to her geass symbol for truth and she looked at Lelouch, who stared at her with rings around his eyes.

“Why are you asking Jeremiah to join the Black Knights?” Kallen asked sadly.

Lelouch turned his body to face her and gently pulled her into his arms. Kallen slowly wrapped her arms around him to return the hug.

“I believe Jeremiah can help us not only win this war but help protect those we love even more,” Lelouch said truthfully yet Kallen wasn’t fully convinced.

She turned off her geass and held onto him tighter. Lelouch sighed and kissed Kallen’s forehead gently to reassure her what she heard from him was nothing but the truth.

Suzaku walked in and frowned lightly.

“We’re ready and Jeremiah is already at the meeting point,” Suzaku stated

Lelouch nodded and held Kallen’s hand as he followed Suzaku to the hanger where Cornelia, Euphemia, A.A, Rolo, Dolton and Guilford were waiting for them. Lelouch and Kallen got into the Gawain with A.A., Dolton, Guilford and Cornelia got into their own Sutherlands, Suzaku and Euphemia got into the Lancelot and Rolo got into his own Sutherland.

“Let’s go get Jeremiah to join our cause,” Lelouch said.

“Roger that!” the others said as they all launched out of the hanger of the Black Knight’s Headquarters.

An hour later

The Gawain, Lancelot, Rolo’s Sutherland, Princess Cornelia’s Sutherland, and her two loyal royal guards Sutherlands had stopped/landed in front of the Warehouse that Lelouch came to for his discussion with Cornelia and her guards. The Sutherland cockpits hissed as they opened to allow the pilots to get out. Once they were all out, they walked towards the Warehouse, Lelouch wearing his zero uniform and helmet.

They walked in to see Jeremiah aka Orange Boy pacing with a scowl on his face. He looked at them and glared.

“You wanted this meeting with me Zero, but I had no idea you have captured the Princesses,” Jeremiah stated with a glare.

“I did not capture them, they joined me for a personal reason,” Zero replied.

Jeremiah looked towards Euphemia, Cornelia, Dolton and Guilford who nodded their heads to show that what Zero has said was true.

“Why did you want to meet him here Zero?” Jeremiah reluctantly asked, his eyes hiding the pain of not protecting the one who had wanted to protect all those years ago.

“You wish to follow what Marianne vi Britannia would have wanted is that correct?” Zero asked.

“Y-You know about my loyalty to Marianne?” Jeremiah asked with as shock filled his eyes.

Zero nodded his head and pulled out a photo of two children. He outstretched his hand towards Jeremiah who looked at the picture. He gasped when he saw his young lord Lelouch vi Britannia and his young lady Nunnally vi Britannia in the photo at Ashford Academy.

“My young lord is alive and well along with his sister,” Jeremiah stated as tears form on his face.

“That I am Lord Jeremiah,” Zero said as he removed his helmet to reveal his face to Jeremiah.

“My lord, you did all this to avenge your mother and prove the truth about everything to Britannia,” Jeremiah stated to confirm his suspicion.

“Yes, Lord Jeremiah. Will you help me right the wrongs my father has committed to the world and protect my daughter as well?” Lelouch asked with a sincere smile.

“Your daughter?” Jeremiah asked with confusion.

A.A. walked over to Jeremiah and bowed her head in greeting.

“I am Angelina Andrews or Angelina vi Britannia, the daughter of Lelouch vi Britannia and Kallen Kōzuki-Stadtfeld,” A.A. introduced.

Jeremiah kneeled in front of Lelouch, Kallen and A.A. with his fist over his heart and bowed.

“It would be my pleasure and honor to protect you Your Majesty,” Jeremiah announced.

“Then will you join the Black Knights and protect my sister Nunnally, my daughter A.A. and my new brother Rolo Lamperouge?” Lelouch asked in the voice of a leader.

“Yes, my lord!” Jeremiah stated as happiness, admiration and loyalty showed in his eyes.

“Then rise Lord Jeremiah and let us go to home,” Lelouch said with a smile as he looked at his new loyal guard.

Jeremiah stood up and nodded. The group left the Warehouse towards their Sutherlands and drove back towards the Black Knights Headquarters.

Inside the Gawain

Lelouch had Kallen on his lap as his daughter piloted the Gawain. A.A. smiled as she heard her parents kissing, even though it would be disturbing to other kids and they would say “ewe” to this kind of thing.

Kallen and Lelouch’s lips were crushed together as they made out despite their daughter being in there with them. Kallen leaned back panting softly as purple crashed with blue.

“Now he joined us, and it will be a great help,” Kallen said unsteadily.

“Yes, and now my father will learn why he should never use his own blood as pawns and slaves,” Lelouch said softly.

“We will show Britannia what we, the Black Knights, are all about right dad, mom?” A.A. asked

“That’s right,” Lelouch said for both himself and Kallen who smiled as they watched their daughter carefully pilot the Gawain back to their base of operations.

‘Yes, Britannia will fall once they learn their Eleventh Prince is the one giving true hope towards the Japanese that want not only their freedom but their home back from their bloodstained hands. Which means I must stain my hands for as much as I can for, they have crossed a line they never thought possible,’ Lelouch thought to himself as he and Kallen watched their daughter.