Act 2, Chapter 7 – Getting Nunnally and Lelouch tells Nunnally the Truth

There was a peaceful yet tense silence around the three of them as they tried to wrap their minds on what the next part of the plan was. A.A. looked up at her father as he leaned against the couch inside of the Black Knights Headquarters. She was still sitting on his lap while Kallen still sat beside him. She looked at her father with her blue eyes showed her worry while she continued to sit on his lap being as silently as possible. Kallen sat next on the right side of Lelouch, concern showing in her blue eyes as she stared at the man she had grown to love.

“Lelouch,” Kallen called out gently.

There was no answer as Lelouch was deep in thought. A frown on his face as he thought about the next part of his plan since they traveled back in time to stop him from geassing Euphemia.

“Lelouch,” Kallen called out again.

Lelouch snapped out of his trance and looked into her blue eyes to see her concern for him. He slowly smiled at Kallen’s caring face before he sighed softly.

“We have to tell Nunnally,” Lelouch suddenly said.

Kallen slowly frowned and nodded her head in agreement, rubbing his arm gently.

“Are you ready for that, Lulu?” Kallen asked him gently.

Lelouch looked at Kallen and slowly shook his head, sighing softly.

“Why aren’t you ready to tell her everything?” Kallen asked him, rubbing his arm gently.

A.A. frowned sadly as her father took a moment to gather his mind for what he is about to say.

“Nunnally is a kind-hearted person who believes blood spilling is completely wrong. How will she feel knowing I dirtied my hands to make her dream come true? How will she feel knowing that I’m Zero, the man who killed his own half-brother in cold blood? How will she feel knowing that it was my fault Shirley’s father was killed in that landslide?” Lelouch explained/asked with a small hint of fear in his voice and in his purple eyes.

Kallen’s eyes widen in shock as she saw the inner turmoil in the eyes of the man she started to love and followed for freeing the Japanese people.

“Daddy, Auntie Nunnally will understand…I’m sure of it,” A.A. said as she cuddled her small childlike body against her father’s lanky one.

Lelouch lifted his right hand and ran his fingers through his daughter’s silky black hair.

“I’ll ask Suzaku to bring Nunnally here,” Kallen stated.

Lelouch looked at her and slowly nodded his head, his right hand still running through A.A.’s hair. His eyes filled with turmoil and fear of telling everything to the one sibling other than Euphemia that he cherished the most.

Kallen slowly stood up and left the conference room to look for Suzaku. She walked around, looking for the Honorary Britannian until she stopped near the kitchen to see Suzaku and Euphemia lip locked with their eyes closed. Suzaku had his arms wrapped around Euphemia’s waist while Euphemia had her arms around his neck, her head tilted slightly.

Kallen smiled and blushed slightly, knowing she was intruding on a lover’s moment. Kallen cleared her throat gently, causing the two lovers to break out of their embrace and look at her with deep blushes on their faces for being caught.

“Suzaku, go to Ashford Academy and bring Nunnally and Sayako here. Lelouch will be waiting in the Conference room,” Kallen said.

Suzaku slowly nodded his head and stood up, kissing Euphemia on the cheek gently. He walked over to Kallen and stood next to her.

“How is he?” Suzaku whispered gently so only Kallen will hear him.

“He’s not good right now. Please be quick about getting her,” Kallen asked gently.

Suzaku nodded his head and went to the hanger. He walked over to the Lancelot and got into the cockpit. His green eyes hardened in concentration as he turned the Knightmare on.

“All set Suzaku?” Cecile’s voice suddenly asked.

“All systems are fully functional Miss Cecile,” Suzaku answered.

“Alright go get Nunnally,” Cecile said as the Knightmare hanger opened.

“Lancelot…LANCH!” Suzaku called out as he turned his Knightmare completely on and drove it out of the hanger.

He quickly maneuvered the controls and looked at the map to see the quickest route to Ashford Academy. The wheels of the Lancelot burned into the ground as if it was a car. Suzaku took the quickest route to Ashford Academy, hoping to get Nunnally and Sayako to come with him to see Lelouch.

He jumped slightly when his phone rang, and he answered it.

“Suzaku,” Lelouch’s voice called.

“I’m on my way to Ashford to get Nunnally now. What is it?” Suzaku asked as he noticed he was about 5 minutes away from Ashford.

“Tell Nunnally with me,” Lelouch stated.

“Of course, after all we’re best friends,” Suzaku said with a gentle tone.

‘Kallen was right. He does sound like he’s afraid and needs a little encouragement,’ Suzaku thought to himself as he gained speed.

After 5 minutes of speeding towards Ashford, Suzaku stopped the Lancelot and exited the cockpit.

“Suzaku, what are you doing here?” Nunnally asked as her chair was being pushed by Sayako.

“I came to pick you up, where did you just come from?” Suzaku asked as he noticed that she was outside of the school.

“I asked Sayako to take me for a walk and get some groceries,” Nunnally said with a smile.

Suzaku smiled softly at the innocence of the young blind girl.

“I came to take you and Sayako to see Lelouch,” Suzaku stated.

Nunnally’s face brightened in happiness, knowing she will get to see her big brother since he hadn’t been home much.

“Come on,” Suzaku said as he got back into the Lancelot and turned it on.

He lowered one of the Lancelot’s hands so Sayako could get herself and Nunnally onto his hand.

Suzaku slowly stood up as he held Sayako and Nunnally in the hands of the Lancelot. He turned around and drove off, the wheels burning against the ground.

Nunnally held onto her wheelchair as the Lancelot gained speed towards the Black Knights Headquarters.

Back at the Black Knight Headquarters, Suzaku walked into the hanger with Nunnally and Sayako safe in his arms

Nunnally frowned as she felt that she was in an unknown territory as Sayako’s body slowly went into a fighting stance, her body as poised as a panther about to attack.

“Suzaku where are we?” Nunnally asked as the hands of the Lancelot lowered to the ground so Sayako could get herself and Nunnally off the hands.

“We are where Lelouch is, Nuna-chan,” Suzaku said, using the nickname most people give Nunnally.

Sayako looked around as she pushed Nunnally’s wheelchair off the Lancelot’s hands.

Suzaku climbed out of the cockpit of the Lancelot and walked down the arms of his Knightmare slowly.

He jumped off the hand and began to lead Nunnally and Sayako to the Black Knights Conference Room where Lelouch, Kallen and A.A. were having a family moment.

A few minutes had passed until Suzaku opened the Conference room door and frowned when he saw his best friend having the most pained expression in his purple eyes.

Kallen looked up and smiled sadly at Suzaku as A.A. had fallen asleep in her father’s arms.

Suzaku walked in with Sayako and Nunnally following close behind him.

“Lelouch are you there?” Nunnally asked as Sayako looked at her master with an unreadable expression.

Lelouch looked at his baby sister, the one he cherished so much and sighed. His purple eyes went from pained to unreadable, causing Kallen to frown and gently take A.A. off his lap.

Lelouch looked at her with a grateful expression and stood up, slowly walking over to his sister.

He kneeled in front of her and gently placed his hand on her folded hands that were in her lap.

“It’s me Nuna,” Lelouch said gently with a small smile.

“Big brother, Suzaku told me you have to share something with me. What is it?” Nunnally asked concerned.

Lelouch took a deep breath and slowly let it out before he looked at Sayako then Suzaku.

“Nunnally, remember C.C.?” Lelouch asked her.

“Yes, how is Ms. C.C.?” Nunnally asked concerned about her new friend.

“You see…C.C. gave me this power called Geass. My geass is absolute obedience but it has a drawback. I can only use it once on a person and the limitation is that it will remain in my eyes permanently,” Lelouch started to explain.

Nunnally listened carefully as her brother told her about him being Zero, how he, Suzaku, and Kallen met A.A., etc. Lelouch didn’t leave anything out of his story and even introduced A.A. and Rolo to Nunnally. Kallen filled in some of the story when Lelouch couldn’t.

After the story was done, there was a very tense silence as Lelouch felt that his own baby sister would hate him for all his lies and the blood he had spilled.

“Well I don’t like that you lied to me and that you spilled all this blood to make me a peaceful world,” Nunnally began to say.

Lelouch slowly frowned and his eyes filled with pain again, thinking his sister would never forgive him.

“But I’m glad you told me the truth and I know you feel regret for the deaths that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. So, I forgive you big brother,” Nunnally said with a smile.

Lelouch hugged his sister tightly, his body shaking as tears slid down his face.

Kallen and Suzaku looked at one another and smiled as they looked towards the reunited siblings.

Sayako smiled and looked at A.A. who was still asleep in Kallen’s arms.

‘Next we should find Jeremiah and interrogate him. Perhaps he knows about my mother and what happened to her,’ Lelouch thought as he continued his embrace with his baby sister.