Act 2, Chapter 6 – Lelouch Tells the Truth

They all left and went into their own Knightmares or Sutherlands. Lelouch got into the Gawain with C.C as A.A. sat on the Knightmare’s hand, holding on tightly. Suzaku got into the Lancelot as Euphemia sat down in its hands and held on tightly. Kallen got into her Guren Mk II and looked over to where A.A. was to make sure her daughter was okay. Rolo climbed back into the Black Knightmare he took from Kaname Island. Cornelia, Guilford and Dalton walked out of the warehouse and got into their own Sutherlands.

Lelouch and C.C. led the way to the current Black Knight’s headquarters as Kallen followed them. Suzaku, Cornelia, Guilford, Dalton and Rolo followed them.

Lelouch sighed and leaned back in his seat, his left hand rubbing his black hair.

“What seems to be the problem?” C.C. asked broadly.

“How to tell Nunnally all about this and get Jeremiah to join our cause,” Lelouch said with a sigh.

C.C. fell silent as a video link of Kallen appeared.

“Lelouch, are you planning on telling the black Knights who you are?” Kallen asked, worry in her blue eyes.

Lelouch looked at Kallen and sighed, his left-hand clenching into a fist.

“I believe it would be for the best and I’ll explain about Geass as well,” Lelouch said softly.

Kallen frown softly as she watched her leader and classmate looked so burdened and exhausted.

‘Lelouch,’ Kallen thought to herself with sadness in revealed in her blue eyes.

“Don’t worry about anything Kallen but can you keep an eye on A.A.? This is something I have to do as Zero,” Lelouch stated as he looked at his Queen, his Q-1, his ace.

Kallen thought for a minute as her hands clenched at the controls of the Guren Mk II.

“I will,” Kallen finally said.

“Our daughter needs us both,” Lelouch said as a smile formed on his face.

“Yes, she does,” Kallen said softly as a smile formed on her face as well.

Kallen and Lelouch cut the video link as they continued towards the Black Knights Headquarters.

After about an hour of awkward silence between the group, they finally landed in front of one of the newest and most used Black Knights Headquarters. C.C. and Kallen wheeled their Knightmares towards the launch bay, Suzaku, Cornelia, Dalton and Guilford following. Once they entered the hanger, they saw Lloyd and Cecile standing with Rakshata.

The Gawain and the Guren Mk II were parked in their usual spots before the cockpits opened and Lelouch as Zero, C.C., Kallen and A.A. left the Knightmares. Suzaku took the Lancelot to an empty space reserved for him and opened the cockpit of the Lancelot. Euphemia walked over to him carefully and smiled as Suzaku picked her up gently and jumped down. Rolo, Cornelia, Guilford, and Dalton parked their Sutherlands near the Guren and Lancelot before they exited their own Sutherlands as well.

“Welcome back master Zero and company,” Cecile said with a smile.

“Thank you, Miss Cecile,” Suzaku said as he placed Euphemia down.

“Please call a meeting for the Black Knights,” Zero stated.

“Yes, Master Zero,” C.C. and Kallen said as they got to work.

Zero looked at Suzaku, Euphemia, Rolo, Cornelia, Dalton and Guilford before he looked down at his daughter who smiled up at him. Lelouch smiled back at A.A. even though she couldn’t see him.

“Let’s get going,” Zero stated as he led A.A. and the others toward a board meeting room. Cecile, Lloyd and Rakshasa followed them, deciding to fix and look at the Sutherlands and Knightmares later.

They walked towards the boarding room of the headquarters and waited as Lelouch typed in a code to go in. Lelouch looked around and saw the core members and the new recruits of the Black Knights either sitting on the couch or leaning against the wall.

Suzaku, Euphemia, Lloyd, Cecile and Rakshasa walked towards vacant seats as Cornelia, Guilford and Dalton stayed away with Rolo. Kallen and C.C. sat on a couch, leaving an area for Lelouch to sit down.

Lelouch walked over and sat down before placing A.A. on his lap with a smile that was covered by his mask.

“As you all know Suzaku, Cecile, Lloyd and Euphemia have become members of the Black Knights. Now meet our newest members,” Lelouch stated as Cornelia, Rolo Guilford, and Dalton stood near Zero, causing the members of the Black Knights except Kallen, C.C., A.A., Euphemia, Suzaku, Cecile and Lloyd.

“Why are Britannians here?!” Tamaki yelled out in anger.

Zero looked at Tamaki as A.A. glared at him.

“Shut up Tamaki!” A.A. yelled out, causing Tamaki to go quiet and glare at her.

There was an uneasy tension, and many were afraid to end it until Kallen spoke up.

“Zero has more than just that to say,” Kallen said suddenly.

Lelouch sighed and slowly took off his mask, a hissing sound was heard as the helmet released. He revealed his face to the Black Knights, causing them to be angrier and upset.

“A freaking Britannia is our leader!” Tamaki cried out, causing murmurs and cries of anger to spread around the Black Knights.

“Silence!” Kallen yelled out causing everyone to shut up suddenly.

“My name is Lelouch Lamperouge, but my real name is Lelouch Vi Britannia, the former eleventh prince of the Imperial Family and 17th in line for the throne,” Lelouch began.

Tamaki was about to say something until Kallen glared at him, daring him to speak.

“My sister Nunnally and I came to Japan seven years ago as hostages and stayed at the Kururugi Shrine. But then the war happened and since then not only the death of my mother, the Late Empress Marianna vi Britannia, the fifth consort of the Emperor has fueled my anger against my homeland, but they threw my sister aside because she was considered weak since she was crippled and blind,” Lelouch said as anger filled his purple eyes.

Kallen frowned and slowly placed her right hand on Lelouch’s left hand, soothing him slightly. A.A. frowned and cuddled against her father to try and calm him down.

“I went to Ashford Academy and the day of the Shinjuku massacre. I ended up getting a Geass contract with C.C. after being mistaken and almost killed by Britannia forces. Geass is called the power of kings but there are limitations and setbacks. I have Absolute Obedience. I can make anyone do whatever I ask but it can only be used on a person once. Geass forms based off the personality of a person and no I have never used my geass on any of the Black knights. You all followed me on your own,” Lelouch explained.

A.A. and C.C. slowly began to explain some parts as well as many of the Black Knights grew weary of their leader. Once the explanations were done and the meeting close to over, Tamaki frowned.

“So, do we still follow you or was this a game to you?” Ohgi suddenly asked.

“Follow me as you once did. But our next objective is to get my sister Nunnally here with Sayako and having Jeremiah join our cause,“ Lelouch said as he sighed in relief silently.

There was a silence until Ohgi nodded his head.

“Of course, Zero we will continue to follow you,” Ohgi stated as many of the Black Knights nodded their head in agreement.

‘Next up is Nunnally, Sayako and Jeremiah,’ Lelouch thought to himself as the Black Knights left the board room, leaving only Kallen, A.A. and Lelouch in the room.