Act 2, Chapter 5 – Rolo Joins the Black Knights

Cornelia, Lelouch, Kallen, C.C., Suzaku, A.A., Guilford and Darlton decided to stay in Warehouse ’11’ for a while so Cornelia could get to know her niece.

Cornelia looked at A.A. and gently picked her up, being mindful that Lelouch is watching her carefully like a father shoulder.

“So, you were created by this Geass order, why did they use Lelouch’s blood to help create you?” Cornelia asked as she walked away from Lelouch and Kallen to have a private conversation with her niece.

“They never told me just that I should stay away from my mom and dad because they wouldn’t want me,” A.A. said gently, her blue eyes filled with sadness and longing.

Guilford and Darlton looked around to notice that for an abandoned warehouse, it was nicely stocked and had a lot of stuff that should have looked rusted or old.

“What happened to this place?” Guilford asked as he inspected the warehouse carefully.

“Suzaku and I cleaned it up with C.C.’s help,” Euphemia said with a happy smile as she sat next to Suzaku on the couch that was on the far right of one of the broken windows.

Guilford looked over at Princess Euphemia and her knight, frowning sadly.

‘I wish Cornelia and I could be like that,’ Guilford thought as he turned his gaze away from the happy couple.

Lelouch, Kallen and C.C sat on another couch near a window that was not broken, watching A.A. and Cornelia’s bonding moment. Kallen leaned her head on Lelouch’s right shoulder while C.C. leaned her head on his left. Lelouch smiled slightly at them as they continued to watch A.A.

“She looks happy,” C.C. said softly.

“Yes, she does but she looks lonely as well,” Lelouch said as he slowly frowned, his hand holding onto Kallen’s that she had placed on his lap.

Kallen looked at A.A. and noticed the sad look she is trying to hide in her blue eyes. She slowly stood up and let go of Lelouch’s hand. She walked over to Cornelia and gave her a small smile, her motherly instincts kicking in.

“I’m sorry for interrupting you time but I’d like to hold my daughter please,” Kallen said as she looked at A.A., who looked at her mother with sad blue eyes.

Not knowing how to think, Cornelia could only blink then look between Lelouch and Kallen, realizing that A.A. really does share both of their features that she had not noticed until now. She nodded her head and gently handed A.A. to Kallen, who held her daughter close. Kallen turned around and walked back over to the couch as Cornelia watched with a calm expression to hide her hurt and sadness. Cornelia watched as Kallen sat back down beside Lelouch, who gently wrapped his arms around both A.A. and Kallen with C.C. watching them look like a loving family with a small smile on her face.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Lelouch asked

“I want G.G.,” A.A. said sadly, her head on her father’s right shoulder.

Lelouch and Kallen looked into one another eyes, purple clashing with blue, frowning when they heard how sad A.A. sounded

Lelouch kissed A.A. on the forehead and rubbed her back.

“You’ll be reunited soon, I promise,” Lelouch whispered softly to his daughter.

A.A. looked at her dad and nodded gently.

When no one was expecting it, a Black Knightmare suddenly crashed into the Warehouse and landed on the ground far enough to not hurt anyone. It caused dust to surround the area, making everyone cough until it cleared up. Everyone looked at the Knightmare, waiting to see if they were friend or enemy. They didn’t have to wait long as the cockpit of the Knightmare opened and a young boy with brown hair and purple eyes emerged. He had on his Ashford Academy uniform, since the Geass Order was going to send him there later. He jumped out of the cockpit and landed on his feet as if he were another Suzaku.

No one made a sound or move as the boy looked around, looking for someone.

“ROLO!” A.A. cried out as she squirmed in her parents’ embrace, breaking the weird silence.

Rolo looked over to see A.A. and smiled when he saw that his friend was okay. He opened his arms, waiting for A.A. to give him a hug.

Noticing that the boy and A.A. knew each other, Lelouch and Kallen let go of A.A. and watched her get off the couch and run towards her best friend from the Geass Order.

“A.A.!” Rolo called out happily as his best friend jumped into his arms.

He hugged her and spun her around in his arms, smiling when the spinning caused A.A. to laugh happily.

Calming themselves down, Rolo placed A.A. down and ruffled her head. He looked around and noticed Lelouch, Kallen and C.C. first. He then turned his gaze towards Euphemia and Suzaku who were holding onto each other. He slowly turned his gaze to see Guilford and Darlton standing in front of Cornelia. His body slowly tensed up to kill these people, thinking they hurt A.A. until she tapped him on his right arm. Rolo looked down at her with hard purple eyes until his eyes softened to see the smile on A.A.’s face.

“They’re my family Rolo,” A.A. stated so her best friend wouldn’t attack her family.

Rolo nodded his head and patted A.A. on the head in gratitude. He looked at A.A.’s family and bowed slowly.

“I am Rolo, a good friend of A.A. and an assassin of the Geass Order sent by G.G. to protect A.A. from V.V.,” Rolo introduced himself.

Lelouch sat up from the couch and slowly walked over to Rolo. He stared at him as he slowly raised his hand and held it out.

“I’m Lelouch Lamperouge, Angeline’s father.”

Rolo gripped his hand and shook his hand, happy to be accepted by A.A.’s father as her best friend.

“I’m Kallen Stadtfeld-Kōzuki, Angeline’s mother.”

“I’m Euphemia li Britannia, Angeline’s aunt.”

“I’m Suzaku Kururugi, Euphemia’s Knight.”

“I’m Cornelia li Britannia, Angeline’s aunt.”

“I’m Gilbert G.P. Guilford, Cornelia’s Knight.”

“I’m Andreas Darlton, Cornelia’s loyal soldier.”

Following Lelouch’s example, one by one everyone introduced themselves and gave Rolo either a hug or a handshake. Looking Rolo over, Lelouch noticed that their eyes were completely similar and decided to do something that no one would expect of Lelouch.

“You will be known as Rolo Lamperouge, my younger brother and the guard of my…our youngest sister Nunnally Lamperouge,” Lelouch demanded.

Rolo blinked and slowly frowned before looking at A.A., who nodded her head with a smile. He looked at Lelouch and smiled, nodding his head.

‘Now I have a family to protect as I protect A.A. for G.G.,’ Rolo thought to himself with a smile as Lelouch pulled him into a brotherly hug.

“Yes…big brother,” Rolo said softly.

Lelouch smiles and nodded his head, looked at Euphemia then at Cornelia.

“We’ll have to get Jeremiah to join the Black Knights,” Lelouch stated.

Cornelia and Euphemia nodded their head in agreement along with Darlton and Guilford. Kallen and Suzaku kept their opinion to themselves which caused A.A. to frown slightly.

“First we should get back to the Black Knights base,” C.C. said suddenly.

Lelouch looked at the witch and nodded his head slowly.

“We must introduce the Black Knights to their new comrades,” Lelouch said in agreement.

“I will join the Black Knights because this is for A.A.,” Rolo stated.

Lelouch looked at Rolo and nodded his head, placing his hand on A.A.’s head and rubbed her black hair.

Lelouch gently picked A.A. up and walked over to Kallen and C.C.

“Let’s get to the Black Knights base,” Lelouch stated.

They got into their respective Knightmares and went to the base of the Black Knights, Lelouch had his mask back on.