Act 2, Chapter 4 – Cornelia Joins the Black Knights

Cornelia was in her room sitting behind her desk, her body tense with anger as she looked at the news about the Special Zone that her own blood sister created. She bit her bottom lip angrily, thinking that Zero may have done this foolish deed to her sister. Her fist clenched as she waited to hear from those of Britannian forces.

Her body stiffened when she heard her phone ring.

She grabbed the phone that sat on her desk and held it up to her ear.

“This is Cornelia and you better have a good reason for calling me,” Cornelia growled out as her purple eyes gleamed in anger.

“Sister, it’s me,” a voice said from the other side of the call.

Cornelia’s body relaxed in relief to hear her baby sister’s voice.

“Euphie, you’re alright. Thank goodness,” Cornelia said with a gentle voice for her sister.

“Britannia destroyed the Special Zone and if it wasn’t for Zero and the Black Knights, more of those kind-hearted Japanese people would have been slaughtered,” Euphemia said, her voice laced with sadness as tears formed in her eyes.

“Well, I’m glad you are safe and will soon come to the Homeland,” Cornelia said.

“That’s why I called,” Euphemia said softly.

“What’s wrong?” Cornelia asked, thinking the worse.

“I am joining the Black Knights cause,” Euphemia said, her voice filled with determination and seriousness.

Cornelia’s body stiffened in shock as her eyes widened in horror, realizing her own sister is going against her own blood.

“Why are you doing this Euphemia?” Cornelia demanded.

Cornelia had a shift as the phone was passed to another person.

“I can answer that Princess Cornelia of the Imperial Family,” the voice of Zero stated.

“Zero, you made my sister do this. I’ll kill you and make sure my sister comes with me,” Cornelia said with her tone filled with anger.

“You have it all wrong Cornelia. I asked her, and she answered willingly but I want to ask you this. Will you let those Britannians kill your sister, knowing she has now become a black Knight of justice or will you kill me and see your sister follow me in death?” Zero/Lelouch demanded.

Cornelia gasped in shock, knowing that either way her sister would follow her heart. She frowned in deep thought as Lelouch waited for his half-sister’s reply.

After a few minutes of tense silence, Cornelia finally spoke.

“Where do I meet you and my sister?” Cornelia asked, her voice filled with sadness and her eyes holding defeat.

Lelouch smirked as he realized he may have Cornelia on his side. He looked at Euphemia and nodded his head.

“Meet me at Warehouse 11 in 3 hours and bring your guards if you wish,” Lelouch stated.

“What about Euphemia, terrorist?” Cornelia asked with a glare.

“She will be there along with me as well as my Q-1, witch, the White Knight and another person,” Lelouch stated as Zero.

“Fine, I’ll bring Guilford and Darlton,” Cornelia said.

“See you in 3 hours,” Zero said as he hung up.

Cornelia hung up her phone then took out her personal phone to call Guilford and Darlton to her and explained to them what has happened and where they are going in three hours. She told them to prepare for the worst.

In three hours, Cornelia and her two most trusted knights used their Knightmares to go to Warehouse 11. Cornelia’s hands clenched and unclenched on the controls as she and her knights went towards the abandoned warehouses. Cornelia looked around until she spotted the number ’11’ and drove her Knightmare over, followed by Darlton and Guilford.

Their Knightmares kneeled as the cockpit opened. Guilford and Darlton got out of their Knightmares first then went to assist their princess out of hers.

Cornelia walked towards the Knightmare, Darlton behind her and Guilford in front of her. Guilford slowly opened the door and allowed his princess and Darlton to walk in before he walked in himself.

They walked around until the lights came on and Zero stood with Euphemia and Kallen at his sides. C.C stood behind him along with Suzaku. Guilford and Darlton got ready to strike as Cornelia looked at her sister, who had a calm expression on her face.

“Welcome! Princess Cornelia and her closest Knights Guilford and Darlton,” Zero introduced as Kallen tensed her muscles ready in case they struck Lelouch.

“Sister, it’s good of you to show up as promised,” Euphie said with a gentle tone, leaning slightly against Suzaku in relief.

Cornelia walked a bit closer and glared at Zero, her body tensed as if she ready for a fight.

“Take off that mask so I can see the man I’m going to kill for making my sister turn her back on Britannia,” Cornelia growled as Guilford and Darlton stood close behind her.

Lelouch lifted his right hand towards his mask and held it. A soft hiss was heard as the mask began to open from the back until his black hair showed itself. Lelouch lowered the mask with a Geass-canceling eye contact in his left eye.

“L-Lelouch,” Cornelia gasped in shock as she stared into the calm purple eyes of her younger brother, who everyone believed to be dead.

“Hello, my dearest sister,” Lelouch said as he pulled down the mask covering his mouth.

“Prince Lelouch,” Guilford and Galton said as they kneeled in front of Lelouch.

“How…is Nunnally…” Cornelia was lost for words as she stared at the brother she had believed she had lost.

“Nunnally and I have always been alive but went under the last name Lamperouge,” Lelouch explained as a small smile formed over his face.

“Daddy,” a small voice said from behind Lelouch.

“Daddy?” Cornelia asked and glared at her brother.

Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen separated to reveal A.A. to Cornelia.

Cornelia observed the young girl, who stared at her with blue eyes.

“What’s your name?” Cornelia asked gently.

“My name is Angeline,” A.A. said as she stared at her other auntie.

“We have a lot to explain to you first sister,” Euphie said as she placed her hand on A.A.’s head.

Cornelia looked at Euphemia then at A.A. with a nod. A.A. began to explain who she was and what is going on as Cornelia, Guilford and Darlton listened with an unreadable expression on their faces. A.A. used hand gestures and such during her explanation which Cornelia thought was kind of adorable. Once A.A. finished her story, Cornelia looked at Lelouch and smiled softly.

“We will also join the Black Knights,” Cornelia said with a serious tone.

A.A. smiled happily, hearing her other aunt with fight with the Japanese.

‘G.G. where are you with Rolo,’ A.A. thought to herself.

In a farther location, a young woman who looks like she could be in her twenties stood beside a boy with brown hair and purple eyes, wearing an Ashford Academy boy’s uniform

“G.G., I’ll protect A.A. and those she chooses as her family,” the boy said.

“Good, protect her and her parents along with those she cherishes because I fear that V.V. may come for her,” G.G. said sadly as she thought of the young immortal girl she helped escape.

“Shall I leave now then?”

“Yes Rolo, protect them from V.V. and Charles zi Britannia. Help Zero and the Black Knights and make sure that they are all protected.”

“Of course, G.G.,” Rolo said as he left with his stolen Knightmare towards one of the newest hideouts for the Black Knights.

‘Help is on the way A.A.,’ G.G. thought as she watched Rolo fly off Kaname Island.

“Where is Rolo going, G.G.,” a voice asked.

“He is off on a mission of course V.V.,” G.G. said as she turned her body slightly to look at a young man who reminds everyone of a child-like version of Charles zi Britannia.

“When will he return?” V.V. asked

‘If we keep A.A. away from you, you will lose your upper hand in this stupidity of yours,’ G.G. thought.

“Who knows,” G.G. said.

V.V. looked at G.G. with hard eyes as anger filled his eyes, his small body shaking in anger at being lied to by one of his own.

“Very well,” V.V. said with his teeth clenched together as he turned around and walked back into the laboratory.

‘Good thing I severed his link with Rolo and A.A.,’ G.G. thought to herself with a smirk, watching the fading Knightmare.