Act 2, Chapter 11 – Big Surprises for Lelouch’s Group and the Britannia Empire: Third Times the Charm

(Authors Note: This is the All is Serious Part of the Story.)

When word got to the Emperor, Charles was NOT happy. Charles told his brother VV to get the prisoner from his special cell. VV got Rivalz and took him to Charles. When both VV and Rivalz got there, Charles said,

“I can’t believe that the Black Knights are still defecting me. So, you are one of the Black Knight’s Leaders friends. I’m going to have my brother, VV, give you geass and his order.”

“Rivalz,” said VV, “you will obey the emperor and every order that his gives out.”

The geass of VV was given to Rivalz. When that got done, Rivalz asked,

“What do you want me to do your majesty?”

“Go to the Black Knight’s Headquarters and get the following people: A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally,” said Charles.

“Right away,” said Rivalz.

Rivalz walked away from the emperor chamber and went back to Area 11.

Three days have passed and Villetta Nu, which discover the order that the Emperor Charles was leaked onto the Holy Britannia Empire’s Official YouTube Channel. When Villetta found out about this, she went to the Ghettos. When she got halfway there, Jeremiah saw her and said,

“Villetta, what are you doing here?”

“Jeremiah,” said Villetta, “I saw a Geass given to an Ashford student and was given the order to kidnap some people.”

“Follow me,” said Jeremiah.

Back at the empire, Charles figure out that his order was leaked onto YouTube. The solider that leak the video onto YouTube was found and shot. The video was deleted; however, the damage was done.

Back at Area 11, when Villetta and Jeremiah got to the Black Knight’s headquarters, Ohgi asked,

“Are you back for another attack?”

“No,” said Villetta, “I came to warn you.”

“Warn,” said Kallen, “about what?”

“A video was release on YouTube two days ago,” said Villetta. “The strange thing is that the video was on the Holy Britannia Empire’s Official YouTube Channel.”

“What was on that YouTube Video?” asked Cornelia in a not so nice voice.

“The video gave a boy an order to kidnap A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally,” said Villetta, “and for the record I do not know what the emperor wants with two of them. Euphemia, I can guess.”

(Authors Note: This is the starting point of the Page 80 Crash, which mean it is the All is Lost Moment in the Story.)

Just then Rivalz come in with the Britannia Knightmares. Rivalz says,

“Distract the others. I’ll get A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally.”

“Yes sir,” said the Britannia Solders.

When the battle started, Villetta said,

“It wasn’t me.”

“I forget to ask her to disable her GPS,” said Jeremiah.

“Well, we can’t play the finger pointing game right now,” said Kallen. “We need to keep the headquarters protected.”

The battle outside was getting out of control. While inside headquarters, Rivalz discover where A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally were hiding. Milly said,

“What are you doing here Rivalz?”

“Get out of my way,” demanded Rivalz pushing Shirley, Milly, and Nina to one side.

Rivalz blew off the door that was in between A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. Rivalz said,

“Get them.”

Britannia Solders came in and took A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally. Rivalz gave the command to retreat. Before Rivalz retreated, Nina put a tracker that she created onto Rivalz so that the Black Knights can find him.

When Lelouch and Kallen came into Headquarters, Milly said,

“A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally are gone.”

“WHAT?!” asked Cornelia in a strong voice

“Just what I say,” said Milly. “A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally are gone.”

(Authors Note: End of the Page 80 Crash and Start of the Dark Night of the Soul Point of the Story.)

“It’s my fault,” said Villetta. “It’s my fault that those three are kidnapped.”

“It also our fault as well,” said Kallen.

“Why do you say that?” ask Villetta.

“It’s the parent’s job to protect their child,” said Kallen, “and we failed.”

“But Euphemia is going to get killed,” said Suzaku.

“Everyone,” said Sayako, “I think that we need to rescue A.A., Nunnally, and Euphemia. If we stay down and gloom, then the emperor will win.”

“All right,” said Lelouch. “Let’s figure out the way to rescue them.”

“I think that I can help with that,” said Nina. “Just before Rivalz retreated with A.A., Euphemia, and Nunnally, I put on a tracker that would figure out where he is at.”

“That’s good,” said Lelouch, “Nina.”

“We’ll support you,” said Ohgi.

(Authors Note: End of the Dark Night of the Soul)

End of Act 2