Act 2, Chapter 10 – Big Surprises for Lelouch’s Group and the Britannia Empire: The Second Attack on the Black Knights Headquarters

(Authors Note: This Chapter Finishes the two-chapter midpoint event in the story.)

After all the planning and rescues, Kallen was ready to have Lelouch all to herself since ever since he showed who he really was and did whatever he could for the Black Knights, she thought he could use a break and spend time with her.

A.A. was hanging around her contractor and only friend G.G. while everyone else was doing their own thing. Lelouch was either working on plans for attacks or reading a book that caught his interest. Noticing that he wasn’t going to put the book down, Kallen decided to take it from him and glare into his purple eyes with her ocean blue ones.

“Kallen can I please have that book back?” Lelouch asked gently

“No, you haven’t spent any time with me, and you look almost completely dead to the world,” Kallen answered.

Lelouch sighed softly and stood up to walk closer to her to pull her close and kiss her deeply.

Kallen slowly returned the kiss as Lelouch pulled her body close to him. Their tongues battled with one another as the kiss heated up and became an act of dominance between the two lovers/parents.

After a while, they leaned back from one another, panting slightly from their kiss.

“Spend time with me…please?” Kallen whispered.

Lelouch sighed and nodded his head, knowing he can’t refuse his queen of this request.

A smile of happiness was the reason for his agreement.

“Let’s have a double date with Suzaku and Euphie,” said Kallen happily.

“Only if they want to my queen,” Lelouch stated with a smile.

They shared another loving kiss before separating from each other.

Kallen started to get things ready for their picnic while Lelouch went to ask Euphemia and Suzaku if they’d like to go on a double date with Kallen and him. Of course, when he got to their room, Suzaku was on top of Euphemia, kissing deeply.

“Please don’t give me nieces and nephews just yet. I like to preserve the remaining innocence of Euphie before Cornelia kills you,” Lelouch stated bluntly, causing Suzaku to pull away and get off Euphemia before he flipped him off.

“Now. Now Suzu, I love Kallen only. I have no interest in you in that way,” Lelouch teased and winked at Euphemia who just snickered while Suzaku glared.

“What is the meaning of your visit big brother?” Euphemia asked.

“Kallen wants to go out on a picnic date and asked me to see if you two would like to join us,” Lelouch stated.

“YES!” Euphemia cried out and jumps onto her brother, causing a “hoof” from Lelouch and Suzaku to burst out laughing at his friend’s predicament.

After a few minutes of struggling, Suzaku finally helped Euphemia off her brother.

(Authors Note: From this point on forward, the plot is written by flaxj with advise.)

Two hours later, Kallen, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Euphemia were out on the picnic date where they saw Milly Ashford, Nina Einstein, and Shirley Fenette. When Milly, Nina, and Shirley got to the picnic, Milly said,

“We need to hide.”

“Why?” asked Euphemia, wanting to know about the state.

“Rivalz got arrested by the Britannian Forces,” said Shirley. “They’re going after the friends and families of the Black Knights Members.”

“Shit,” said Kallen. “Sorry about my language.”

“I k-know t-that I d-don’t l-like y-you for y-your a-activities,” said Nina stuttering, “but t-there is no c-change t-that I am a-able to s-survive on m-my o-own.”

“Who came up with this idea?” asked Suzaku.

“Rivalz came up with the idea,” said Milly, “two days before that he was arrested.”

“Let them come,” said Lelouch.

“Said What?” everybody else said.

“I think that Nunnally would like to have some friends,” said Lelouch.

Kallen, Lelouch, Suzaku, and Euphemia brought the Ashford Academy students to the Black Knights Headquarters. When they got there, A.A. asked,

“What’s happening?”

“This is a surprise,” said Lelouch, “for Nunnally.”

“How was your day with Cornelia?” asked Kallen.

“It was well,” said A.A. “Cornelia and I read about the history of Britannia. We also watch some of the news. I’m sorry about your friend.”

“S-so, w-who is y-your p-parents?” asked Nina stuttering.

“Lelouch and I are her parents,” said Kallen.

Nunnally was rolled in by Rolo and Lelouch and Nunnally hugged in front of the crowd. When Nunnally saw the crowd, she asked,

“Big brother how was your date?”

“Oh no!” said Suzaku, realizing that the surprise is blown.

“Hey Milly,” said Nunnally.

“So, that’s where you are at,” said Milly.

“I’m glad that I can have some friends,” said Nunnally.

Back at the emperor’s palace, Emperor Charles found out that Lelouch’s Friends got away. When he got the news, Emperor Charles said,

“Where is Cornelia?”

“I don’t know where she is,” said Prince Schneizel.

“Find her,” said Emperor Charles.

“Yes, father,” said Prince Schneizel.

Back at the Black Knights hideout, Cornelia got a message that Schneizel is looking for her and tells her to hand over the Black Knights to Britannia. Cornelia said to Lelouch,

“Lelouch, Schneizel is trying to find the Black Knights.”

“Oh boy,” said Lelouch, “I’ll contact the other members.”

At the command center, the Black Knights gather alongside Lelouch’s friends. Lelouch explain the problem, and Milly asked,

“Are we the ones that caused it?”

“Don’t killed us,” said Nina.

“Relax,” said Cornelia, “you’re not at fault. I’m the foolish one for not destroying the communication that my brother gave me.”

All the Black Knights, Suzaku, and Cornelia and her knights went to their Knightmares and went towards the Britannia Army Knightmares. The battle was dramatic and long. After three hours of battle, Euphemia came out and ask,

“Did we win?”

“Yes,” said Kallen, “We have won for now.”

(Authors Note: End of the Midpoint Event of the Story.)