Act 1, Chapter 3 – SAZ Massacre

With Schneizel

Schneizel el Britannia was in his area, watching his half-sister Euphemia li Britannia’s broadcast with a frown on his usually devious face. His faithful servant, Kanon, stood beside him watching the broadcast as well.

“Prince Schneizel, this wasn’t the plan,” Kanon said to his master.

Schneizel turned off the television then looks at Kanon.

“I had a feeling she would ask Zero to help her out, but something is different about all of this. Zero actually agreed and is standing side-by-side with Euphemia as if he’s always been there,” Schneizel said with his usual bored tone.

Kanon looked at the man he worshipped then towards the screen when Emperor Charles zi Britannia appeared on the TV.



“Schneizel, Euphemia’s plan is perfect and now the Japanese people have let down their defenses thinking Britannia is allowing this…disgrace to happen in their city,” Charles said with his commanding voice.

“Yes, father and I had allowed this without informing Cornelia as well,” Schneizel said as he looked down at his chess game and moved one of the pawns forward.

“Schneizel in a few days once everything has calmed down, I want you to issue an order to destroy the Special Administrative Zone,” Charles commanded his second eldest son.

Schneizel looked up at his father, hiding his emotions as usual.

“I am quite fond of Euphemia as you already know father,” Schneizel said with a bored expression.

“Euphemia will never become strong if she continues to rely on you and Cornelia so crush those dreams so that weak daughter of mine can learn that this world is survival of the fittest.”

Schneizel looked at his father’s image in deep thought as he moved another pawn forward.

“Of course, father, I will not disobey your orders,” Schneizel finally said as he stood up and bowed to his father’s image on the screen, Kanon bowing as well.

Charles smirked on the screen without his son and his servant noticing. Charles quickly hid his expression as Schneizel and Kanon sat up and looked at him.

“Good bye father.”

“Good bye Schneizel. All Hail Britannia.” Charles said as his images disappeared from the screen.

Kanon looked at Schneizel who had conflicting emotions on his face after the order the Emperor gave him.

“Sir?” Kanon asked.

“Tell my army and Barlby that in a few days, the Special Zone is ordered to be eliminated by order of the Emperor,” Schneizel commanded.

“Right away sire,” Kanon said as he bowed and walked away to issue to order.

‘First father tells me and my other siblings to stop our search for Lelouch and Nunnally and now he tells me to betray Euphemia,’ Schneizel thought to himself as he frowned and poured a glass of Scotch.

As the days passed, Euphemia, Lelouch, Kallen, Suzaku, C.C. and the Black Knights worked together to help with the Special Administrative Zone. A.A. stayed in the shadows most of the time but got to spend time with Lelouch and Kallen whenever they weren’t busy.

Finally, the day of destruction appeared when the Black Knights were off with orders to get more supplies for the Japanese people. Euphemia, Suzaku, Kallen and A.A. had stayed behind to keep track of the Special Zone.

(Authors Note: This is the start of the Lock In for the Story.)

Suddenly around 3 p.m. Britannian forces attacked the Special Zone.

“Mom! Auntie Euphemia!” A.A. ran into the office that Suzaku, Euphemia and Kallen were in.

“What’s wrong Angeline?” Suzaku asked the young girl that he’s seen as his own niece.

“Britannian forces are attacking the Special Zone!” A.A. yelled out causing Suzaku’s eyes to widen and run out to see multiple Japanese people slaughtered, blood everywhere.

Kallen took out her communicator and called Lelouch.

“Q-1, what is it?” Lelouch asked in his Zero voice.

“Zero, the Special Zone is being attacked by Britannian forces,” Kallen stated.

“We’re on the way Q-1, the Guren and Lancelot should be ready for use. Make sure A.A. is with Euphemia and C.C.,” Lelouch ordered.

“Of course,” Kallen said.

“And stay alive Q-1,” Lelouch said.

“Roger that!” Kallen said as she hung up and ran out the room with Suzaku.

A.A. sat on the couch with Euphemia and C.C., worried about the Japanese people.

‘I won’t stay here and do nothing,’ A.A. thought as she stood up and quickly ran out the room before Euphemia and C.C. could stop her.

“ANGELINE!” Euphemia called out as she and C.C. ran out the room after A.A.

With Suzaku and Kallen, now piloting the Lancelot and Guren

Kallen and Suzaku fought side by side against the many soldiers who were attacking the Japanese people. Blood and dead bodies of millions of Japanese people surrounded them as other Japanese people hid away from the destruction and chaos of their new home.

“Never thought I’d work side by side with you again Suzaku,” Kallen stated as she used the radiation arm of the Guren on another Sutherland.

“Same for me Kallen,” Suzaku said as he maneuvered the Lancelot and fought the Britannian forces.

They both continued to focus on their fight until their eyes widened when they saw A.A. run out of the building they exited to fight.

“LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE!” A.A. cried out with tears in her eyes.

“ANGELINE COME BACK!” Euphie cried after her niece and gasped as she saw the bloodshed and bodies of people who trusted her and worked with her.

“Oh my god…” Euphie said in shock.

Suzaku and Kallen fought harder as they saw a few Britannian Sutherlands go over to Euphemia, A.A. and C.C.

“ANGELINE!” Kallen cried out for her daughter as she tried to fight her way towards her daughter and Princess Euphemia.

“EUPHIE!” Suzaku cried out.

A.A. looked at the Sutherland in shock and screamed as it raised its gun at her.

“HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” a voice cried out as the Sutherland was destroyed by Gawain.

Kallen and Suzaku looked to see Zero and the Black Knights in their Sutherlands, fighting off the army and rescuing the survivors of the massacre.

“ZERO!” Euphie and Kallen cried out.

C.C. ran over to the Gawain as it landed and lowered his hand. The Gawain stood up and opened to allow C.C. inside.

“Lelouch,” C.C. said as she looked at her current contractor.

“All Black Knights Follow this order! Rescue all living civilians of the Special Zone and destroy all Britannian forces!” Lelouch ordered angrily as the image of A.A.’s crying face appeared on his screen.

A.A. ran over to the Guren as the Black Knights fought and rescued, following orders.

The Gruen’s hand lowered so A.A. could climb onto it.

“Suzaku, I’m getting A.A. and Euphemia out of here, continue to help the Black Knights,” Kallen stated as she used the Guren to pick Euphemia up as well.

“Roger that!” Suzaku said as he fought side by side with the Black Knights.

“Retreat,” one of the soldiers of the Britannia army cried out.

The remaining Britannia Sutherlands fled away as they were chased out by the Black Knights.

The Black Knights and Suzaku helped the civilians to their base as Lelouch walked towards his office with C.C. following him. He sat down behind his desk, breathing deeply in anger at what he saw.

A few minutes later, Kallen walked into the room with A.A. and Euphemia, her eyes had red rings surrounding them.

“I will join the Black Knights,” Euphemia said to Lelouch, who nodded.

A.A. ran over to her father and hugged him, crying into his Zero costume.

‘She may be immortal, but she must have never seen that much bloodshed in her life,’ Lelouch thought as he held A.A. close.

Kallen walked over and wrapped her arms around Lelouch and A.A. as A.A. continued to cry in her father’s arms, afraid.

Euphemia (geass wore off) stood there and looked at them sadly.

“Let’s bring down Britannia for hurting and killing those innocent Japanese people,” Euphemia said coldly.

“Yes, let’s do just that,” Lelouch said, “They almost killed my daughter and they killed innocent civilians by the order of the Emperor.”

After a few minutes, Suzaku walked in with Lloyd and Cecile, who were out helping the Black Knights.

“We’re joining the Black Knights as well,” Suzaku said.

Lelouch nodded and looked out the window.

‘Damn whoever did this to hell for this massacre,’ Lelouch thought to himself as A.A. slowly closed her eyes in the arms of her parents.

Kallen gently took A.A. away from Lelouch and walked over to the bed to place her down.

“Let’s make Britannia pay,” Kallen said as she smoothed A.A.’s hair.

“We will but we need to make a call to Cornelia,” Lelouch stated.

Euphemia and Suzaku nodded their heads as they left with Lloyd and Cecile. Lelouch took off his helmet and looked at Kallen.

“We’ll make them pay for this,” Lelouch promised.

Kallen nodded her head as C.C. looked at the now sleeping A.A.

‘This is just the beginning I bet,’ C.C. thought to herself.

‘They’ll pay with their lives,’ Kallen and Lelouch thought.

“I’ll make sure that Britannia pays for hurting the ones that Euphie wanted to protect,” Suzaku swore.

‘I wonder how Cornelia will feel about this,’ Euphie thought as she called her sister.

(Authors Note: End of the Lock In of the story.)

End of Act 1