Act 1, Chapter 2 – A.A. Meets Euphemia and Euphemia Knows Geass

Euphemia stared at her half sibling, her light purple eyes revealing her confusion as she waited for him to continue what he was saying. She slowly began to have concern show in her eyes as Lelouch just stared at the sister he had killed and geassed accidently with his purple eyes still the same before his geass matured.

“Lulu, are you alright?” Euphie asked with concern in her voice and eyes.

Lelouch looked at Euphemia and nodded his head as he grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. Euphemia blinked in confusion as she hugged her brother back.

“It’s so good to see you again Euphie,” Lelouch muttered as he held the second sister that he cherishes.

“It’s good to see you too Lulu,” Euphie mumbled as she is held by her brother.

After a few minutes, the half siblings let go of one another as the door opened to reveal Suzaku. He breathed heavily as he looked at the woman he loved.

“Euphie!” Suzaku cried out as he ran over to her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Euphemia squeaked and held onto her knight as he held her close.

‘I had thought she was geassed again and ran in here,’ Suzaku thought to himself as he held onto her.

“Suzaku, what are you doing in here?” Euphemia asked in confusion as she hugged her knight.

Suzaku blinked and looked at Lelouch to see that his eye was still its original purple color.

‘So, he hadn’t geassed her yet. I’m so glad,’ Suzaku sighed in relief.

Lelouch looked down to see that his mask was in one piece again and smiled. He quickly put on his Zero mask as the door opened.

Kallen, wearing her mask from when the Black Knights were first revealed, and A.A. ran into the room to see Princess Euphemia li Britannia still alive and ungeassed.

Euphemia looked at Kallen as A.A. walked over to her “father”, who placed his hand on her head lightly.

“Take off your mask Kallen,” Lelouch said with his “Zero” voice.

“Only if you take yours off Lelouch,” Kallen said.

Lelouch and Kallen took their helmets off carefully and Euphemia gasped lightly.

“You know who Lelouch is?” Euphemia questioned Lelouch’s Q-1.

“Yes, he revealed it to me before we came here,” Kallen lied smoothly.

Euphemia nodded then looked at Lelouch only to blink in confusion to see a young girl who looks a lot like Lelouch and somewhat like Kallen.

“Hello, I’m Euphemia li Britannia,” Euphie introduced herself as she let go of Suzaku, who kept a hold of her slightly.

A.A. looked at Lelouch then Kallen then at Euphemia.

“My name is Angeline,” A.A. said using her first name.

“Who are your parents?” Euphie asked.

Kallen and Lelouch looked at one another, a blush on their cheeks.

“Actually Euphie…Kallen and I are her biological parents through blood, but she wasn’t born through Kallen,” Lelouch explained, blushing deeply.

Euphemia looked at the three of them and gasped.

“I-I’m an auntie already and you didn’t tell me,” Euphie stated with a sad expression.

“We just met her,” Suzaku stated for his best friend.

Euphemia looked at them in shock then at A.A. or Angeline as she walked over to her “aunt”

“Aunt Euphemia, I’m going to tell you about the power of Kings known as Geass,” A.A. said as she smiled.

Lelouch and Kallen looked at A.A. with shock in their eyes, their bodies stiff like a board. Suzaku held Euphemia close to him as his green eyes glared at the young girl.

“Auntie Euphemia, if you aren’t told now then there is a possibility that something bad could occur without your knowledge of what is going on,” A.A. explained to her “aunt” with a calm expression that makes anyone think she really is the child of Lelouch vi Britannia.

Euphemia looked into her niece’s blue eyes with a thoughtful expression and bit her bottom lip lightly.

‘What is A.A. planning?’ Kallen thought as she looked down at A.A. with concern.

“Tell me what Geass is Angeline,” Euphie said after a few minutes of thinking.

A.A. smiled and pointed to the couches that were in the room with them. Euphemia and Suzaku sat on one couch while Lelouch and Kallen sat on the other one. A.A. sat on Kallen’s lap comfortably which caused Kallen to run her fingers through A.A.’s soft black hair.

“Geass is known as the Power of Kings. When it is given to an individual, the power of Geass forms to match the characteristics or the personality of the user,” A.A. began to explain.

Lelouch watched Euphemia’s expressions as his “daughter” explained the power of Geass to her.

‘This is something I wish I had done,’ Lelouch thought to himself as he kept his calm expression, so no one could know what he was thinking.

“How is one given this power called Geass?” Euphemia asked with a slight hint of interest and confusion.

“Someone who has a code on their body that proves their immortality and the fact that their geass matured before they obtained their code, gives a person the geass and in return the user must grant their one wish,” A.A. stated as she relaxed on Kallen’s lap.

“What does this code look like?” Euphie asked curiously.

A.A. lifted her shirt up to reveal her code to Euphemia, who gasped in shocking with the realization that her “niece” is one of these code bearers.

Euphemia began to process all the information before looking at Lelouch, who had his calm mask on.

“Lulu…do you have this power that A.A. is talking about?” Euphie asked her half-brother.

Lelouch stared at her before nodding his head yes to tell her that he is one of the geass users. Euphemia leaned against her knight to process the fact that her own brother was a geass user. She looked at Kallen and tensed up a bit.

“Do you have one as well?” Euphie asked her brother’s Q-1.

A.A. looked behind her to see the conflicted emotions in her mother’s eyes and frowned.

“She has two and I am the one who gave them to her,” A.A. spoke softly with honesty.

Euphemia looked at her niece and frowned as she realized that this is a bit too much for her to bare all at once.

“I need some time to think this through,” Euphemia said as she closed her eyes.

Lelouch and Kallen silently looked at one another before putting their mask of the Zero and the Black Knight Ace to conceal their identities. A.A. slowly reached out for her father’s hand and frown sadly as Lelouch slid his hand out of her reach. She looked at Kallen to see that her mother wouldn’t look at her and A.A. expression turned sad and hopeless.

“Please don’t abandon me,” A.A. said as tears began to form in her eyes. She looked down as if she was ashamed of herself.

Lelouch and Kallen looked at one another then at A.A. and smiled underneath their masks.

“Come on Angeline. Auntie Euphie must need some time to herself since she has a lot to think about,” Kallen stated in a motherly tone as A.A. slid off her lap so she could stand up.

Lelouch slowly stood up and placed his hand on A.A.’s head and rubbed her long black hair soothingly, looking like a father who is consoling his daughter.

Euphemia and Suzaku watched as Lelouch and Kallen treated A.A. as if she really was their daughter. The atmosphere around them looked as if they were one big happy family.

“Lulu?” Euphemia asked/called out.

Lelouch looked at Euphemia to show that she has his attention. She slowly smiled at her brother and reached for his hand.

“If anything happens to the Special Administrative Zone, I’ll gladly join the Black Knights with you and Kallen,” Euphie said, causing Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen to look at her with shock in their eyes.

A.A. smiled and gently reached for her aunt’s hand. Euphemia gently took A.A.’s hand and smiled at her gently.

“Daddy…” A.A. said softly.

Lelouch looked at A.A., waiting calmly to see what she would ask of him.

“If Princess Euphemia joins the Black Knights, it’s quite possible that Princess Cornelia will too,” A.A. said as she looked up at her father.

Lelouch nodded his head and removed his Zero mask, his left eye glowing with the stigma of Geass. He looked at Euphemia who looked at him in confusion.

“Princess Euphemia…” Lelouch began as Suzaku tensed up and Kallen slowly held onto Lelouch’s right hand.

“I, Lelouch vi Britannia, commands you to join the Black Knights if one of our siblings or our father causes death and destruction to the Special Zone,” Lelouch commanded.

Red rings slowly appeared around Euphemia’s eyes and she smiled despite being under her brother’s geass.

“Of course, I’ll join Lulu,” she said under the geass and speaking truthfully.

Suzaku relaxed, realizing that the Geass command wasn’t to kill the Japanese this time but something completely different.

‘We couldn’t stop Lelouch from fully geassing Euphie but at least it’s for a better reason than an accidental geassing,’ Suzaku thought as Lelouch, who placed his Zero mask back over his face to conceal his still geassed eye since it had matured.

“Suzaku please protect my sister Euphemia,” Lelouch said as he looked at his best friend with his Zero mask on.

“I will…Zero,” Suzaku said with a smile as he decided to keep his best friend’s identity a secret.

Kallen stood up and held A.A.’s hand gently as she bowed to Euphemia and Suzaku in sign of respect for comrades.

Euphemia’s eyes turned back to normal and she smiled, knowing that the command must have been a good one.

Euphemia and Suzaku stood up and walked out the room with Kallen, Lelouch and A.A. following.

Millions of Japanese people waited as Zero, Q-1, Princess Euphemia and Knight Kururugi appeared.

“People that consider themselves Japanese. Zero and I have reached an agreement today and we would like to inform you that Zero and the Black Knights will protect the Special Zone from anyone who will try to destroy it,” Euphemia spoke loudly and clearly.

The Japanese people cried out in happiness and joy knowing that their savior will watch over them.

‘I hope that no one really attacks the zone or there will be hell to pain,’ Suzaku and Lelouch thought as they watched Euphemia.

A.A. watched from behind Kallen and frowned.

‘Something bad is going to happen. I hope G.G. comes out to help me and my parents. I don’t want anything bad to happen to these kind-hearted people again,’ A.A. thought to herself.

“We’ll protect this Zone and crush whoever decides to kill innocent people,” Kallen said as her right eye flashed with her geass stigma then disappeared quickly.