Act 1, Chapter 1 – The Introduction of AA



Suzaku and Lelouch held each other at gun point, ready to shoot one another for their betrayal.

Lelouch’s unarmed hand clenched into a fist so tight that his gloves felt as if they were suffocating his hand. His body felt as if it was stone that stood still. His one normal purple eye gleamed with emotion after emotion. His guilt for shooting the one half-sister that meant much more to him than Nunnally. His betrayal, seeing his best friend that he thought of as a brother, was ready to kill him on the spot for killing the woman he loves. His pain, for not revealing the truth sooner, for thinking Nunnally was not in safe hands. The one emotion that would have stunned anyone was his love for his one blood sibling and his love for the guy he felt was more of a brother to him than his own brother.

Suzaku’s unarmed hand clenched and unclenched as the feeling of knowing it was his best friend, his brother, that had killed the woman he loves. His green eyes hid the betrayal of knowing that his own best friend killed Euphemia, anger knowing that it was his best friend that manipulated the love of his life to kill those he has been trying to protect, pain of knowing that he would have to take the life of the one man he cherished as family. His body felt cold and hollow as he tightened the hold on his gun, ready to spill the blood of the one he once thought of as brother and friend.

Kallen was on her knees, her head bent down in shame and lost. Her blue eyes showed her shock of knowing that Zero, the man she loved, was Lelouch, the guy she could not stand. Her body shook as her betrayal of knowing a Britannian like Lelouch was using her and her people as toys and possibly pieces in a game.

As the tension around the three teens worsened, they had not expected a voice, a female voice at that, to cry out:


As if something broke their concentration, Lelouch and Suzaku dropped their guns to their side and looked at Kallen in confusion, thinking it was her who called out. Kallen looked at them with the same look of confusion then turned her head to see a young girl who looked the age of six years old. Lelouch and Suzaku followed her gaze to see the girl had long black hair that reached her mid-back, blue eyes that resembled Kallen’s and her face shaped like Lelouch’s. Her features seemed completely like both Kallen and Lelouch.

“Don’t hurt my daddy!” the girl cried out, her eyes filled with fear as her body looked ready to leap at Suzaku despite the distance and height of the stairs that led to C’s World.

Lelouch and Suzaku’s eyes looked towards the other in confusion until Suzaku’s eyes widen in disbelief, realizing the young girl was talking about Lelouch. Lelouch’s eyes held shock as he figured out that the young girl looked as if she could possibly be his own child.

“You had a kid, Lelouch?” Suzaku asked his once best friend, his voice betraying his shock.

“I don’t have a daughter, nor do I have a son,” Lelouch said as he looked at the girl with his normal and geassed eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Kallen continued to stare at the young girl and noticed the young girl had some of her features and her eyes as well. She stood up slowly, her legs wobbled slightly in shock and remaining feeling of Zero being Lelouch.

“I am his daughter but at the same time I am not,” the girl said as she walked closer to the three of them.

Lelouch and Suzaku slowly stepped down, trying to avoid being close to the other. Lelouch stood on the left side of Kallen and Suzaku on the right. Lelouch and Suzaku gasped, noticing how similar the young girl really was to both Kallen and Lelouch.

“Who are you?” Suzaku asked, his body slowly lowering itself into a defensive stance.

“I will explain as long as you don’t hurt my daddy,” the girl stated as she looked at Suzaku, her eyes turning into an almost darker blue color.

Against his better judgement, Suzaku nodded his head and decided to wait for the girl to explain.

‘Once I hear her explanation, I’ll just take Lelouch into custody and turn him into the Emperor,’ Suzaku thought to himself as Kallen and Lelouch looked at the girl who resembled them both.

The girl fixed her clothes a bit since they were a bit wrinkled as Lelouch, Kallen and Suzaku waited for her to speak.

“My name is A.A. or Angeline Andrews to be exact. I am a child created by those of the Geass order. My blood is a mix between Lelouch Vi Britannia and Kallen Stadtfeld-Kōzuki,” A.A. slowly began her explanation.

Kallen blinked as she heard that the girl was her daughter as well as Lelouch’s. Suzaku frowned darkly when he heard the word Geass order.

“Wait if your name is A.A. then you’re like C.C., right?” Lelouch asked.

A.A. looked at her father with her blue eyes as a light smile formed on her face.

“C.C. and I are different. Yes, we are both considered experiments in a sense, but I was created when she was born,” A.A. said to clear the confusion between her and C.C.

Lelouch nodded his head in understanding as Kallen and Suzaku slowly began to grow impatient.

“Anyway, the reason I am here is to take you back in time before daddy accidentally geassing Princess Euphemia to kill the Japanese,” A.A. said, going back on topic which caused Kallen gasped in shock.

Kallen glared at Lelouch, whose eyes held remorse and guilt for the accident that happened to one of his most cherished sisters. Kallen’s body looked as if she was ready to pounce, her fist clenched in anger. Suzaku’s slowly eyes narrowed in suspicion when he heard Euphemia’s geassing was just an accident.

“Time Travel?’ Kallen asked uncertainly.

“That is my Geass,” A.A. stated as she looked at her blood mother.

Lelouch looked at A.A. with confusion in his eyes since he thought that immortals do not keep their geasses once they take a code.

“I thought there was only one Geass,” Suzaku stated suspiciously.

“Geass is the power of Kings that forms based on the personality of a person it is given to,” A.A. stated as she glared at Suzaku.

Lelouch slowly looked at Kallen as she began to process the information, she was given by her suppose daughter that was created by the Geass Order.

“There are limitations and setbacks that geass users go through such as losing control of their geass from overuse and there could be an amount of time you can geass someone,” Lelouch slowly stated, his body hunched over as if he was in pain.

A.A. nodded and smiled as her father spoke the truth about Geass to her mother and to Suzaku.

“I am a code bearer like C.C., V.V. and some others,” A.A. stated as she lifted her shirt up slightly to reveal her code, that is like C.C. and V.V., on her stomach.

Lelouch blinked in confusion, thinking that the code wasn’t supposed to be there until geass matured and the geass user takes the code from the one who gave them the power.

“A code bearer known as G.G. gave me my geass and my code since she is different than the others,” A.A. said as she let go of her shirt to let it cover her stomach and code once again.

Suzaku looked down in shock as he learned more about geass. Lelouch sighed softly and looked at Kallen, who looked at him with fear and shock in her blue eyes.

“Before I take you back in time, I’d like to give mom her own geass,” A.A. stated as she slowly walked over to Kallen.

Lelouch and Kallen looked at their “daughter” in shock as Suzaku slowly glared at the young girl. A.A. slowly hugged Kallen and Kallen gasped as the images of history and the geass order flashed through her mind.

“I shall give you the power of Kings but in return you must grant my wish,” A.A. said within Kallen’s mind.

Outside of the images, Lelouch had caught Kallen and A.A. as Kallen fell back. Since he didn’t have a lot of strength, he fell on his butt, Kallen’s head on his lap.

“Do you accept mom?” A.A. asked within Kallen’s mind.

“I accept,” Kallen replied to A.A. as a bright flash blinded her.

Kallen slowly opened her eyes to see Lelouch looking down at her in worry. Suzaku looked down at her with worry and dislike. A.A. was still in Kallen’s arms and didn’t want to let go.

“Kallen, are you alright?” Lelouch asked his Q-1.

“Y-yeah, I’m alright,” Kallen said as she slowly got up with Lelouch’s help. She was covering her left eye.

“What’s her geass?” Lelouch asked A.A.

“Mother please show us,” A.A. pleaded to Kallen.

Kallen slowly uncovered her left eye as the geass symbol appeared in her eye. She looked down to see a red string attached to her hand. She follows the direction until she saw the end of it tied to Lelouch’s finger.

“I see this red string that’s connecting me and Lelouch together,” Kallen said as she slowly deactivated her geass.

“Mom has Absolute Fate. This geass allows her to see who is fated to be together,” A.A. explained.

Kallen slowly gasped as her right eye glowed with a geass symbol and Lelouch looked at her in confusion.

“Lelouch I want you to tell me how you feel about me,” Kallen demanded as she stared at Lelouch.

Red rings slowly appeared around Lelouch’s one good purple eye as he relaxed and looked at Kallen.

“I care about you deeply. I am not sure if I feel any other way with you, but I know I don’t want to lose you,” Lelouch stated under the influence of Kallen’s second geass.

“She has Absolute Truth as well. This form of Absolute truth causes her to ask or demand anything and get a truthful response,” A.A. said with a smile.

“You gave her two geasses,” Suzaku stated with a frown as Kallen deactivated her geass.

Lelouch sighed in relief and looked at A.A. with a frown.

“Since it is now settled, let’s go back in time to stop Princess Euphemia from being geassed on accident,” A.A. said with a smile as she held onto Kallen.

Lelouch slowly touched A. A’s right shoulder as Suzaku touched his. A.A.’s left eye glowed with her geass causing Lelouch, Kallen, Suzaku and herself to enter the time warp that will send them back in time to the Special Administrative Zone, where Zero and Euphie were talking.

“I’m serious….” Lelouch cut himself off as he realized he is in the same room with an ungeassed Euphemia standing beside him.

‘It worked,’ Lelouch thought to himself as he looked at the one sister, he cherished other than Nunnally.

Euphemia looked at Lelouch and Lelouch inwardly sighed to realize that she is alive and hasn’t been geassed yet.