Usagi had been asking lots of questions about a lot of things and her memory was returning to her. But what the Senshi wanted to know was how soon the broken memories of Usagi would return to her. The others were not sure. Mamoru had taken Usagi out to help her enjoy herself, so the others could talk freely.

“Usagi is recovering more of her memory. She seems to be interested when she talks about the girl that Mamoru keeps mentioning. Every time, Usagi becomes so remorseful like Usagi is mourning because Usagi feels the girl that Mamoru mentions somehow, is connected to her and Usagi knows somehow her memory has been tampered with, but what Usagi still doesn’t know is that she’s the one that did it.”

Ami explained.

“We can’t blame Usagi now. What she did is now past. We got to help her through the weeping process. It is coming girls. I do not how quickly Usagi-Chan will remember those broken memories, but we must be there to comfort her. Her broken memories has been suppressed for a while and we got to be there to help through it. She is not going to understand it. Let us help Usagi return to normal. Okay girls?”

Luna instructed. Ami and the other girls nodded. Elsewhere Mamoru took Usagi again out to help her recover more of her memory. Mamoru took Usagi to the Crown Game Arcade. Maybe going there will help Usagi remember again. Once there they sat in the cafe that connected to the arcade. Unazuki, Motoki’s younger sister came to the table and spoke.

“Hello Mamoru and hello Usagi! Glad to see you here!”

Unazuki greeted them. Mamoru got up and spoke to Usagi.

“Usagi, I’ll be right here. Stay here, okay?”

Mamoru told her. Usagi nodded her head. Mamoru walked with Unazuki to where Usagi could not hear him.

“Unazuki, has your brother told you about Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.

“Yes, she has amnesia, right?”

Unazuki asked.

“That’s correct. I just wanted you to be careful around Usagi. She is highly inquisitive and wants to know about things. I better go back before she runs off.”

Mamoru told her and Mamoru returned to where Usagi was sitting.

“Good girl, Usagi. You’re still here.”

Mamoru praised her.

“Umm… your name again?”

Usagi asked.


He told her.

“Mamoru, I am sorry I can’t seem to remember your name; I have a question for you.”

Usagi spoke to him.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“That girl you keep talking about… was this one of her favorite places?”

Usagi asked. She was extremely interested in the girl that Mamoru always talked about.

“Yes, she loved it here. But she is unable to enjoy it here.”

Mamoru replied.

“I see. So, she is still in a slump? Is she still suffering?”

Usagi asked. Mamoru thought carefully before answering.

“She’s okay, Usagi. Trust me, she is. She still has not fully recovered yet. I am taking good care of her too.”

Mamoru tried to reassure Usagi. But, like before, Usagi felt very remorseful about the girl. Tears flowed from her eyes again.

“I feel it, that girl you speak of, she’s hurting. I don’t know how I know, but she’s hurting, and she is ready to burst!”

Usagi replied as the tears flowed from her eyes. Mamoru brought out a handkerchief and dried her tears and spoke.

“Don’t worry Usagi, I told you she’s in good hands. Please do not cry anymore. I know you care about her, don’t you? She in good hands.”

Mamoru reassured her. He dried her tears. He wanted her to be happy. He knew Usagi was about to crack. He felt that Usagi was confused. Usagi did not understand why she felt so strongly about the girl that Mamoru had discussed, but every time he tried to reassure Usagi that the girl was in good hands, the more Usagi mourned for the girl knowing there was something dreadfully wrong with the girl. Mamoru took Usagi back to the Hikawa Shrine and secretly talked with Ami.

“She’s about to crack Ami.”

Mamoru reported.

“She knows something is wrong with her, but she doesn’t understand.”

Ami analyzed the situation about Usagi.

“She has a mind of a small child. Her important memories are still sealed away, she is only experiencing a fraction of them.

Mamoru told Ami.

“I agree, she does not understand. Maybe her mind is affected somehow.”

Ami thought.

“Anyway, Usagi will crack and soon and she is not going to understand the heartbreak she feels. I really worry for her.”

Mamoru spoke. He was concerned for Usagi’s well-being. There was another droid attack. The Sailor Senshi went where the monster was. They had Sailor Moon sit while they fought the monster, the monster was so quick for them and the droid sent vines and tied up Sailor Moon and the droid started to take her energy and then a Red Rose hit the vines that held Sailor Moon and freed her, and the Red Rose hit the ground. Sailor Moon fell to the ground. She saw the rose. The Red Rose. A flood of violent memories returned. Memories of terrible heartbreak. Sailor Moon broke down in tears.

“Why me? Why do I feel such remorse for the girl that is hurt and why do I feel her pain? I do not understand! Such terrible heartbreak! That girl was rejected and tossed aside… but why do I feel her pain!?”

Sailor Moon yelled as the memories returned. Tuxedo Kamen came to her and held her gently in his arms. He spoke.

“Don’t worry, she’s safe. She has always been safe. Do not hold back the hurt. Please let it escape. That girl is in good hands right now… that girl is you Usagi. I will comfort you. Please do not hold it back. Usako, please let go of the hurt. Let it out.”

Tuxedo Kamen told her. Sailor Moon collapsed in his arms and wept. She was confused and did not understand. She had to trust him. Her mind was in utter chaos.

“Burning Mandala!”

Sailor Mars yelled as she sent a huge fire ball at the youma.

“Sparkling Wide Pressure!”

Sailor Jupiter spoke as she hurled a ball of electricity at the youma destroying it. Tuxedo Kamen continued to hold Sailor Moon in his arms while comforted her. Her broken heart had returned as predicted. The Senshi knew that the next stage had arrived for Usagi.



Usagi’s memory had slowly been returning to her. Right now, Usagi was asking more questions than any of the other Senshi had the answers to. Usagi wanted to know about herself. Finally, Ami and Mamoru met separately at the Hikawa Shrine. Ami talked to Mamoru.

“Mamoru, please continue being with Usagi. Take her out. Let her have a good time. You need to help her remember things she loves and the things she hates. Please remember, there might be a chance her broken heart will return. If it does, you must comfort her.”

Ami instructed knowing that one day those broken memories would return and Usagi would be hurt.

“I understand. Usagi is important to me. I’ll do my best to comfort Usagi if it comes to it.”

Mamoru resolved.

“Remember, Usagi is very fragile right now. If you do something wrong towards her, she might remember. And if she does, you will have to try hard to comfort her. Remember, she is extremely fragile.”

Ami reminded Mamoru.

“Okay, I’ll remember all that you have said.”

Mamoru told her. Mamoru walked over to where Usagi was sitting. Usagi sat near Rei and Makoto. Rei was talking about Usagi and to see how Usagi’s memory progression was coming along. Usagi had become very inquisitive. Asking about almost everything from what the difference from all the Senshi and why Luna and Artemis being cats that can talk. Usagi wanted to learn. Usagi’s clumsy and klutzy lifestyle was still sealed leaving a very pretty girl willing to learn almost about everything. Mamoru came over and greeted Usagi.

“Hello Usagi.”

He greeted her.

“Hello. It is you again. What’s your name again?”

Usagi asked.


He replied.

“Oh, I see.”

Usagi answered.

“May I take you some where Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.

“Where are you going?”

Usagi asked being a bit curious.

“I don’t know yet. Something will come to mind.”

Mamoru answered. He was not sure where he was taking her. But he wanted to take her somewhere nice. He offered his hand for her to place hers on. She accepted very easily. There was something about him that made her want to trust him. He took her from the shrine. He walked her to his car, and he opened the passenger side of his car and she got in and he buckled her up. Then he closed her door and got to the driver’s side of the car and got in and buckled up. He put the key into the ignition and started the car. Then he drove across town. He decided to take her to a large aquarium where lots of aquatic fish were. He parked the car and got out and opened the passenger side and unbuckled Usagi and asked for her hand. She gave him her hand. He took her inside. She was amazed about all the aquatic life that she saw.

“So pretty.”

Usagi spoke as her eyes got great big at seeing all the fish and other wildlife that swam in the waters.

“Look here. This is an octopus.”

Mamoru showed her.

“Amazing. It looks happy. Do you think all life should be happy?”

Usagi asked being curious.


Mamoru replied.

“Am I happy?”

Usagi asked.

“You are the one who should know.”

Mamoru told her.

“I guess I am happy.”

Usagi replied in a way that she was not sure.

“You look happy to me.”

Mamoru told her. Usagi thought of the girl that was in a slump that Mamoru had told her about. She spoke.

“What about the girl that you said was in a slump and not doing very well. Is she happy?”

Usagi asked. Usagi had become curious about that girl.

Mamoru thought carefully before answering.

“She has been through a rough time. She’s trying to be happy, but she is learning some important things that will brighten her and will eventually make her happy.”

Mamoru told her.

“I see. So, she’s not feeling very well still?”

Usagi asked. Usagi was so interested in ‘this girl’ Usagi had no idea Mamoru was talking about her.

“Yes, the girl is still recovering. Soon, she’ll be back to normal very soon.”

Mamoru tried to reassure Usagi.

“Rei and Makoto talked to me about the difference between beautiful and handsome. They told me girls are to be beautiful and guys are to be handsome. Do you think I am beautiful?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, you are beautiful. Girls are beautiful. Beauty also is more than the girl’s appearance. A girl’s pure heart is what truly makes her beautiful. Her act of kindness is what others will see her as a beautiful person.”

Mamoru told her.

“I see. This girl, you love her a lot do not you. You think she is exceptionally beautiful, don’t you?”

Usagi asked being very curious. Usagi spoke again.

“Then if you think highly of this girl, shouldn’t you be helping her and being by her side?”

Usagi asked.

“I am and I have. You are important now. You see, she cares more about others than herself. She would have wanted me to help you.”

Mamoru told her and he smiled.

“She values other people more than herself, even if she is in a slump?”

Usagi questioned.

“She would rather sacrifice herself for the sake of others.”

Mamoru explained.

“She must be special to you?”

Usagi questioned again.

“Yes, she is. She’s a very bright girl.”

Mamoru told her.

“Am I special?”

Usagi asked with a tear in her eye. She felt bad for the girl that was in that slump. She would sacrifice everything for her. More tears fell as she thought about the girl that was in a slump and then she related the girl’s problems with her own. Mamoru saw this. He noticed how much Usagi was touched about the words that he described about Usagi, but Usagi had this feeling that it was her that was in the slump.

“It’s me, isn’t it? I have never seen this girl you speak of. But, every time you talk about that girl, I become so sad like it has something to do with me.”

Usagi spoke in a sad soft voice.

“Don’t cry. Do not worry. She is in good hands. I am taking good care of her. Have no fear. Okay?”

Mamoru told her as he wiped her tears. Her memory had not improved but she felt that she was connected to the girl that Mamoru spoke of. She did not know why she felt so strongly about that girl.

“Do you care about people?”

Usagi asked.

“I care a lot about people. Helping people feel better about themselves is important to me. I want to help you too.”

Mamoru explained.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Usagi asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

Mamoru replied.

“I would make me happy if you helped that girl you speak of. That would please me to know that she is being helped by a kind man like you.”

Usagi asked. Mamoru was surprised that she would ask him to look after herself although Usagi had not fully connected the dots that the girl Mamoru spoke of was Usagi herself. Every time he mentioned ‘that girl’, Usagi felt sorry for the girl. There was something broken about the girl that Mamoru spoke of. But would Usagi finally put two and two together and remember those broken memories. Mamoru was hoping that Usagi would remember good memories for a while. But he knew the silence of those broken memories would return flooding inside Usagi and Usagi would feel broken all over again.

“Are you hungry Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.


Usagi replied.

“I know of a good place. Do you like pizza?”

Mamoru asked.

“I think I have had it before.”

Usagi answered.

“I know of this good pizza parlor. They have good pizza. Come, I’ll take you.”

Mamoru told her. He escorted her to his car. And he drove her to the pizza parlor. They went inside and sat down.

A waiter came to help them.

“Would you like to have a menu?”

He asked them.

“Yes please.”

Mamoru replied. Mamoru received a menu. He thought that a Canadian bacon pineapple pizza would be good. It would be tasty.

“Have you had Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza before?”

Mamoru asked.

“I think so. Is it good?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, it is.”

Mamoru answered her. The waiter returned.

“What will you order?”

The waiter asked.

“A medium Canadian Bacon pineapple pizza.”

Mamoru answered the waiter.

“And to drink?”

He asked.

“Two sodas.”

Mamoru answered.


The waiter answered. And the waiter went into the kitchen. Mamoru looked at Usagi. He had the feeling like she wanted to remember about herself but did not know how to do it. Usagi spoke again.

“You like taking that girl you speak of you like making her feel special by taking her to places like this?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, she loved going out.”

Mamoru answered. Usagi smiled a bit and did not question anymore.

After about fifteen minutes, the waiter brought the sodas and then the pizza with a couple of plates. Mamoru gave a couple of slices to Usagi and then he took a couple of slices. Afterward, Mamoru drove Usagi back to the shrine. He took her inside to where Rei was, and Mamoru went to Ami and talked to her privately.


She asked.

“Usagi must feel somehow that her memory has been tampered with, but Usagi doesn’t realize that she was the one who did it. Every time I indirectly told Usagi about herself. She felt so remorseful like she knew that a part of her is gone.”

Mamoru answered.

“I see. It will not too long now until the ice breaks and Usagi will remember everything. Mamoru, be careful. You are now walking on eggshells Mamoru. Anything you do might cause her to remember her hidden memories. Make sure you never use a red rose in front of Usagi. Rei said that it could be the item that causes her to remember. She does not know why. Rei feels like it is a hunch.”

Ami explained.

“I understand. I’ll be careful.”

Mamoru told her. Usagi’s broken memories could not stay hidden forever. The day of those sad memories breaking through was drawing near.



Over the last few days Usagi had recovered some of the memories that were buried deep within her own mind, but none of the memories of Mamoru nor Tuxedo Mask resurfaced. Ami came up with a conclusion.

“I know why the memories of Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen aren’t surfacing.”

Ami suddenly announced.


Makoto answered.

“Usagi will have to see Mamoru and Tuxedo Kamen in order for those memories to return. Mamoru, I suggest you take Usagi and do something with her. Right now, she does not know you. If you were to do something with her that she used to do with you, that might re-jog some of her memories. If you still truly love Usagi, do it for her, because right now her love for you is still sealed within herself. Maybe there may be some memories that might resurface. Beware Mamoru, that some bad memories may resurface and Usagi might react to you in a negative manner. Do you understand?”

Ami explained.

“I understand. I’ll take my chances.”

Mamoru told her.

“Good. To Usagi-Chan, she does not know you at all. If you do something to re-jog her memory. Most likely it won’t be good. Just try to be considerate and compassionate to her. If she sees those qualities in you, there might be a chance she’ll remember something good. Be careful not call her by her hairstyle, if she regains some of her memories, there might be a slight chance she’ll remember what her hairstyle is. She might yell at you.”

Ami instructed Mamoru. Mamoru turned towards Usagi. She sat in a chair staring at nothing. Mamoru came over to her. He extended his hand to her.

“May I have your hand please?”

He asked her in a kind voice. And in response she extended her hand like she had done it before. She stood up and looked at him. She couldn’t see him well. All she saw was an outline of a man.

“Remember Mamoru, she can’t see well, please hold on to her and be gentle to her. And don’t let her fall.”

Ami reminded him.

“I understand.”

Mamoru answered.

“Usagi, please come with me. I’ll take you somewhere special.”

Mamoru told her.

“Where are you planning on taking me?”

She asked. She was more curious than being afraid.

“You’ll find out.”

Mamoru answered.

“Please make sure you keep her safe.”

Ami told him.

“I will.”

Mamoru agreed. Mamoru walked Usagi to a part of town. She asked him a question.

“What is your name?”

She asked.

“Mamoru Chiba.”

He answers her.

“It means ‘Earth Protector?”

Usagi asked again.


He answered once again.

“I see. Do you protect someone important to you?”

Usagi asked.

“Yes, that’s right. A pretty girl. But I can’t enjoy that girl anymore.”

Mamoru replied in a sad tone.

“What happened to this pretty girl that you speak of?”

Usagi asked. Suddenly inquisitive. Like she wanted to know. Mamoru thought carefully before answering. Then he spoke.

“She’s no longer here. She’s not feeling well. She lost her memory.”

He told her as they continued walking.

“Is she important to you? Like a loved one?”

Usagi asked again. Usagi took great interest in ‘this girl’ not realizing that Mamoru was referring to her.

“Yes. She is extremely important to me. She’s the one I truly love, but I don’t feel anything from her anymore.”

He replied again. Somehow Usagi was affected by his words. Tears started to flow from her eyes silently. He noticed she was crying.

“Why are you crying Usagi?”

Mamoru asked.

“It’s so sad.”

Usagi replied. While tears continued to flow silently.

“Tears don’t go well with you Usagi.”

Mamoru spoke as he dried her tears. Her vision slightly had improved and saw a glimpse of the young man who dried her tears. Usagi remembered a phrase that came to her mind, ‘tears don’t suit you Odango Atama.’ That term. She heard it before. Usagi didn’t really know why, but she had figured out that Mamoru in someway was referring to her.

“Odango Atama, I am that girl you are talking about?”

Usagi asked as she stared at him. Mamoru was surprised that Usagi would piece together the pieces about the girl he described. She looked at him awaiting an answer.

“Please try not worry about that girl. Okay? She’s still alive and she is safe. She’s just going through a hard time.”

Mamoru finally answered. Usagi slightly smiled.

“She’s safe and she’s still alive? She’s going through a hard time?”

Usagi asked again.

“Yes, but I believe she will pull out of her slump. She’ll be okay again. I promise. Shall we continue?”

He asked her by offering his hand again. And she accepted it. They continued down the street and Mamoru forgot to watch Usagi’s steps carefully and Usagi tripped and fell to the ground. And wailed like she used to do. When she fell and cried. Her memories returned. She remembered all the times that she would slip and trip on the way to school. Her wailing didn’t last long. Her tears returned to normal. Silent tears returned as she lay on the ground. Her knees throbbed in pain from the fall. Then Mamoru came and offered her his hand and spoke.

“Please, Usagi may I help you up?”

Mamoru asked. Her vision had returned a little more. She could see his face. her vision wasn’t fully cleared up. But, she saw his face. He face looked so kind. His face told her that she had to trust him. She gave him her hand once more and he lifted her off from the ground.

“Let me look at your knees for a moment.”

Mamoru told her, While he still held on to her. He looked at both knees and they were slightly scratched. Mamoru smiled.

“It’s not serious Usagi, your knees are fine. They’re just a few scratches. The pain should subside soon. You’ll be fine.”

Mamoru told her. Usagi looked at him. And she spoke.

“I am that girl that’s in a slump?”

Usagi asked. She wanted to know the truth. She searched in his eyes for the truth. He thought carefully. He didn’t want to hurt Usagi’s feelings. He felt that Usagi may still be too sensitive if he said the wrong words. He finally spoke.

“Don’t worry. That girl is safe, please trust me. Okay?”

He asked. She nodded. Mamoru thought some of her memories came back to the point where Usagi knew that Mamoru spoke of the girl he mentioned, that he was referring to her. He was surprised that her memory returned. But he felt that she remembered nothing of him. He finally got her to where he wanted to take her.

“We’re here.”

Mamoru told her.

“Where’s here?”

Usagi asked.

“This is a 4-H exhibit. This place has all sorts of animals. I am sure you’ll love the animals here.”

Mamoru told her, He showed her the cows, the sheep, and the pigs. There were small and large pigs. Her vision returned to where she could see the animals and enjoy them. He saw her smile. It wasn’t much of a smile, but he thought it may have been the memories that were returning to her.

But eventually, the sad heartbroken memories would return and then Usagi would know about him and maybe remember him. Right now, she couldn’t remember him. So, he knew that he was safe from any outbursts of sudden sorrow if she were to remember what happened. Right now, he wanted to show her that he still cared for her. Usagi was watching the animals more than paying any attention to Mamoru. Mamoru thought this was good, because Usagi wouldn’t remember anything bad. He took her to where the rabbits were. She saw fluffy rabbits and smooth rabbits. She loved them. They were cute. Then it came to her. She spoke.

“My name is Usagi? That means rabbit. Why would someone name me after a furry animal?”

She asked inquisitively.

“I don’t know. But, you’re friends like your name. Don’t you think that your friends Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako love you for who you are. Because you’re Usagi. You light up their lives.”

He explained.

“Me light up their lives?”

She asked as she stared at him expectantly.

“You’re their hope. If your happy, then they are happy. You give them strength. Just be happy, okay?”

He told her. She nodded her head. And they continued on. Later, he returned her to the Hikawa Shrine. He talked to Ami and Luna privately.


Ami asked.

“Her memory returned even more and her vision is nearly back to normal. And somehow, Usagi knows that her memory has been tampered with. She also seems to know that something is wrong with her.”

Mamoru explained.

“The Silver crystal’s power must be wearing off now.”

Luna added her thoughts.

“Then it won’t be too long that Usagi will remember that I broke up with her. We must be careful to speak more privately now. Usagi is starting to remember things that are dear to her. We want it to go smoothly as possible. One day, the ice will break and Usagi will remember most of everything. Let’s hope you guys that you can come up with a counter technique that will heal Usagi and return her to her normal self.”

Mamoru added his thoughts.

“I agree. We must tread lightly.”

Ami added her thoughts.

“She also seemed to be a bit emotional too.”

Mamoru told them.

“Maybe she realized that something happened to her.”

Luna thought. She missed the old Usagi.

“Usagi didn’t seem to be the dull and boring Usagi. She seems to be very inquisitive and wanted to learn about everything. She even smiled a bit at the 4-H exhibit.”

Mamoru reported. Ami and Luna smiled.

“Mamoru, she’s healing slowly. Soon, Usagi will return and remember you. But, the sad memories is what she might remember first.”

Luna commented about what she felt about Usagi. Usagi was healing slowly, but she was far from returning to normal. Soon, those sad memories would return. Everyone was hoping it would take longer. Will those memories return quickly or take longer? Find out next time!



Usagi’s vision was still cloudy. Usagi had used the Ginzuishou on herself to forget Mamoru all together.

When she did that, some important qualities about Usagi-Chan vanished that day. Everyone missed the old Usagi-Chan. The current Usagi-Chan was too dull, serious, and boring. Luna and Artemis watched Usagi closely. Usagi never responded unless spoken to. This was not like the Usagi they had known. Rei stared at the Sacred Fire. Rei missed the smile used to beam from Usagi. A tear flowed from Rei’s eyes. She would not let the others see it. Usagi sat in the other room and stared at the wall. She just stared at the wall and not doing anything. Ami and Makoto could not stand it any longer.

“Usagi, we would like to take you somewhere special. Please come with us.”

Ami asked.


Usagi simply replied in a dull tone. Usagi got up from where she was sitting, and Ami and Makoto held on to Usagi because Usagi could not see good. Ami and Makoto took Usagi down to the Game Crown Arcade. Ami and Makoto took Usagi in and there by the counter was Motoki-San. He greeted them.

“Hello Ami, Mako-Chan, and Usagi-Chan! What brings you in here today?”

Motoki asked.

“We are here to re-jog Usagi’s memory. Usagi has developed amnesia. We are here to get Usagi to remember the things she loved most.”

Makoto replied. Motoki looked at Usagi. Then he spoke.

“She looks seriously dull, if you ask me.”

Motoki observed.

“Yes, that’s right. She won’t respond unless you talk to her.”

Ami explained.

“I see. Usagi-Chan, how are you feeling today?”

Motoki asked.


Usagi replied in a serious, but very dull monotone. Motoki was shocked.

“I see what you mean.”

Motoki told Ami and Makoto.

“Anything we can do to re-jog her memory?”

Ami asked. Motoki thought. Then he had an idea. Then he led the girls to a table. Then Motoki prepared three Chocolate Milk Shakes and brought them to Ami, Makoto, and Usagi.

“Here. It is on the house! Enjoy!”

Motoki told them as he sat down with them.

“What’s this?”

Usagi asked.

“It’s a chocolate milkshake. You drink it. Use the straw that’s in the glass.”

Motoki told her. Usagi tried a bit of chocolate milkshake. Some of Usagi’s memory surfaced in her mind. The memories flooded to her mind of all the times Minako, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Chibiusa came to the Game Crown Arcade to have chocolate milkshakes. Usagi spoke.

“I used to come in here a lot and have this shake and play the Sailor V Video game. I can’t play it now because of my eyesight.”

Usagi remembered a bit, but none of the memories had Mamoru in them. Whatever happened to Usagi, the memories of Mamoru may have been sealed deep within Usagi.

“That’s right. You used to come in here with us and Mamoru included. You used to play the Sailor V video game but, you weren’t exceptionally good at it.”

Ami replied. Then a call came in on Ami’s communicator.

“We have trouble. There is a droid at the market. We need Usagi and you guys to come and help us.”

Rei spoke.

“Right, we’ll be there.”

Ami replied.

“Motoki thank you for the shakes.”

Makoto told him. Then Ami and Makoto left with Usagi. They got to an alleyway. Ami spoke to Usagi.

“Usagi, we need you to transform into Sailor Moon like you did earlier. Say ‘Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!’ Now please transform.”

Ami told her. Usagi nodded.

“Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!”

Usagi cried and she transformed into Sailor Moon.

“Good. Mercury Star Power! Make up!”

Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury.

“Jupiter Star Power! Make Up!”

Makoto cried and she transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

Then Sailor Jupiter spoke to Sailor Moon.

“Usagi, climb on my back please. We are in a hurry. I can carry you and run quicker to where we need to go. So, please climb on my back.”

Sailor Jupiter told her, and Sailor Moon obeyed. Sailor Moon climbed on Sailor Jupiter’s back.

“Usagi, this is the only way we can get to where we are going quickly. Your eyesight is nonexistent now. We will travel a lot quicker with you on my back. Understand?”

Sailor Jupiter asked.

“Yes. I understand.”

Sailor Moon replied. Sailor Moon did not care. Sailor Jupiter stood up and Her and Sailor Mercury ran as quickly as they could. Sailor Jupiter was extraordinarily strong. This brought some memories of when Sailor Jupiter carried Sailor Moon before after it was discovered that Usagi was the Moon Princess.

“Am I the Moon Princess?”

Sailor Moon asked as those memories arose in her mind. Sailor Jupiter was surprised at Sailor Moon’s question.

“Yes, Sailor Moon, you are. We are to make sure you stay safe. it’s our duty as Sailor Senshi.”

Sailor Jupiter told her.

“Sailor Senshi? What’s that?”

Sailor Moon questioned her. Sailor Moon became highly inquisitive.

“Ami, Rei, Minako, you, and I are soldiers who fight evil. Keep asking me questions, it might re-jog your memory Usagi.”

Sailor Jupiter told her.

“Where are we going?”

Sailor Moon asked being curious.

“There’s a droid at the market. We have to weaken it so you can defeat it.”

Sailor Mercury replied.

“Can you guys defeat the droid?”

Sailor Moon questioned.

“No, we can only weaken it. You have the power to defeat it completely.”

Sailor Jupiter explained. Then they arrived at the market.

“Sailor Moon, I am going to let you down right here. You sit there against that pole. When we are ready for you, I will come back to you, understand?”

Sailor Jupiter told Sailor Moon as Sailor Jupiter set her down by a pole and Sailor Moon sat there and waited.

“Good girl. I will be back. I promise.”

Sailor Jupiter told her as she and Mercury joined the others.

“How is she?”

Mars asked.

“Highly inquisitive, other than that she’s fine.”

Sailor Jupiter reported.

“I see. Burning Mandala!”

Sailor Mars replied and then made her attack and sending it at the droid.

“Shine Aqua Illusion!”

Sailor Mercury yelled as she sent a massive spray of water at the droid causing more damage. Sailor Moon could not see what was going on but could hear the commotion. Hearing those noises brought distant memories back, but like before, no Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen.

“Venus Love Me Chain!”

Sailor Venus yelled sending a chain of yellow hearts towards the enemy.

“Sparkling Wide Pressure!”

Sailor Jupiter yelled sending a ball of electricity at the droid weakening it to the point to where Sailor Moon could destroy it. Mars and Jupiter came over and brought Sailor Moon to her feet.

“We need you now. We need you to destroy the droid. Do it like last time like with that dead tree. We will help you by being your eyes.”

Mars told her. Sailor Moon’s Cutie Moon Rod appeared. Sailor Moon held on to the Cutie Moon Rod. And Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter walked Sailor Moon a bit closer to the droid and pointed the Cutie Moon Rod at the droid.

“Now say ‘Moon Princess Halation’ to destroy the droid like you did with the dead tree.”

Sailor Jupiter told her.

“I understand. Moon Princess Halation!”

Sailor Moon responded and called her attack sending yellow crescent moons destroying the droid and turning it to dust and bringing more memories back, but without Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen.

“Good job Sailor Moon.”

Sailor Mercury told her.

“I did good?”

Sailor Moon asked in a curious tone.

“Yes, Sailor Moon. You did particularly good.”

Sailor Jupiter told her.

“Let us go back to the Hikawa Shrine. Our work is done for now.”

Sailor Mars told everyone. Usagi’s memories were returning, but without Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi had a long way to go before returning to normal. But the more she experienced the things she did before, the chances were good that the old Tsukino Usagi would return, but that meant the heartbreak would return as well. But was Usagi ready for it? Find out next time!



Rei had called Mamoru and gave him an update of what happened to Usagi of what they found out when Usagi awoke. Rei invited Mamoru to come to the Hikawa Shrine and to see for himself what had happened to Usagi.

“So, she just sits there and not saying a word unless you ask her something?”

Mamoru asked. He was surprised that Usagi sat there and did absolutely nothing.

“She looks so serious in a dull sort of way.”

Mamoru observed.

“We asked if she remembered you and she didn’t know who you were.”

Ami explained.

“I see.”

Mamoru thought.

“There must have been some reason why she did it or she wouldn’t have done that terrible deed.”

Luna spoke in a sad tone. Then Mamoru remembered Usagi’s words from earlier.

“If that is what you wish. So be it. But know this Mamoru, you might regret it one day…very well, may our paths never cross again.”

Mamoru told everyone Usagi’s words.

“So, I wonder how long Usagi had this planned?”

Ami thought.

“Everyone, I may be the blame of the situation that Usagi is in. See, for quite some time I had these reoccurring nightmares in where Usagi dies when she is near me caused by misfortune. See, everyone Usagi must had enough of the heartbreak and to get rid of all the hurtful memories I had caused. So, I was erased from her memory and her bubbly personality has vanished like it was entwined with my personality. I am so sorry I had put her through all this. I really am. Forgive me Usako.”

Mamoru explained.

“That would explained what she did. But how do we restore her?”

Makoto thought.

“Mamoru, you might be the one that can bring Usagi out of it. Right now, she is nothing more than an empty shell. She seems to be a bit more serious about things it seems.”

Luna suggested that he might be the key to undo what was done to Usagi. Rei looked at Usagi more closely.

“She just stands there. She doesn’t interact with anyone unless we talk to her.”

Ami thought.

“I wonder if she can use ‘Moon Princess Halation’ after she is transformed.”

Minako asked.

“Let us find out. Usagi.”

Rei spoke to Usagi.


Usagi replied.

“Please come with me, I need you to help me with something.”

Rei asked. Makoto and Minako helped Usagi out where an old tree was standing which was dead.

“Usagi, you say you still remember the words to transform right?”

Luna asked.

“Yes, I believe so.”

Usagi replied.

“Then use your brooch and say, ‘Moon Crystal Power, Make Up’ please?”

Luna asked.

“Okay. Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”

Usagi spoke as she grabbed her brooch and she transformed into Sailor Moon.

“Do you still know how to use the ‘Moon Princess Halation’ attack?”

Luna asked.

“I believe so.”

Sailor Moon answered.

“Use your Cutie Moon Rod on that dead tree over there.”

Rei spoke and showed Sailor Moon to where she could destroy the old dead tree.

“What tree? I only see an outline of something standing.”

Sailor Moon asked. Since she could not see the tree at all except an outline.

“You can’t see the tree?”

Makoto asked.


Sailor Moon spoke in a serious tone.

“Sailor Moon, let me look at your eyes.”

Ami asked and she walked over to where Sailor Moon stood. Ami looked at her eyes.

“Sailor Moon’s eyes are a solid blue! That is why she cannot see right. Sailor Moon point your Cutie Moon Rod at the tree and Rei and Makoto will help you hold your rod so you can destroy that dead tree.”

Ami told her. Sailor Moon pointed her rod and Rei, and Makoto held the Cutie Moon Rod still so Sailor Moon could blast the old dead tree.

“Now Sailor Moon, say ‘Moon Princess Halation!'”

Luna told her.

“Moon Princess Halation!”

Sailor Moon yelled as the power came out of her rod and yellow crescent moons struck the dead tree and turned it to dust.

“Not bad Sailor Moon. Now re-transform by touching your brooch.”

Luna instructed. Sailor Moon touched her brooch and re-transformed back into Usagi.

“So, she can still fight?”

Mamoru thought.

“It looks like it, but her vision is very impaired. We may have to help her for a while.”

Ami told everyone.

The next day, Ami and Makoto helped Usagi get to school. Miss Haruna-Sensei was surprised that Usagi made it on time.

“Usagi, I am glad you made it on time.”

Miss Haruna told her.

“Being late would not be good for me.”

Usagi replied in a dull monotone. Haruna looked shocked.

Haruna realized that Usagi looked different than normal.

“She’s been through a personal ordeal.”

Makoto explained.

“I see.”

Haruna thought. Ami and Makoto knew there must be a way to get Usagi’s memory back to normal. How long would her eyes be a solid blue. Find out next time!