Chapter 2: Chapters 5-7

It was a hot afternoon in Gazth Sonica. Tuesday Thursday was getting the reports in from her Enfant Agents, and it was not good. The squad that she sent to Nafrece did not report in for over five hours. Tuesday Thursday said,

“This is not good. Thanks to them, we have lost our Nafrece squad.”

Tuesday Thursday presses a button.

“Ami Jorg at your service,” said Ami Jorg.

“Ami,” said Tuesday, “you job is to catch Margret Burton and Madlax by any means necessary. You had heard of the reports, did you?”

“Yes,” said Ami, “I had heard that our Nafrece Branch was destroyed by them, and the last I heard from other agents that they are heading here with my traitorous sister.”

“Okay,” said Tuesday, “you are dismissed.”

Now, Ami Jorg was not an Enfant agent for exceedingly long. Before she joined Enfant, she along with her sister Limelda was in the Elite Guard of Gazth Sonica. When Limelda left the Elite Guard, she became the number one women of the Elite Guard. After Friday Monday was killed by Madlax, she joined Enfant as Tuesday Thursday’s number two woman.

Right at the airport, Limelda, Laetitia, Margaret, and Madlax landed when they left the airplane. The television at the airport said,

“This just in. Ami Jorg is put in charge of the task force that is set up to capture both Margaret Burton and Madlax, two of the most wanted criminals in all of Gazth Sonica.”

Limelda gasped. Laetitia asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“She’s my sister,” said Limelda. “When we were in the Elite Guard of Gazth Sonica, we were put in charge of different units. When I left the Elite Guard to hunt down Madlax, she became the number one woman of the Elite Guard and the number two solider of all Gazth Sonica. I like to know why she joined Enfant.”

“I think that we might get our answer,” said Margaret.

“Let’s get going,” said Madlax.

Margaret and Madlax ran as far as they could they did not stop for anything. When Margaret and Madlax were gone, Limelda said,

“I think I know a good hiding place for you Laetitia.”

“Okay,” said Laetitia.

Margaret and Madlax head to Madlax’s informant. They had to take the long way there because of the military in Gazth Sonica was looking for them. When they got there, Madlax’s informant said,

“Madlax, so glad to see you.”

“Yes,” said Madlax, “I brought someone with me.”

“Hello, I’m Margaret Burton,” said Margaret.

“Nice to meet you,” said Madlax’s informant. “I had that information about what Enfant has been doing in the past two months.”

While Margaret and Madlax were talking with Madlax’s informant, Limelda and Laetitia were going to the place where Margaret saved the world. When Limelda and Laetitia got there, Nakhl asked,

“What brings you here Limelda?”

“I brought someone here for you to keep an eye on,” said Limelda, “Madlax and Margaret are on the most wanted list. I think that you also know the news that is happening here in Gazth Sonica.”

“Yes,” said Nakhl, “I have, so what do we do for here.”

“I think that Margaret wants you to babysit me,” said Laetitia. “She wants me to stay out of the danger.”

“I think that is a clever idea,” said Nakhl, “but I also want Limelda to go back there and do some recon.”

“That is a good plan,” said Limelda.

While Limelda was saying goodbye to Laetitia, back in the Demilitarized Zone, Madlax’s informant said,

“Tuesday Thursday took over the government because she wants the war to resume and not let the peace talks continue.”

“Why did she put us on the most wanted list?” asked Margret.

“She put you on to bring you out,” said Madlax’s informant.

“Wow,” said Madlax, “All that to make sure that the war continued.”

“Yes,” said Madlax’s informant, “but she needed some scapegoats to blame the resume of the war on.”

“And that where we come in,” said Margaret.

“That all I have,” said Madlax’s informant. “What would you do now?”

“We must end this and let the public know about Enfant’s new trick as soon as possible,” said Margaret.

“I think that’s a promising idea,” said Madlax, “but we need to …”

Before Madlax finished her sentence, Ami Jorg found Margaret and Madlax. Margaret said,

“We had been found.”

“Oh shit,” said Madlax. “Can we use your back door?”

“Sure,” said Madlax’s informant.

“We need to go now,” said Madlax.

“Yes,” said Margaret, “but I think we should spit up.”

“That is a great idea,” said Madlax. “That way in case one of us gets caught the other one can stay alive and fight.”

Madlax and Margaret left Madlax’s informant’s place and spit up. Their thought was going to not get caught, but when Ami Jorg saw Madlax, Ami Jorg said,


“Oh shit,” said Madlax.

Madlax started running. She had attracted fifteen Enfant agents including Ami Jorg. When Madlax shot three of the Enfant agents down, Ami Jorg said to the other eleven,

“HOLD IT. Let us set a trap for Madlax and Margaret.”

“I get it,” said Enfant agent #1. “That way we can be sure that we can use one as bait.”

“At least,” said Ami Jorg, “someone’s speaking my language.”

Ami Jorg head to the edge of the city in the demilitarized zone hoping that either Margaret or Madlax would spring her trap.

Madlax and Margaret’s plan paid off so far so Margaret using a pay phone called Madlax on her cell phone. Margaret said,

“So, what is our plan now?”

“We should meet outside of city,” said Madlax, “but still in the demilitarized zone.”

When Madlax finished her sentence, she was caught by the trap that Ami Jorg set up. Madlax said to Margaret on the cell phone,

“Good luck and I hope that you can make it.”

“Come on out with your hands up,” said Enfant agent #2.

Madlax then surrender to the Enfant agents because of the number of agents to her. Ami Jorg said,

“Well. Well, what we have got here. I see that we have caught ourselves one Madlax.”

“What do you want with me?” said Madlax.

“I have order to take you to Tuesday Thursday, herself,” said Ami Jorg, “and she will ask you some questions and we will make you answer them.”

“You will not…,” said Madlax.

Madlax was hit from behind with a tranquilizer dart and went to sleep.

While Margaret was getting out of the city, she saw a news report. The news anchor said,

“This just in. One of the two women that was the major cause of starting the war was caught less than two hours ago. She was leaving the city. The government is preparing to give a speech right now. Let us listen in.”

“People of Gazth Sonica,” said Tuesday Thursday, “I have great news. We have just caught Madlax. We are now looking for her partner in crime, Margaret Burton. She must be found right away, or the war will continue. That is all.”

“You heard it from the head of government,” said the news anchor. “Madlax has been captured, but Margaret Burton is still on the loose.”

Margaret Burton went to the sight where Madlax had been captured. Margaret found Madlax’s cell phone and called someone on speed dial. Margaret said,

“Is this SSS?”

“How did you receive this number?” asked SSS.

“I’m Margaret Burton,” said Margaret, “and I’m a friend of Madlax telling you that she has been captured.”

“Wow,” said SSS, “that’s a shocking surprise, are they still looking for you?”

“Yes,” said Margaret, “they are, but I want to save Madlax.”

“She really helped you two months ago,” said SSS.

“Yes,” said Margaret, “she did.”

“Try contacting Limelda,” said SSS “Bring her up to speed and ask her for your training, Margaret.”

“Okay,” said Margaret, “I better leave the town before I got caught.”

“That is a great idea,” said SSS. “I wish for your success.”

Chapter 1 – Chapters 1-4

It was Labor Day in Nafrece. It was a nice sunny day as well. Madlax and Limelda Jorg were heading to their awkward job assigned by SSS. Madlax asked,

“Why did SSS assigned us to Nafrece?”

“I don’t know,” said Limelda, “but I know that the location is almost here.”

“Also, he did not give me who the client is for this assignment,” said Madlax.

“I think that we will find out now,” said Limelda, “because we are here.”

“Wow,” proclaimed Madlax, “15467 N. 43rd Street East. Well let’s meet the …”

Before Madlax finished that sentence, her cell phone ring and she answer it.

“So Madlax,” said SSS, “you found the client’s house.”

“Very funny SSS,” said Madlax. “Can you tell me what the assignment is?”

“The person that wants you,” said SSS, “will tell you the assignment and details.”

Madlax hang up her mobile, and Limelda and she went to the door. Madlax ring the doorbell.

“I get it,” said Laetitia as she went to the door and open it. “Hello! It’s been a while, Madlax.”

“Don’t tell me,” said Limelda and Madlax, “that Margaret is our client.”

“You guess correctly,” said Margret, “but it is not pasta this time.”

Margaret let both Limelda and Madlax into the house. While they went to the living room, Margaret asked,

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Water,” said Laetitia, Limelda, and Madlax.

When Margaret got back with three glasses of water, Margaret sat down and explained,

“I heard something on the Nafrece’s News Channel that Enfant is back with a brand-new leader.”

“Wow!” said Limelda and Madlax with complete shock.

“The new leader of Enfant is called Tuesday Thursday,” said Margaret.

“So,” said Limelda, “you want us to shoot him down for us.”

“Tuesday Thursday is a girl,” said Margaret.

“To make matters worse,” said Laetitia, “she is not only after the person that killed the former leader, Friday Monday, but also the person that open the door of the era.”

“So,” said Madlax, “you are telling us that Tuesday Thursday is after Margaret and me.”

“Yes,” said Laetitia.

At Margret’s house in Nafrece, Limelda asked Margaret if she can turn on the television. Margret went to the television but before she turned it on, she asked,

“What do you want to watch?”

“How about the Nafrece’s News Channel?” asked Limelda.

“I think that I want to know the information as well,” said Madlax.

“Okay,” said Margret, “the Nafrece’s News Channel it is.”

Margret turned on the television to the Nafrece News Channel. When she turned on the television, the news anchor said,

“We have some news just coming in. Gazth-Sonika has a new leader. We are going to go live to the capital right now for the speech.”

“Hello world,” said Tuesday Thursday. “I hope that we can maintain the peace in Gazth-Sonika for years to come. First, we will work on the infrastructure. Second, we will go after those responsible for the war and will ask all governments in the world to comply.”

The people at the speech all cheered.

“Now for my first act,” said Tuesday Thursday, “I order the arrests of Margret Burton and Madlax. Second, I order the arrest of anyone that tries to assist in hiding either Margret Burton or Madlax. Third, I authorize the use of lethal force if they cannot be taken in. That is all.”

Margaret turned off the television. Madlax’s cell phone ring and she answer it.

“What is it, SSS?” asked Madlax.

“I just heard the news,” said SSS. “Madlax, Margret and you are endangered. You two need to defend yourself for the events to come. I just hope that you can work with me again so don’t die.”

“Don’t worry,” said Madlax, “I am not planning to do that anytime soon.”

Madlax hanged up her cellphone. Margaret asked,

“What are we going to do?”

“You and I will hide together,” said Madlax, “while Limelda takes Laetitia to our friend to protect her.”

“I don’t want to be separated from my big sister,” said Laetitia.

“Don’t worry,” said Margaret. “They are doing this because they want you to survive.”

“All right,” said Laetitia.

“Do you have your weapon near you?” asked Limelda.

“Yes, I do,” said Margaret, “but I don’t use it unless it’s needed; however, I do keep it maintain.”

“Okay,” said Limelda, “Madlax and you need to get out of here right away.”

“Why?” asked Margret and Madlax.

“Because what Limelda is saying,” said Laetitia, “is that we are having some guest here and I bet they are not here for a social.”

The guests were carrying guns with them. Margaret said,

“Well Madlax, should we go right now?”

“Yes,” said Madlax, “we will take the back way out.”

“Meet us at the airport in about forty minutes,” said Limelda.

Margaret and Madlax prepared their guns in case the back way was blocked, and they went off.

“Should we make our way out, Limelda?” asked Laetitia.

“Sure,” said Limelda.

Laetitia and Limelda went out the front to Madlax and Limelda’s rental car.

At the same time, the uninviting guests figure out that the two people that they were looking for went out the back door and start to chase them. Madlax shot down two of the uninviting guests that were behind them. Margaret asked Madlax,

“How many are there?”

“There was nine total,” reply Madlax, “now there is seven remaining.”

When Madlax was finish talking, she saw one more uninviting guests. She shoots that uninviting guest. Margret said,

“Six more remaining.”

Margaret and Madlax were just ten blocks from the airport until an ambush caught them. The first uninviting guest said,

“Stay where you are.”

Both girls stayed still and waited for the perfect moment.

At the same time, Limelda and Laetitia were four blocks from where Margaret and Madlax were caught. Laetitia asked,

“What will we do?”

“We will wait,” said Limelda, “and have faith in Madlax and Margaret.”

At Madlax and Margaret’s location, Margaret saw Laetitia.

“STAY DOWN,” yelled the uninviting guest. “Just a few more minutes and we will ship both of you to your trails. I hope that you two are found guilty so they can kill you.”

“What?” said Madlax and Margaret.

“Are they joking?” asked Laetitia to Limelda four blocks from Madlax and Margaret.

“Looks like they are in a no laughing matter, Laetitia,” said Limelda.

Back at Madlax and Margaret’s location, Margaret asked whispery to Madlax,

“How many bullets do you have?”

“I have eight,” whispered Madlax. “Four in each gun. I think you have a whole clip, Margaret, so what’s your plan?”

“I saw five people here,” whispered Margret. “You go after the two above us and the two closest and I will go with the two most far.”

“Do you think it would work?” asked Madlax in a whisper.

“Yes,” said Margret, “it would.”

“Hey!” yelled the uninvited guest, “Stay down and shut up!”

“You will regret saying those words,” said Madlax as she pushes the two people above her from both Margaret and Madlax.

Madlax then shot the two-uninviting guest above Margaret and her. Margaret then got her gun ready and shot the far one. Madlax realized that she didn’t killed the two-uninviting guest that pin both her and Margaret down so she killed those two, now having four bullets remaining overall. Margaret and Madlax then killed the remaining three uninviting guests.

Laetitia and Limelda came to Madlax and Margaret’s location. Laetitia said,

“Glad to see you two alive, Madlax and Margaret.”

“You too, Laetitia,” said Madlax.

“We have just thirty minutes to get to the airport,” said Limelda. “Let’s get going.”

Madlax, Margaret, Limelda, and Laetitia went to the airport and got there in time for check in to fly to Gazth-Sonika to stop Tuesday Thursday’s plan to take over the country. Madlax’s cellphone rings and she answers it.

“Hello Madlax,” said SSS. “Glad that you are heading back to Gazth-Sonika so take you time when you get there.”

“Got it,” said Madlax and then hang up the cellphone. “That was SSS. He said to take our time to get to Gazth-Sonika.”

“So, we will go our separate ways when we get there,” said Margaret.

“I think that will be an innovative idea,” said Madlax.

Finale: “Sisters”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Authors Note: The Finale! And it is long! Enjoy!

Recorder Note: This is from Chapter 15 form the website of The Girl Without a Past. Hope that you can enjoy it.

**** Finale ****

Usagi, Andrea Williamson, and John Ross were in Tokyo once again. They arrived late at night.

They returned to the secret apartment where they stayed before. It would be over a day before

Usagi would be reunited with her family and her friends.

The next day, John Ross was instructed by Andrea to take Usagi out for the day and see the

town. However, he was instructed to not let Usagi go home, her school, the Game Crown, Arcade,

the Hikawa Shrine, or other places like that. Andrea stated that it would ruin the big surprise.

So, while John Ross took Usagi out for the day, Andrea prepared for Usagi’s big surprise that would

take place the next day. Andrea also told John Ross to wear Usagi out, so she would be tired by the time

they would return. “How hard is it to wear out a teenage girl?” He thought to himself.

Andrea went and spoke with the Tsukino’s, Usagi’s friends and as well Motoki and Unazuki and had

arranged for the next day a big celebration. Andrea let Usagi’s friends decorate the cafe that connected

to the Game Crown Arcade. Andrea went out and bought several items and returned to the secret apartment they were staying and hid the items until she was ready to reveal it to Usagi.

That night, John Ross returned with Usagi in his arms. On their return to the secret apartment, Usagi had finally fell asleep and John Ross took Usagi inside and Andrea directed him to place Usagi in bed. Andrea covered her up and spoke to John Ross quietly.

“Any trouble?”

Andrea asked him.

“No, she did try to wear me out. She had lots of energy for a teenage girl.”

John Ross reported to Andrea and Andrea smiled.

“Well, that’s good. All is ready for tomorrow.”

Andrea reported that all was set up for the next day. The next morning, Andrea walked into the room where Usagi was staying in and gently woke Usagi up.

“Lil Sis, time to wake up.”

Andrea spoke to Usagi in a calm soothing voice and Usagi slowly woke up to Andrea speaking to her.

“What time is it?”

Usagi asked in a groggy voice.

“It’s 6 a.m. and we got lots to do today. You need to take a shower and get ready and I will have something special for you to wear.”

Andrea explained to Usagi about the day that was before them and that Andrea had something nice for

Usagi to wear. Usagi took a shower and while Usagi took a shower, Andrea placed a long beautiful sparkling expensive dress on a hook in the bathroom for Usagi to wear as well as underclothes for it. Andrea spoke to Usagi.

“Lil Sis, there’s something special on a hook for you to wear as well as clothes on a chair. Please make

sure, you put them all on, ok?”

Andrea asked Usagi and she explained about the clothes.


Usagi explained and Andrea went back in the living room to wait for Usagi. Usagi came wearing the expensive dress. The dress was a sparkling white. Usagi was in awe of the dress. Andrea zipped up the back of the dress and looked at Usagi.

“You look like a princess!”

Andrea spoke in a warm tone. Usagi blushed.

“You think so?”

Usagi answered Andrea’s comment saying that Usagi looked like a princess. Andrea brought a box and it

had knee high clear stockings that was white. Andrea presents them to Usagi and Usagi carefully put them on. Andrea then brought out another box and Andrea opened the box and there was a pair of white high heeled shoes. Usagi put them on without question. Next, Andrea brought out another box and in it was an expensive silver tiara with diamonds studded on the tiara. It sparkled with sheer elegance. This surprised Usagi. She never seen anything like it. Andrea carefully put the tiara on Usagi’s head. Next, Andrea brought out the last box and she opened it and inside was a necklace that had a crescent moon pendant that sparkled with beauty. Andrea brought it out and placed it on Usagi’s neck. Andrea brought Usagi to a mirror and she spoke to Usagi.

“You look like a real princess. What do you think Lil Sis, do you like it?”

Andrea asked Usagi. Usagi was still in awe of her appearance and she spoke.

“I don’t like it, I love it!”

Usagi stated that she loved her outfit. It was not every day, that Usagi got to wear such clothes like this. Usagi’s dress went to her shoes and the dress sparkled when the light hit the dress. Andrea put Usagi’s hair into Odangos and Usagi helped adjusting her Odangos and Andrea braided Usagi’s ponytails to give a more mature look for Usagi.

“What do you think Lil Sis?”

Andrea asked Usagi and Usagi loved the Odangos and braids combination.

“I really love it. It’s different than usual.”

Usagi answered Andrea. The two left the secret apartment and a Limo awaited them. The chauffeur opened the door and let Usagi and Andrea in. Then he drove them to the Game Crown Arcade and let them out. The place was dark. By the time they got there, it was after 8 in the morning.

“It looks closed.”

Usagi stated after seeing the place was dark.

“Please go inside anyway, okay?”

Andrea urged Usagi and Usagi entered the arcade and then into the cafe. The cafe was too.

“It’s dark in here. It appears closed.”

Usagi stated and Andrea urged Usagi to continue moving forward. And then the lights came on

and the people there all spoke in unison!


Everyone stated and Usagi was in awe and wonderment of what just happened. Both Unazuki and Motoki were in the walkway of the cafe and Usagi spoke.

“Who was the person who set this all up?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone about what she had just seen. Both Unazuki and Motoki pointed towards

Andrea and Usagi carefully turned around and spoke.

“Why Big Sis?”

Usagi asked in a quiet tone that only Andrea heard.

“After what you had been through and your return here to Tokyo, I thought it best to reward you and

give you a good send off as you return to normal life here. Plus, your family and friends said your dream was to be a bride, but I cannot fulfill that, but I could make you a princess. I just wanted to make your day really special.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and Usagi was moved to tears. Andrea brought out a handkerchief and

wiped away Usagi’s tears. By that time, Chibiusa came into the walkway and Andrea spoke.

“Please, there are people who wish to speak to you. Go ahead and talk with them ok?”

Andrea explained to Usagi and Usagi turned around and saw the pink haired girl and she knew who this girl was. Chibiusa did not see Usagi the last time Usagi was in Tokyo, because the others thought if Usagi had seen Chibiusa, Usagi would ask a lot of questions about Chibiusa so Mamoru took Chibiusa out for the day. However, on this day, Chibiusa and Usagi looked at each other and Usagi walked forward to the pink haired girl and picked up Chibiusa in an embrace and twirled Chibiusa around in sheer happiness. Chibiusa was not bother by this. Chibiusa had bottled her feelings about Usagi while Usagi was gone and both girls were in tears due to this blessed event. They both spoke in exceptionally low tones where no one else could hear.

“Momma, I thought I lost you?”

Chibiusa spoke in an incredibly quiet tone that only Usagi could hear.

“I am sorry I have been gone Small Lady, but I am always with you. You have done well in my absence. Please do not hold all your fears in. Let them out. I am here with you and I will always be with you.”

Usagi answered Chibiusa and said that she would always be by Chibiusa side.

“Momma, you look beautiful.”

Chibiusa stated to Usagi and Usagi answered her again.

“Do you love it?”

Usagi asked and Chibiusa stated that she loved it. Usagi set down Chibiusa down again and next was Usagi’s family. Kenji and Ikuko urged Shingo to go first and Shingo moved forward and Usagi embraced Shingo and it was a heartwarming experience.

“Welcome back Big Sis! I missed you so much!”

Shingo told Usagi and Usagi spoke to Shingo that she was back, and he could spend time with her if he wanted and he loved the thought of that. Next, Usagi embraced her mother and then her father. Next was Mamoru which greeted her back and Usagi had tears in her eyes when she was back in Mamoru’s arms once again. Then Usagi met all her closet friends: Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, and even Hotaru.

Then a celebration was underway, and it lasted until about noon. Then in the afternoon Usagi and her friends met at the Hikawa Shrine. Andrea escorted Usagi there and Andrea spoke to Usagi.

“There’s one last thing I would love to do before I leave Tokyo.”

Andrea spoke to Usagi.

“What is that?”

Usagi asked Andrea.

“I would love to meet Sailor Moon. I am a fan of Sailor Moon. Do you know how to meet her?”

Andrea asked Usagi and Rei spoke up.

“We will let the Senshi know and you will receive a message from the Senshi of when and where to meet them.”

Rei spoke to Andrea.

“Very well. Lil Sis, I have one last gift for you.”

Andrea spoke as she presented a small box. And Usagi opened the box and inside was a pink and white cellphone.

“A cellphone?”

Usagi asked Andrea about the cellphone.

“This is to stay in contact with me so I can continue to encourage you in the future.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and Andrea and Usagi turned on the cellphone and then Usagi and Andrea embraced.

“Thank you for all you have done. You have made a difference in my life.”

Usagi thanked Andrea for all that she did. Then Andrea and Usagi parted ways for the moment. Rei then presented to Usagi, Usagi’s broach.

“I think you will be needing this. When you were kidnapped, it fell off your blouse that you wore on that day.”

Rei explained to Usagi as she handed back Usagi’s broach.

“Thank you, Rei-Chan!”

Usagi squealed with glee. Later, Andrea received a message from the Senshi that read:

‘Dear Miss Andrea-Sama,

Please meet Sailor Moon and the Senshi at Tokyo Tower tonight at Midnight and come alone. This will be the only time you can see Sailor Moon. We will be waiting for you.


The Sailor Senshi.’

Later at midnight, all the Senshi transformed and jumped to the top of the Tokyo Tower. Usagi had revealed to the Senshi that she was going to reveal herself as Sailor Moon to Andrea because Usagi stated that Usagi trusted Andrea completely and she had something special to give to Andrea. Sailor Moon had caused her tiara to appear in her hands and she waited for Andrea to appear. Andrea appeared at the time appointed and Sailor Moon did a somersault and landed on the ground and approached Andrea.

“Greetings Miss Andrea-Sama, there is something important I wish to give to you. However, before that, I would like to show something to you first.”

Sailor Moon spoke to Andrea and Andrea that she nodded that she understood.

“Power down!”

Sailor Moon spoke as she re-transformed back into Usagi and Andrea was stunned to who was before her.

“Surprise Big Sis!”

Usagi told Andrea and Andrea was stunned beyond belief.

“You are Sailor Moon?”

Andrea asked Usagi and Usagi smiled sweetly.

“Yes, and if it were not for you, I wouldn’t be Sailor Moon. I owe lots to you for what you did for me and all the Senshi are grateful for your service to me. I wish like for you to have something. It will come useful later if you ever need the Senshi.”

Usagi explained that if it were not for Andrea, that Usagi would not be Sailor Moon. Usagi presented a Moon Tiara to Andrea and Andrea accepted it.

“That will reach the Senshi if you need our help. I am sure you can keep my identity as Sailor Moon a secret.”

Usagi explained to Andrea again as she re-transformed into Sailor Moon.

“I do.”

Andrea answered Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Jumped again to the top of Tokyo Tower and Andrea looked at the tiara she was given and looked back up at the top of the tower and the Senshi were gone.

The next day, Usagi and her family met with Andrea and John Ross one last time.

“This is goodbye for now Lil Sis. I hope your dreams come true. I will be helping you whenever you need it.”

Andrea explained as she hugged Usagi goodbye and turned to get in the plane and Usagi spoke.


Usagi spoke with a loud voice and Andrea turned around and Usagi ran up to Andrea and spoke.

“Big Sis, I love you and thank you for everything!”

Usagi thanked Andrea once again and Andrea smiled and answered.

“You are very much welcome. I will keep in touch with you. Okay?”

Andrea spoke once again and Usagi nodded her head. Both Andrea and John Ross boarded the plane, and it took off.


Usagi had urged the school to give her past schoolwork that she missed and over the next month after her return, she caught up with her schoolwork and with her new dedication and determination, Usagi’s grades improve. And this day, Mamoru and Usagi met to go on a date. Usagi wore the dress that had the red roses on it that Andrea gave her.

“Usako, you look beautiful.”

Mamoru told her.

“Thanks, Mamo-Chan.”

Usagi thanked him. Usagi’s renewed life in Tokyo had not been easy but with her friends and her family, her grades improved, and everyone looked up to Usagi. But some of the old Usagi was still there. And she still loved the same chocolate milkshake, muffin, and an apple that she always ordered, and she still loved video games. The Senshi were glad that somethings with Usagi did not change, but Usagi was determined to fulfill her dream to follow in the footsteps of Andrea whom Usagi considered her Big Sister.


Author’s After thought:

I enjoyed writing this story. If you know anyone who has become a victim of a crime like what Usagi had experienced, please seek help. You may save someone’s life. Until next time, Crystal Knight signing off!

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Chapter 11: “Hostage”

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**** 13 ****

The madman whose name was Doug Sandstone had taken Usagi hostage and he started to walk down the center of the walkway and continued to walk towards the door. Usagi tried to stiffen her legs so he would have a more difficult time of carrying her out of the courthouse. However, Usagi was not strong enough to stop him and he drug her out anyway.

He made his way to the entrance and went outside. He tried to figure what he would do next. he thought that he could Usagi as a human shield in robbing a bank to help him escape the area easier. He eventually ruled out robbing a bank and he would make demands for his escape from the area.

The FBI and the local police surrounded the area. One of the FBI agents got a megaphone and spoke through it to try and negotiate a release of Usagi. However, negotiating a release made Doug angry. He did not like that. He was determined to take her with him wherever he decided to go. Usagi also decided to plead her way out of his arms.

“Please let me go… please.”

Usagi begged to be freed and this too made him angry and he used the end of his gun and hit her ribs as hard as he could. Usagi a cry of pain as Andrea Williamson watched in horror and she could do nothing to save her friend that was more like a sister to her.

“Please let the girl go.”

The agent with the megaphone tried to convince Doug to let the girl go, but he simply refused and would not do it. The FBI and the police weighed their actions of what they could do. They decided to see what Doug wanted and call in a S.W.A.T. sniper team to fire a dart that would make Doug Sandstone sleep. That was the only way they could rescue Usagi and prevent her from being killed by this madman if worse came to worse.

“What do you want Doug Sandstone?”

The agent with the megaphone asked him. The sniper team was still several minutes away, and they had to buy some time until they arrived.

“I want a car and $500,000 cash in unmarked bills and in twenties.”

Doug Sandstone answered the agent. he made his demands simple.

“In order for us to grant your request, you must let the girl go. Agreed?”

The agent asked him to free the girl once Doug’s request was granted. However, Doug would not fulfill his part of the bargain and he really intended on keeping Usagi. Usagi weighed her options in this matter, she knew she could not do anything but beg. But begging was not a good thing to do, but she realized she had no choice.

“Please let me go!”

Usagi begged again and he hurt her ribs hard once again and she cried in pain.

“You be quiet! You have no say in this matter!”

Doug told Usagi. The FBI continued to negotiate for Usagi’s release but, it fell on deaf ears. Andrea watched in horror as her friend was being hurt by this mad man and there was no way out of this terrible situation. Usagi did not understand why Doug had captured her, but she did not want to be there to be the target of his anger. Usagi knew she was powerless. She remained silent and would not cry out again for her life knowing that she had no hope.

Doug continued to walk away to the parking lot. There were some empty spaces. Usagi tried not to give him a chance for him to flee by stiffening up her legs. She thought maybe using all her strength to make it difficult could buy the agents some time for them to mount a rescue. However, Doug did not like this and hit her in the ribs for her to release her legs. Usagi was stubborn and refused to do what he requested. Usagi would not give in to what he wanted. Her life depended on her risky actions.

Usagi and Doug was in a battle against wills. Usagi did not know it, but she realized that she was Sailor Moon. Andrea had told Usagi about the Sailor Senshi and their battle against evil. Andrea explained that Sailor Moon was her favorite of all the Senshi. However, Andrea liked all the Senshi. Andrea even had a picture of all the Senshi, and she showed the picture of the Senshi and Usagi was amazed by the picture. Usagi felt something about Sailor Moon. Usagi had asked the other day about Sailor Moon and Andrea explained that Sailor Moon had not appeared in Tokyo for quite some time and Andrea just explained there was no monster attack, and she was not needed now. What Andrea did not know that the girl who could transform into Sailor Moon was in her care. She would find out later that Usagi and Sailor Moon was one and the same girl. Usagi loved all the Senshi when Andrea showed the picture. Usagi took a liking to Sailor Mars and Sailor Uranus. Usagi could not explain why. Usagi knew deep inside there was some hidden significance about these two young Senshi.

The FBI continued to negotiate the release of Usagi, but this was a stalemate, and this was not working. Time was running out on trying to free Usagi from this madman’s clutches.

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**** 14 ****

Doug Sandstone had taken Usagi hostage and they were both in the parking lot. The FBI could not get a deal with Doug for Usagi’s release so, they gave the S.W.A.T. team to dart to cause Doug Sandstone to fall asleep as soon as he was hit with the dart. The S.W.A.T. team member was given the go ahead and shoot and he waited until he had a clear shot of Doug Sandstone and he fired the dart and it hit Doug in the side and he went down and Usagi was released and she made a sudden cry and she hit her head on a parking bumper and fell unconscious. The FBI called the paramedics and the paramedics looked over Usagi and they could not determine there if Usagi had any broken ribs, so they took her to the local hospital (where she had stayed before) and they performed x-rays and found her ribs were just fractured and so they bound her up and afterwards, she was put in a bed. Andrea and the Judge were worried about Usagi and they both hoped Usagi was fine.

A couple of hours later, Usagi woke up again and a nurse greeted her.

“Welcome back Usagi, Andrea and the judge are worried for you.”

The nurse revealed to Usagi. Usagi’s forehead was bound where she hit her head. Her head did not even fracture, but it did not feel good either. Usagi would make a full recovery. Usagi then realized, that her memory had returned. All of it. From her kidnapping in Tokyo to her fleeing from North Texas. All her memory returned to her. Andrea and Crystal Cynthia Smythe walked in Usagi’s hospital room. The judge sat at the edge of the bed as Andrea watched.

“Are you okay, Usagi?”

The judge asked her and Usagi tried to sit up, but the judge stopped her.

“Not so fast! You have been injured. Rest my dear, there will be a time when you can leave here. Just rest and recover, alright?”

The judge asked her and Usagi nodded her head in agreement. Usagi then spoke up.

“My memory came back! All of it, from my kidnapping to my flight from North Texas… everything has returned!”

Usagi spoke up suddenly revealing that her memory had returned once again, and her happiness was sure. Her life seemed a lot better than before.

“That’s good. I am sure Andrea wants to speak to you. So, I will be outside.”

The judge told Usagi and she left to leave Andrea with Usagi. Andrea walked up to Usagi.

“Little Sis, I am glad your memory had returned. I am happy for you. I am one step closer in succeeding in my mission. Now, there’s only one thing left to do now.”

Andrea congratulated Usagi on her memory and revealed that Andrea’s mission was nearly complete.

“Oh, your mission is nearly over?”

Usagi asked suddenly and Andrea nodded her head and she spoke.

“Yes, I have been given the go ahead, once the trial has completed after your recovery for me to take you home personally.”

Andrea revealed and Usagi was both happy and sad. Usagi had gotten so used to Andrea and did not

want to part ways. Andrea explained to her that they were forever bonded, and nothing could break them apart no matter the distance.

Two months later, Usagi and the defendant had fully recovered their wounds and the trial continued and Usagi gave a full testimony of what she had endured and how Andrea helped her recover. After the trial, Doug Sandstone was found guilty and Usagi was given a chance to speak to the defendant and she did, and this is what she said.

“You thought to make my life a living hell. You thought by enslaving me that you could defeat my resolve and my spirit. You made me one of your victims, but I am no victim! I am a victor! I do not die very easily! I have endured many hardships in my young life and this experience has only sharpened my resolve further! As Andrea Williamson has helped me, so I decided to follow in her footsteps and help those who are helpless. I am not a victim; I am a victor! I hope you realize that it is people like you that make me stronger. What I have learned here will help me in the future as I aim for my new dream, to be an agent that helps those who are in danger! I hope time in prison will help you realize that your life could have been different if you had not kidnapped all those girls and me included. Remember, I am not a victim, I am a victor. Thank you!”

Usagi gave her speech. Andrea had helped her write the speech to make it bolder and more fearless. The judge gave Doug Sandstone life in prison in a federal prison where he would have no chance at parole.

Days after that, Andrea and Usagi finally boarded a jet bound for Tokyo, Japan. This would be Usagi’s final trip. Usagi was finally going home. After many hours, the jet landed in Tokyo, Japan and Usagi was back home in Japan and soon a reunion would take place. It would be the best of all reunions, the like that Usagi had ever seen!

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