Chapter 10: “Trial”

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**** 11 ****

Usagi had seen her family just the other day and she did not know what to think of the meeting. Andrea Williamson and Usagi discussed what Usagi felt while she was there. Usagi stated they were kind, and she could not quite explain it, but she felt safe there. Usagi remembered seeing a picture of herself and seeing her hair having the strange balls of hair and Usagi asked if her could put in that hairstyle like she had seen in the picture of herself.

“I don’t know how, but I can take you to your mother’s house. I am sure she knows how to give you that hairstyle you desire. Sounds good Usagi?”

Andrea answered Usagi and Usagi trusted what Andrea had said.

“Okay Big Sis, I trust what you had said to me. Could you please take me over there? There’s something about that hairstyle that intrigues me.”

Usagi answered Andrea and Andrea smiled sweetly. Usagi had started calling Andrea ‘Big Sis’ quite some time ago and there was a special bond between the two. One was American and one was Japanese. And as far as Usagi seen it, Usagi did not care if Andrea was American or Japanese. She simply had great respect for the older woman and loved her like Andrea was a bigger sister. Usagi received lots of encouragement.

Before going over to the Tsukino’s, Usagi wore a beautiful sparkling snow-white sun dress that was purchased by Andrea for Usagi to wear and to Usagi, there was something of great importance about wearing a white dress, but Usagi did not know why. Andrea put a white bracelet on Usagi’s right arm to help compliment her sparkling snow-white sun dress. Andrea thought that Usagi had never looked so beautiful and Usagi looked mature despite what Usagi had been through lately. Usagi and Andrea went to the Tsukino’s and Usagi asked her mother to help her put the Odangos in her hair and Ikuko was more than happy to do that for her own daughter. Usagi was nervous at first, but that fled as Ikuko gently brushed Usagi’s hair smooth and Usagi loved every moment of it. Usagi had never felt so relaxed in ages. Ikuko put Usagi’s hair in Odangos and showed Andrea how to do it easily.

Andrea then took Usagi to the Hikawa Shrine where her friends were waiting for her. Andrea and Usagi got out of the car and walked up the shrine and when the Senshi had seen Usagi, they were in quite a shock! Not only Usagi wore a sparkling snow-white sun dress, but her hair was in Odangos once again and they noticed the white bracelet on Usagi’s right arm. They noticed that Usagi was quiet, shy, mature, and beautiful. Her rough experience had reshaped her into an incredibly quiet and mature girl for her age. Andrea urged Usagi to go and see her friends more closely. Luna and Artemis were there as well. Usagi walked up to Hotaru. Each girl introduced themselves again and Usagi spoke a quiet ‘Hello’ to them all. However, it was Rei Hino that impressed Usagi the most in her appearance and Usagi hugged Rei for no reason at all.

The next day, Andrea and Usagi had a pre-trial meeting with the local Tokyo Judge and the prosecuting

attorney. The judge and Andrea both explained to Usagi that she was not on trial, but the accused would

be tried for kidnapping her. The man who had instigated her kidnapping was Doug Sandstone. He was a

‘dirtbag’ as Andrea had stated and was wanted the FBI for years and now the man was brought to Tokyo for trial. Due to Usagi not remembering her kidnapping, the judge suggested that Usagi should not give a testimony, but her friends and her family who knew Usagi and who had witnessed Usagi’s kidnapping would speak for Usagi. Usagi did not know what to make of this nor did she fully understood about this trial. Usagi just trusted what Andrea and the judge had told her. She had trust them and she had no choice.

The trial in Japan about the kidnapping was swift and quick and the judge after hearing all the testimonies and seeing all the evidence pronounced judgement to the defendant and gave him life in prison and told the court, that the second part of the trial, the main crime, Usagi’s false imprisonment and her ill treatment what she experiences in the United States, the trial would move there. There, the final trial would take place within a month or so.

Usagi and Andrea packed all their belongings that they had in the secret location and prepared to travel back to the United States. The trial location was set at Denver, Colorado. The courthouse was the one belonging to Denver County, by the time Andrea and Usagi would arrive, a special location was selected to keep Usagi during the trial and security for her safety and for the other plaintiffs was one of most importance. The end of this phase was almost over, and all were relieved for that.

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**** 12 ****

Security was tight in Denver, Colorado for the trial that would be remembered in the years to come. Doug Sandstone was the first of the co-defendants to be tried. The judge who was assigned to the case was Crystal Cynthia Smythe. She was a no-nonsense type of judge that did not allow any outbursts or the attorneys causing others to outbursts in her courtroom. She was selected because she understood all the female victims and she would give these young ladies the justice they deserve. Andrea Williamson and Usagi met the prosecuting attorney and the judge.

“Greetings Andrea Williamson and hello Miss Usagi Tsukino. I hope you both are well.”

The judge greeted them. Usagi instinctively, hid herself in Andrea’s arms. She still had not recovered from her amnesia. Andrea spoke to Usagi.

“Lil Sis, they aren’t here to hurt you. They want to help you.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and Usagi looked at the judge and the prosecuting attorney and both nodded that wanted to help her.


Usagi asked Andrea not sure that they wanted to help her.

“Yes, I promise that they won’t hurt you.”

Andrea spoke calmly to Usagi and Usagi turned to the judge and looked at her.

“Miss Tsukino, I have read your case file and I am aware of your amnesia. Don’t worry, you are in the best of hands.”

The judge explained to Usagi that she was in the best hands. Usagi seen the prosecuting attorney and Usagi noticed that the female attorney had dark hair and Usagi spoke again.


Usagi stated and Usagi pictured in her mind of beautiful older girl with dark hair and a large staff. Andrea had no idea what Usagi meant. Usagi meant to say Setsuna who was Sailor Pluto.

Two days later, the trial began. Usagi was the last of the female victims to be interviewed. The prosecuting attorney interviewed Usagi first. Usagi sworn on the Bible which was a common practice in every American courtroom and the bailiff gave the oath to Usagi and Usagi was able to answer in English to the bailiff and the prosecuting attorney began to ask questions to Usagi.

“Your name is Usagi Tsukino, correct?”

The woman asked Usagi.

“Yes, it is as others have told me.”

Usagi answered in a very calm voice because Usagi was nervous.

“Good. What was the first thing you remember?”

The woman asked Usagi again.

“I woke up in the hospital and the nurses spoke to me, but I didn’t understand them.”

Usagi answered again to the woman.

“Why couldn’t you understand them?”

The woman asked Usagi.

“I spoke only Japanese.”

Usagi answered once again saying she only spoke Japanese when she woke up.

“How did you learn to speak English?”

The woman asked Usagi again.

“Big Sister taught me English. Big Sis was very patient with me. I never met anyone like Big Sis who understood how I felt.”

Usagi answered again and answered that Andrea was the one who taught her English.

“Is the woman who helped you… FBI Special Agent Andrea Williamson?”

The woman asked again.


Usagi answered in a cheerful tone about Andrea.

“And Andrea has been helping you with your amnesia?”

The woman asked once again.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Usagi answered again and the woman had no further questions and the judge offered the defense to ask questions to Usagi and the defense agreed, and the male defense attorney asked his first question.

“Is it true that you are pretending to have amnesia?”

The man asked Usagi. Usagi did not like the question and answered.

“How can I make it up when I remember not my past?”

Usagi answered his question with a question. The man pressed on further.

“It must be true that you are pretending. Come on admit it!”

The man argued with Usagi and burst into anger and she spoke.


Usagi burst into anger and into tears and she refused to look at the man and curled into a ball in the chair being traumatized by the man.

“Bailiff, please take Miss Tsukino to my chambers and I will join her momentarily.”

The judge announced and the Bailiff offered Usagi his hand and Usagi willingly agreed to go with him

and he took her to the judge’s chambers and set her in a chair as she continued to weep silently.

The judge called both attorneys to her bench and asked the prosecuting attorney to join Usagi

in her chambers. The judge scolded the defense attorney for badgering the witness and fined him

5,000 dollars for the incident. The judge entered her chambers and calmed down Usagi and after several

minutes, Usagi returned to the stand and the defense attorney asked his remaining questions to Usagi

and Usagi answered but would not look at the man. Then the judge excused Usagi from the bench and

Doug Sandstone got up from his seat and grabbed his gun and held Usagi hostage by putting his left arm

tightly around her neck and his right arm around her chest threatening to pull the trigger if anyone made a move towards them. Usagi was terrified of the man as Doug slowly made his way towards the entrance. Now the FBI and the police were in a very tight spot to try and rescue Usagi without her being hurt. It was a race against time to save Usagi from this madman.

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Chapter 9: “Reunion”

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**** 10 ****

It was a beautiful day. Usagi woke up and Andrea Williamson greeted her. It was a beautiful day. The head of the FBI had given Andrea Williamson the go ahead to fly to Tokyo, Japan and their other Federal agents would meet with her and Usagi would be assigned a safe place until after the trial took place. The FBI also reported that all the defendants had been taken into custody. The next phase of the FBI’s plan was reintroducing Usagi back to her home.

Andrea helped Usagi get dressed and then help her pack her belongings. Then they had a little breakfast and then they were off to the Denver International Airport to a private terminal where they would board a U.S. Government Jet. Andrea and Usagi boarded the jet. Andrea explained how the jet worked and she helped Usagi buckle in her seat belt. The moments later, the jet was cleared for takeoff. The jet would fly from Denver, Colorado to Honolulu, Hawaii, and there it would have a three-hour layover. The flight went exceptionally smooth and without little trouble. Then the jet landed at Honolulu and Andrea got off the jet plane to explore the airport.

Andrea explained all about Hawaii and how it was a kingdom at one time and that it was annexed by the United States in 1898 and in 1959 it became the 50th state. Usagi was amazed by the history of the state.

Andrea and Usagi walked around the airport and saw lots of wonderful things like a huge aquarium filled with all sorts of freshwater fish. A huge Plecostomus was on the side of the aquarium. Usagi was amazed by the size of the pleco and how tame it was. The pleco seemed to like Usagi a lot. Usagi did not know what to say about the huge algae eater. A man walked up to Andrea and Usagi and he spoke to them.

“I have taken care of Hoover for twelve years since he came here and he has always been shy around other humans, but you my lass he seems to like you very much.”

The man revealed to Andrea and to Usagi. Usagi was amazed by the size of the critter on the size of the glass of the aquarium.

“Hoover is a funny name for a fish like him.”

Usagi commented about Hoover.

“He’s named after the vacuum called Hoover.”

The man revealed to them about how the fish was named.

“What a nice name but it’s funny at the same time.”

Usagi spoke once again about a fish named Hoover. Andrea continued walking around and did a little shopping and had something to eat and then after three hours, they boarded the plane and waited to take off once again.

The jet plane was cleared to take off and within moments it was in the air and hours the jet landed at the Tokyo International Airport. Usagi, Andrea, and all the FBI agents went through customs and were cleared as the customs agent spoke to Usagi.

“Usagi Tsukino, welcome back to Tokyo. Please proceed.”

The customs agent told her. They got their luggage and went to the location where Usagi would be staying. And the next day, Usagi would meet with her family.

The next day, Andrea, Usagi, a couple of FBI agents and a couple of Japanese agents knocked on the Tsukino’s house. Shingo opened the door and let them all in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino, may I present your daughter Usagi.”

One of the FBI agents spoke to them and Andrea encouraged Usagi to go forward and explore and maybe something would jog her memory. Usagi walked around in the living room and she was amazed by all the furniture and all the objects that were on them. Usagi saw a picture of her family and her family. Usagi recognized the blond girl as her. Usagi felt a bit more confident about her surroundings despite her not remembering nothing. Luna sat next to Shingo at the table. Luna did not speak since Usagi would not understand why a cat would talk. Usagi saw Luna and the crescent moon and tried to think of the cat’s name.

“Moon? No, it does not sound right? Tsuki? Um… Luna?!”

Usagi thought of names that would fit Luna and Usagi guessed correctly and Luna meowed that Usagi had it right. Usagi went upstairs and explored and Andrea went with her.

“This is your room.”

Andrea explained to Usagi.

“There’s lots of bunnies in here! I must love bunnies.”

Usagi spoke about all the bunnies in the room. Usagi saw a picture of her and Mamoru.

“Who is he?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone.

“That is Mamoru Chiba, your boyfriend.”

Andrea explained and Usagi answered her.

“Oh, I see. He must miss me too?”

Usagi questioned Andrea.

“Indeed, he does as all your friends. We will go there and see them there soon at the Hikawa Shrine.”

Andrea explained to Usagi. The two went back downstairs and Usagi saw her family and she remembers seeing Ikuko on the TV in the hospital.

“You are the pretty lady on the TV I saw some time ago.”

Usagi commented to Ikuko that she had seen her on the TV. Ikuko confirmed that. Usagi would later

go and spend time with her dearest friends but like the Tsukino’s, Usagi did not remember them. And soon a trial would take place and Usagi would have to explain to the court all she knew which was truly little at this point. For now, Usagi was back home in Tokyo and everyone was happy for her return.

Chapter 08: “News”

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**** 09 ****

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru sat at a booth at the cafe that connected to the Game Crown Arcade. The conversation focused on Usagi. Usagi was a girl that lit up everyone’s life. Haruka did not care for Usagi’s ideals, maybe just this once, Haruka could try to understand Usagi better by trying one of the things that Usagi always loved… a chocolate milkshake. Unazuki walked up to Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru and greeted them.

“Hello Haruka-San, Michiru-san, Setsuna-San and Hotaru-Chan! I hope you are all well today?”

Unazuki greeted them as she held a menu in her hand.

“May I ask you something Unazuki?”

Haruka asked Unazuki and Unazuki smiled as always.

“Sure! What do you want to know?”

Unazuki replied in a cheerful tone. Unazuki was an incredibly happy and cheerful red headed girl that loved everyone. She was also very smart too.

“Why did Usagi-San always order a chocolate milkshake?”

Haruka asked Unazuki in a very curious tone.

“Oh, that’s easy! If I remember correctly, Usagi told me ‘I got to keep my energy up’ that’s what she always told me.”

Unazuki explained why Usagi always ordered a chocolate milkshake.

“Could you please make me a chocolate milkshake like you always make for Usagi?”

Haruka asked Unazuki and Unazuki’s eyes grew great big when she heard that Haruka wanted one of Usagi’s milkshakes.

“Alright, I must warn you it’s very sweet.”

Unazuki answered Haruka and warned Haruka that the milkshake that Usagi always ordered was extremely sweet.

“How sweet can it be?”

Haruka scoffed at the thought of a milkshake being too sweet. Unazuki went and made a chocolate milkshake and brought it to Haruka. She spoke as she gave the milkshake to Haruka.

“Here, it’s on the house. The first one is on me!”

Unazuki told Haruka that the first one was free. Haruka took a sip of the Milkshake and her eyes grew great big and spoke.

“Wow, that’s extremely sweet. How much sugar is in this?”

Haruka commented on how sweet the milkshake tasted.

“The milkshake has about four cups of sugar for that big glass.”

Unazuki explained on how much sugar was in the milkshake. Haruka could not believe that Usagi wanted it so sweet.

“Most people couldn’t handle that much sugar.”

Haruka stated that most people could not handle all that sugar.

“However, Usagi isn’t your average girl.”

Unazuki knew Usagi was one of a kind.

“Yes, that I know for a fact Usagi was unique.”

Haruka understood that Usagi was one of a kind. Haruka also knew that Usagi was her princess and she had vowed to keep her safe, but now Haruka knew that Usagi was absent from her life. Haruka managed to finish the milkshake and Haruka felt like running around the world after drinking that milkshake. Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru left the Game Crown Arcade and headed for the Hikawa Shrine.

At the Tsukino Household, life was dull without Usagi. Kenji sat in his chair and watched TV and could not take pleasure in it. Ikuko sat at the kitchen table and did not feel like baking any chocolate chip cookies. Shingo sat on Usagi’s bed in Usagi’s room and trying to remember the good times he had with her. Her room was left the way she last had it. On the bed towards the head of the bed was Usagi’s school uniform. Her blouse and skirt of her school uniform lay sprawled on the bed. Shingo did not touch it, but he remembered that last time that Usagi wore her school uniform. Shingo admitted to himself that Usagi looked good in her school uniform, other than that he did not really care about Usagi’s clothes. Shingo looked around in the room and saw rabbits in the room. Usagi loved rabbits. Usagi had held real rabbits before and she loved every minute of it.

About an hour later, a knock came at the door and Ikuko opened the door and two F.B.I. agents and two Japanese agents walked in.


Ikuko welcomed the agents.

“We got some good news for you.”

One of the F.B.I. agents announced to Ikuko. Kenji stood up and Shingo also took notice of the agents.

“You do?”

Ikuko asked in a quiet tone with hope in her eyes that it was incredibly good.

“Yes, it is. Let us all sit down, and I will begin.”

One of the F.B.I. agents started to speak, and they all sat down and then he continued.

“The good news is that your daughter Usagi has been found…”

The agent stopped and paused for a moment and Ikuko’s heart sunk as the agent paused. Then the agent continued, “… has been found alive!”

The agent continued and there was a sigh of relief in the room when he announced that Usagi has been found alive. The agent showed a picture of Usagi after she was found in Colorado and that her hair had been dyed black and a more recent picture where her hair was blond again and her hair was in braids.

“Your daughter is in the care of fellow agent Andrea Williamson and Usagi treats her like a big sister and has bonded with the female agent.”

Ikuko knew that Usagi had the ability to make friends easily with anyone that was good.

“Usagi could always make friends with anyone so easily. I am happy for Usagi.”

Ikuko explained to the agent and the agent smiled at the sound of that.

“There is one problem though…”

The agent started as he continued his report.

“What could it be?”

Kenji asked suddenly. He wondered what could be wrong with Usagi.

“Usagi has amnesia. There’s not much that Usagi remembers now of her time here. However, Usagi loves learning and Andrea has taught her many things.”

The agent continued briefing the family about Usagi’s amnesia.

“When will Usagi return home? It’s been too quiet without her.”

Shingo asked the agent.

“To be honest, I don’t know yet. I think the agents back in the states are waiting for clearance to fly Usagi here until all those involved in her kidnapping are caught. I don’t think you realize, but the kidnappers had caused Usagi to do many things while she was held captive by the kidnappers.”

The agent continued briefing the family about Usagi. Usagi’s family was shocked about what Usagi had gone through, however Usagi remembered nothing about her captivity. The agent continued again.

“The kidnappers ran a sex ring and Usagi as the other young women were to do certain acts and if not, they were punished. However, Usagi vowed within herself as we had recently found out… escaped her captors and traveled north until she was found in Colorado. I am glad Usagi does not remember anything while she was held captive. Her life is happy and Usagi is coping very well.”

The agent continued. The family was horrified of what Usagi had gone through and they felt bad for Usagi.

“I know Usagi has always been a happy girl and Andrea is good for her now. I await the day that I get to hold my daughter once again.”

Ikuko spoke. She loved Usagi dearly. Ikuko wished she had taken Usagi’s place so that Usagi did not have to go through that terrible situation.

“When Usagi is returned back to Tokyo, she will return in secrecy at the dead of night so that the media knows nothing, and she will stay somewhere safe in Tokyo with Andrea and we will bring Usagi back home to see her family.”

The agent spoke again to the family.

“That will be good to see Usagi again. I know deep down, Usagi is still the same loving girl as she always has been.”

Ikuko told the agent. Usagi would return soon and a happy reunion would take place. The family would be briefed about that day and what to do to make Usagi feel welcome.

Chapter 07: “Identified”

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**** 08 ****

Time had passed and Usagi or ‘Goldie’ as she was known was doing much better now that she was in the care of Andrea Williamson. She was a special agent with the F.B.I. that helped others when in time of need. Usagi clung to her like Andrea was her mother. The two females became close. Usagi still could not remember much, but she relied on Andrea to cope with things that she was not familiar with other things or people.

The F.B.I. had been busy on trying to find out ‘Goldie’s’ identity. Then came a day when the results of ‘Goldie’s’ DNA samples came back. They had matched her DNA with a victim taken captive from Tokyo. The head F.B.I. agent went to speak with agent Andrea Williamson at the hospital. Usagi was asleep so there was no chance that Usagi would overhear anything. Fred was one of those in charge in solving this case regarding this case. He spoke with Andrea.

“I know the girl’s identity.”

Fred announced to Andrea. Andrea raised an eyebrow and spoke.


Andrea asked in disbelief and Fred spoke again.

“You were right to begin with, the girl is from Asia. She is from Japan. Her name is Usagi Tsukino. She was taken captive sometime by kidnappers that has been involved in many Asian countries in taking young females under the age of eighteen. Usagi is one of the lucky ones to be found alive. Many of the girls have been found dead or just no heard from again. Our agents are closing in on the hideout just north of Amarillo, Texas. We have acquired a warrant for the arrest of those involved in kidnapping and falsely imprisoning these Asian girls. Soon we can deliver Usagi back to her folks in Japan.”

Fred announced to Andrea and Andrea was surprised what her fellow agent had discovered.

“How shall explain to Goldie of who she is without making her ask too many questions and I don’t want her to doubt or fear.”

Andrea explained her concerns to Fred.

“Just tell her the truth I believe you’re the best to tell her since she clings to you like you are a big sister or a mother to her.”

Fred explained to her the best way to tell Usagi the truth. Fred handed to Andrea a picture of Usagi before she was kidnapped. Andrea loved the picture of Usagi. It showed her with her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba. Usagi looked incredibly happy in the picture. Fred spoke again.

“Our sources in Japan tells us the gentleman’s name with Usagi is Mamoru Chiba. We are told that he is very protective of Usagi and he like Usagi’s parents just want Usagi returned safely to Japan.”

Fred explained again about the gentleman in the picture and something that Usagi said the other day finally made sense to her.

“That’s it!” Andrea spoke in an excited expression and continued, “the other day I took Usagi out to get her hair washed and I bought Usagi some clothes and Usagi pointed to a dress with red roses and said ‘mamo’ I didn’t know what she had said at the time, but she may have been referring to Mamoru Chiba. Maybe her memory is slowly returning. I may be of further help to her.”

Andrea explained to Fred and he smiled, and he spoke again.

“Here take the pictures. You can show Usagi the picture of her with her boyfriend. It may help her remember more about what happened and help her remember her family and friends.”

Fred explained and he handed Andrea the picture and Fred left. Andrea entered Usagi’s room and gently nudged her to wake up. Andrea spoke to her.

“Goldie,” Andrea spoke softly as she nudged Usagi to cause her to wake up. Usagi opened her eyes to see Andrea. Andrea smiled sweetly at the sleepy girl. Andrea spoke to Usagi. “It seems you slept well Goldie.”

Andrea spoke to Usagi and Usagi answered her.

“I did. I had a pleasant dream. A guy in a tuxedo wearing a mask over his face saved me from an evil monster. I was carried in his arms ever so gently!”

Usagi explained to Andrea. Usagi did not know at the time that she was experiencing a memory from the past. Andrea spoke again.

“That’s good Goldie. I have something important I must tell you.”

Andrea started. She was glad that Usagi had a sweet dream. Then Andrea decided to tell Goldie her real name.

“What is it Andrea-San?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone. Andrea brought out the picture of Usagi and Mamoru. Usagi looked at the picture and thought the girl was exceptionally beautiful.

“She’s very beautiful.”

Goldie stated about herself in the picture.

“Goldie, that girl in the picture is you. I know your real name.”

Andrea revealed the truth about the girl in the picture to Usagi. Usagi’s eyes grew great big. She wanted to know more.

“Oh? What’s my real name?”

Usagi was more than willing to know of her real name.

“Your name is Usagi Tsukino. Do you like your name?”

Andrea asked Usagi if she loved her name. Usagi thought for a moment and answered Andrea.

“Why would anyone name me after a fuzzy bunny rabbit?”

Usagi asked Andrea. Usagi did not understand why anyone would name her after a rabbit.

“What I have been told is that everyone back in Japan that knows you, love your name and you are a sweet loving caring girl like I myself have discovered.”

Andrea explained that everyone in Japan loved the way Usagi was. Andrea explained to Usagi the gentleman with her in the picture that his name is Mamoru Chiba.

“His name means ‘Earth Protector,’ right?”

Usagi questioned Andrea and Andrea smiled again.

“You are very smart Usagi, good job. Yes, all of your friends miss you and await the day when you are returned to them.”

Andrea explained further without going to great details to Usagi.

“When will I go back home? Will you go with me?”

Usagi suddenly asked when she would return home to Japan and if Andrea would go with her.

“I will try to go back with you to Japan. For now, just enjoy time with me. Alright?”

Andrea explained to Usagi that she would try to go back to Japan with Usagi if it was allowed. Andrea just wanted Usagi to enjoy time with her. Soon her family would discover that Usagi has been found.

Chapter 06: “Goldie”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Authors Notes: I would like to think all those who reviewed this story. I love writing. I have plans to conclude this series. Do not worry this series will have a happy ending. Thanks for the reviews! I decided this will be a two part. Enjoy!

**** 06 ****

Usagi was slowly on the mend. Her life as she knew it was a mystery to her. Usagi still was not known to the hospital staff. They had given her a nickname ‘Goldie’ because they thought her natural hair color was blond.

As time passed, Usagi healed more and more. Usagi was watching TV and she found the NHK channel which was in Japanese. She found it interesting since she could understand what they were saying. Usagi was a woman with the prettiest hair that she had ever seen. The woman’s hair was lavender, and her hair went past her shoulders. And this woman’s name was Ikuko Tsukino. Ikuko had been interviewed about Usagi’s kidnapping. Ikuko pleaded with the viewers of NHK and gave the following statement.

“My husband and myself would like to ask the viewers if they have any info on the whereabouts of my daughter Usagi Tsukino, to please contact the local police department. Usagi if you hear this, please understand we miss you and would like you to come back home.”

Ikuko spoke in a very emotional state. She loved her daughter and Usagi meant the world to her. Usagi sat on the bed and did not understand exactly what the woman had said. However, Usagi felt sadness somehow for the girl that the woman mentioned on the TV. There were those who loved her and wished she would return.

A couple of hours later, Andrea Williamson, the special agent in charge of helping Usagi or Goldie as the nurses called her, came to visit. Usagi smiled. She loved it when Andrea came to visit.

“Hello Andrea-San, you came to visit me again?”

Usagi asked in a cheerful tone.

“Hello there. I hear the nurses started calling you ‘Goldie’ that is a nice nickname. Do you remember your real name?”

Andrea Williamson asked her in a warm tone of her own. Usagi knew nothing of her name.

“I don’t know what my name is. I would really like to know what my name is.”

Usagi stated as she looked up at Andrea and noticed that Andrea had two boxes and she wondered what they were.

“I bought something for you. I would like to take you somewhere tomorrow and you have nothing decent to wear so, I have taken liberty to buy something nice for you. Here.”

Andrea explained to Usagi and she placed the two boxes on the bed. Usagi looked puzzled for she did not know what to do.

“What do I do with those boxes?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone.

“You open them up. There are things inside them.”

Andrea calmly answered Usagi and Usagi opened the larger box first and got the box open and inside was a light pink dress made of cotton and matching socks. And in the smaller box where pink shoes that matched the dress. Usagi was surprised and spoke again.

“What are these?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone. Andrea smiled and she answered.

“In the big box is a light pink dress and matching socks. And in the other box is a pair of shoes.”

Andrea explained to Usagi. Usagi had never seen anything so pretty.

“They’re pretty. What do I do with them?”

Usagi asked in a curious tone. Andrea smiled again and answered her.

“You wear the dress, the socks and the shoes. If you like I can help you.”

Andrea explained that Usagi had to wear them and that she could help her. Such simple things she did not understand. Andrea showed Usagi how to wear the dress and how to make the dress look nice while wearing it. Then Andrea showed Usagi how to wear the socks. Usagi was amazed about wearing the clothes and she seemed delighted about it. Then Andrea took the shoes and slipped them on Usagi’s feet. Andrea stood Usagi up and spoke.

“You look wonderful. The reason I got you these items is my fellow agents wish to place you in a special protection program where your real identity is protected. Since your real name is not known yet, we will use the nickname the nurses gave you… Goldie. Do you like that?”

Andrea asked Usagi if she liked her nickname.

“Yes, it sounds nice. What is an identity?”

Usagi agreed and asked what an identity was.

“An identity is what and who you are. Like me for example, my name is Andrea Williamson, and I am a special agent with the F.B.I. my job is to help people in need like you and bust the bad guys and lock them away.”

Andrea explained more about herself and what she did in her life.

“Am I a bad guy?”

Usagi asked in a very curious tone. Andrea smiled a bit and replied.

“No, you are not a bad guy. You are a victim of some crime that happened somewhere some time ago, but when and where we do not know. Don’t worry, you are safe with me.”

Andrea explained to Usagi that she was the victim and not a bad guy. Usagi gave a sigh of relief. Andrea knew more but did not want to upset Usagi. Usagi was extremely sensitive since she did not know who she was or where she lived and with her memory being gone, she had to learn everything all over again.

“How about I take you to a hair salon and we give you a new hair style and we can have something to eat and buy you some more clothes. Does that sound like fun?”

Andrea asked Usagi about what she wanted to do with her. Usagi smiled a bit and answered.

“Yes, that sounds like fun.”

Usagi did not fully understand what Andrea wanted to do but Usagi had to trust her. This would be something Usagi would not forget.

Recorder Note: I decided to combine chapters six and seven on into one recording.

**** 07 ****

Andrea had checked out Usagi from the hospital for a little while and took Usagi to her car. Andrea opened the passenger door and Usagi wondered what Andrea wanted her to do. Andrea then spoke up.

“This is a car. it will take us where we would like to go. Please sit there on the seat and I will buckle you in so you’re safe.”

Andrea explained about the car and the seat so Usagi would understand. Usagi got in the car and Andrea buckled Usagi in. Usagi was very amazed by the seat belt and that it was just snug enough to keep her safe from harm. Andrea then got to the driver’s side and got in and buckled her seat belt and put the key into the ignition and started up the car. Usagi again was amazed by the car like it started like magic. Andrea backed out of the parking space and drove out of the parking lot on to the street. The street led to the interstate which would take them to the salon where Andrea wanted to take Usagi to get her hair washed and to give Usagi a new style.

In no time they arrived at their destination and Andrea parked the car and unbuckled her seat belt and got out and went to Usagi’s side and opened the door and unbuckled Usagi and Usagi got out and Andrea spoke again.

“This is a salon. The people here can wash and cut hair and give you an awesome style.”

Andrea explained what a hair salon was and Usagi was interested. The two went into the hair salon and a lady greeted them.

“welcome! Which one of you want to have their hair done?”

The woman asked Andrea and Usagi. Usagi was very curious on what the woman was going to do with her. Andrea spoke.

“I would like my friend’s hair to be washed and her given a new style.”

Andrea explained on what she would done to Usagi’s hair. The woman took Usagi and washed her hair. Afterwards, Usagi’s hair was dried and Andrea was asked what style hair Usagi would like. However, Andrea did not know what style Usagi would like. So, the woman showed Usagi many styles. Usagi was impressed with the braid style and the woman carefully braided Usagi’s hair. Afterwards, the woman brought Usagi back to Andrea and Andrea was incredibly pleased. Andrea paid for the hair washing and they left the hair salon.

They went next to a department store to shop for some clothes. They looked at some dresses. Andrea showed Usagi a pink dress with white bunnies on it. However, Usagi was drawn to a white dress with red roses all over it. Usagi loved the red roses for some reason but could understand why. Usagi spoke.

“Red roses… mamo…”

Usagi stated. Usagi did not know what ‘mamo’ was and she kept repeating it. In Usagi’s mind, she saw a young man wearing a black tuxedo with a top hat and holding a red rose. However, Usagi knew not his identity. Andrea turned to Usagi and saw the dress.

“Do you like that dress? Do you like red roses?”

Andrea asked in a curious tone.

“Yes, but I don’t know why. When I see a red rose, I think of mamo.”

Usagi explained why she loved about red roses.

“What or who is ‘mamo?'”

Andrea asked in a wondering tone.

“I don’t know. It may be a person or maybe an object dealing with red rose. I don’t remember why.”

Usagi explained to Andrea what she thought about mamo. However, Usagi was referring to Mamoru Chiba, her love interest, and her suitor. He was sworn to protect her always. However, Mamoru felt bad that Usagi was absent in his life. Queen Serenity told him that Usagi would eventually return but would be a different girl than he had seen her before. The other Senshi missed Usagi greatly. To them, it was something very precious was gone from their lives. Andrea bought Usagi many dresses including the pink dress with bunnies and the white dress with red roses. Andrea bought Usagi a couple of pairs of blue jeans and other clothes. They went to lunch and afterwards, they went and saw a Japanese Anime movie that was dubbed into English.

Soon, the FBI would discover Usagi’s identity. That would help the FBI take care of Usagi a lot better. Her reunion with her family and friends would come soon but, the kidnappers were still out there and at large. Keeping Usagi safe was important currently. Andrea was going to do all she could to keep Usagi safe and be her friend at the same time.


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Chapter 05: “Friends”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Author’s Notes: Here is another chapter. I am trying to work out all the details of each chapter.

I also already know the ending. I am sure it will be good. It gives me joy that people respond. The future

chapters will be good and easy to write.

**** 05 ****

Just like Usagi’s family, Usagi’s friends had a hard time with Usagi not being there with them. Ami and Makoto often spent time together at the Game Crown Arcade to spend time talking out their feelings about Usagi and how she lights up their lives. They would go to the cafe and order sodas and just talk it out. Makoto and Ami would share memories about Usagi to try and cope with the loss of her not being in Tokyo.

“She’s been gone for a while, hasn’t she?”

Makoto asked Ami knowing that Usagi had been gone.

“Yes, she has. She has been gone too long.”

Ami gave her answer while reading a book.

“Do you think Usagi is dead?”

Makoto asked again being curious if Usagi was alive or dead.

“Usagi isn’t dead… not yet.”

Ami answered while read a difficult section in her book.


“Because, ChibiUsa hasn’t vanished yet. That’s why.”

Ami explained as she lowered her book to look at Makoto while answering.

“Ah, you’re right Ami-Chan. I guess it wouldn’t to hope that she will return safe and sound.”

Makoto spoke as she stared at her soda. They all knew that once Usagi did return that she would have to readjust to life and for Usagi to enter society again.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei Hino had her own troubles dealing with Usagi’s absence. Rei often stared at the sacred fire and wonder where Usagi was and how she was doing now, but Rei got no answer from the fire. Minako often visited but usually Rei was not interested in chatting with others. Usagi was like a sister to her and with Usagi being gone, it was not the same. Rei had not argued with Usagi in months and Rei wished she had.

“Please sacred fire, is Usagi safe and is she alive?”

Rei often asked the sacred fire if Usagi was alive, but the sacred fire didn’t answer the way that Rei hoped it would. However, it did show that Usagi was in a terrible situation and now there was blackness like Usagi was not there at all. She would later understand that this would relate to Usagi’s amnesia. Rei hoped Usagi was alive. ChibiUsa often visited Rei with Mamoru and explained that Usagi was alive because she had not vanished.

Minako often went to one of the parks where Usagi always loved to visit. She would take some left-over bread and feed the ducks that came up to her. Minako reflected on how selfless Usagi was. Usagi was always there to help others even it meant hurting herself in the process. Being at the park and with the birds often helped Minako cope with Usagi being gone, but nothing would be better than Usagi being back where she belonged… her friends.

Haruka and Michiru spent a lot of time together wondering about Usagi and her safety. It was their duty as Sailor Guardians to protect her from anyone that would have harmed her, and they felt like they failed.

“Usagi is alive. I know it.”

Haruka spoke calmly while drinking some tea.

“Yes, ChibiUsa hasn’t vanished yet and that’s a good sign.”

Michiru confirmed with Haruka about Usagi. Michiru also had some tea. She stirred her cup of tea with her spoon while thinking about the girl who was the light of their lives and now, she was gone.

There was a deep emptiness that Haruka and Michiru had felt. Usagi loved them dearly. Usagi often came to Haruka and Michiru for advice whenever she needed it.

“Usagi will return. She will be alright.”

Haruka spoke as she took another sip of her tea. Hotaru was still a baby and would not return to normal for quite a while. Hotaru was asleep and enjoying a peaceful nap. Chibiusa often came and visited Haruka and Michiru to see how they were doing. As far as any of the Sailor Guardians, ChibiUsa was the one who took Usagi’s disappearance quite well. Mamoru got strength from ChibiUsa’s resolve. ChibiUsa

had strong faith that Usagi would be back.

Setsuna knew something was not right with Usagi. She did not know what it was, but she knew that Usagi was alive, but something was different about Usagi and Setsuna hoped it was not serious.

Mamoru and ChibiUsa spent a lot of time together and often talked about Usagi and looked at pictures and videos of Usagi to keep their hope up that Usagi would be found alive.


ChibiUsa asked as she looked up to tall dark-haired man.

“Yes, ChibiUsa?”

He answered as he looked at the small girl.

“Do you think Usagi is still alive after all this time?”

ChibiUsa asked him in an incredibly sad tone and Mamoru smiled and answered.

“Rest assured Small Lady, Usagi is alive. I know it.”

Mamoru answered her with a smile. ChibiUsa looked up at Mamoru with a puzzled look.


ChibiUsa asked him curiously.

“You are still, here right? And that’s a sign to smile and to know that Usagi will be back on day.”

Mamoru explained to ChibiUsa that with her still existing that Usagi was alive somewhere.

“That’s good to know. I know I am her future daughter, but I consider her more like a sister.”

ChibiUsa spoke in a soft tone and ChibiUsa continued,

“I like it when Usagi thinks of me and tries to help me even if Usagi fails all the time.”

ChibiUsa answered Mamoru again and remembering about all the times that Usagi helped ChibiUsa. Mamoru and ChibiUsa remained at Mamoru’s apartment and spoke about their memories of Usagi and try to cope with her being gone.

Luna and Artemis often spent time together trying to figure out on their own where Usagi was and if she was safe. Luna often felt guilty because Luna often nitpicked at Usagi for being lazy and Luna now

felt bad for Usagi.

“Usagi, where are you?”

Luna asked as she stared at Ami’s minicomputer. Ami lent it to Luna to help look for Usagi, but the search was fruitless.

“Luna, you are not a failure. if it were not for you, Usagi would not be Sailor Moon nor the Moon Princess, princess Serenity. You have a great help in her life and Usagi would want you to be happy. Please Luna, cheer up. Usagi will return. I know it.”

Artemis tried cheering up Luna and it usually worked. Diana was asleep nearby curled up in a ball. She knew Usagi was gone and like Artemis, she knew Usagi would return and soon there would be news that would brighten them all… the news that Usagi was alive.


Chapter 04: “Family”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Author’s Notes: A story that focuses on Ikuko Tsukino, Usagi’s mother. I already know the ending of this series! It will be great!

**** 04 ****

Usagi had been gone for a few months and there was no idea when she would be returning home to her family. The Tokyo Police and with the F.B.I. was following all leads that they had and all the leads they had that the kidnappers had fled to Dallas, Texas of the United States and the F.B.I. in Texas was also following leads of a ring of kidnappers in Texas who was involved in taking Asian girls from the countries of China, South Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Ikuko missed her daughter a lot and wanted her back as soon as possible. Ikuko tried dealing with Usagi’s absence by visiting some of the places that Usagi always visited. Maybe if she went to these places maybe she could understand Usagi more. So, that is what Ikuko decided to do. Ikuko decided to walk since it was a beautiful day and no need to drive. She walked to the Game Crown Arcade. She never been there before. Usagi loved going to seeing Motoki and playing the Sailor V video game. Usagi was not good at the game, but she did enjoy that game anyway. Motoki saw Ikuko and knew she was Usagi’s mother. He greeted her.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino, how are you doing this day?”

He asked her in a friendly manner and wanted to know her wellbeing.

“I am doing fine. Just trying to hang in there after Usagi been abducted. It hasn’t been the same without her.”

Ikuko replied. Usagi’s absence had affected everyone and not just the Tsukino’s.

“Would you like something to eat and relax a bit?”

Motoki offered her something to eat.

“Could you get for me what Usagi always ordered please?”

Ikuko asked him and he was surprised that she would want what Usagi always ordered.

“Sure. I will let my sister know and she will serve you.”

Motoki told Ikuko and led her to a table in the cafe and Ikuko sat down and she thanked him. Unazuki came by and took Ikuko’s order.

“Hello, I am Unazuki. You are Usagi’s mother, right? I am here to take your order.”

Unazuki introduced herself and was ready to take Ikuko’s order.

“Yes, could I please order what Usagi always order?”

Ikuko asked Unazuki.

“Sure! You would like a chocolate milkshake, an apple and a muffin?”

Unazuki asked Ikuko.

“Yes, is that what Usagi always asked for?”

Ikuko asked Unazuki.

“Yes, Usagi always replied that ‘she had to keep her energy up.’ She was a very energetic girl as I have seen.”

Unazuki explained that Usagi was very energetic and loved eating and staying on the move.

“I have seen Usagi being worn out and fall asleep on her bed.”

Ikuko added to the conversation. Usagi’s day was regularly active each day. School, detention (if she was late), meetings with friends, monster fights (sometimes), going to the arcade, and then going home. Ikuko may not fully understood Usagi but visiting the places Usagi always visited would help dealing with the loneliness of not having Usagi around. Unazuki went and got Ikuko’s order and brought it to her. Ikuko ate the muffin and the apple and drank the milkshake. next, Ikuko walked to Usagi’s school and visited one of Usagi’s teachers. Ikuko visited Miss Haruna. Miss Haruna was an English teacher. Miss Haruna greeted Ikuko Tsukino.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino, how are you on this fine day?”

Miss Haruna asked her in a very friendly manner.

“I am well. I am just trying cope with Usagi being gone.”

Ikuko explained about Usagi being gone and trying to cope with her being gone.

“Any new leads to Usagi being found?”

Miss Haruna asked in a curious tone.

“No. Not yet. There are no new leads as far I know. There are possible unconfirmed leads, but it could be a dead end.”

Ikuko explained to Miss Haruna.

“Usagi will be found I know it. She is a strong girl. She’ll be back before you know it.”

Miss Haruna tried to speak positively to Ikuko. Even Miss Haruna did not want to get her hopes up because most teenagers that are kidnapped are rarely found alive, but Usagi was strong for a girl

her age. Ikuko nodded and left and headed to the Hikawa Shrine. of all the places that Usagi visited, this was the place that Usagi always went to. Rei, Ami, and Chibiusa sat on the steps of the Hikawa Shrine and they saw Ikuko Tsukino, they stood up to greet her properly. Chibiusa had been taking turns staying with the other girls and with Mamoru as well. Each of them had missed Usagi greatly and trying to deal with Usagi being gone. Rei rarely spoke of Usagi’s kidnapping. She loved Usagi like a sister and not having Usagi there was like not having a good argument.

“Hello Mrs. Tsukino.”

Ami greeted her. Rei and Chibiusa did the same. Luna, Diana, and Artemis were with Makoto and Minako. They were trying to find any new information on Usagi’s kidnapping but came up with nothing.

“Hello girls.”

Ikuko greeted them.

“How are you?”

Rei asked Ikuko in a concerned tone.

“I am fine, I wanted to get out of the house and visit all the places that Usagi liked to visit. I know she has spent lots of time here.”

Ikuko replied to Rei. Rei and the others covered for Usagi if something was wrong with her. (Like if she was under some sort of spell.) Rei would simply saw that Usagi was sick and in a way, she was.

“That’s nice. Usagi is a great girl. I am sure Usagi will be back before you know it and you’ll be hugging her and not wanting to let go.”

Ami replied knowing that Usagi would return.

“Thank you, Ami-San. You try to stay positive, don’t you?”

Ikuko asked Ami.

“Yes, hoping for someone important as Usagi… there’s nothing greater than that.”

Ami explained. After speaking to them for a while, Ikuko returned home and waited for Shingo and Kenji to return. Kenji often tried to keep his normal routine while Shingo usually stayed in his room and dealt

with Usagi being gone in his own way. However, soon they would receive the news they had been waiting to hear… that Usagi was alive and their reunion with her would come in two to three months from now.


Chapter 03: “Awakening”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Author’s Note: A short but sweet chapter. Thanks for the reviews. I am getting a better idea where this

is going.

**** 03 ****

Usagi was still in the hospital in Denver, Colorado being treated for her injuries. She had been there for a while now and was improving. The doctors would check on the mystery girl daily on her progress and note it in their charts about her. The F.B.I. had confirmed through a DNA test that Usagi was Asian in origin and now had to figure out where Usagi came from and when Usagi was well enough for travel to send her back home to her family. However, they feared that Usagi could be kidnapped again or taken hostage and they could not afford to lose her now and decided to keep Usagi in the hospital at Denver until they could confirm that all the kidnappers were in custody.

The F.B.I. had decided to search for the point of origin where Usagi escaped from and decided to search a radius of 1,500 miles in all directions and maybe that would lead them to where the kidnappers had

held Usagi prisoner. However, now, they had no conclusive proof that Usagi was kidnapped except that Usagi was a victim of sexual assault and that was a crime.

However, in Japan, Ikuko Tsukino wondered if Usagi would ever be found and if she would come back home. Ikuko would sit on Usagi’s bed and spend hours lost in thought of what Usagi had gone through. Kenji, Usagi’s father would come in Usagi’s room and join Ikuko on Usagi’s bed and sit next to her and gently rubbing her back and reassuring her that Usagi would return and that he had full trust in the American F.B.I. that they would bring Usagi home. Shingo dealt with loss by himself in his own way. He spent many hours in his room writing in journals about his feeling of Usagi being gone and that life was not the same without her. He had wished that he had never teased her. He hoped that Usagi would return safely and not die in a foreign land. Chibiusa spent her time with Ami and Rei. Chibiusa was the most mature girl for her age. Usagi was like a sister to Chibiusa and Usagi’s absent took its toll on the little girl. Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and the others took turns watching over Chibiusa and keeping her

safe from harm. They also noticed that Chibiusa had not vanished from existence since Usagi was still alive and to them that was good news. They could not tell anyone that Chibiusa from the future or that Usagi was the future Neo Queen Serenity or that Usagi was Sailor Moon. Shingo also noticed that Sailor Moon had not appeared in a while, but he brushed it off that there were no monsters in the area and quickly brushed the idea that Usagi was Sailor Moon. He could not see his big sister as Sailor Moon.

Back in Denver, Usagi showed signs of awakening. The nurses always kept watch checking on her. One nurse saw Usagi starting to wake and she called for more staff and to alert the two F.B.I. agents assigned to investigate Usagi’s case that the mystery girl was waking up and they were needed. Within several minutes, Usagi opened her eyes and wondered where she was. She did not recognize it. She saw the nurses and Usagi did not recognize them either. She saw words in the room she could not read. She did not know what that meant. One of the nurses spoke to Usagi.

“Miss, are you alright?”

The nurse asked Usagi and Usagi did not understand her and remained silent. The nurse did not understand why the mystery girl was not speaking. She wondered if the girl was mute, but she quickly ruled that out. Not too long after that, the F.B.I. agents John Ross and Andrea Williamson had

arrived at the hospital and saw that Usagi was alert but looking a bit confused and cautious about her situation. She was in a room where strangers were standing staring at her. John Ross spoke to her but again Usagi did not understand him and did not respond. Then Andrea Williamson had an idea and spoke to her counterpart.

“I have an idea.”

Andrea announced. John Ross turned his head towards his partner and answered her.

“Oh? How?”

John Ross asked Andrea.

“This girl here is from Asia and maybe she might speak Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Maybe that is why she has not been responding. It’s worth a shot.”

Andrea announced and John Ross gave his approval. Andrea first spoke to the mystery girl in Chinese. It was a simple greeting, but Andrea got no response from the girl. Then Andrea spoke the same greeting in Korean and got silence again from the girl. Then Andrea spoke the greeting in Japanese to the girl this greeting:

“Hello, I am special agent Andrea Williamson. Do you know where you are and what happened to you?”

Andrea asked the mystery girl and Andrea struck a chord with the girl and Usagi answered in a soft tone of voice.

“Hello, I don’t know where I am. I don’t remember who I am or where I came from.”

Usagi answered Andrea. Andrea knew this was serious. The girl was claiming she did not remember anything at all and spoke again.

“You don’t remember your name?”

Andrea asked the girl again and Usagi saw the stuffed rabbit next to her. Usagi wondered how she got this stuffed animal.

“I don’t know what my name is to be honest. How did I get this little stuffed thing and what is it?”

Usagi questioned Andrea. Andrea sat next to the edge of the bed and answered.

“That is a stuffed bunny rabbit. It is a toy. One of the nurses wanted you to have it to help you out. Do you like the stuffed bunny?”

Andrea asked the mystery girl and the girl looked at the stuffed bunny rabbit and answered.

“Yes, I love it. it is pretty. I do not understand of how I know, but I feel that I have always loved bunny rabbits. It is more feelings I have inside. I do not know more than that. Where do rabbits live anyway?”

Usagi explained about knowing that her feelings inside tells her that she always liked bunny rabbits but cannot explain why she liked them, and she asked where rabbits live.

“Rabbits live in the forest and also in the plains too, but that depends on the different type of rabbit, also people have rabbits as pets.”

Andrea explained a bit about rabbits and Usagi was amazed.


Usagi was amazed that people would keep rabbits as pets. Over the next few days, Andrea Williamson visited Usagi often and taught her many things of how to care for herself. The nurses also determined that Usagi could eat food and breathe on her own and Andrea taught Usagi how to eat food with utensils and with chopsticks too since Usagi was Japanese. Andrea tried to find out what Usagi liked by asking questions of what she felt and that would help figure out who she really was, and it would not be too long that they would have a name for the mystery girl.


Chapter 02: “Mystery”

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

Usagi was kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to the United States where she was held against her will. She looked for a chance to flee her captors. Once she did, she traveled north until she collapsed due to exhaustion. A young couple had discovered her. She had bruises all over her body and injuries from her flight from captivity. She had reddish marks around her neck, wrists, and ankles. The female prisoners like her were usually shackled up until needed and only unlocked before needed. She was lucky that she escaped when she did.

The F.B.I. was contacted in Denver and the police requested forensic technicians at the hospital to examine the girl once she arrived there. The girl was also need of medical help before she worsens. The paramedics took her blood pressure and temperature and discovered that both were low. They cleaned one of her arms a bit and inserted an I.V. and hooked her up to a breathing apparatus. After the police was done taking the testimonies of the young couple, the police finished up collecting all the evidence, they turned over the evidence to the paramedics to give to the forensic technicians in Denver to help with the case about this mysterious girl.

The helicopter was off in the air at high speed and it only took about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach children’s hospital. Once there, the Forensic technicians carefully clipped off the girl’s clothes and put them in evidence bags to collect DNA samples and discover what really happened to her. They also created a rape kit to see if she was a victim of sexual assault or not. Blood, saliva, and hair samples were taken to help identify the girl. The forensic technicians discovered that the girl’s hair was dyed black.

“Fred, look at this.” The female forensic technician announced to her male counterpart and then she continued, “I think the girl’s hair had been dyed. I think her natural hair color is blond.”

She reported. They were not surprised by this. The girl’s hair color that was dyed looked unnatural and they thought that the girl looked a lot better being blonde. After the forensic technicians were done collecting all the samples needed to make identification of the girl, the girl was given over to the emergency staff at the hospital.

Two F.B.I. agents were assigned to the case of this mysterious girl. The male agent’s name was John Ross. He was a twenty-five-year-old veteran of the F.B.I. and had solved many kidnapping cases. he also heard about the kidnapping of Usagi Tsukino that occurred in Tokyo months back. He did not know at this time; he was assigned to her case here in the United States. He knew that she must be reunited to her family that loved her. The female agent’s name was Andrea Williamson. As a little girl, she was a kidnap victim once and after her rescue, she became an F.B.I. to help those in need who were victims. She also studied Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. She would become valuable in this case, but now, she did not know how important that would become.

In Tokyo, the local police and F.B.I. had gathered reports that Usagi was taken up north of Tokyo and they discovered a cabin where they found an empty dye bottle, some girl’s clothes and other items related to Usagi’s kidnapping. Usagi’s parents were notified by the F.B.I. agents that they believed that Usagi was kidnapped by Americans and taken to the United States and what they were going to do with her, they did not know. Ikuko became frantic and worried that Usagi would be killed. One of the F.B.I. spoke to Usagi’s family.

“Mister and Mrs. Tsukino, after a child is abducted, the first twenty fours are extremely critical. If a child is not found within the first twenty-four hours, the chances of finding her alive will grow very slim. However, there are cases that children have survived cruelty under their captors and were either rescued or escaped their captors like Steven Stayner who was kidnapped when he was seven and when he was fourteen, he helped a little boy whom his captor had taken escape to the city of Ukiah in California in 1980 and his case became famous. So, let me tell you this, there is always a chance that your daughter will be found alive.”

The F.B.I. agent explained how important to find a child within the first twenty hours. The other agent spoke up.

“What is Usagi Tsukino like and what are her habits?”

The other agent asked and Ikuko spoke up.

“She’s very loving. She can make friends with anyone. She also loves eating, playing video games, and spending time with all her friends.”

Ikuko explained what Usagi is like and the agent spoke again.

“What are Usagi’s characteristics?”

The agent asked in a curious manner.

“Usagi is a bit lazy at times and irresponsible. She also is a bit of a crybaby, but she is an extraordinarily strong girl, and she has been in some intense situations like being awfully bad sick as a child and the doctor thought that she wouldn’t survive, but mysteriously Usagi slowly got better and she was well again.”

Ikuko explained that Usagi was extraordinarily strong in certain situations.

“That will be important in identifying her if she is found. Do you have any items that can be tested for DNA to help identify Usagi if she is found? Let us say a toothbrush, or a hairbrush with strands of hair on it

or anything from her body that may help identify her if she is discovered?”

The agent asked Ikuko and Ikuko spoke again.

“Usagi has a toothbrush and a hairbrush. Plus, she has clothes she worn the previous day if you can get DNA samples from them as long as her clothes are returned to us.”

Ikuko answered again. She was willing to do anything just to get her only daughter back and the agents agreed.

Back in the United States, Usagi was placed in I.C.U. and hooked up to a breathing machine. She was given a feeding tube to help her get the nutrition that she needed badly. She was malnourished and dehydrated when she was found. The female agent who spoke Japanese returned often to check on Usagi and to get an update. The F.B.I. agents decided against going public with this case so if her captors were still loose, they could not find her.

Time had passed and it had been over six months since Usagi was kidnapped and at least two months since Usagi was rescued. Two of the nurses checked on Usagi and one noticed something about Usagi.

“Do you see it?”

One of the female nurses asked the other.

“See what?”

The other asked curiously.

“The mystery girl is either Asian or from Asian descent.”

The other nurse reported, and the other nurse raised an eyebrow.

“How can you tell?”

She asked curiously. The other nurse brought her own arm next to the sleeping girl and she spoke.

“Do you see the difference? My skin is a pale tone and hers is slightly toned a bit.”

The nurse spoke to the other and finally the other nurse saw and spoke.

“Do you think she lives in the United States or elsewhere?”

The nurse asked curiously, and the other nurse spoke again.

“Maybe, there are Asian Americans in the U.S. so it is highly possible. However, the F.B.I. still have not made identification of the girl here and there are databases to check in Europe and Asia. it may be possible too that she is from those two regions.”

The nurse explained that Usagi may or may not be from the U.S.A. and she could not determine if Usagi was from the United States or from another country.

Time passed and Usagi was still in a coma. She showed signs of improvement. One of the nurses bought Usagi a stuffed bunny rabbit and stuffed the bunny rabbit between Usagi’s arms.

“That rabbit will help you. Her name is Hopper. She will watch over you while you sleep.”

The nurse told the sleeping girl; however, they did not know that Usagi loved bunny rabbits very much and the time of her awakening was coming soon.


Chapter 01: Discovery

Editors Note: This is the draft that I use for the Fan Fiction of the Week. The Fan Fiction is written by Crystal Knight.

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Readers Note: I added this Fan Fiction to my favorite Fan Fiction site in March 2019 when Crystal Knight finish the story. Let us get to the story.

**** 01 ****

It happened about four months ago and during this time of being gone from Tokyo had been very rough on Usagi. It all started when Naru and Usagi spent the afternoon together after
school. Naru and Usagi spent time together listening to music and chatting about what was happening lately. Then after an hour or so, Usagi saw she had to go home and left Naru’s room and left OSA-P when suddenly a black sedan pulled up out of nowhere and the door opened a guy got out of the car quickly and grabbed Usagi and put some sort of rag over her mouth and nose to keep her from screaming. The man wore a dark colored suit and wore black shoes and sunglasses. Naru came downstairs to give Usagi something when Naru witnessed Usagi’s kidnapping. The man that took Usagi got Usagi in the car and he got in and the car drove off and in a flash the car, the shady man and Usagi
were all gone. Naru ran back inside and ran to her mom and explained what she had saw and Naru’s mom contacted the police.

Since then, the Tokyo police had hardly any leads of Usagi’s kidnapping. Naru had stated the guy that got out looked like an American by the color of his hair. Naru worried what the man would do to her. The Tokyo police contacted the F.B.I. and explained the case to them and that they had hardly
no leads and that an American may be involved in the kidnapping of a Japanese teenage girl.

Since that time, Tokyo police and the F.B.I. had no clues what happened at first. However, the abductors, took Usagi about 150 miles north of Tokyo to this cabin out in the countryside which they had rented sometime back. There was two men and another young woman which they had with them at the time of Usagi’s abduction. The young woman was given the task of undoing Usagi’s Odangos and
washing her hair. Afterwards, she was given instructions to dye Usagi’s hair black. However, Usagi’s hair was not cut and at least Usagi got to keep her long hair which she loved. They stayed the night there at that old cabin and the next day, the four returned to Tokyo to board a plane to the United States to
Dallas, Texas. One of the men produced a fake passport for Usagi and she was given a fake name and the photo in the passport matched her current look of having dark hair. The party of four got through the airport security without any trouble and soon they were all on the jet plan and headed for the United States. The flight took several hours and then the jet plane set down at the airport in Dallas, Texas and they went through customs and was cleared and then got their luggage and a vehicle was waiting for them outside at the front of the airport. Then the party drove to northwestern Texas to the panhandle to a large cabin out in the wilderness. Usagi and the other young woman were
held captives by these men.

The men were very evil and cruel. The men were part of a ring where the young women were to please customers in the worst of possible ways. Usagi was strictly warned that if she tried to run away there would be consequences. Usagi did not like her situation and obeyed her captors but looked for an opportunity to flee her captors to get help. However, doing that without a plan.

At one time, she glanced at a map of the United States and saw many ways she could travel escape her captors. South was the best way. The biggest city south of her was Amarillo. it was not a large town, but she knew if she walked there, she could seek help.

Over time since her abduction, she looked for the right time to flee. She thought it best to leave at night in the darkness. She did not like the dark, but it was better than being held captive by a bunch of crazed men. Then the night came that she darted out of the house when none of her captors were not looking. She ran at first for a while trying to create a distance between her and the house she ran from and later she started walking to conserve her energy. Usagi was no dummy. She was smart enough to know it was best to travel at night. Usagi was dressed in clothes that looked a bit too big for her. However, the reality of the situation was that Usagi had not ate much since she was taken captive. Usagi knew she had to eat to keep her strength up during her flight from captivity. Night after night she traveled trying to find the town she seen on the map. However, she went north instead of south. She continued this for a long time, and she did not know how far she traveled. She ate a couple of times by eating fruit from some trees she seen but it was not much. Her strength was running out and soon she would faint due to exhaustion.

The worst problem of it all was she spoke no English and how would people understand her? She continued by avoiding any small towns she saw. The next thing that was apparent was, she was in north eastern Colorado. Out of strength and her focus being gone, she fainted and falling headfirst on a small rock in a flower bed in a small city park in a small town of a north eastern Colorado town. Usagi fainted due to extreme hunger and exhaustion. By the next morning while it was still dark, a young couple jogging found Usagi unconscious and her forehead bleeding slightly were she fell and hit herself. The young woman called and reported a teenage girl had been found and reported that the girl was in bad shape as what she had seen. Usagi was still breathing, but it was very labored. The paramedics and a police car came where the girl was. The police car arrived first. Two police got out of the car and approached the couple that found the girl. The female policeman looked at the fallen unconscious
girl while her male partner spoke to the couple. The female policeman noticed that Usagi had not bathed or ate in days and that she may had been a victim of a sexual assault as what she saw about the loose blouse and skirt that Usagi had worn and Usagi would have always worn clothes that fit her perfectly. The female policeman reported to her partner and reported her findings and she
recommended that the F.B.I. should be called in to help with the investigation about this mysterious girl.

The male policeman took statements from the couple and the paramedics arrived to help Usagi. Usagi had no identification on her and they did not know that she had been kidnapped from Tokyo, Japan months earlier. The F.B.I. had no idea that they were dealing with a teenage girl that had been kidnapped from her home. They also did not know what Usagi’s condition would be once she woke up. The police called for a helicopter to air flight Usagi to Denver to a children’s hospital where she could get help and they called the F.B.I. and told them that Usagi was going to Denver and they would continue the investigation there. And now they had a mystery on their hands to find out who the girl was and how she got in terrible shape in the first place.

Lots of questions were asked and no one had the answers to who or where the girl came from. What they knew, she needed medical attention to save her young life. The biggest problem now was to solve the mystery of who she was and what happened to her.


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